Raul Vinci’s ranting- -RV will never grow.Take the following:_ -He stated that Modi is only interested in himself. -That institutions post were filled by RSS .That the country can burn but Modi wants to become the PM. -That if Raul Vinci was given 15 minutes to talk in Parliament Modi would run away. The analysis of all the above four will prove that Raul Vinci will never grow! When the UPA was in power who did they appoint in all the institutional posts?Raul Vince sees red –he is terribly scared of the RSS because unlike him It is a discipline,-hard working cadre and is nationalistic and patriotic to the core..The RSS will give its life for the country.Unlike Raul Vince and his mother who would flee to Italy and to safety if faced with such a crisis. It is the prerogative of a party to fill in with their men and women not with the Opposition’s men and womenThis is understandable and nothing new.The BJP is simply following the precedent established by the previous governments.Even otherwise it cannot fill up the institutions posts with men and women from other parties but only with its own to follow its agenda on the basis on which it was elected by the people.This is simple logic of any political party. The whole world knows that Modi is a great statesman and that is why he was invited to address a dozen of Parliaments of different countries.All the global top leaders have acclaimed Modi to be a great statesman of the century.So that is what is irritating Raul Vinci.The people know that Modi works hard-the people know that we have the first PM who really cares and works for the people and the country. Modi is a fighter-he will not take flight in a crisis.It is not in his personality to want to become the PM at all costs.Even so what is wrong.Raul Vinci and his mother aspire to the PM’s chair-one is an italian and the other half an Italian and the country rejected both.So if the country wants Modi no matter what he wants then surely Modi will and can aspire to become the PM.He does not piggyback ride neither does he claim a coronation of a dynast for the post.He is claiming the people’s verdict to made him the PM –what is Raul Vinci then aiming at?Just a trouble maker and fish in troubled waters.Incapable of even understanding the basics of a democracy. Poor Raul Vinci he has a bloated self image. He says that if 15 minutes he was allowed to talk in Parliament Modi will run away.He must realize that nobody prevented him from talking.It is the Opposition and mainly the Congress which blocked Parliament because they could not would not be able to withstand the onslaught of Modi and his logical reasoning and his convincing thesis of events and happenings. They prevented him from addressing the Parliament and blocked Parliament. Now RV is crying over spilt milk. Talk-talk as much as you can in the well of the House and outside Parliament and notice how people are laughing at you. How you are being so foolish and children are mocking at you.You talk with no logic and substance -I really pity you and your bloated EGO.Modi is a fighter-he will never run away from difficult situations. He fought to survive –he fought hunger and poverty. He is made of a different stuff. You are more a trouble maker than a trouble shooter. You fish in troubled waters augmenting and fomenting crisis after crisis for your own petty ambition-to oust Modi.You want the country to burn and that is why you projected that on Modi.Let the country burn what I cannot have others should not have. This is called projection in psychology. That will never happen. The more you resort to such gimmicks the more you will be turn out, down and off. Raul Vinci make yourself clear and clean you are not worthy to hold a candle to Modi so give up this bloated EGO of yourself. Please grow up. You are a 47 year old man but act as a kid.You -Rahul Vinci and your mother Edvige Antoni Albina Maino should know that, ‘you can fool all the people some time and some of the people all the time –but you cannot fool all the people all the time’.Remember these golden words. Indians are not to be taken for a ride anymore.You your party the Congress and its netas must remember this. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-


