From an admirer-on the rejoinder to Fr Michael

July 12, 2009 at 5:15 am 1 comment

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May I be pardoned —
Sunday, 12 July, 2009 12:47 AM
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“Hilda Raja”
for intruding in your privacy and impinging on your time. I do not believe that our paths could have crossed but I do suspect that we may have some common threads. My interest in getting to know you stems from my appreciation of your comments in your blog. A dear friend keeps me educted by forwarding your comments. Personally, I feel privileged to be privy to such understanding and recall. There are many who read a lot but without even limited comprehension. Your recall illuminates comptehension It is to writers like you that society owes much to unravel the Religious twist that is wringing love dry and denuding our social fabric. Thank you, Mrs. Hilda Raj.
I was a student of Presidency College in the late forties and then moved to Law, graduatring in Fifty. Somehow your surname stirs up the cobwebs of memory and I attempt to connect a face with the name Raja or Raj, whom I have known in my days in Chennai, as a student, as a member of YMCA and as a Covenanted Assistant in an old British Company, W A Beardsell & Co., Chennai. Images of one Raja Vivian Palaniandy, Samuel Raja, Raja who used to work in Beardsell crop up. None of these may be of any relevance. I will consider myself fortutnate if I earn your acquaintance.
I am eighty, an age when one is expected to be only a “has been” and quietly accept that comfortable status, of intellectual dormancy and physical inactivity. Unfortunately, I am unable to accept that state and suffer the cosequences of deep turmoil within, watching the insane arguments, rebuttals and physical manifestations. It is sad to see a country the social and religious philosophy of which is summed up in Vasudheiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) morph into a fragmented society. I am not an atheist but I do not subscribe to the concept that the God, I worship, either out of choice or by accident of birth, is the superior God and therefore I am a superior person, and that self-arraigned superiority gives me the right to denigrate other faiths, without an understanding of other faiths. I also find it difficult to accept that religious conversion in any manner improves the quality of the mind or the moral rectitude of the individual or contributes to the humaneness of society. Time and again in History, it has been found that ignorance and intolerant bigotry of the converter and the newly converted fractures society. The innate intellectual inertia that is pervasive does not allow analysis, questionis and answers. The immeidate reward of material benefit, drives one to change his/her religious stamp. Is this “conversion” in the true sense? There is no inner spark but an external arson! It is too much to expect society to venture into an advanced “civilization” of Godlessness but of Nature. When humanity worshipped Nature, ther was no conflict on the ground of “my sun” being brighter than “your sun”! This welcome change of Godlessness will not happen unless after an apocalypse, in which those that survive, turn their backs on their Gods, who have let them down, In that primordial state, may be the humans will reason out instinctively – it may be considered oxymoronish to say reason out instinctively – that the object if their veneration should be the elements of nature and not the Gods and Goddesses of infertile human imagination!
I devoured your rejoinder to Fr. Michael. It is funny and laughable that Gandhi’s referring to the Harijans as cows should cause such turmoil. For Gandhi as with most Hindus, the Cow is sacred, a manifestation of the supreme Mother, who is selfless in giving sustenance. Compare this with the extortion that “come and join the flock”. Does not the flock represent a collection of sheep? Mankind as sheep! One can not say that Mankind is superior to other living beings and each species is endowed with their own level of comprehension and Man, given the blessing of speech articulates his thoughts to his peers but who knows how other beings talk to each other. If Fr. Michael has any understanding, he will have the humility to accept his personal and collective ignorance of Mankind but then Fr. Michael as others of his ilk does not know that the “meek shall inherit the earth”.
Please accept my Pranams as in the culture and belief in which I was brought up Age alone does not give one any primacy but Age bows to Wisdom and Love. Dhruva is an example of how it is not age that matters but enlightenment!
Thank you for having the patience to read through this and my you have good Health.
c r natarajan

6204 Agee St. #143hi
San Diego, CA 92122 USA
(858) 558 8269
“Night’s heaviness is unlessened still, the hour
of Mind and Spirit’s ransom has not struck
Let’s go on, our goal is not reached yet” Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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