The testing of the pudding is the eating of it!

June 4, 2009 at 9:30 am 1 comment

It is now more than a fortnight since the pudding was in the making -the UPA ministry with the mix having ingredients of new faces and old faces with new portfolios, first time MPs and fifth time MPs, from 27 years old upwards to 76years were all mixed and the dough and the dough set in the respective Cabinet moulds-MOS -some with independent charge. But two factors that stood out in this making of the pudding making business performed by the chief chef Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her assistant Manmohan Singh-dynasty and appeasement of the different vested interest groups within the Congress party. But what was shocking is the fact that inspite of having the required numbers the appeasement or mollifying the DMK and inducting Raja as Communication and IT minister.

Thus Manmohan Singh has slipped into his former self yielding to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the political power compulsions. He was not able to have a free hand in deciding his own council of ministers. Raja’s case is a specific blot on the council of ministers and does not auger well. The 100 days tenure for rolling out a short term performance is unrealistic.

It seems that the Congress party in distribution of power seats has thrown all rules of governance and national interests to the wind. Why was M.K. Narayanan-National Security Advisor and PM’s principal secretary, T.K.Nair given extensions? Sources say that the decision stemmed from a desire to ensure ‘continuity’ and overseer the proper implementation of the UPA’s flagship projects. Such a desire should be valid for all others too. Can continuity of a miserable performance of the National Security agencies be a valid reason for this extension? It is true that the Congress won numbers which it had not expected but let it not gloat over it for there are a hundred reasons for it winning this number game.

It should be more realistic and humble in accepting the fact that the numbers are not true reflection of the mandate it has received from the electorate. Even if it is so the Congress must accept that the National Security of its last term was a miserable failure. The 26/11 attack on Mumbai unfolds the utter inadequacy and un-preparedness of the governments both at the Centre and at the State levels .The CCTV footage accessed by the Indian Express has revealed not only the lapses but also the utter inadequacy of the Security agencies.

Against such a background of the UPA government’s total failure which costs hundreds of lives-a heritage icon and an economic capital shattered challenging the country to prove its ability to stall terrorists attacks the extension given to the top brass MK. Narayanan and T.K.Nair flies on the face. They should have been asked to put in the papers immediately after the 26/11 attacks. The lives of common poor people have no value for Manmohan Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Only their votes have, and the gullible people forget that this blood letting of its innocent people by the lapse of the UPA government cannot be covered by. The UPA government has not proved its mettle in the past and the future also seems to be bleak when it comes to issues of National Security.

The result is not only India has become a soft target but Indians outside the country are targeted and we have become a ridicule. Because the world knows that India only talks tough but is incapable of taking touch actions. Three major issues flow out of this great second term initiation of Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister- that he was an abettor of corruption as proved by the induction of A Raja-(even a peon who is found taking a ten rupee bribe will not be reappointed)that he will not take tough steps and stream line the National security agencies as proved by the extension given to M.K.Nararyan- and that the Congress is no respecter of the very institution of democracy because it has been replaced by oligarchy- as proved by the dynasty regime firmed. If son is CM then father is Cabinet minister. If father is CM then son is a Cabinet minister-all the political big wigs have their progeny in cabinet-MPs and in some post or other.

Does democracy mean inherited profession? Then a barber must become a barber, a cobbler must become a cobbler and a CM’s son can logically claim to become a CM. From here where do we go? Should the people be made to foot the bill for this jumbo UPA government? Should one of its flagships projects like the NREG program be hailed simply because the poor are thrown some crumbs from the cake of development which is being shared by the dynasty, the rich and the vested interest groups? Do we call this democracy? Tailpiece-is governorship a rehabilitating institution. So those who cannot be accommodated in the cabinet because of illness and or old age or total inefficiency-can be rehabilitated as governors. At what and who’s cost?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara

The testing of the pudding is the eating of it!

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  • 1. Sita  |  June 5, 2009 at 7:29 am

    Ma’am, I am extremely happy that you have finally started a blog.It was long overdue.It is not only scary to see the way they go about the business but also downright disgusting.They all seemed like vultures flying over a dead cow.wanting to tear/take the choicest bit.HRD and Health seemed like after thoughts.And the first thing that Kapil Sibal could talk about after taking up charge was about bringing foreign universities into India,instead of thinking of cleaning the current Augean Stables of University Education in our country.No talk of even starting new colleges by the Govt.The list is so long that it would take as much paper as the length of the earth’s circumference at the equator to merely list them, never mind writing about each aspect.


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