on cancellation ofpolice verification for Haj pilgrims

July 4, 2009 at 6:15 pm Leave a comment

The recent pro-Muslim measure of the UPA government was the cancellation of police verification for issuing passports for Haj pilgrims.This is not only discrimination but also a violation of the Constitution which upholds equality as a Fundamental right. Will the government make such a concession available for others who want to visit centers of holy places abroad? The Haj pilgrims did not over night decide to make the pilgrimage-they need to plan and to religiously prepare months ahead. So why has the police verification been cancelled on the ground that it will cause delay-Delay by whom? All security measures/checks and procedures must be the same for all citizens irrespective of the intention of their visit abroad. How does a secular government qualify in its over anxious concern for something religious and that too only for one religion? What about the security of the country? Who goes in the name of Haj pilgrims and who comes in as returnees-will the government of India be responsible? It will not, because it is an irresponsible government that we have. The Congress seems to be bending backwards when it comes to appeasing the Muslims.
I remember last year the Allahabad High Court gave a ruling that subsidy for Haj need be stopped. What happened to this? 2. If any terrorist misuses this facility-exemption from police verification, who will be responsible- the Govt. of India or the Haj Committee? I may add that, in the recent past, Pakistanis came to India to watch Cricket matches and a few of them vanished into thin air. Recently, a Pakistani sleeper cell was caught in Kanpur by police and he was one the cricket fans. With news reports revealing how EVMs are rigged it looks that we have a UPA government at the Centre which is not only illegal but one which violates the Constitution in discriminating the Indian citizens on the basis of religion, and which is totally unconcerned of the security of this country. The Prime Minister had once stated that the test of the pudding is the eating of it. Since his government is least bothered of the security measures for this country all the security provided for the PM, the Union Ministers and political party leaders must be withdrawn. Let them face the same insecurity, like the common people who are the paymasters.
Will someone file a PIL against the Home Minister for this blatant discriminative measure and in utter disregard of security of the country and its citizens-the cancellation of police verification for passport issuing? It is a bad precedent.
First the HAJ subsidy must be withdrawn. No concessions can be extended for a pilgrimage irrespective of religion. Second the cancellation of police verification must be immediately withdrawn. Third the Home Minister must nab the Pakistani fans who came to watch the cricket matches and vanished. If the government cannot be vigilant on who comes as fans and unable to load them off to Pakistan then no fans must be allowed to enter-or else the cricket matches must be cancelled.
Is the Opposition sleeping? It is the duty of the Opposition to raise these in Parliament and to take to the streets of the country creating awareness on the blatant discrimination and anti-constitutional functioning of the Congress
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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