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The discovery by Rahul Gandhi

The Discovery of Rahul Gandhi
The great Discovery of India by Rahul Gandhi-that “there existed two Indias-one in towns and cities with high-rise buildings, computers, cars and modern gadgets, and the other rural areas still under developed for lack of facilities and opportunities”. To which India does the Nehru-Gandhi family belong? And why this great disparity-underdeveloped areas and highly developed areas? It is time to question the planning and the approach adopted to alleviate poverty and the indifference to the development of rural areas. It is the Congress with its long regime which had neglected the rural areas. His holding out the NREGS as the magic wand to banish poverty/hunger is ridiculous because it was not something new and again he cannot claim to be its brain child. It only goes to show how RG has no idea of the rural development schemes and how it all failed to alleviate poverty. Again not any one can walk into the PM’s office and make demands which are immediately sanctioned and implemented. So the disparity of the rural and urban India can even find a similar differentiation and a vaster chasm between Rahul Gandhi a first time MP and other MPs who have come from rural areas with greater insights. Will their suggestions be accepted by the Manmohan Singh?
Now the complaint of Rahul Gandhi that the BJP criticized him for taking a British minister to the rural areas to show the NREGS and its beneficiaries is off the mark. Rahul Gandhi perhaps knows very little of Indian history. It was the policy of the British which initiated the neglected of the rural areas. They focused on development not for India but for Britain. Hence our agriculture which was of no value to them was completely neglected. They focused on port areas which became unplanned towns-so that the goods could be transported to Britain. They brought in the railways to transport timber, cotton jute, etc-the raw materials to feed the Manchester machines. Britain thus became industrialized while India lagged behind with its towns becoming a spread of slums. The farmers and farm workers were pauperized with hardly any irrigation and employment, but heavily taxed and were compelled to migrate to the nearest towns like Madras, Calcutta and Bombay. There were no industries in the towns to absorb them into. These migrant rural folk had no skills and thus the proliferation of slums started. After 62 years of Independence is it not a shame to take a British minister to show how his great grand father- his grandmother and then his father neglected the rural areas and created the two Indias? Now with the great brain wave of Rahul Gandhi (as claimed by the Congress) the NREGS crumbs are being thrown to the rural power-this is termed as empowerment, and the world must acclaim Rahul Gandhi-hence the British Minister was taken by him to exhibit this great achievement. This surely will draw flak from those who know what development is all about and also those who are aware that the Congress is up to its neck in its propaganda in show casing Rahul Gandhi the great innovator.It is the Congress which took the stand no national program can be claimed by any individual leader or party. But then hen it comes to the Congress and the Gandhis it is different. Tokenism is not development-a night spent in a dalit’s house, a peep into a cowshed- is not experiencing the impoverishment of rural India. The highly development and secured areas like Luytens in Delhi-enclaves for the rich and the powerful, a political class with crores and crores of money in the cities all are a result not only of a lopsided development policy but of immorality in politics. This is evident in the growth of a powerful dynastic political class. Writing off the farmers debts is no great achievement-first Rahul Gandhi must answer why they fell into debts-why they were forced to commit suicides. Take for example a State like Andhra Pradesh-with the highest suicides of farmers is under the Congress-the crores which the late Congress Chief Minister Rajasekharn Reddy and his family owns runs to crores more than the State budget. From where did they acquire this wealth? The miners are the most neglected and the poorest and yet Koda, Sibu Soren was able to amass wealth, at the cost of the sweat and the blood –nay even lives of the miners. Whose allies are these? Are Rahul Gandhi and his party not abetting this kind of fleecing and swindling the poor and then throwing them crumbs as NREGS and show casing it? According to the Congress spokesman-Abhisekh Singhavi there is something called ‘guilt by association’ should such culpability of guilt not be placed at the doors of No 10 Janpath?
Who are the friends and the close associates of Rahul Gandhi and his mother- those with any number of cars and all the modern gadgets-so why this hypocrisy and the crocodile tears for the rural poor? The Nehru Gandhi family life style is the role model on which the lavish life of the political class and the glitterati is based on. Even the choice of Congress candidates is from the rich elite princely class. So which India is being promoted by Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi? Poor Gandhiji and his irrelevant simplicity-his Dandi march is replicated with Gucci shoes and track suits by the Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi.-the catalyst-what a mockery to imitate the fragile man with a loin cloth trekking with a walking stick and the Gandhi family trying to imitate this. It is all imitation-and tokenism. Who can go holidaying to foreign countries and celebrate a birthday bash in London? Is this an expression of being one with the rural people and their poverty, This is not to say that RG must semi-starve and live in a hut but there are ways of identification-not by a night stay in a hut and a peep into a cowshed. After all the two Indias which Rahul Gandhi discovered have been there always- it did not suddenly appear. He gets the feel of India for the first time perhaps and that is not a discovery but his exposure to real India.-even in this exposure there is vested interest-votes of the poor rural people who have been patient for 62 years waiting for things to change. If it did not change it is because of the Nehru Gandhi family. Yet the media follows Rahul Gandhi in this great discovery of two Indias and gives it such wide coverage. It is sheer political propaganda. It is time that Rahul Gandhi who professes to be sympathetic and a catalyst adapt a life style of simplicity and stop hobnobbing with the rich and the corrupt political class. Instead of holidaying abroad he can holiday in some remote corner of the rural India-(this does not mean RG should be cocooned in a boat house in Kumarakom.) This will change the face of rural India if the powerful and the rich live in villages with no facilities for at least two months a year-facilities will automatically appear-roads and electricity, potable water, all modern gadgets will find their way into these areas where the rich political class stay. So over to Rahul Gandhi- the catalyst-which means he will not change but will change others! Lets us wish that this change happens
PS-It is already happening –Rahul Gandhi’s mother-Sonia Gandhi’s photo will dot every 25 kilometers of the National Highway-thereby the two Indias will become one. Is that not a great equalizer of the two Indias-the developed and the underdeveloped? Drive along the Highways to realize this. And also gauged the great hypocrisy of the Congress which lays claim of a national program to itself and to Mrs Sonia Gandhi
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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reaction to the Second Part of the Liberhan Commission Report

It seems already stale-yes I am referring to the Liberhan Commission Report.It is almost a slap on the face of the nation for Justice Liberhan to have taken 17 years-the Commission appointed on 1992 Dec 16th started its probe in March the same year and after 16 years hands over a 1000 page report which cost the taxpayer 8 crores.To Justice Liberhan goes the credit of having headed the longest and the costliest probe in the history of Independent India .And to tell us at the end of it what we already know!What do we have in the report-that Atal Bihari Vajpayee,Advani, Joshi et al led the country to the brink of communal discord.
