Manish Tiwari’s uncivilized Modi bashing

January 31, 2010 at 8:16 am 22 comments

It seems that Sonia Gandhi must be only praised, and treated with velvet gloves-while all other politicians can be damned and put under scrutiny.
When it comes to Modi then it is hold no bar bashing. He can be insulted referred to as ‘merchant of death’ by Mrs Sonia Gandhi –can this come from a civilized person? Now look at Manish Tiwari’s uncivilized bashing of Modi-In his over enthusiasm of projecting himself as the champion of Mrs Sonia Gandhi he stooped low and gone over board.Truth becomes untruth and sparks fly. What was uncivilized in Modi saying that his letters to the government at the Centre had not been answered and hence he thinks of sending one in Italian to get a response? The media and the Congress saw red-First- how can Modi rake up the foreign origin of Mrs Sonia Gandhi? Second, why target Sonia Gandhi for the price rise. Regarding the first can the foreign origin of Mrs Sonia Gandhi be completely forgotten or buried? For that matter she has not yet denied Dr Subramanya Swamy’s contention that she holds the Italian citizenship too. Even if she does hold dual citizenships she is by birth an Italian and she remains that. A paper of a certificate issued that she is a naturalized Indian does not make her a born Indian. For political power she needs to project her self as an Indian which she is not.
So Modi did not utter a falsehood neither had he said anything insulting-Mrs Sonia Gandhi is an Italian thats the simple bare truth and he stated it. What is wrong in this? What is uncivilized in this statement of a truth? To call Modi uncivilized makes Manish Tiwari uncivilized. Manish Tiwari the national spokesman of the Congress also crossed the decency rekha when he said that Modi has lost his mind. It seems that in his over enthusiasm to please Mrs Sonia Gandhi Manish Tiwari has crossed all decency and lost his mental balance. Public probity was never the mainstay of the Congress. It is those who run the UPA government who are off their minds. Otherwise would they be so mindless to the misery of the poor? Taking up cudgels to defend Mrs Sonia Gandhi does not bring solace and relief-not the solution to the price rise. One should have the courage to own up mistakes-to respect opponents. Again the Congress with his muck and mud covered edifice is no respecter of dignity and political correctness. Look at its track record-you have corruption in every field-, Judiciary, the Army, the Sports, the selection of awardees, et al. The Congress alone is responsible for the Telegana muddle in which the State has lost crores of revenue. We have the Congress openly and blatantly abetting corruption in the singular case of A.Raja- causing crores of rupees loss to the public exchequer. We have the first of its kind goof up when a Pakistani ex- general’s picture appeared in an advert along with Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the PM. and this for the prevention of female infanticide! Even if one is to over look this muddle (which never happens in another country-) what is the rationale for an Army general to figure in the prevention of female infanticide? Does this not go to prove how those running the government departments have lost their balance and is so flippant and careless when it comes to spending public money? Now the government has to probe-fix responsibility-that will be another wild goose chase. And what do we hear-a public apology. Does that wipe away the insult? We have a Rathore- an awardee of the President’s Police medal and discover thanks to the media- that he did not stop with molesting a teenager but used his clout to harass, humiliate and almost wiped off the family members of their dignity and their honor thus abetting the suicide of Ruchika. What has the Home Minister to say after hearing out the obnoxious,sadism of Rathore and his men?Mr Chidambaram was very touched! Not a word of condemnation from the national spokespersons of the Congress particularly Manish Tiwari. to this dehumanizing brutal episode. Had it been one of the Gandhi-Nehru family members what would have been the reaction? Nay had it been a family belonging to the minority community what would have been the reactions,actions and operations of the Congress. Did not our honorable PM spend sleepless nights when one of the minority community men was harassed in Australia? For Ruchika it was no response. Was the PM not pulled up like an errant schoolboy by the European Union for the rape of a nun in Kandhammal? He so subserviently apologized and promised that such would not happen in the future.All this under the regime of Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s Congress. The national spokesmen/women have their antennae directed to react in an uncivilized manner only when Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children come under criticism. And Manish Tiwari states that Modi is uncivilized? Do civilized persons tolerate such crude, brutish behavior from those who held responsible posts in the government? Was it too much to expect them to condemn it, so who are off their minds-if these have a mind at all? How can one with a criminal record be conferred the Padma Bhushan and the Congress rushes to defend its action- and then distances itself. What does one call this sagacity, prudence, correctness or something exactly opposite to all these?
Coming to the second dimension of Modi’s – why criticize Mrs Sonia Gandhi for the price rise? Who runs the UPA government? If Mrs Sonia Gandhi has nothing to go with its governance then why does every government department print her picture in the advertisements projecting her as the chief architect of that program –the PM comes only next to her. If she wants to take the bouquets then she must also be prepared to take the brickbats. This is the hidden motive of her great renunciation drama-have power but not accountability. Modi was right in targeting her. She is the chairperson of a defunct UPA council-Only on that basis her pictures are printed in every government function/program/advertisement. So why should she not be targeted for this dismal situation of a price rise which has hit the poor of the poorest. Do we need a committee now to go into the poorest of poor and assess how this price rise has hit them? Modi as a chief Minister of Gujarat did the right thing and made a correct statement. Why should Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children who want the limelight be insulated from criticism? They like to hog the lime light then they should not fight shy in facing the criticism as other politicians. Creating imaginary halos round them and placing them on pedestals is no sign of democracy. Sycophants and coterie, ‘Yes’ men and women, courtiers and chellas have no place in a vibrant democracy-Are we in a banana republic?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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  • 1. S. Immanuel  |  February 5, 2010 at 8:53 am

