Chidambaram and the Liberhan Report

December 9, 2009 at 12:56 pm 2 comments

Chidambaram holds out, ‘optimistic slumber’ and ‘wrong political blunder’-conciliatory attributes for one side, and condemnation of ‘hidden intent of complicity’ ‘conspiratorial, cold-blooded’ for the other side. The former side is the Congress and the latter the BJP and the Sangha Parivar. These are the two Indias Chidambaram discovered and held out in his defense of the Liberhan Report. This comes after the two Indias Rahul Gandhi discovered. The Congress’ mindset is always divided and this is why constantly the projection of two Indias-using different variables. The Home Minister can use any number of words but it will not justify or hold any water in that Liberhan report which was already leaking. First Chidambaram must be taken to task for the leak. What is the Parliament discussing when the Liberhan Commission report was already televised, printed and discussed by the media and the public? The Home Minister has got away with it as he usual does with the failures of his department.
A report which took 17 years in the making and a muster roll within it of all the leaders of Hindu organizations, a revered dead Baba Devraha is resurrected and indicted, the former PM of India indicted. The former died two year prior to the demolition of the mud structure called Babri Masjid and the latter the perhaps only genuine secular face today in India is being smeared with communalism. So Chidambaram wants to hold a brief for Justice Liberhan by requesting the people of India to forget the omissions and commissions made in the report for the untruths and the semi truths for resurrecting the dead and indicting the dead, for writing a report without even visiting the site of Babri Masjid once in the long 17 years he took to pen that leaking report. Chidambaram and Kurshid wants the people to take only that which suits the political agenda of the Congress namely hang Advani and Joshi. How can a report be partial? Why then absolve Vajpayee? Hang him also and face the consequences. This will not suit the Congress’ motive. Can there be a report written by a person who had not deemed it necessary to visit the site of research even once? So did Justice Liberhan think that sitting in his cosy Government allotted bungalow he can base an important Commission report by imagination and imageries? Chidambaram is famous for pleading guilt to take the wind off the sail-and expects the people of India to wash it off only with his apology. He did this in the 26/11 Mumbai attack and had the cheek to stand before the people to plead forgiveness and promise this will not happen again.Hence lets sweep it under the carpet. Now he wants India to treat Rao who is dead and gone as the scrape goat because he is dead and has no value to the fortunes of the Congress. If P.V.Narasimha’s government is guilty of ‘wrong political blunder’ then it means the Congress party has to take that responsibility for what had cost the nation as the result of that ‘wrong political blunder’.It was the Congress Party’s government.Remember Rahul Gandhi stating that had one of the Gandhi family been in power the demolition would not have taken place. He forgets that it is only the Gandhi family that brought this demolition-it was his father who to revive the failing fortunes of the Congress spoke of Ram Rajya and ordered the breaking of the locks and the performing of the Shilanyas. First the Congress needs to be indicted and punished and then let the rest follow for the events that took place after this. Then let Chidambaram blame Advani for all that followed-for the communal rift in India after his rath . Chidambaram and his party has no moral and legal right to pick and choose what suits the Congress.To forget the role of Rajiv Gandhi in communalising the whole election scenario. It must be always kept in focus that the Congress authored the massacre of 2733 Sikhs in Delhi and another 2000 across the country. Is this not a blot on the nation and can any amount of apologies and compensation wipe out this? Does the Congress hold a mud structure of Babri Masjid of greater value that the thousands and thousands of lives that during its regime was snuffed off. This must include the Bhopal gas victims when it allowed the CEO of Union Carbide to flee the country and even after 25 years has not thought it fit to demand Anderson’s arrest? Does Chidambaram want the nation to simply wipe off all ruthless genocide and blatant injustices by the Congress? The Hand of the party is bloodied beyond being cleansed. The same with the serial blasts across the country-Intelligence inputs failure, human errors reels out Chidambaram. This brazen confession of lives lost, families broken, children orphaned, people maimed and crippled all must be forgotten and forgiven. But he holds out a brief for the leaking and full of holes Liberhan Commission Report.