Does it mean that a new divisive seed of communal discord they sowed. Then what happened right after attaining Independence-why was the Partition of our motherland affected-because there was harmony? It was more than communal discord-the Muslims refused to integrate with the majority community and wanted to set their separate home
Next the Liberhan Report reels out from the Hindu organizations registers-68 names and charges them ‘culpable for pushing India to communal discord’-Of these blame worthies16 have died and the remaining 52 are held guilty of pushing India to communal discord. Justice Liberhan presumes that there was complete harmony prior to 1992.Yet this wide spread inclusions of all the Hindu organizations don’t make a Movement for Justice Liberhan. He asserts that it is the pre-planned conspiracy of a few. There has been harmony throughout India and that’s exactly why a minority community numbering 3000 was butchered in 1984 right within Delhi. According to the rationale of the Congress every Congress leader can be indict for ‘guilt of association’-Sonia Gandhi also because at that time she was part of the Gandhi household.
Justice Liberhan starts already on a wrong assumption that the aspirations of the Hindu community to built a temple is wrong. This is because secularism in India means anti-Hinduism. This is the thread that runs through the report.
I would think that the Report should unite all the Hindu organizations and right thinking citizens of this country to affirm that it is their right to build a temple to Sri Ram. Can they go to Mecca and built a temple-can they built a temple in the Holy Land? So that’s the provocation for chipping at the domes of the Babri Masjid.. A right denied.-the inability of the courts to amicable settle the issue, the aspirations of the majority Hindus suppressed. This is violence without bloodshed. An oppression which seethes and simmers within has the potential to burst forth-that’s the Babri Masjid demolition finale.
The communal riots already witnessed in India prior to the Babri-Masjid episode are history so there is no new communal discord the Hindu leaders are guilty of when they placed their rightful claim for building a temple.
Every Hindu leader worth mentioning has been named by Justice Liberhan.It reads like a muster roll! To gather the names from the existing Hindu organizations I wonder how many years it took the Commission. So what is the recommendation made by such a delayed stale hibernated Commission report -to initiate action to contain communal discord? This even without the Commission’s recommendation should not any sensible government undertake? Strangely this task is entrusted to the most communal government India ever had .A government which abets communalism in all its policies and strategies cannot be asked to initiate action to contain communalism. The Congress has based its self on appeasement, on adopting a soft policy towards terrorism on a callous indifference to the plight of the Kashmiri pandits-its appeals for votes, its budgeting, its programs are also anchored on communalism. Every single leader of the Congress can be charged on ‘guilt of association’.So what’s the big deal in this ATR?
Is it not a minimum norm of justice for the Commission to have sought evidence from AB.Vajpayee. Without even giving him a chance to speak for himself to have named him as one culpable of pushing the country to the brink of communal discord is not only wrong but justice warped.Vajpayee was not summoned even once during the long 17 years of the Commissions sittings after detailed arguments were heard by the Commission in its order of July 22nd 2003 accepted the submission of the Counsel for the Commission that there was no warrant for calling him(Vajpayee) and that there was nothing to connect him with the demolition. Now to indict Vajpayee without his being summoned is completely illegal. What a travesty of truth then to place before the Parliament something which is illegal at least in part.
That the Report is political and that the Congress is bend on using it towards its political agenda is crystal clear. I suggest the Congress to engineer an ethnic cleansing of all Hindus-starting from the leaders? This has already been undertaken by the ‘secular’ government in J&K and till date there seem to be no solution to get the Hindus to where they belong. One wonders on whose evidences and records the whole Report is based. Why has the evidence of Advani and other Hindu leaders rejected? This while the news papers day after day are filled with the setting free of terrorists on the plea that there is no evidence-/or that evidence is not collaborated, or the public witnesses withdrew.