    Looks like you suffer from a syndrome akin to what exists no where else but only in the psyche of modi himself – self righteous bigotry, Congress paranoia, pseudo nationalism, diabolic self projection, selective amnesia, vituperative verbal diarrhea and a lot more barbaric tendencies existent only in a prehistoric civilization.
    Hope I am not burnt alive for this honest assessment !
    Jai Hind

    • 2. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  February 5, 2010 at 4:47 pm

      Thank you-Immanuel means god is with us You seem to have an insight in making honest assessment-good for you.Reeling out words and projecting the knowledge of vocabular will not make anythihg honest.You also seem to be fixed in the Middle Ages because you have a fear of being burned at the stake!No this is democracy and you have a right like Manish Tiwari to be uncivilized in assessments even.I am a small person and have only limited knowledge.But by comparing me to Modi you have given me a big push up! Because he is one of the best administrators the world acknowleges and also because he is a duly elected representative of the people of Gujarat.You are casting aspersions on the people who elected him if you attribute all those adjectives and similies to him.I cannot be so great-but thanks a lot.Immanuel means god is with us-may that god guard you.Hilda Raja

    • 3. senthil  |  February 5, 2010 at 6:03 pm

      Mr. Immanuel.. I was searching for suitable words to describe the pseudo seculars, liberal intellegentsia and the congress, but so far could not find.. i should thank for letting me know of those very apt words..

      COming to the point, can you pls read your own comment? DOnt the comment suit you more than any one else you are pointing?

      Let me list those words..

      self-righteous bigotry – applies to you for certifying yourself as a honest assessment..

      Congress paranoia – as though congress is noble party..

      Pseudo nationalism – is it not displayed by all those semitic followers in india? including you.. Modi is more nationalistic than you..

      selective amnesia – best describes your comment.

      /** Hope I am not burnt alive for this honest assessment ! **/

      It seems, the barbaric history of the christianity resides in every sub-conscious mind of the christians. You have a fear, that others might do to you, what your churches had done to numerous civilization..

      FInally, stop playing with words.. argue by facts

    • 4. Murali Mohan, H.  |  June 13, 2013 at 3:15 pm

      I think you are a biased communial person and paid servent of Congress Party.

