Why India remains poor

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There are many reasons for India remaining poor-the reasons stated by you including-India has always been ruled by the rich-they do not know what it an empty stomach.To discus poverty they troop into five star hotels-we have armchair democracy. We have a dynasty which without a shedding a drop of sweat live in luxury. This is not only for the first family but has become the rule of the day for the States also. All the big splash of flying in economy class is another gimmick of the ruling rich class. Let the government first present a white paper on the non-plan expenditure and then streamline the various expenditure under the different heads- starting from the President and her household. Drought or no drought it is a social sin to spend the hard earned money of the people while farmers commit suicides, the poor have hardly a square meal a day. Drastic cuts in the government expenditure must be called for. The government must reflect the people whom it serves and whom it represents-Ignorance abets deception. The poor are prepared to cast their votes for hollow promises and for a paltry 100 days employment a year. This they think is a great gift bestowed on them. And this 100 day employment is only on paper. A kilo of rice is thrown to them per day.
The Muslim appeasement -a vote bank strategy- has eroded not only the budget but also abetted terrorist activities. Why has the government of India not thrown out the illegal migrants in spite of the SC’s ruling? They get ID cards and are indicated as the poor, unemployed, they also abet terrorism for example Zeeshan Johar one of the four terrorists killed by the Gujarat police along with Ishrat Jahan had infiltrated into J&K from POK and then obtained an J&K I-card, purported to have been issued by the Tehisildar of Mahore in the name of Abdul Ghani.This according to the affidavit by the Home Ministry. Hundreds of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have illegally crossed into India. This does affect the demography profile as well as the distributive system. Sachar Survey hence was able to project the Muslims as the poorest precisely because the illegal migrants are the poorest pushed out of their country through compulsion to find a livelihood and of course those who are trained terrorists to accomplish the jihad.
The claim of development will go first to the Muslims stated Manmohan Singh.If the numbers of the poor are increasing inspite of all the poverty alleviation programs then it points to basic flaw in planning and in targeting. No NREG can arrest poverty.
The whole development strategies have made the rich richer. The Indians have found place as world class rich-Mrs Sonia Gandhi has found place in Forbes as one of the most powerful woman in the world. This is an indication of purposeful ignorance and poverty that the masses are kept under so that a few can be ensured of power and wealth.
No meaningful democracy has been operated in India-that’s precisely why no Uniform civil Code, why dynasty rule and the Art 370 continue.
No body has the courage to say that the Partition was made on the basis that the Muslims did not want to integrate in a Hindu majority country. Accepting that India was partitioned then why all the efforts to make them one with the majority-is it possible? Dr Ambedkar was right when he stated that if India is partitioned then all the Muslims should quit and go to Pakistan .This is not only simple logic but also justice. They want to eat the cake and have it too. We have today more Muslims in India than in Pakistan and they make all sorts of demands. For heavens sake after having taken their share why do they continue to stay on and make more demands? Will the minorities in Pakistan make such demands-are they treated with some sort of humanity? All this because the leadership is unable to perform its duty. Hence an appeasement policy hence ‘first claim’ pronouncement-hence sleepless nights if one Muslim is harassed in Australia, hence terrorism becomes terrorism but one single case of alleged Malegoan terrorism is proclaimed as Hindu terrorism. Not a single terrorist has been till date punished. Not only are innocent lives snuffed out and bloodletting is abetted but no action because the affected are Hindus. But if Muslims are affected then the whole media, Congress, the global powers plus the Human Rights organizations are all up in arms. Not even justice for the Hindus in their own country is today available. They are even made to pay for the comfort and security of the terrorists in the jails-while they are thrown a few crumbs under the NREG program. How fair? Not only a change in leadership but a change in perception, a change in the whole strategy is called for. Hindus cannot be made slaves-to work hard but to be told that the first claims are for the Muslims? Hindus cannot be targeted and their killers fed with their money, Hindus cannot be exposed to insecurity and the terrorists allowed infiltrating. Indian cops are demoralized because they should not go after the terrorists if they happen to be Muslims! So how are they first to identify the terrorists-and even after identification let them off if they are Muslims. Look at Magistrate Tamang-even the sworn affidavit of the Ministry of Home did not deter him form indicting 21 cops of Gujarat even without giving them a chance to be heard. The less one says about the media the better. There was a complete black out of the recent communal riots in Miraj in Maharashtra because the perpetrators were Muslims. -Hindus cannot build temples to their gods, hindus cannot gets security for their pilgrimages, hindus cannot celebrate their festivals in public even once a year while the Muslims Friday after Friday block the roads for their prayers. What kind of a justice is this?
Pakistani flags can be hoisted next it will be Italian flags too but Indian flag hoisted in a durgha by Bharati Uma was an offence and a case filed against her. Cry my Beloved country. Hilda Raja

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