Manmohan Singh- adisaster

July 30, 2009 at 4:43 pm Leave a comment

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh insisted in Parliament that India’s stand has not been diluted and maintained that dialogue cannot be resumed till Pakistan fulfils in letter and spirit its commitment not to allow its territory to be used for terrorism against this country’.One would expect Manmohan Singh to have said exactly this to his counterpart Yusuf Raza Gilani at the Sharm-el Sheikh and not to Parliament. Look at the contradictions the PM makes while intervening in the debate in Parliament-that dialogue and engagement is the only viable way to deal with the neighbor but Islamabad needs to ‘act effectively’. What does ‘act effectively’ mean? Why was this not put across to Yusuf Gilani in no uncertain terms ?Again contrary to his first assertion that dialogue cannot be resumed he states that India is ready to discuss all issues, including Pakistan’s misgivings and totally false allegations on Baluchistan . How and why did Baluchistan come into the picture? So where does ‘the only viable way to deal with the neighbor’ stand? Should there not be another dialogue to assert this to the neighbor…to remove the false allegations and to assert that all talks will be bracketed within the assurance given by Pakistan that its territory will not be used for cross border terrorism? What then was the chit chat at Sharm-el-Sheikh all about? The impact of the Prime Minister’s only viable way-dialogue, with Mr Yusuf Raza Gilani has resulted in almost immediately Pakistan making ‘totally false allegations’ of India’s involvement in Baluchistan and claiming lack of evidence to prosecute Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed. While Chidambaram states that all proof was given and that Pakistan should not ask any more questions because everything is contained in the dossier. Now the only viable way to deal with Pakistan is to send Chidambaran to Pakistan and tell his counter part not to ask any more questions and to continue the dialogue! How effective was the meet at Sharm-el-Sheikh is clear with the above two assertions made by Pakistan-no evidence on Hafiz Saaed and accusing India on its role in Baluchistan. Mr Manmohan Singh is a disaster. For any talk with Pakistan should have been on the sole condition with what he asserted in the Parliament. But Manmohan Singh uses this just as a defensive armor to his sell-out of India at Sharm, and to stop the onslaught of the Opposition. To invoke Vajpayee is another gimmick. And to say that the UPA need not learn lessons from the NDA on how to deal with Pakistan is a hollow anti-democratic utterance. In a democracy the ruling party has to learn and heed the views of the Opposition and take it along especially in Foreign policy matters. The arrogance of the PM seeps through his gentlemanly mask and to use it to cover up his utter failure at Sharm-el-Sheikh makes him cut a sorry figure.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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