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Impeachment-the Congress and its dirty games. Impeachment is not a political game but that is what the Congress under Kapil Sibal is trying to do-playing politics and in the process will drag itself down the slush to bite the dust For one thing even all in the Congress does not go along this impeachment stand. This has been clearly stated by Ashwini Kumar MP who has emphasized rightly that it will be counter- productive. What will the Congress party gain by this move? In fact the charges are laughable and am surprised that a lawyer like Kapil Sibal is spearheading the move. The five charges cannot be proved. They are as vague as some of the nonsenses politicians talk from the platforms. In fact CJI Dipak Misra is being hounded because he tried to protect the independence of the judiciary and not allowed it to be made a platform to fight political issues. It is clear that his stand is right,Then about the 30 year old land case-It will be good to clear the recent land cases against Vadra and the Congress netas who have been misusing their power to amass assets including land.I charge Edvige Antonia Albinia Maino to make public how she acquired all her wealth.How can she account for being richer than Queen Elizabeth. Was it her inheritance? Was it her money acquired from her high paid salary of an au pair and a hotel waitress? Physician, first cure yourself. We the people demand an account of the 57 years of looting by the Congress and its netas.The party should be impeached .The country need to cleanse itself from this virus- leeches and bandicoots. Virus- spreading communalism-leeches sucking the blood of the Indian poor-and bandicoots digging out the roots of democracy with dynasty form of government .And strangely Kapil Sibal asks, ‘should the people of this country allow the institution to diminish and not protect it from within and without…’.Who is the Congress to undertake this task?Does the Congress represent the majority of the people? Has the Congress got the mandate to embark on this self-defeating task? For that matter we want to rid the country of the Congress which had for 5 decades and more exploited every single constitutional post-cheated the people and pauperized them.Communalized the polity-divided the people and caged them into ghettos of caste ,creed and region-amassed wealth and defeated and made democracy a mockery. Is this the party which wants to uphold the judiciary. All for its own glory -all because it has been made to bite the dust-all because it is angered and hence spits venom? The people threw the Congress party out of power and reduced it to a minority Opposition party and look at the arrogance of it loud mouthed noises made –becomes and acts as the champion of the people to safeguard the judiciary-Its own survival it needs to piggyback ride on other regional parties –this great boast of a national party. Shame on it! A bloodied(Sikh genocide) and blackened Hand cannot clean anything. The problem with the Congress party is that it lives in the past –its leaders have an out of proportion blowup image.Its leader is an immature person and tries all gimmicks. The Congress party must shed and discard its Italian mafia and fascist mentality. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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‘The Congress this, and the Congress that’

It is not surprising that Rahul Gandhi speaks with his foot in the mouth. This 48 years old states in Karnataka  that his party always worked for the future-whose future? That is the question. In a way true-It amassed wealth for its future. Look at his shallow talk and false allegations. RG thinks that Modi has to answer the queries he raises-As though he is the great leader of the Opposition .He is only an MP because his mother crowned him the Congress Party’s President and at the same time asserted that she will continue to be the leader of the CPP this dual power Centre party must know that the country is paying for its sins. That was the future it worked for. He has some cheap jibs-Modi drove the vehicle looking at the rear  view mirror-‘that is why your vehicle falls into ditch or faces accident’.What a comparison.RG is like a broken gramophone record keeps repeating the same nonsense. He has no substance. He and his family fleeced the country and allowed its sycophants and Italians relatives to loot the country. And he has the gumption to demand from Modi the details of the Rafale deal.He must remember that this country is not his family’s property. He should read the book by O.Mathai and then tell us his relationship to Jinnah and to Sheikh Abdulla. If the country is bleeding today it is the policy of his grandmother’s father-Nehru who bisected this country into three. As though it is his family inheritance. Hence we have the rogue Pakistan abetting and directly involved in terrorism.The men and money India is pumping into for safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation is eating into the resources that would have been otherwise gone to relief the distress of the farmers .It is because of his family’s shortsightedness and arrogance and deceit. Who is this family to give Pakistan to Jinnah and Kashmir to Sheikh Abdulla? What right has it to rob our birthright? Rahul Gandhi must answer this before he seeks answers from Modi on unemployment and farmers distress. These are concomitants of the great betrayal wrought by his family. If Modi harps on these it is because the country has a history and that history will reflect in its today’s and tomorrow’s performances. It cannot like RG just pick up Rafale and employment and GST and give him answers. True that Modi’s promise of employment may not have been fully achieved. But that is again because of the Congress’ past policy. What was the backlog of unemployment? What was the futuristic vision the Congress unfolded for the distressed farmers?It was engaged in scams and the leaders had their own avocation and no time for hard work.Modi would not have realized perhaps that the accumulated debris-sludge-slim and rot of 55 years of misrule-no rule rather-of scams and deceit will be so heavily laid.To clean up this 55 years of accumulated distorted and shredded system will take men and money.To erect new structures will take time. Rahul Gandhi wants Modi to perform a magic and keeps asking where are the jobs-where is the black money. You and your coterie created the black money and you want Modi to bring it back. Are you not ashamed? You are demanding achievements of a five year regime after have remained in power for 55 years.So you caution Modi that time is up-‘start working, you don’t have much time’. How shallow this Rahul Gandhi it. Time is up for what? Is it not time for the Congress to account for its failures –is it not time for the Congress to account for its sins. Is it not time for the Congress to be wiped out of India.