The Justice system of this country will put to shame even the most legally illiterate .For example thousands of lives are done away by the terrorists’ serial blasts. But the government is in a stupor. It has no intelligence inputs and even if it has it is not keen on hurting any Muslim. Chidambaram had the audacity to plead guilty in the Mumbai blast exactly a year ago saying that Intelligence failed with an assurance that it will not happen again. Should not the Home Minister and the Intelligence Bureau be held guilty of culpability of exposing the citizens of this country to brutal bloodied deaths? We accept the apologies from the not so foolish Home Minister and light candles and the TV channels use the prime time to telecast the survivors’ stories.
We have any number of train accidents in which thousands are killed, maimed, crippled-sole bread winners of families are crushed by the Government structures falling on them-and the victim families have to grapple with their loss and continue their lives. We are told that the accidents are caused by technical failure, human error and intelligence failure. The government quickly distributes some compensation because it is people’s tax money. Should the railway minister and the officials not be held culpable of abetting large scale killings? Is the Government not aware that the security measures are almost nil-if not inadequate? It has to be wiped away and forgotten as the fate of the people.
But then the Commission report has made two most startling observations. One- that the demolition of Babri Majsid was one of the most abhorrent acts in the history of the nation. A structure is given such significance and is valued more than the lives of people. Was a single person attacked or killed Justice Liberhan? What kind of values if people can be snuffed off without any accountability and a structure’s one and half dome demolition requires 17 years of research to come to the conclusion that it one of the most abhorrent acts in the history of this nation?
Next if the BJP did not know what the kar sevaks were about to do according to the Report then it proves that the BJP is only a frontal organization for its parent body, the RSS. Let’s give Justice Liberhan the credit for this incisive insight. So what if it is only the frontal organization of its parent? The Congress party then is guilt and must be held responsible for all the riots in this country-for the ethnic cleansing in J&K-when it cadres ran amok and killed thousands of Sikhs. The Congress must be held guilty of culpability of association when it allowed Union Carbide to function without the minimum security to the workers and the people of Bhopal-thus it resulted in the horrific Bhopal gas tragedy. After more than 30 years the victims and those who survived are suffering-malformed, diseased, crippled and breathless from respiratory ailments. Whose fault is this? And who is responsible for the safety and security of the country’s citizens. So people can be squashed off like fleas –it is not an abhorrent act against this nation by the Congress-The above examples are mentioned because the Liberhan Report seems to be placed in a background of peace and tranquility-against a nation living in harmony-against a people who have not been brutalized and continue to be brutalized and dehumanized. There should be some kind of a balance in presenting a demolition of a structure- but to use big words like a ‘conspiracy’-‘one of the most abhorrent acts in the history of this nation’ and paint it with such a black brush making all those associated and involved as criminals is too far fetched and brings out the bias of Justice Liberhan.
The kid glove treatment given to the former Prime Minister Narashima Roa is shocking. There are instances when the Central government did not wait for the Governor’s report to dismiss the State governments. And ultimately he did dismiss the Kalyan Singh government based on the Central Intelligence? Could he not have resorted to it earlier? Did it not damage the federal structure of the Constitution when it was delayed? Strange logic it sounds. The Liberhan Commission Report is a political report and suits the ends of the Congress party. It is a sad commentary that Commissions are being used by the ruling party towards their own vested interest and it is still a greater tragedy that the Commission members cannot rise above their biases. All this at the cost of the people’s money. Do we need Commissions at all is the bottom line.
Finally it must be asserted that the religious divide and the culpability of leading the country to communal discord belongs only to the Congress-in this specific case of Babri Masjid to Rajiv Gandhi. Justice Liberhan has made no mention of the role of Rajiv Gandhi though he fished into all vast extensive waters for almost 17 years. One wonders if this great lapse made by Justice Liberhan is purposeful or something that slipped and fell by the wayside in his long onerous journey of writing this report.
Personally I would wish that this Report cements all the Hindu organizations and they work with greater vigor to uphold the lofty principles envisaged by the Founding Fathers. Vande Mataram
Dr Hilda Raja

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Reaction to the First Part of the Liberhan Commission Report

Chidambaram at it yet again
Chidamabaram did not personally hand over the Liberhan report to the Indian Express or to the NDTV for that matter, Chidambaram has unabashedly stated in Parliament, ‘I am not so foolish to leak out parts of the Report to the media’. Yes we agree that Chidambaram is not foolish but we indict Chidambaram for failing in his duty to place the report first in Parliament, we indict Chidambaram for the leaks- we do not care how the leaks happened and through whom it took place. He should own up the responsibility. There can be no two opinions on this. Chidambaram has always played it safe and the UPA government has always played with vote bank politics. It is not then fair to blame the Opposition for having disrupted the proceedings of Parliament.
Coming to the Commission Report there is one glaring similarity with the Sachar Report-Justice Liberhan found what the Congress wanted him to find .He went even a step further and indicted the BJP leaders? A report places facts –it is not for him to indict anyone. As all Commission Reports this also is a political tool for the Congress.No Commission Reports are really directed to uphold justice. If it does not suit the interests of the ruling party then it is damned and is rejected. But one wonders what happened to the Jain Commission Report and the ATR. Parliament was not only stalled but a government fell thanks to the Congress’ shouting brigade. So after Commission Reports fulfill the Congress’ myopic motives these are forgotten and gather dust.
