Muslims and discrimination Phobia

August 1, 2009 at 8:29 am 1 comment

The psyche of the Muslims that they are discriminated on the basis of their religion has spread into every area of their living and blurs their perception. I would like to cite two cases in which I was involved. Four years ago a couple came requesting the upstairs portion of my house for rental. I refused. The reason-during my interaction with them I felt that it would not be good to have them as leasees. They happened to be Hindus. It never struck them to think that it is their religion which made me- a Christian refuse them. The same portion later I leased to a Muslim by name Feroz. He was a bachelor and after three years when I decided to sell the house-Feroz refused to vacate inspite of the agreement and told me to go to court. Subsequently while he was hunting for a house two prospective leasers whom he approached wanted to find out from me- his antecedents. While I had nothing to complain about his behavior-I had to tell them that I had a problem in vacating him. They refused Feroz to lease their premises. Can this not be viewed that because Feroz is a Muslim the leasers refused him? On the street I lived one multistoried structure had 16 flats of which 7 were vacant. My niece wanted to rent a flat and being on the same street thought it would be ideal .When I approached the owner, he point blank told me that he would want tenants only from his community (Muslim) Is this not blatant discrimination. Now it never occurred to us to view and report this as discrimination on the basis of religion because we recognized the right of the owner to rent or not to rent for reasons of his own.
A couple of years ago Shabana Azmi complained that she could not buy a house in Mumbai because she is discriminated against on the basis of her religion. And there was so much noise made on this-that a national figure, a top film personality cannot buy a house- because of religious discrimination-It was bandied that if it is so for her then imagine what the lesser Muslim mortals will be undergoing!! Now it is the turn of Hashmi to make the same allegation that the Society of the Nibbana Building denied him a flat on the basis of his religion. I think the Muslims are suffering from a complex. So many denials the common people have to face in the daily business of life. It is only the Muslims who will immediately look at it from the point of religious discrimination. If that is so then the whole appeasement policy is a blatant discrimination against the other communities. Watching the TV debate in one of the channels with Salman Kurshid as one of the panelist, it struck me that the very fact he is heading a Ministry for Minorities is not only discrimination but a blatant violation of the Constitution.
The Society of Nibbana Buildings has its right-its prerogative to give or refuse a flat-irrespective of who the person is. The allegation that Hashmi was denied the flat because of his religion is what Hashmi thinks and wants others to believe, to attract the attention of the media. He has Mahesh Batt has his strong advocate. Persons like Hashmi cannot be suffer from being discriminated against- because options and alternatives are open to them. But this is not so for the poor. So when Manmohan Singh stated that the Muslims have the first claim to development benefits then he has already structured a hierarchy on claims and that is not only discrimination but also a violation of the Constitution against the non Muslim poverty groups. But if he stated that the poorest of the poor will have the first claim to development benefits that would be Justice. The problem of the Muslims is that they have been so accustomed to be pampered and to be treated with a velvet glove that the normal denials, hard knocks received by the public when they are at the receiving end these become religious discrimination. It is a kind of a phobia that they suffer from and the UPA government is responsible for inflicting this ailment on the Muslim community Take for example this- They have no qualms to block the public roads for prayers on Fridays, but when it comes to immersing the Vinayakam images once a year in the sea/river/water bodies, then the routes are prescribed roundabout and tedious because the Muslims do not want the processions to pass by their mosques. The roads are meant for all – will this denial not be discrimination? A time has come for the Indians to forget the religious divide and view justice-Why is the media giving so much of importance to Hashmi? Will the media take up the case of an ordinary person who hunts for a flat/house and is refused? We have such hundreds of cases daily. So either one has to be a Muslim and added to it a Bollyhood personality to hog the limelight of the electronic media and get coverage in the print media.It is not correct for the Minority Commission to take up such cases when the country has enough of blatant injustices within homes, in the work spot and on the streets to be engaged in the business of Hashmi.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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