More than non-achievement- the Congress has nurtured treason and abetted treachery and that is reflected in one of its leaders proclaiming that he loves Pakistan. This treacherous man was a close confidante of Rajiv Gandhi-was his school mate and was his draft writer.He was close to the family-held ministerial posts and after he lost his deposit in Tamilnad was made a Rajya Sabha member because he needs to be in circulation in Delhi and available to the Gandhis. It is this party to which RG belongs who has the audacity to demand of Modi to stop giving speeches .According to Rahul Gandhi the country made him the PM to provide jobs for the youth to help farmers and to establish schools and hospitals not to talk about the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi cannot face Modi and cannot listen to Modi delving into the past of the Congress party. This is because what surfaces is nothing but scandalous deceit and deception, of cheating the country, of abetting terrorism and of looting the poor. Hence it hurts. Why should Modi answer the queries of RG? Did the Congress make Modi the PM? And is he the main Opposition leader-He is a hoisted and foisted leader. That is good for the Congress but he cannot pretend to be a leader of the people to question Modi. He must remember that Modi is not the lame duck of a PM which his mother had carefully handpicked to be her puppet? The fact it the Congress has no respect for democracy and for Parliament and parliamentary procedures. Look at the last session-his mother-Edvige Antonia Albania Maino prods the Congress MPs to drown the speech of the PM. What arrogance and how cheap. By running away from truth and facts the Congress party behaves like the ostrich which hides its head in the sand. By drowning the PM’s voice does she and her son think that they can run away from the sins of the Congress. And then suddenly RG asks Modi questions. You can ask provided you have the decency to also listen to him, He is the PM representing the people of this country. They need to hear what he has to say and follow his thinking. Rahul Gandhi you have nothing better to talk of and to put forth as you get bogged by Jay Shah and Rafale. You cannot put forth your views with substance-some cheap jargons, jibs and now it is rear view mirror of the vehicle! What a disaster you are –one cannot imagine that your mother wants you to be the PM of this ancient and holy country. That itself reveals how for granted she and the Congress party take the nation. It is a far cry in the wilderness because even your allies know what you are and they will never stoop so low as to betray this country and its traditions of democracy. You a dynast stop demanding answers from Modi. You will not get them because his narrative is different and he will expose things in his own statesmanship way of communication.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara

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Rejoinder to Sonia’s ‘Will play role in tying up with other parties’

It is really a laughing matter when Edvige Antonia Albina Maino criticizes the PM and BJP government’s foreign policy. Calling it personalized diplomacy and public bear-hugs. Now one knows why the mother and son are obsessed with ‘bear-hugs’. They hardly know anything of body language-that is a branch of psychology) Instead she lectures that there is no substitute for institutionalized processes, for hard work and preparation, and for continuity .What does Edvige Antonia Albina Maiano mean by this-she herself will not know. After all being only a draft reader she reads out the script that is handed over to her. But what makes it ridiculous is her statement that- ‘an all pervasive atmosphere of fear and intimidation has been created. Liberal secular and democratic traditions are being wantonly damaged and the pluralistic nature of Indian society, which for centuries, is being eroded’. Imagine she states that there is no substitute for hard work. No PM of India has worked so hard as Modi. She has to tell that to her son. What can one comment on this-I am reminded of the adage that the devil quotes the bible better.. What does Edvige Maino know about secularism and centuries old traditions of Indian society? Can she cite one century old tradition of Indian society? For that matter what does she know of the Indian society-then and now?