Now the Liberhan Commission Report with full of holes and leaking obviously biased and well timed. When it was handed over to the PM in the presence of Chidambaran in June why did the UPA government withhold it so long, abetted its leak just on the eve of the Jarkhand elections? The Commission Report has not gone into how and why Babri Masjid came into the political centre stage. Why were the locks of Babri Masjid broken thereby a court order violated. Justice Liberhan can easily excuse himself by saying that it did not come under the terms of references. Justice Liberhan seems to have an ESP-by applying his clairvoyance he puts in black and white that though Vajpayee and Advani claim no role in the demolition they cannot be absolved because Liberhan thinks that Vajpayee,Advani and Joshi could have been used by the Parivar as the publicly acceptable faces of the movement. The witnesses’ statements that went against the BJP and the Parivar can be accepted as reliable, but not the BJP leaders’ oral evidences. Justice Liberhan has used the word ‘could have’ this is a vague term-where are the evidences that the Parivar ‘could have’ used them and where are the evidences of his hypothesis that they are the acceptable faces of the Movement. On the one hand he says that the common people were not for the demolition then from where did the Movement arise? The demolition was not a spontaneous outburst but was carefully planned out according to Justice Liberhan. The Commission has also brought in the diversion of funds to Faizabad and Ayodhya just before the kar seva, mobilization of the kar sevaks as well as arrangements made at the site with ‘military like precision’, clearly proves that the plan was not just symbolic kar seva,as stated by the Sangh and BJP leaders-this goes to show how biased Justice Liberhan is and his clairvoyance is at work.
One gets the impression that Justice Liberhan was watching through a telescope and this after 17 years and thus able to describe the military like precision of the arrangements. If this is so then bulldozers would have been used to demolish the structure-not just hand pickaxes. One must congratulate Justice Liberhan for his very imaginative mind. He has substantiated this by pointing to the mode of assault on the disputed structure as well as instruments and material. What was televised and newspapers pictures depicted were a few youth trying hard to scale the walls and with pickaxes trying hard to break the domes. Had the instruments and tools been sharp and appropriate and worthy for demolition task and that with military precision then the whole structure would have fallen. One must remember that we are talking of on old decrepit structure.
Next Justice Liberhan has absolved Narashima Rao. The late PM was waiting for a report from the State government which never came. Does it mean that no matter what happens unless the State government makes a request the Centre would not act? This is a rather dangerous proposition. The Centre can intervene when it sees activities of destruction with ‘military precision’ on-when it sees that the State government is unmindful of the consequences. The reality is that the Congress government waited-because the demolition work must become a fact so that it would use it to garner votes. Why then did it not continue waiting for the State to act-why at 11am the Cabinet was called. This reminds one of the Congress sponsored genocide when Indira Gandhi was assassinated. The Centre waited for three days for the killing and the raping to wrought the maximum revenge when the big tree fell-allowing the small plants around to die and wither.
If Babri Masjid is a national structure the Centre is responsible to safeguarding it. The Kar Sevaks did not fall from the heavens right into Ayodhya. The so called instruments and tools were not hidden in their pockets and the ‘military like precision’ movements could not have failed the notice of the Central Intelligence Agencies. So the whole unfortunate episode has the hidden HAND towards its hidden motive. The Congress needs to be indicted first. Then we need to recall and fall back on Justice Liberhan’s clairvoyance gift and scan the earlier period regarding Babri Masjid. Rajiv Gandhi was determined to bring Ram Rajya and hence ordered his supporters to break the lock of the closed structure. This was not only contempt of court but also initiated a whole sequence of religious-political nexus leading to vote bank politics. So Rajiv Gandhi must be indicted for the role he played which led to the demolition of the one and a half domes of the Babri Masjid. Tell us Justice Liberhan why you overlooked this important input? Why do all join to conspire against this nation and its people? Should commissions Reports become the tools for the Congress to continue to divide and disintegrate this nation?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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Laying siege to democracy

‘Thackeray vs Sachin and the rest of India’, was one of the headlines splashed in a leading English paper. The recent attempt of the Shiva Sena to insist once again that Mumbai is for Maharastrians drew flak from all sections of the people-The political class of course jumped into the fray to gain political mileage. All the political parties distanced themselves from Bal Thackeray’s Mumbai for Maharastrians cry and also his criticism of Tendulkar for hurting Marathi sentiment when the latter proclaimed ‘Mumbai is for all’- Sachin was immediately beatified as a national patriot- his halo-‘I am first an Indian and then a Maharastrian’. There can be no two opinions on this. Sachin was right and he had a right to express it. But one needs to pause a bit and probe further to analyze why this parchoialism outburst from NMS and the Shiv Sena? Are these the first political parties to highlight the sons of soil theory and built their political empires? There is no serendipity to stubble on the root cause. It is obvious that the Congress is the mother head of communalism.