We have Salman Kurshid recite poetry, orate prose, resort to theatrics all laced with sycophancy to create an emotional appeal that what is not correct to be dropped from the report and what is correct to be upheld. Requests history to be the judge of Rao-then why not leave it to history to judge all the others? And according to him for the political blunder of Rao the Congress had paid – till Mrs Sonia Gandhi came and retrieved its fortunes by her Italian concepts of ‘renunciation’ and ‘absolution’ for the party to be redeemed of all its sins of omissions and Commissions.
Jayanti Natarajan one of the spokespersons of the Congress is ill at ease because Parliament is disrupted and wants the Opposition to behave- to listen, heed democratic norms by upholding the Liberhan Commission Report and accept its responsibility. Jayanti Natarajan led the shouting brigade-stalled Parliament to indict and drop Murasoli Maran in the Jain Commission Report episode. The result a government fell.
Back to Chidambaram- when it was stated that no namaz was recited in Babri Masjid-only pujas were performed. He jumped up to say that it is ‘sub judice’. One fails to understand how namaz and puja become ‘sub judice’ when the Liberhan commission report is dissected and is being discussed thread bare in Parliament. When Raja-the IT minister’s alleged role in the G-2 spectrum was raised in Rajya Sabha the discussion on it was objected to because A.Raja was not present. When Joshi is not present in Parliament how can his role be discussed? The Congress suffers from not only warped perception and a deep seated bias but is myopic, suffers from selective amnesia, has a lopsided growth, and a malignant cancer called dynastic lumpenisation eating into the vital organs of democracy. Mr Chidambaram must realize that language and vocabulary is no substitute for justice and truth and people cannot be taken for a ride all the time by his oration. The Congress and the Congress alone is the fountain head of communalism in India-truth cannot be hidden for long.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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  • 1. Sita  |  December 9, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    As usual ma’am, you have hit the nail on the head in your review of the proceedings on the Liberhan report.The report was very harsh on the People who were involved in the demolition of a structure that even muslims[ learned people who can understand History,Islam,and archaeology,] have acknowledged as Hindu Structure.Everyone in this country knows in their hearts that what happened was not really intended by those who had gathered there,that day.It seemed like a case of God disposing what man proposed.The reason I mention it is,it seems wierd that such a huge structer was brought down without harming anyone on it or around it or even in that Town/District.It is even more wierd that justice Liberhan has chosen to lump this incident with events like the bombing of Trains and Market places.
    I am noticing comments in the Anti-Hindu “Hindu”that it is because of Babri masjid Demolition that we are now facing terror attacks like in Bombay etc.In fact, I was shocked to read comments like” Earlier terror attacks were confined to J&K,but now it is spilling all over the country because of BJP and the Babri Masjid Demolition.But,both the commentors and the majority of the media has overlooked the fact of the ethnic cleansing that happened in J&K was pror to this 1993 event.And there were terror attacks by ULFA in Assam and by Khalisthanis in Punjab and even Bombay if you include the Kanishka Crash.In both Pakistan was/is involved through ISI.The same ISI which seems to have given LeT and other militant groups of Kashmir logistic and “moral” support for carrying out attacks in India.That brings to light another anomaly that UPA and HM seem to be doing-They seem to hold Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab in greater esteem or value thn Citizens of this Country ,especially those who are still holding on to their native religion and culture,be they past PMs or ,other impassined ,patriotic,self respecting commoners who were holding peaceful protests to get back National Treasures of cultural,religious and moral significance Which is the RamaJanmasthanam. The babri masjid has revealed more truth about our country and its people than we have given it credence ,but that will take another post and I have already written a lot.

    • 2. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  December 10, 2009 at 8:22 am

      You have done better than the article itself.I am really proud of you.Young people like you should be able to anaylse without fear or favour and come out with the truth.It may need great courage but must be done.To uphold Justice and truth no sacrifice is too big.So on you go Sita.After all what I taught-what I now expressed long ago and continue to express now- is not in vain even if there is only one Sita that I can claim to have had some impact on.I hasten to admit that you already had stuff-the raw material was there.But that you whetted it and now utilsing it effective for your people and your country is not a small matter.Love to your Sita


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