The marksheet scam of Puducherry

July 6, 2009 at 12:10 pm 4 comments

The marksheeet scam case of Puducherry is become murkier and murkier. The accused Dr Krishnamurthy and his son are absconding. The murdered whistleblower Jayaram has been now included as an accused. The dead man is not going to give evidence and the absconders have powerful people to see that they escape the clutches of the law thus justice will not be done. Krishnamurthy’s close association with the Union Minister of IT and Telcommunication A.Raja is well known and established. From inference it is possible to establish that it was the Union Minister A Raja who tried to influence Judge Reghupathy. The minister’s two nieces have shares in Dr Krishnamurthy’s real estate and investments. Minister Raja office when he was a practicing lawyer in Perambalur was in Dr Krishnamurthy’s building. After Raja came to power first as an MLA and later as an MP Dr Krishnamurthy’s wealth simultaneously took to a high. From a practicing medical man he became a business man. Madras High Court Judge Reghupathy could not have had a muddled mind when he categorically stated that a Union Minister was trying to influence him to grant bail for both the Dr and his son. Judge Reghupathy had even threatened to write to the PM. on the ‘pressure exerted’. Was Judge Reghupathy unsure of his words and his utterances? Without the Union Minister phoning him up and putting pressure on him why should he state so in the Court? Could he have been so flippant? The very next day the CJI had said that Ministers should refrain from contacting judges in matters pending in the court. “It is interference in the judiciary”. Justice Balkrishanan had said. Now it is all changed. What had transpired within one day? Chief Justice Balakrishnan gave out the news that no minister had tried to influence the Judge and that a lawyer had claimed so. Again this raises doubts not only on the utterances of one judge but also on whether there is pressure from the higher ups on more than one Judge….on the judiciary to see that the Minister’s name is removed from the whole controversy.
The background of A Raja-the way he amassed wealth and his impropriety in allowing his wife’s company function from his residence, his nephew’s appointment in the Central services, the nephew’s Ph.D thesis ghost writer etc are all information that came in the newspapers. It was not without reason that Manmhoan Singh did not want Raja in the Union cabinet and it is not with reason that the DMK supremo wanted Raja by all means back in the Union Cabinet and with the same portfolio. There seem to be something abnormal in the DMK supremo’s adamant insistence to induct A.Raja in the Cabinet. What does all this indicate-that corruption is not a problem which the government is prepared to tackle. In fact it abets corruption. To top it all now the judiciary seems to be under pressure. A Raja seems to hold the trump card-otherwise why are all bending backwards to abet his corruption, his interference and protect him. It is no small joke that Jayaraman was found strangled. This is a pointer that big shots are involved and wanted evidence, information to be wiped off. What is painful is that the custodians of law and those who have to uphold justice are not able to hold on to their duty with courage. Judge Reghupathy has withdrawn from the case. It is a foregone conclusion that Dr Krishnamurthy and his son will get bail. That they will be exonerated from the scam and the whole blame will fall on Jayaraman which is safe-for the dead do not speak. The case ends there and A.Raja will be vindicated, ‘I am innocent and had nothing to do with the case.’ Can guilt be washed away by denials; can Justice be permanently buried in this land? Can the politically powerful always get away with their misdeeds?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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  • 1. senthil  |  July 6, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    The english media will never point out such issues.. its really sickening to see the extreme bias of the medias..

    YOu have rightly brought out the name of the union minister.. A. Raja is hiding behind his dalit identity to justify his corruption..

    • 2. hildaraja  |  July 6, 2009 at 4:45 pm

      Youare right-dalit or no dalit corruptionis corruption.It is strange to think that the poor dalits want to use their caste as a green signal for vilations.It is the rich and the filthy rich dalits who exploitthe caste tag to get away.But law is blind and cannot look at the castetag to deliver justice-I hope so.

      • 3. senthil  |  July 7, 2009 at 4:04 am

        Yes.. its only the gullible dalits who indulge in corruption.. if we ask the normal dalit people, they will speak the most dharma of indian culture…

        I will quote you an example.. once we canvassed a dalit colony again conversion to christianity.. there was a small church nearby, and a big one under construction.. The dalits complained that daily evening, the church is playing sounds loudly and its a disturbance to us..
        We told them to send a complaint letter to collector, and also try to prevent the new church coming up..
        For that they asked back, “How can we prevent their worship? Is it right?” ..
        That is the greatness of those common people, and it was a new learning for us..

  • 4. Sita  |  July 6, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Apparently it is alright for the Judiciary to do flip-flops under intimidation.I remember a poor muslim woman[a riot victim from gujarat was punished for doing the same.[I cant remember the name-the case was heard in Mumbai and the Supreme court intervened when her flip-flops became too frequent.]


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