Parochialism, communalism, regionalism have all been abetted, promoted and indulged by the Congress and its allies .The great communal divide of majority-minority is again the handiwork of the Congress and its allies thereby there is a psychological and mental partition within India. The author of this partition within India is the Congress. One need not cull out a separate territory-within the country there are areas with the Muslims dominating-Darul Islam is a reality in India. The Muslims are ‘honored’ citizens of this country-stated Chidambarm at Deoband. All are citizens- how can the Muslims alone become ‘honored citizens’ why this special status-is it not based on religion? A status based on religion is no honor-it is blatant communalism and a discrimination which Chidambaram articulated with no qualms of conscience. It is also anti-Constitutional. And this coming from the Home Minister was a public violation and a betrayal of the unity and integrity of this nation. Again Chidambaram placed the onus of protecting the ‘honored citizens’ on the majority community with a threat built in-at their own peril if they do not…When the majority has the duty to protect the Muslims did he not envisage any duty/obligation on the Muslims? What is happening in areas-districts where the Muslims are the majority and the Hindus are the minority? Will their roles be reversed? So why blame only the Thackerays when the Congress-its leaders-its ministers are going about promoting and indulging in communalism? The print and the electronic media also abet this by faulting always the non-Congress governments and leaders but sweep under the carpet the corruption and the communalism of the Congress.
Way back in the early 50s when the DMK cut its umbilical code from its parent DK to become a political party it based itself on Tamil chauvinism. It spearheaded an agitation demanding a separate Dravidanadu. Even today will Karunanidhi- the close ally of the Congress-say that Tamilnadu is for all and line up people from other States along with the Tamils or will there be a preferential treatment for the Tamils? When the DMK came to power in 1957 most of the Malayalees quickly dropped the Menon, Nair tags. Christian Medical College in Vellore was attacked and then followed a turbulent period-Keralities vs Tamils. The DMK also started the anti-Hindi agitation and the whole of Tamilnadu was united in this. Till date Hindi is not accepted as the official language in Tamilnadu. If accepting Hindi as Abdul Asim Azim did makes him a nationalist and expresses nationalism then it means that the DMK is anti-national and does not ascribe to nationalism. Yet the DMK is part of the Congress led UPA government. Preference for sons of soil demand is bound to come when the local people are deprived of opportunities and the migrants eat into their share of development. Local resources and the infra structure come from the tax of the local people but this is quietly transferred when the migrants enjoy all the opportunities and the locals are denied of the fruits of development. It is easy to say that India is for all-but who is this ALL. Will I be allowed to build a house in Himachal Pradesh? Nay- will I be permitted to put up a hut in Kashmir? There is only a theoretical freedom that Indians can go where they want to for education, acquire skills and seek jobs and to settle .This freedom is conditioned by many factors – mobility demands financial resources, ability to communicate and an inner strength to meet challenges in a strange place. The poor and marginalized normally do not have these. Indians have a right to go to any part of India-but in the process the problem arises when they displace and deprive the locals. For example can lower middle income Tamils go to Kerala for education? They need funds for this. This is applicable to other States also. Having been in the education field I can say this with certainty that the flow of Keralities into Tamilnadu for education to the elite colleges wrought great injustice to the locals because they were deprived admissions to the institutions in their neighborhoods to which they have a right. It is their land-their tax money and education is a highly subsidized State subject. Another aspect to be looked into is one can share what one has with those who do not have. But in this case the State of Kerala has any number education institutions-minority/private and government managed-so what is the rationale for them to come to Tamilnadu and deprive the locals of their rightful share? Is this nationalism or communalism if I state that the first rights of development within Tamilnadu must go to the Tamils especially those who are not able to move out of the State due to financial and other restraints?
It is easy to jump into the bandwagon and blame the NMS and Shiva Sena but one must also reckon with the fact that Mumbai has the highest number of billionaires in the country it has the largest slum in Asia and the biggest number of poor of the country. Mumbai is also theirs and they have to find solace and security with in-They need jobs and a share in the development of Mumbai. It is this aspiration of their which is vocalized through the NMS and the Shiva Sena. No wonder the NMS which is only three years ago got a significant vote share(1:4 compared to the Congress) .This is something which cannot be brushed aside. Before relating oneself to the nation at large one needs to identify and relate intensely with the one’s home State. If the State rejects the locals and pushes them to the periphery pauperizing them in their own State how can they be expected to relate to the nation-this sense of belonging to one’s Home State will like the nucleus grow- like ripples enlarge into the larger national scenario? Sachin Tendulkar and the billionaires have outgrown the Mumbai canvass –which has become too small to hold these icons and national figures-hence they can and should easily fit into the national larger canvass. The same cannot hold good for the poor. This is where the sons of the soil becomes valid for them and holds out promise for their survival.From small to big is the growth process. It is unfair to brush it away as parochial chauvinism.
The Prime Minister recently made the statement that the Muslims have the right to be the first claimants to development. Why he was not pilloried by the media for this unabashed communal statement? Any government worth of good governance will state that the poor have the first right to development. But to use a religion as the identifying factor to first claimants’ right was downright communal. So what is the big difference between the Thackerays’ and Manmohan Singh’s mindsets? If you call the former anti-national what would you term the latter’s stand?
