Letting down our country and its forces-treason from within

July 15, 2009 at 12:18 pm 3 comments

From: Naresh Khanna
Subject: 25 pc of paramilitary forces ill, AIDS affected

Which other easy way to destroy the nation. It was only last year or so when the news broke out that ISI had been infiltrating aids infected prostitutes on the border areas where our troops had been stationed in order to destroy our forces.These congi commies as usual, always been primarily concerned about their seats & thus vote bank politics don’t concern themselves with the welfare of our nation, our people as well as our forces. The braindead media in Hindusthan on foreign payrolls is, on purpose, busy spreading propaganda placating western causes & their puppets “ghandi family” – sonia, rahul & the rest of trash. There are no journalists in the main street media rather propaganda spinners, who like the rest of ignorant masses do not realise the gravity of their actions for few crumbs thrown at them by the anti-national, evil congi-commie goon sqads. I really feel ashamed to feel that the incessant actions against our nation by those puki ISI make one feel proud of their constant determination against their adversaries rather than so called “our” side’s response or any action against our adversaries. Cowards always hide behind one excuse or another. How proudly that SOB Hajjpayee used to declare that we have never attacked any nation. What a shame ? You didn’t because you didn’t have guts to attack. Otherwise why won’t you ? That moron kept more than a million soldiers on our front for more than a year but no action was taken against the enemy even though they kept butchering our soldiers. Still that drunkard, dopey Hajjpayee, favourite of Hindusthan’s enemies, lacking any character compared himself to Chanakya. What a joke & a shameless at that.? No wonder he was cursed by the Hindu saints on their visit to him for ignoring dharmic causes & insulting the saints.

Naresh Khanna

25 pc of paramilitary forces ill, AIDS affected!

Published on Mon 13th Jul 2009 11:20:23

Mumbai, July 13 :

About 25 per cent of India’s paramilitary forces are afflicted with ailments like hypertension, diabetes, skin diseases, even HIV/AIDS! This shocking revelation was made by DNA newspaper in its report which says that of the total 5,00,000 Indian troopers, 1,22,700, or 25 per cent are ill.

“Health problems are on the rise and affecting the performance and morale of the forces,” a home ministry official told the paper. Particularly “puzzling” is the high number of HIV/AIDS cases, something typical of war zones but not peace postings. “There are 1,300 cases of HIV/AIDS; we have lost more than 400 men to it and the problem is growing,” said the official.

“I can understand people getting HIV when they live in war-torn areas, but we have found cases among people who were stationed in Delhi. We can’t fathom why people who are allowed to stay with their families are getting infected.” He said the actual number of those infected could be more since the HIV test is optional.

A paramilitary officer said that for the government it is a Catch-22 situation because although contraceptives are distributed, their use is not officially promoted. “If we ask them to use contraceptives, it will go down as an official order. It would then become difficult to control the men, who might look around for partners outside the base areas,” he said.

“This would also make them vulnerable to terrorists and Maoists, who would soon come to know about the movements of security men. On the other hand, if we don’t ask them to use condoms, they run the risk of getting HIV,” the officer added.

HIV/AIDS is the deadliest among the litany of health problems: 52,000 have skin disease, 27,000 hypertension and 7,000 diabetes. Hypertension and diabetes, in turn, are leading to cardiac ailments, of which there are 6,200 reported cases. An equal number of personnel have developed psychiatric problems because of tough working conditions, lack of medical facilities — especially psychological support — and being away from their families.

The psychiatric problems have manifested in fragging (the term refers to attacking superiors and colleagues): 86 fratricides and 70 suicides were reported from 2006 to 2008. “We have a medical board to take care of these problems, but there is no denying that disease is bringing down the men,” the paramilitary officer said.



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  • 1. Sita  |  July 16, 2009 at 9:42 am


  • 2. hildaraja  |  July 16, 2009 at 11:45 am

    The UPA-2 has money for the MPLAD and for all their security but when it comes to giving thebest treatment and care for our Forces it has no finance.How will our Forces then give their best and be motivated.After all their lives are exposed and occupational hazards are the highest .Itis a shame when Lalu,Paswan have Z security thes paramiltiary do not have basic health facilities and when they retire they get a pittance.Look at our MPs the country pays them for no work and they enjoy all the perks.What are the qualifications for this-criminal cases and involvement in fraud.Hilda Raja

  • 3. Sita  |  July 19, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    They have time only to do Tamasha for their birthdays and market themselves to their Party Boss;not to the country and her people.What else can we expect from a Govt. who wants to Appease minorities and foreigners at the cost of their country.


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