She heads a party which imposed the Emergency-she herself made a mockery of secular and constitutional bodies .She bypassed the Parliament and kept Pulok Chowdary to carry the files from the PMO to her for sanction and redrafting. She overlooked Parliament which is the sovereign expression of the nation and the people’s mandate by creating the NAC and becoming its chairperson. She prods her party men/women to rush to the well of the House and now she and her son sanctions the heckling of the PM in Parliament. Is this respecting Indian democracy? Her husband Rajiv Gandhi did the same. Stalled and shouted down  the voices of the government and  treasury benches. Her party man Buta Singh misused the floor of the Parliament-Buta Singh when he bought a vote with a suit case of money. Now the pattern has been set and hence in UP the Congress and the Opposition did not allow the governor to make his speech. From the days of Rajiv Gandhi Parliament’s tradition of being a hallowed premise to discuss and debate and decide has been thrown to the winds. Now this Edvige lectures to us about Indian tradition. What does she know of Indian’s traditions-past and the present? Let her come for a debate without a draft and no prepared queries will be given to her. Let us watch this tamasha and find out if Edvige Mainao will score at least a 5 percent in her knowledge of India –Indian society and its traditions. She wants power by all means. Simply by a change in name from Edvige Antonia Albania Maino to Sonia Gandhi she cannot presume that she is knowledgeable of Indian society.

This nation will never forgive Edvige Maino for making a PM her puppet.For trampling on all that was held sacred by the Indian nation-by making a democracy a dynasty and by dramatizing a ‘renunciation’ by which she assumed all power without responsibility and making a durbar with coteries fawning around. What more does she want having come with nothing-no skills no education and no wealth today she becomes the 6th richest woman in the world and she lectures to us on Indian secularism and pluralistic democratic institutions.

Do you want the nation to believe that your heart is bleeding for it? Enough is enough Edvidge Maino-find your way back to Italy. Take your Italio-Indian progeny with you. You have accumulated enough wealth to last for generations and let us and our bear hugging diplomacy find its way-to heaven or to hell-that is none of your business. You could not even see that the two Italian marines were brought to justice for killing two poor fishermen-you could not get justice for the thousands of Sikhs murdered-raped and hounded when you were part of the household-on the other hand you have taken up the reins and continue the same kind of indifferent deceit. Why are you so power hungry. Is your heart bleeding for the Indians? Your hands are bathed in their blood-you fleece them when you live in luxury at their cost. Vacate No 10 Janpath as the first step, stop this deceit and do not live by fleecing Are you not ashamed of this hypocrisy. What right have you to their hard earned money-not only you but you even cleverly feathered the nests of your Italian relatives.-what right have you after that to promise the Indians the heavens-what right have you to talk of their distress. At least do not fleece this nation and its poor. Can you point any one country which will tolerate this abuse-why are you living on the poor is my question. Forget the rest and stop lecturing and giving lessons to us on India and India’s past of which you are completely alien and ignorant. Leave us in peace to grapple with our own.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja -Vadodara

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Rahul Gandhi,

I wonder if you will ever get to read this-hope you will. You like your father Rajiv Gandhi you too show scant respect for constitutional institutions and posts. The Prime Minister subjected to heckling with your approval/direction-by your congress followers only goes to expose your base mentality. You have absolutely no probity-no respect and no discipline. You never went through even an education system because you could not discipline yourself to any systematic study and behavior. It is a shame that the lame duck and puppet –the former Prime Minister called you the ‘darling of the Congress.’ Shameless he at his age has turned to be a cheap sycophant in spite of his being made into nothing more than a puppet. You who tore the ordinance which he passed should now almost falls at your feet-GhulamNabi Azad stalled Parliament when he faulted Modi for causing aspersions on the meeting he had with the Pakis in Mani Shankar Aiyer’s house. According to Azad Manmohan Singh is such a ‘gentle person’…how can you fault him and degrade the constitutional position he held. Mind you at the present he holds no such constitutional position. But the same Azad , the Congress and the puppet MMSingh looks with approval on the Congress MPs heckling the Prime Minister. Why this double standard? It is only a loser who will indulge in such gimmicks. RG and the Congress could not reply back to Modi’s true account and history of the Congress. Hence it resorted to drown Modi’s voice. But that it goes into the records of Parliament and history will be given the benefit of the true character of the Congress. So the winner is Modi.Can truth be drown-nay buried forever. The more the Congress tries to bury the truth the more it will resurrect.When Rahul Gandhi recently turned pious and proclaimed ‘we will defeat them with love’ what did he mean. Is this the love he has? No, he is a masked man –he tries to put on a straight face but instigates the Congress youth to indulge in goodaism. He is training them to become goons. But one cannot blame him because he is of that level. Nobody knows his real name-his religion, his citizenship. He is at times the citizen of Britain and at time of Italy and otherwise of India.His hideouts are kept in tight secrecy. Even his name we are not sure of. His mother must be asked to account for the wealth she and her family has amassed-having come to India without a penny. One need no look any further and institute probes. Let her answer in Parliament how she acquired this wealth-not only she but also her sisters-her mother and how her modest house in Italy has not become a mansion.Raul Vince do not try to hide and trump up charges against Modi he is made of a different stuff. The more you go for deceit and lies the more you are heaping on yourself and your mother the fires of hell. Nemesis will soon overtake you.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja Vadodara