Another example is the St John’s Medical College in Bangalore-Karnataka State. When allotting land and providing the infra structure the then Chief Minister-Hegde made it a condition that a percentage of admissions must go to the Kanadigas- This was easily said than done. The Keralites soon became ‘locals’-the parents sent their children for their schooling to their relatives who resided in Karnataka. So the applications showed Karnataka school certificates and the residence as Karnataka! Any number of examples can be cited to show that the locals are deprived by those coming from other States. The affected locals will be usually from the metros like Mumbai, Chennai, B’lore. These metros with all its facilities, and opportunities attract the rich, the powerful and the minorities(most of the elite institutions across the country are run by the minorities) while there will not be no such a flow of migrants to States like Bihar, MP, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh et al. True India is for all-but one cannot adopt a laissez faire approach if the poor and the marginalized need to be empowerment-a laissez faire approach will only elbow out the weaker sections and deprive them of opportunities in their own States. In a distributive justice approach purposeful interventions must be taken –not an appeasement policy towards a vote bank lumpenisation. The Congress by its appeasement policy has promoted a communalism which is a threat to the unity of this country by making the Muslims the ‘honored’ citizens and first claimants but also by reinforcing the minority status a permanent ghetto is set up- using a religious tag. This is unconstitutional and a violation of democratic norms. Assurances are held out by the Congress that the needs of the Muslims will be attended to-that their community problems will be looked into. When it comes to police investigation of terror activities the cops are ordered to go slow-not to harass them. Is it because they are ‘honored’ citizens of this country and the rest are common citizens of this country that they are given this preferential treatment which otherwise one should think must be extended to all citizens? The Sachar report was one of the biggest deceptions committed against this nation in terms of demographic profiling, and recommendations which are totally discriminating and against all norms of justice. This the UPA government accepted in tote. From the Haj subsidy to the financing of the madrasas the government has promoted communalism. How can the tax payers’ money be given to Islamic education? Should the Muslim children not attend the secular schools-must they be kept in isolation and inculcated with an education which is laced with communalism? Towards this can a so called secular government use the tax payers’ money? If there are political parties which insist on sons of the soil theory and language chauvinism, the Congress has anchored itself firmly on religious communalism which is worse and which has wider ramifications-nationally and internationally.
The papers report that Mulayam Yadav and his party want to felicitate the victory of Asim Azmi the member of the Maharastra Assembly in all the Muslim dominated districts. A new mascot for the Muslims is in the making. Is this nationalism or extreme religious communalism? Asim has cleverly brought in Hindi to register that he is a nationalist. It seems that every political party wants to outdo the Congress when it comes to promoting communalism
Talking of nationalism-it is relevant to recall the fatwa against the singing of the Vande Mataram. An unnecessary controversy started in Deoband and abetted by Chidambaram. It does not matter whether it was done in his presence or not, but later on did he have the gumption to categorically state that the whole set of fatwas passed in Deoband were wrong-this including the anti-women ones? Silence in such cases indicates abetment. That the Muslim community stands at the bottom in all the parameters of development can be proved wrong in the following example. In Tamilnadu (Chidambaram’s home State) what is happening in Visharam town in Arcot Assembly constituency in Vellore district? The Melvisharam dominated by Muslims and Keevisharam dominated by SCs and MBCs. The Muslim community is rich with its economy based on tanneries while the SCs and the MBCs are dependent on rain fed land .It is relevant to note that the only street in Melvisharam Municipality with just ten Hindu families is named ‘tamil street’ while the other streets, shops and business establishments are written in Urdu. The Melvisharam municipality is named Sadhik Basha Nagar.The proceedings of the municipal sessions are conducted in Urdu! The Muslim functionaries of the Panchayat have denied all administrative and developmental facilities and even basic amenities as drinking water to the four wards where the Hindus reside This has been reported by the New Indian Express (Nov 10th 09) Perhaps Sachar overlooked such areas in his survey because in Melvisharam there is Abdul Hakim Engineering college, Abdul Hakim Arts and Science college and five schools run by Melvisharam Muslim educational Society. It has a Masjid-e-Khizar with a 175 ft high minaret, Apollo group of hospitals and K.H Companies, banks have all been set up here. Everything is decided by Jamat by which the menial jobs like sweeping and scavenging are given to SC Hindus.
Is this a picture of a community discriminated and suffering from social and economical disadvantages Justice Sachar? This is not just an exception-as far as TN is concerned there are 40 Town Panchayats according to Dr Subramaniam Swamy where the Muslims dominate and discriminate against the Hindus who are a minority. These town panchayats are considered ‘Darul Islam’ and hence will be governed according to the Islamic rules. M.Karunadhini an ally of the Congress is aware of this but like the Congress has his eye only on the vote bank and hence has promoted communalism and indulged in Muslim appeasement.
The violation of democratic norms, the corruption and the communalism promoted by the Congress’ continuous regime are the root causes of the shredding of the national fabric-leading to the weakening of the country’s ability to withstand the onslaught of the anti-national forces. Why then target only the Thackerays? I hold no brief for them but unless one is determined to root out communalism-based on religion and align the edges that today stand out in sharp contrast between the chasm of majority- minority divide, one cannot fault sons of the soil theory. At least it cuts across all religions and castes and tries to cement the people living in a State by making them the first claimants to the development in their own State. But the evil of appeasement indulged by the Congress is a graver threat to the nation’s unity, its soft policy towards terrorism is directly endangering the lives of the citizens and its inability to talk tough to Pakistan exposes the country to cross border terrorism –In its national and international policy India has adopted a velvet glove handling because it does not want to hurt the Muslim sentiments in India. But by doing so the UPA government has clearly given the world to understand that it is weak and will not take a tough stand. The USA and China have taken advantage of this weakness. Islam cannot be divested of terrorism-A few secular Muslims may think otherwise. But facts go to prove that Jihad is a religious duty of the Muslims. A person engaged in Jihad is a mujahid. It is sanctioned by the Koran. The sooner we accept this the easier it would be to combat terrorism. All Muslims are certainly not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims-May be recently there has been a couple of ‘alleged’ terror blast by Hindus. This has not yet been proved and even if proved it goes to show that Hindus are being driven to an extreme-to fight for their survival and it is a backlash. The exceptions cannot make the rule and one swallow does not make the summer.
