Reaction to the First Part of the Liberhan Commission Report

November 23, 2009 at 5:12 pm 1 comment

Chidambaram at it yet again
Chidamabaram did not personally hand over the Liberhan report to the Indian Express or to the NDTV for that matter, Chidambaram has unabashedly stated in Parliament, ‘I am not so foolish to leak out parts of the Report to the media’. Yes we agree that Chidambaram is not foolish but we indict Chidambaram for failing in his duty to place the report first in Parliament, we indict Chidambaram for the leaks- we do not care how the leaks happened and through whom it took place. He should own up the responsibility. There can be no two opinions on this. Chidambaram has always played it safe and the UPA government has always played with vote bank politics. It is not then fair to blame the Opposition for having disrupted the proceedings of Parliament.
Coming to the Commission Report there is one glaring similarity with the Sachar Report-Justice Liberhan found what the Congress wanted him to find .He went even a step further and indicted the BJP leaders? A report places facts –it is not for him to indict anyone. As all Commission Reports this also is a political tool for the Congress.No Commission Reports are really directed to uphold justice. If it does not suit the interests of the ruling party then it is damned and is rejected. But one wonders what happened to the Jain Commission Report and the ATR. Parliament was not only stalled but a government fell thanks to the Congress’ shouting brigade. So after Commission Reports fulfill the Congress’ myopic motives these are forgotten and gather dust.
Now the Liberhan Commission Report with full of holes and leaking obviously biased and well timed. When it was handed over to the PM in the presence of Chidambaran in June why did the UPA government withhold it so long, abetted its leak just on the eve of the Jarkhand elections? The Commission Report has not gone into how and why Babri Masjid came into the political centre stage. Why were the locks of Babri Masjid broken thereby a court order violated. Justice Liberhan can easily excuse himself by saying that it did not come under the terms of references. Justice Liberhan seems to have an ESP-by applying his clairvoyance he puts in black and white that though Vajpayee and Advani claim no role in the demolition they cannot be absolved because Liberhan thinks that Vajpayee,Advani and Joshi could have been used by the Parivar as the publicly acceptable faces of the movement. The witnesses’ statements that went against the BJP and the Parivar can be accepted as reliable, but not the BJP leaders’ oral evidences. Justice Liberhan has used the word ‘could have’ this is a vague term-where are the evidences that the Parivar ‘could have’ used them and where are the evidences of his hypothesis that they are the acceptable faces of the Movement. On the one hand he says that the common people were not for the demolition then from where did the Movement arise? The demolition was not a spontaneous outburst but was carefully planned out according to Justice Liberhan. The Commission has also brought in the diversion of funds to Faizabad and Ayodhya just before the kar seva, mobilization of the kar sevaks as well as arrangements made at the site with ‘military like precision’, clearly proves that the plan was not just symbolic kar seva,as stated by the Sangh and BJP leaders-this goes to show how biased Justice Liberhan is and his clairvoyance is at work.
One gets the impression that Justice Liberhan was watching through a telescope and this after 17 years and thus able to describe the military like precision of the arrangements. If this is so then bulldozers would have been used to demolish the structure-not just hand pickaxes. One must congratulate Justice Liberhan for his very imaginative mind. He has substantiated this by pointing to the mode of assault on the disputed structure as well as instruments and material. What was televised and newspapers pictures depicted were a few youth trying hard to scale the walls and with pickaxes trying hard to break the domes. Had the instruments and tools been sharp and appropriate and worthy for demolition task and that with military precision then the whole structure would have fallen. One must remember that we are talking of on old decrepit structure.
Next Justice Liberhan has absolved Narashima Rao. The late PM was waiting for a report from the State government which never came. Does it mean that no matter what happens unless the State government makes a request the Centre would not act? This is a rather dangerous proposition. The Centre can intervene when it sees activities of destruction with ‘military precision’ on-when it sees that the State government is unmindful of the consequences. The reality is that the Congress government waited-because the demolition work must become a fact so that it would use it to garner votes. Why then did it not continue waiting for the State to act-why at 11am the Cabinet was called. This reminds one of the Congress sponsored genocide when Indira Gandhi was assassinated. The Centre waited for three days for the killing and the raping to wrought the maximum revenge when the big tree fell-allowing the small plants around to die and wither.
If Babri Masjid is a national structure the Centre is responsible to safeguarding it. The Kar Sevaks did not fall from the heavens right into Ayodhya. The so called instruments and tools were not hidden in their pockets and the ‘military like precision’ movements could not have failed the notice of the Central Intelligence Agencies. So the whole unfortunate episode has the hidden HAND towards its hidden motive. The Congress needs to be indicted first. Then we need to recall and fall back on Justice Liberhan’s clairvoyance gift and scan the earlier period regarding Babri Masjid. Rajiv Gandhi was determined to bring Ram Rajya and hence ordered his supporters to break the lock of the closed structure. This was not only contempt of court but also initiated a whole sequence of religious-political nexus leading to vote bank politics. So Rajiv Gandhi must be indicted for the role he played which led to the demolition of the one and a half domes of the Babri Masjid. Tell us Justice Liberhan why you overlooked this important input? Why do all join to conspire against this nation and its people? Should commissions Reports become the tools for the Congress to continue to divide and disintegrate this nation?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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Laying siege to democracy reaction to the Second Part of the Liberhan Commission Report

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  • 1. Sita  |  November 24, 2009 at 5:17 am

    The very fact that portions of the report has been leaked and that too,in a very selective fashion,to bring disrepute to the opposition Party,makes the whole thing very suspect.I feel that this is only the beginning.


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