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Manmohan Singh-the former PM has suddenly found his voice

Manmohan Singh-the former PM has suddenly found his voice

Manmohan Singh when he was the Prime Minister acted as a robot. It is well known that during his tenure he allowed the Constitutional post which he held to be tarnished-nay-demeaned by allowing Sonia Gandhi as the super PM and the NAC as a mini parliament to draft out the country’s plans. The chairperson of NAC was the extra constitutional power center. Hence Manmohan Singh deliberately tarnished the Constitutional sovereign body of the Parliament. When Rahul Gandhi-I am sorry-Raul Vinci tore the ordinance which the cabinet had passed MMSingh was eloquently silent. Then he did not think that Raul Vinci had tarnished the cabinet and the council of ministers and the PM’s office. Why was he silent? He who allowed scams to rain during his tenure as the PM has no moral right to ask Modiji to show ‘the maturity and gravitas expected of the high office he holds’.

That the former VP- Hamid  Ansari,the former PM-Manmohan Singh and Sohail Mehmoot-the Pakistani envoy had a get together  at the residence of Mani Shankar Aiyar’s residence definitely is suspect. Did they get together to discuss the menu and the culinary expertise of the spread .The timing of such a meet-the need for such a meet and the urgency to discuss the relations of the two countries arouses suspicion. The fact that it was in Mani Shankar Aiyar’s residence makes it all the more suspect because he has a foul mouth and has never hid his deep hatred towards Modi.All this when the Gujarat elections are on. Hence Manmohan Singh’s claim of innocence does not carry much weight .If he was so anguished at the disrespect and the tarnishing of the Constitutional posts then when MS Aiyar mouthed his venomous tirade against Modiji the very next day ending up by calling him a ‘neech kism ka aadmi’ why had Manmohan Singh kept silent. He who was so pained at the tarnishing of Constitutional posts should have immediately condemned Aiyar’s gutter language. It really revealed the type of man Aiyar is-no person with some culture will stoop so low and use such language in public against the Prime Minister of this country. Was that not an insult and a tarnishing of the Constitutional post of a PM? Mani Shankar Aiyar  has to apologize to the nation-not just to the people of Gujarat.

What has Manmohan Singh to say to the video tape which revealed an appeal made by Aiyar to the Pakistan High Commissioner, ‘Bring us to the forefront and remove them? There is no other way than this’. What explanation does Manmohan Singh have for this piece of betrayal and treachery? Asking whose help to bring ‘us’ to the forefront. Forefront of what? Who is this ‘us’ and who are the ‘them’ to be removed. This is not the first time Aiyar had made such an appeal. He had even requested Pakistan to come and remove Modi –only then you can have peace. This was not long ago. This is the man at whose residence the former VP and the former PM found it convenient and cosy  to meet .What does it all point to? The former PM is guilty on more than one count