Nationalism is not the monopoly of the Congress-neither can the Nehru-Gandhi family claim of their sacrifices. The jawans and the BSF protecting our borders and becoming victims to terrorism have made sacrifices-but ask for nothing in return. They are not even remembered and their families and left to fend for themselves with a pittance of a pension. They are the unsung heroes of India. Today one doubts whether the Congress can stand the litmus test for nationalism? Towards this it has to give up its appeasement policy, stand for the real Aam Aadmi- shed its dynastic mindset, and relentlessly strive to uproot corruption, drop the corrupt cabinet ministers and the chief ministers, refuse to compromise with communalism. That is real renunciation-abdicate power if necessary to uphold the Constitution, abhor communalism-bridge the majority-minority divide and follow a righteous path in public life. Can one throw stones sitting in a glass house? It was not the farmers who lay siege to democracy when they stormed into Delhi to demand a fair price for their sugarcane produce, as one TV channel headlined the protest-it is the Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi which is laying siege to democracy.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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Chidambaram at it again-

P.Chidambaram is at it again. He is trying to rewrite history and code a message-when he addressed the large gathering of ulemas at Deoband with the following: ‘A nation cannot ignore its minorities-demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 was an act of religious fanaticism and extreme prejudice. We cannot view Islam as an alien faith-our Muslim brethren are honored citizens of India. This is the land of your fore fathers, this is the land of your birth, and this is where you will live and work. The golden rule in a democracy is that the duty of the majority to protect the minority…it is a rule that is firmly rooted in the universality of human rights…”Mr Chidambaram must answer if this is applicable to all or reserved only for the Muslims. Since he stated that the duty of the majority to protect the minority is firmly rooted in the universality of Human rights. Can he explain why the Hindu pandits have been driven away from Kashmir? Has his government taken up the minority persecution in Pakistan and for that matter in other Islamic countries? Why this indifference? Can the minorities become terrorists and kill innocent people in this country?He brought in the case of Sri Lanka-the party to which he belongs under Rajiv Gandhi sent in the Indian troops not for Peace keeping but to subjugate the Sri Lankans of Indian origin. Now when the Lankan government has started an ethnic cleansing and hordes of Sri Lankans of Indian origin are being driven away why the silence? Is the UPA not abetting the ethnic cleansing undertaken by Rajapakasha’s government by not only welcoming the Indians by not only give refuge but is even toying with the idea of giving them citizenship? Is it not the duty of the UPA government to bluntly tell the Sri Lankan that the minorities have a right to that country and its development and not be driven out? If the golden rule is rooted in Human Rights then it is applicably to all countries.
Coming to history Chidambaram must know that the very Partition of this country was based on the Muslims refusing to integrate with the Hindus. You cannot eat the cake and have it too. Like the camel in the tent slowly but surely the demands of the Muslims are increasing at the cost of denial and discrimination of the Hindus. Is this the golden rule? As far as India is concerned it seems the Muslims are a pampered lot they suffer from no discrimination what so ever. If at all they suffer from a phobia- and are ghettoed in a minority mindset. They can terrorize the people, be involved in serial bomb blasts across the country but cannot be harassed, cannot be investigated and cannot be punished. Is this the golden rule extended for the ‘honored citizens’ of this country? They can denigrate the Hindus gods and goddesses but that is no big issue. The great MF Hussain can give expression to his perverted mind by painting the Hindu goddesses and gods in sexual acts-that is hailed as the freedom of expression of a great artistic mind. Can a Hindu denigrate the Prophet or his family members and get away with it? Remember the Danish cartoonist. Talking about the golden rule in democracy- first Chidambaram and his government must uphold the democratic norms of equality. It cannot proceed with an appeasement policy for the vote bank of the Muslims. A litmus test for Chidambaram-if the Pakistani army invades India will a single Muslim raise his gun and shoot at it? The honest answer to this will then demolish your golden rule. What has happened to all the serial blast cases Mr Chidambaram? Is it because the terrorists were all Muslims the UPA government is most lethargic in bringing them to justice? What has happened to Afzal Guru? Even the SC ruling needs to be put in cold storage? Will all this come under the golden rule of the majority’s duty to protect the minority? The Muslim minority cannot qualify as a minority community because ‘minority’ denotes small in numbers-helplessness, no ability to solidarity and powerless etc. But are these attributes of the Muslim community? They are strong, consolidated-receive enormous funds from the Islamic countries in fact they are a threat to the majority community.. This is the truth and the harsh truth. They have a ministry to take care of their affairs, a budget towards this. No Islamic country will ever subsidize the Haj pilgrimage because it is un-Islamic why then should India subsidy the Haj pilgrimage? Does this come under the golden rule of protecting the Minorities and guaranteeing their salvation? . One Malegoan blast and the UPA government sent its investigation machinery after it-the result was it failed to pick up the intelligence inputs that Mumbai is under siege.The result was Mumbai was painted red. Now with the Goa blast, terror has assumed a religious adjective. It has become Hindu terror. What about all the Islamic terror? What about all the Muslims terrorists? Will Mr Chidambaram please provide a list of the serial blasts across the country in the last 6 years and also the names of those who were involved? The nation needs to know how justice is being warped when it comes to punishing the Muslims-does this come under the golden rule and duty of the majority protecting the Minority. And is this rooted in Human Rights Mr Chidambaram? Bring them to justice first-lets go by the serial order of blasts. What instead of Afzal Guru it is some Narayanaraman? Will this government be indifferent?
