The sordid affair of Quattrocchi

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The Quattrocchi affair is a blot on the Congress led UPA government-which it can not wish away. Never has a government been so consistent and determined in its working against the people. The dropping of the cases against Q was expected .First it was the defreezing of Quattrocchi’s accounts. Second it facilitated the withdrawing of Interpol’s red corner alert. Third it gave the final clean chit to the Italian corrupt swindler ‘Q’ by dropping all charges against him In this whole sordid drama what comes through is the fact that the Congress led UPA connived with Quattrocchi in letting him off the hook. The sum alleged may be small compared to the huge corruption that blurs the whole Indian political scene. But the way it was done and the underhand methods used so blatantly to get Quattrocchi walk free is something which cannot be easily explained off.
Questions that loom large are:-Why was the UPA government under Mrs Sonia Gandhi hell bent on freeing ‘Q’? What is the relationship of ‘Q’ to the first family? Is ‘Q’ a benami of very powerful persons? Why did the law minister sent an envoy to the UK to defreeze his account keeping the PM in the dark? Why did the government blunt the efficiency of the CBI and made it look as a set of fools on a wild goose chase? Why India was exposed to ridicule and made a laughing stock by the world community? Why had the officers been prevented in their functioning-going to Argentina without the required papers? Why was Quattrocchi not extradited from Malaysia, when the Central government did say that it was a fit case for extradition? Why has the Centre so unabashedly admitted its own inefficiency and dropped the case against ‘Q’ because it remained a major cause of embarrassment for the Congress? Why did the Solicitor General argue that all was lost in the fight to nail the elusive Italian when the CBI had once suggested a strong case existed? What happened between then-with a strong case in existence, and now when everything was lost? What was lost by whom and how?
It all started when Margaret Alva was the Minister in charge of Personnel, the Congress allowed Quattrocchi to sneak out of the country? After he had left then the ruckus and the chase.64 crores may be peanuts for the ministers and the first family- the fact remains that the Congress abetted the fleeing and then the freeing of ‘Q’. If there was no case then why had ‘Q’ not appeared to be questioned, faced the charges and cleared himself? Instead he was running as a fugitive from country to country. The role of The Congress is suspect. It has brought disgrace and disrepute to the country and its investigation agencies and made a farce of our whole justice system. The UPA government will not have the credibility to bring back the money of the Indians stashed in foreign tax havens-it will not arrest the amassing of wealth by corrupt means because it is the main culprit.
All the big tamasha of sleeping in a dalit’s house and sharing a night meal with them is big propaganda for Rahul. This is another kind of deception. If the Congress and Rahul really empathize with the plight of the poorest of the poor then it is not one night’s business but a whole change in life style and functioning-through out one’s life. It takes a lot of gumption to fight corruption because corruption is the root cause for all the ills. No NREGS can bring relief. A dirty Hand cannot give a clean government nor redeem it. Like leeches the corrupt men/women suck the blood of the people leaving them emaciated and weakened. To add insult to injury the NREGS, visitations to the dalit hamlets and dalit houses-sharing one night meal with them are all insults heaped on the people. The great propaganda drama of deception-to continue the corruption and offer a tokenism, the belief that one night sharing the poverty makes a whole life time of suffering vanish for the poor. If really Rahul and his mother believe in eradication of poverty then Quatrrocchi’s case should have been different. Because it calls for righteousness and integrity to stand for justice no matter the cost. In this the Congress headed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi failed and failed miserably. It has exposed the bankruptcy of values in the Congress and its leaders. Was there not a single person who could have stood up and demanded truth and justice? Was the inner voice stifled? Was the renunciation devoid of any basic values? It is not the 64 crores but the message that they will go any length to save persons who are close to them; the government led by Mrs Sonia Gandhi will not hesitate to rubbish justice and block its process. No wonder we have corrupt persons in the cabinet. Where do the SCs and the poor stand a chance in this deception drama? And in this betrayal of the people where is the Prime Minister of India-he is conveniently ‘out of the loop’.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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