It is a global secret what happened during his rule and now at his age and in his position he is being really anti-national. To be even associated with Aiyar makes him guilty of abetting Aiyar’s hatred and anti-nationalism. It is fine to say that we do not need lessons of patriotism and nationalism from the BJP. Surely he and his party needs such lessons-there is no denying it. Right from the Independence of India the Congress showed clearly its leanings and its bias. If we have problems today it is because of its makings. If we have the problem of Kashmir it is because of the Congress party to which Manmohan Singh and Aiyar belongs. If we have terrorism again it is because their party abetted terrorism. If Pakistan is what it is- a rogue state and a haven for terrorists it is because of the Congress-when Raul Vinci said that Hindu terror is more dangerous-when PC coined the ‘saffron terror’.The Congress party’s legacy is well known and outlook has became transparent

Manmohan Singh was not pained and he did not rebuke or even warn Raul Vince when he tore the ordinance which the council of ministers had passed. Was it not demeaning a constitutional post.When Sonia Gandhi acted as the extra and super constitutional center was not parliament demeaned and tarnished? When the NAC was formed and Sonia Gandhi became its chairperson was not Parliament belittled? Why was Manmohan Singh then silent and not anguished? Now the former PM is anguished and holds out to Modi to show more maturity and stop tarnishing every constitutional office. When he as the Prime Minister allowed the demeaning and tarnishing of almost all Constitutional posts including the Prime Minister’s .He who was silent has suddenly found his tongue-he who was a robot has suddenly found his own feet and volition. The man who could not stop the raining of scams during his regime-the man who allowed himself to be a puppet advises Modi.

The Congress is not happy to call this country a Hindu country-it is not happy that Hindutva is the agenda of the present government and all those who uphold Bharat Mata. One can call other global countries-Islamic countries-Christian countries but India cannot be called a Hindu country.The Congress and its twisted secularism gets hurt. What sort of secularism we have is another area for discussion. Even the Constitution is not secular. To come back to the get-together of 6th Dec Manmohan Singh cannot simulate innocence. The people have a right to know why such a meeting was held and why in Mani Shankar’s residence and why the timing of it was during the Gujarat elections and whom did Aiyar ask help from Sohail Mehmoot ‘them’to be removed and who are the ‘us’ to be brought in the forefront. All this calls for explanation from Manmohan Singh.Let him not pretend that he is innocent and fall back on his ‘track record of five decades of service to the country’. We know what it was and there is nothing to boost of and to be proud of least of all it is brazen hypocrisy to now suddenly become aware of the tarnishing of constitutional posts when he allowed it happily during his own tenure. What does one call such an outlook? Pity, Manmohan Singh has to be perpetually grateful to Mrs Sonia for having hand picked him to be the Prime Minister so his silence then and  his eloquence now-

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara

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One percent of the population own 75 percent of the total wealth

One percent of the population owns 75 percent of the total wealth.

According to economists assessment one percent of the population own 75 percent of the total wealth of this country- according to Rahul Gandhi this one percent ownership of wealth happened during Modi’s rule. He does not even know how to spell economics I think. Such an ownership cannot happen in a three year period. He has no idea of this economic structure of society. For that matter he and his mother belong to that one percent.

The three yardsticks by which one can assess people is economic power-social power and political power. Using these three indices one can arrange the population and see what kind of structure will emerge. Take for example economic power-this is wealth-land-money, incomes, off-shore investments-everything that produces economic wealth. If the 1.6 billion Indians are assessed on this basis and arranged accordingly one will get a tier system which will be like a pyramid. The apex (rung)-tier will own the maximum wealth-with the smallest proportion of the population-the next tier below it will own lesser wealth but will have a larger population and then the one just below this tier will have still lesser wealth but will have a still larger population and those with no wealth will be at the base with the largest population belonging to it. Similarly the population can be assessed on social and political power it will throw up again a human pyramid structure. This is an unjust structure because this pyramid is built of and on people. Which means the bottom tier at the base with the largest population group will be crushed by the rest of the tiers and hence burdened-carrying the whole load. Hence we call it unjust. Now if one has to identify at least some of the people who are at the topmost and are crushing the rest of the economic pyramid- it will be naturally the richest people-the multinationals, those who own off shore wealth and looted the people. In this category one must emphasize that Mrs Sonia and her son RG belong. This pyramid is based on economic power

