Manmohan Singh-his different faces

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What do people term one who betrays the nation? And what does the nation do if its PM betrays the nation? Will any country in the world have this honor of having its own PM a custodian of the interest of Pakistan, a total indifference to terrorism, a contradictions of words and approach, an ease with which Parliament is misled-be it in the N-deal and now at Sharm-el.Sheikh joint statement with Pakistan’s Prime Minister. What should the nation make of these actions of Manmohan Singh? His Minister of State for External Affairs Shash Tharoor has rubbed salt into the wounds by flippantly brushing aside the joint statement as a mere piece of diplomatic paper. Where does then all the diplomatic talks and statements and declarations stand? Why waste our finance in holding such talks which are a farce acceded by Tharoor. Are they playing games and misleading the nation?
Mr Manmohan Singh has lost his credibility-academic degrees, a stint in the World Bank being the Finance Minister and last term the PM etc are no guarantees that he is now judicious in his decisions and he can be trusted in safeguarding the security and the interest of this nation. This is apparent from his actions. No country in the world would have a PM ho would jeopardize the country’s security. After all the promises the UPA-1 and the UPA-2 gave the nation that its priority is to fight terrorism. But now the PM had bend backwards in pleasing Pakistan when ‘both the PMs recognized that dialogue is the only way forward .Action on terrorism should not be linked to the Composite Dialogue process and these should not be bracketed’. Which simply means that these stand independent and that dialogue is the only ‘action’ for the two countries and terrorism will be kept out/or shelved. May we the people know what it amounts to. That we keep talking while there has been no assurance that Pakistan will not allow its territory to be used by the terrorists, that it will disband terror outfits, that it will punish those who had indulged in terrorism. If these are to be shelved then what is the chit-chit between the two PMs. To start trains and more bus services so that the jihadis can come conveniently finish their god given task of killing the infidels and quietly return to Pakistan safe and sound. Pakistan will not take action against them and neither will it hand over these Jihadis to India. This is a known fact. It is also known that the military of Pakistan is not only giving the training but also giving the directions to the terrorists. Should we then be told that Pakistan and India are on the same level both are victims and both need to stand together holding hands and talking and exchanging dossiers which have no validity and are not binding since they are pieces of diplomatic papers? The UPA-2 cannot be allowed to get away with toying and playing with the lives and blood of Indians. It cannot offer the lives of Indians on a platter to mollify the whims and fancies of the USA. Did Bush have a private discussion with Manmohan Singh when he attacked Iraq?
Manmohan Singh can ‘clear the air’ at No 10 Janpath road but not waste the time in Parliament. We the common Indians can understand what has transpired and what the joint talks have been all about. It is not in semantics that we are indulging in. Manmohan Singh can try and skirt the issue (as his Cabinet colleague A.Raja does) he can double talk-one to the Pakistan PM and another to the Parliament-both has no validity. And we are suppose to pat him on the back because he had succeeded in getting the Non-Aligned Summit, ‘heeded our call to strongly condemn international terrorism’. The Non- Aligned Movement is a dead organization. Who will heed to the Non-Aligned Summit? And what does it mean when it again condemns international terrorism? Did it pinpoint the perpetrator country? This sort of jugglery in semantics is of no legal and diplomatic validity. When Monmohan Singh simply failed to convey India’s concern and wrench out a promise from the PM of Pakistan that it will not allow its territory to be used for terrorism what use is the Non-aligned Summit’s condemnation against international terrorism. What does it mean in operation and in reality? First the PM should not have opened a dialogue till Pakistan stood by its assurance that it will not give space to terrorism in its country and that it will disband all the terror outfits operating in POK. iIf this simple but significant assertion was not made by Manmohan Singh then he stands indicted.. No amount of words and justification can condone what he did at Sharm-el Sheikh. It seems to me that Manmohan Singh needs some rest-he is unsure of himself and cannot be trusted to lead the nation Another disturbing factor that often is revealed by Manmohan Singh is he is more concerned to please the other nations especially the USA. He easily submits to its pressures even at the cost of India’s interest. We cannot afford to have such a Prime Minister. It may suit Mrs. Sonia Gandhi-or does it indicate a large conspiracy and Manmohan Singh is being used for that. One gets a bit fed up with the oft repeated ‘but he is an honorable man, he is not corrupt, he is very acceptable by the other nations-especially the USA. If one has to analyze and delve into these indicators one can gain insights which tell the contrary. An honorable man must uphold the honor of the country; a non- corrupt man cannot induct a corrupt man like A.Raja and abet corruption. It is not necessary to soil one’s hands with soiled notes to be corrupt .Allowing the public exchequer to a loss to the tune of 9000 crores(10,000 cores the licensees got by unloading their shares and just 1651crores the country for) is blatant corruption. And an honorable man will not find such easy acceptance with other nations because he will be tough to deal with when it comes to upholding his country’s interests. But Manmohan Sigh seems too eager to please other countries and acts as though he is the custodian of their interests. It is then natural that they will be pleased that India has such a PM. He will be soon recommended for the Nobel prize. He gives a false impression of himself. Which is the true Manmohan Singh-the one the USA sees?-the one Pakistan sees or the one India sees? Unless all these three images he projects are one and the same and are integrated we will have a problem. It is then frightening to have Manmohan Singh as the PM of India.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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