Next comes the ignorance of Chidambaram-he was ‘unaware’ of the resolutions passed by the general session of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind at the Deoband seminary. His PS one Mr M.A. Siddique claims that he read from the draft prepared for him .Let us accept that Chidambaram- was unaware at that point of time. Now that he is aware that the top Muslim body has issued Fatwa against ‘Vande Matram’ let us have his reaction. Why can’t he issue a statement? Now who is threatening the peace and harmony of this country Mr PC? Who is holding out against a faith and a nation? Now where is the golden rule which you read out from the draft prepared for you? Islam is not an alien faith –is Hinduism an alien faith? What is precious to the majority can be trampled and religious leaders can issue fatwas. Can the minority hold to ramsome the majority? This fatwa business is a weapon against the majority community and keeps the Minority from integrating. Prior to the elections fatwas are issued. What if the Hindu religious leaders also do the same? We are waiting for the reaction of Mr Chidambaram to the fatwa against Vande Matram. There was a hidden threat in the Home Minister’s address, “our Muslim brethren are honored citizens of the country-a nation can ignore its minorities at its own peril” Are the majority not honored citizens- but if they are not respected and treated with equality it is at the peril of the nation Mr Chidambaram. Today fatwa against Vande Mataram-tomorrow it will be against hoisting the national flag and next will be against upholding the Constitution-it is coming step by step-thanks to your vote bank appeasement policy. You and your party are exposing this country to great peril for power. One nation, one flag, one law let the minorities accept if this nation is to remain a nation and they be honored citizens within. This is the golden rule rooted in Human rights all over the World
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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Response to Charter of Compassion-call for Charter fo Justice

Swamiji Pranam,
I am not very sure if I will go all along with the Charter of Compassion. I tried to extend this fine sentiment objectively. Found the world divided into oppressors, the oppressed-the perpetrators and the victims. By and large it is so. There are some who are fence sitting-neither this nor that-nor here and there. Now when I am compassionate to who should this be extended? To all-or to the oppressed and the victims only. The question at the outset is why only to the oppressed and the victims because they suffer, because they have been wrounght injustice because they have been denied their rights. This will be the natural throb of the heart full of compassion. But how will this compassion work for them? How will I operate this compassion? Extend a good word, stand by them, pacify them with tokenisms? This in action will mean a good deed. But will that alleviate their injustice, how long and how many times can I do this? If it is not going to alleviate the injustice then what good will it do in the long run? To me it will quieten my conscience. I will feel good without much to lose. I will retain what I have but unload what I can discard easily and without feeling the loss.
What is compassion? Is it pity, sympathy, empathy and or all these three amalgamated? I am a bit confused because today there is so much suffering because of Injustices and unless this compassion is the first step to set the wrong right-to fight and to weed out corruption it is going to camouflage the righteous anger and will not put the right side up. Should we then not have compassion of the wrongly directed youth? Should we not have compassion of the wrongly guided Naxals and Maoists who because of penury are forced to take up arms? Where do you draw the line to extend this compassion? I am afraid it is a movement which will quieten our consciences, whitewash the wrongs, the greed, the avarice, and the injustices and make us feel content with being compassionate. To me no virtue can be valid without the basis of justice. If compassion can trigger action to justice then yes. But normally compassion is more passive, is an equalizer without leveling the hills and filling the valleys. Compassion is associated with the heart not with the head! Will there be scope for a revolution if all are filled with compassion? If I point a gun at my perpetrator but my heart is flowing with compassion will I shoot? So compassion seems to nullify the action. Only one speaker brought in justice and it is a woman. Let us for a moment look at the scenario that unfolds-Right from the top to the bottom it has been a free for all-swindle, plunder the people, deprive them and throw them a few crumbs. When it comes to party politics then poach, create unrest, leave no stone unturned to pull the chair from under you. In natural disasters like flood there is corruption, if it is drought there is corruption, in the suffering of the people, in their tears and agony, in their unsettled lives, in their hunger and starvation there is corruption. Where does compassion come-shall I look at the hunger and the starved and the deprived and feel my heart overflowing with pity for them-with compassion for their plight. I shall go to the temple/church and pray for them, I shall give up one meal a day; I shall join a group of protestors and increase the volume of their one day shouting? Where does compassion end and justice begin? Hope compassion is not going to be the new drug to put us to sleep, to make us lethargic. This is not to belittle compassion but compassion is more a patronizing word. Will it stir up my conscience? It is not an action loaded word/deed. It does not bring into the picture the rights and the wrongs-the duties and the obligations. When does empowerment begin? Does compassion encompass empowerment?
Compassion according to the Oxford dictionary means-a sympathetic, pitying-inclining one to be helpful, or merciful. These are all pacifying words and sentiments. Justice is more powerful and that’s what we want-a charter of Justice.
Hilda Raja

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