Another index is of social power can also be used to arrange with the population and one will find again a pyramid structure arising-again in this Sonia Gandhi and her son belong to the top rung. Take another index –political power-again at the base will be the people with no political power-the netas will all be much above in the higher tiers. What is to be noted is that almost all those who are in the top on wealth assessed pyramid will also be on the top in the social pyramid and also political pyramid  with exceptions like –Lal Bhadur Shastri, Kamaraj Nadar,Abdul Kalam. And now Modi-whose economic power is almost at the bottom-his social power index will also place him almost at the bottom. Only as the  PM of India Modi’s political power will place him in the apex rung of the pyramid. This is an exception. Normally almost all the three pyramids will synchronize and all the three power structures will be in the same hierarchical arrangement. Hence social scientists call it the triple locking system. It is extremely difficult for persons at the base to come out of this unjust structure-because they are oppressed and suppressed-They are burdened and are carrying the heavy weight of the other rungs on them. To brings them out of this unjust structure calls for interventions of good governance-and development, extra ordinary dedication dynamism-incorruptibility, nationalism and leadership with a vision. This is the assets which Modi has. Modi is thus perceived as a threat by the oppressors.

Hence when RG is pointing a finger at Modi saying that it is during the last three years that such an unjust structure was built-that is 1 percent owning 75 percent of the wealth he is simply off the track. And has exposed his ignorance and as usual is suffering from foot in the mouth disease. He forgets that he and his family are the oppressors and are the cause and the result for this one percent owning seventy five percent of the wealth because such an unjust situation cannot be achieved in a period of three years. This human pyramid based on wealth cannot be built in a period of three years. If his mother is one of the richest women in the world –she is automatically at the top of the economic pyramid. How she achieved this is another narrative of deceit and loot. Hence she automatically belongs to the category of an oppressor. So RG and his family are oppressors.

Modi belongs now to the top of the political pyramid-this is a rare and exceptional case and hence he is subjected to all sorts of trolls. He is abused-singled out to be attacked in base language-called a devil-monkey-impotent, ‘merchant of death’-khoon ka dalal, et al. He is being oppressed because he is an exception to make to the top of the political power pyramid without social and economic powers- thus he becomes a neech for Congress gutter mouthed leaders. That is the Congress-the oppressor’s view point. It wants persons with social and economic powers to occupy the apex rung in political power-hence the craze and the signaling of the dynasty .No PM of this country has been subjected to such abuses and offensive language-as Modi because of his lack of economic and social power. Is Manmohan Singh who called Rahul Gandhi the darling of the Congress listening-I wish MM Singh could give this ‘darling of the Congress’ some rudimentary lessons in economics. Without understanding the how and the why this one percent of the population owns 75 percent of the wealth RG has been accusing Modi for this. He thus betrays his ignorance of basic economics and forgets that when he points one finger at Modi all his other four fingers are pointing at him and his family-the longest and the worst type of oppressors independent India as ever seen.  Because they (the Nehru-Gandhi family) have been at the apex of this triple locking system almost from the time India became independent by that very position they were and are the oppressors and the suppressors.

Economic power is most relevant to gain social and political power-because with economic power one can buy muscle power one can resort to hijacking and holding netas in Resorts for their votes to gain political power. One can bribe one’s way through-one can employ the cunning, the shrewd and the high rated advocates to escape the clutches of Justice. One can even escape by blaming terminates and untraceable files to escape justice. One can use the economic power if and by chance they are convicted to live a luxurious live even within the prison-Telgi, Shasikala are all examples of how economic power can make live enjoyable within the prison bars. This goes to show how crucial economic power is to gain access to both political and social power.

The triple locking system of the human pyramid is an outcome of an unjust society. It becomes all the more appalling because Mrs Sonia and Rahul Gandhi use the mask of democracy to hide the oppression and the suppression. We have had invaders who were oppressors but we see now the Congress under the patronage of Mrs Sonia and her son RG -using people’s power to oppress the people using the name of democracy -to pauperize the nation-using the poor- to their advantage-using divisive tactics-based on caste to divide the people and  to suppress the people-using their distress to regain the apex again in the political pyramidal structure –so that the triple locking system will perpetuate the power of the Gandhis –the dynasty.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara

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