Chidambaram in Washington

September 12, 2009 at 6:18 pm 1 comment

It is ridiculous of the Home Minister Mr Chidambaram to state that intelligent inputs in the form of affidavit are mere information and are not evidence or conclusive proof. Mr Chidambaram has done a great political impropriety by making this statement in the US and faulting the Gujarat government. An affidavit is a statement made under oath, it is judicial evidence. Is it Chidambaram’s stand that an affidavit is a mere piece of paper that should be thrown into the waste paper basket? The Gujarat government did not rely only on that affidavit to go after the terrorists but it confirmed that Ishrat and the three others killed were on a Lashkar-e-Toiba mission. There are two dimensions in the Center’s stand. It is not keen on taking any hard stand against terrorists. And the Congress led UPA government used this again to paint Modi black. Did the Congress spokesman not state that Gujarat government is a man eating government? Earlier Sonia Gandhi referred to Modi as ‘merchant of death’. It is clear that the Centre is using politics and vote bank politics to put the country to great risk. After all this what credibility has Chidambaram to state in Washington, ‘Security threats to India from militant groups operating from Pakistani soil have not diminished and that there has been an increase in infiltration from Pakistani side’? For whose consumption is this? If the operation of militant groups have not diminished and if there is an increase in infiltration from the Pakistani side it goes to prove that the UPA government in general and Chidambaram as Home Minister in particular has failed in containing these threats and has to be faulted for exposing the country to greater cross border security threats When action is taken then the Centre buckles under its own vested interest –vote bank politics. Its priority is to be in power and not the security of the country and its people. No wonder Pakistan has invited Chidambaram for a debate. It shows that Pakistan is well aware that India is soft and can only keep exchanging dossiers-that too as Pakistan states with the same evidence. Where is the forward movement in this great announcement of fighting terrorism and stamping it out? What a shame. Why is the UPA government dithering in operating the Supreme Court order in the case of Afzal Guru? Should the country wait for the turn of Afzal Guru’s execution in the serial order? Can terrorists be equated with other criminals?
Another clear indication of the soft policy and the double standard of the UPA and its allies is the recent happenings in Mumbai during the Ganesh festivities. Not only was the shamiana in which the idol were kept desecrated but also the Pakistani flag was hoisted on a police van. While the police were mute spectators. What if a mosque was desecrated? When Uma Bharati hoisted the national flag on a dargha a case was foisted on her. So the national flag is restricted within this country-while Pakistani flags can be hoisted even on government vehicles. Is this not treason? But there is an ominous silence from both the Centre and the Maharastra government. The media is of course not bothered to report because Muslims are the violators. If this happened in Gujarat the police would take appropriate action against the violators and the Centre would cry hoarse that Muslims are victimized! While so much is made of Ishrat’s fake encounter nothing is said about the treason committed by those who hoisted the Pakistani flag.
One thing is obvious this government cannot and will not contain terrorism. It can only mouth hollow words but cannot act. One alleged terrorism in Malegoan and it looked that the government and the media was waiting to brand it as –‘Hindu terrorism’. All the rest are Muslim terrorism but we are told that terrorism is terrorism and one should not give it any adjective-there are only terrorists and not Muslim terrorists. Let those caught in terrorism proclaim that they are not Muslims. We have even the PM warning that the community should not be harassed. The cops are least bothered to do a thorough job because of the attitude of the UPA.governemtn. It would be better if Kasab is simply dropped in Pakistan-why waste time and money on the case which will come to nought. The nation will be saved of witnessing the drama of exchanging dossiers.
To get back to the business of affidavit –when intelligence inputs are given these have to be taken seriously to be act upon. In the 26/11 Mumbai attack Chidambaram himself confessed that intelligence failed. He apologized and said it will not happen again. What will not happen again-that intelligence inputs will be overlooked-or it will be treated as paper to be crumpled and thrown into the waste paper basket? Mr Chidambaram need not have used a foreign soil to fault at a State government. It seems there is a conspiracy against Gujarat-every time something happens its chief minister is being blamed. But by demeaning, faulting and blaming Modi the Congress forgets that it is indulging in hurting and insulting the people of Gujarat who elected Modi for the second time. Yes, the Gujarat riots are a standing show case to damn Modi. But what about the massacre of the 3000 Sikhs and thousands killed in communal clashes all over India during the Congress regime? What about the terrorists attacked? Are all these justifiable? In the Gujarat riots both sides-Hindus and Muslims had casualties. The number of Muslims certainly was higher. It does not matter that by making such incidents election propaganda year after year the communal divide becomes wider and deeper. Modi can be called merchant of death but Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin-her naturalized citizenship these cannot be used against her. What a farce of a code of conduct. When it comes to the Sikh massacre which was so well planned, supervised and carried out schematically after the assassination of Indira Gandhi no non-Sikh was affected. The Congress leaders were involved in such genocide and a Congress government at the Centre which looked on for three days-has no credibility to fault Modi and to communalize everything that happens in Gujarat. If Gujarat prosperous it is by magic-not because of the efficient administration and direction of its chief Minister-but if there is one alleged fake police encounter in which the terrorists killed are Muslims-it is the fault of Modi. Suppose in a fake encounter Hindus were killed will the Centre- take up the issue? So the emphasis is not on the fake encounters but on who were the victims that make the issue because Hindu lives are dispensable but Muslim vote bank need to be safeguarded at the cost of justice.
Chidambaram should know better because Tamilnadu there had been a number of police encounter killings. Some of the police men involved have been awarded for their ‘bravery’. Not a single police man had ever been killed in such encounters. One such encounter was when one Venkatase was shot from outside through the window of his closed house and killed! And the police reports said that he tried to be violent and was a much wanted history sheeter. Mr Chidambaram who is from Tamilnadu is the right person who will be able to give a clear picture of all the fake police encounters that had taken place in the regimes of both the AIADMK and the DMK. The media was indifferent, the Centre was not bothered and no Human Rights groups took up the cases-a significant point is that in all these encounters the victims were Hindus. But now it is made to look that the Gujarat police are involved in fake encounters to get promotions, to please the CM .One TV channel went to the extent of giving its headlines in Ishrat encounter incident as “Killed for being a Muslim”. Is this not outrageous, provocative and communal?
Chidambaram will have to answer his conscience –if the nation can be misled. The Congress needs to ask itself which comes first-the nation and its security or its vote bank politics of appeasement of the Muslims. And both need to remember that bashing Modi will not quieten the conscience and Modi faulting will not guarantee the security of this country.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 1. Sita  |  September 12, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    I agree with you Totally on this, Ma’am.Especially the stupidity of Chidambaram’s statement.He seem’s to have overlooked the fact that Pakistan is stating the same thing with respect to the intelligence reports:that they are not admissable as evidence.So I think there would be any delay for them to free Kasab.As far as they are concerned,Kasab and his colleagues have done a remarkable service to the nation in getting rid of Infidel Hindus.[ reports in the Hindu] They seem to be working with Pakistan to break up India.Otherwise why should he express such opinions against only Modi.Its another matter that they could not find any other issue to flog him about. Even the encounter deaths of two or three boys who threw acid on a girl in Andhra last year didnot attract so much debate.maybe because they are Hindus.And the media would pillory the majority community for being Hindus because that is the Politically correct thing to do here in India.How much attention are the victims of Rajashekara Reddy getting,?Is not that violation of human rights .Were they Criminals.? Also,When the Govt justifies murder of criminals,why shouldn’t the same justification be extended to terrorists?The congress is having a Dog-in-the-mangerish attitude.It does not want to give any credit to Modi and his govt.that is why these things are being raked up now,methinks.


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