26/11 – Amusing for Chidambaram

June 6, 2009 at 6:39 am 1 comment

Advani demands probe of the 26/11 Mumbai attack and the UPA government rejects it.The government had already termed it a war against India and this is indicated  in the FIR of Kasab that he wagged a war against India. Now when Advani demands a probe on this invasion of India the Home Minister Chidambaram not only rejects it but is amused by such a statement. Chidambaram forgets that the 26/11 attack was the worst terrorists attack in history. The simple fact that it took 5 full hours to decide to send the National Security Guards exposes the utter failure of the Home Ministry to take quick decisions.

And in the meantime lives were snuffed out-This is amusing to Chidambaram and he compares this to Kandahar hijacking incident. The Congress is stuck with Kandahar incident –there is some sort of fixation problem the Congress suffers from. When it has no valid answers then it falls back on Kandahar.This is amusing because there is no comparison between the demolition of the economic capital-the ravaging of a heritage icon,the killings of hundreds of people- and the demands the hijackers made to release a plane load of passengers. The decision was taken at an all party meeting and now after almost 8 years the Congress like a broken record goes on repeating – kandahar..Kandahar.

It is not only amusing but shocking that Chidambaram finds a six month a logical gap to refuse the probe .But finds it relevant to mention Kandahar after a lapse of 8 years. Similarly the Gujarat riots and the Godhra carnage after nearly 8 years it is relevant to order probes. It is not the time period which makes probes relevant and necessary but when lapses are revealed then it is of prime import for the Government to find out why those lapses occurred and how to rectify them.

Chidambaran forgets that his first task after having taken charge from the ever grooming Shivaraj Patel was to apologize to the people of Mumbai that there has been a failure on the part of the government. What was this failure-the people have a right to know. Was it systems failure and/ or human failure or both a total callousness to the intelligence inputs? Were these this set right? He has read all the reports and is satisfied. It is the duty and obligation of Chidambaram to then order the probe to establish that everything was fine. The records and the intelligences inputs were not for Chidambaram’s personal private study. The study inputs must be revealed and what steps were taken for the present and past to avoid failures of both systems and human has the must be clearly enunciated.

The people have been affected and let the nation how why it took five hours for the Centre to take a decision to send the National security Guards by which time the massacre at the CST was over. The Home and the Defense Secretaries were out of the capital. On duty or on holidaying god alone knows. Instead of a crisis management group taking stock of the situation and putting a plan within minutes there seem to have been a panic with officers running hither and thither and landing up at the PM’ residence. What comes through is the utter inability to cope with a crisis situation at the highest level of national security. The total failure to set in a fine tuned coordination in action, the lack of preparedness-while Mumbai was painted red with the blood of innocent people. It is not an amusing matter when the whole systems plus human failure are being unloaded down the national screen by the Indian Express-it is shocking to say the least and Chidambaram is amused at the demand for a probe.

A responsive and responsible government would have on its own ordered the probe so that such mistakes would be avoided in future-not the Congress which has it fixation at Kandahar. Two mistakes will not make a right and those who have been voted to power’s main task is not to evade its own responsibility by pointing at the mistakes of a previous BJP regime.  But to set things right and right the wrongs. So let not the people hear any more of the mistakes committed by the BJP during its tenure. It was taught a bitter lesson for its mistakes and now the Congress by its arrogance is also asking for a bitter lesson. One should think that Chidambaram had learned his lessons the hard way-not to provoke the people and not to wriggle out of responsibility by making irresponsible statements and say that the Opposition leader’s statements are amusing. The statements of Chidambaram are not amusing but are provocative and irresponsible.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 1. Sita  |  June 7, 2009 at 11:35 am

    As Chidambaram is more interested in scoring points over Advani {NDTV called this a snub to Advani],than in finding the truth about the Intelligence Failure and other things,I think it is really too much for us to expect him to act like a responsible Human Being[leave alone a Union Minister of Home Affairs].We as Indian citizens must learn to not expect decency and decorum from our cabinet ministers.They will rake up something that happenned eight years back like Kandhar and Gujarat ,but BJP or even the nation must not ask about something that happened 6 months back.Talk of double Standards.God help us.


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