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    • 6. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  February 8, 2010 at 11:57 am

      You are free to replicate the whole blog-part of it or selected articles..I have no objection.After all the greater the circulation the better-.I write for a passion and with a passion.It is only to spread thoughts and opinions-all need not agree but will have the opportunity to see another perspective.Thank you for this invitation.This is an acknoledgement of your appreciation.God bless you.Dr Mrs Hilda Raja.

      • 7. Jitega Bharat  |  March 18, 2010 at 8:57 pm

        Thank you for your permission to replicate your blog on our site. Can we request you to register on our site & let us know so that we import the blogs in YOUR name.

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      • 8. Jitega Bharat  |  March 28, 2010 at 12:42 am

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  • 9. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  February 5, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    Thank you Senthil.You have dealt a body blow to Immanuel but I am glad that you have picked up the approprite words for future use.Personally I don’t think you need those words because you are logical and base your arguments on facts and TRUTH.Congrats Senthil-may your tribe increase.

  • 10. Sita  |  February 6, 2010 at 6:44 am

    I read half of your ariticle on manish tiwari two days back.There was no comments then but since then you seem to have attracted many to your page.Congratulations on that.Please don’t give any importance to people like Immanuel.It only reveals there biotry and innermost fears and prejudices .As they say in Tamil,”Nunalum than vayal kedum”.
    Now about the article and the Topic;the same applies to manish Tiwari .He is trying to be a true sycophantic congress man truer to the party than the nation.The recent news in TOI that a politician have been helping terrorists is shocking and only unravells the Congrees/sonia’s agenda for our country.
    Ma’am please continue to write about our polity and society.We need someone sane out there ,who is true to their country.,unlike most politicians,media or religious people.
    It is sad that things have come to such a pass that while we have church leaders to sucker to EU and other Western/Christian countries there are none to talk about Swami lakmanananda and the tribals he was helping.;That we have moulvis who ask muslim litigants to approach the Shariah courts[yes,they seem to be operating in our country] instead of our August Courts ,We have politicians who support and help terrorists to escape and hide from Law,we don’t have ANYBODY to talk or even wipe the tears of the people who were terrorised out of their homes and state. Sad indeed is the plight of India where pilgrims to Khumbha Mela are asked to pay a surcharge/tax/service charge/Jizya fo travelling to the once in 12 years Mela while others are being given subsidised airtravel annually.

  • 11. Rummuser  |  March 5, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    The Congress Party is like Pakistan. Without Kashmir on the stove, Pakistan will collapse. Islam cannot keep the country together, Without the Nehru descendants, the Congress Party will collapse. Without the family, they are all Lt. Generals without soldiers. The Tiwaris of the Congress party have no ideology but the first family. The party that brought about the constitutional amendment to include “Socialist” today, is anything but.

    Civilized behaviour? From the Congress Party? Or for that matter any other political party in India? Just attend any legislative session including the greatest thamasha our parliament to see how civilized the whole lot are.

    I am afraid that you are being impractical expecting Indian politicians to be civilized. They do not know what it means to be.

  • 12. Justistox  |  April 2, 2010 at 5:47 am

    ,Madam! Your finely scripted letter fails to make the needed impression because of your deep- seateds prejudices against the Grand Old party and its leaders!Sonia did not come running to take up the chairmanship of Congress for nearly 8 years. her moral obligation to the martyrs of Congress – indra and Rajiv -only impelled her to do so.She has proved successful in changing the fortunes of the party, It has won two successive national elections.
    Your leaders have been tom-toming about “dynastic rule”She and her son have refused to accept ministerships! Now your leaders call her “remote control!”
    ” RSS is now ruling over BJP from the main hall!
    We are all citizens of India and our first loyalty to its integrity and its progress
    One fails to understand the blind love people have for Modi. Every human being is having his own share of follies to himSo Modui has made some very costly mistakes and he could not get away from them.
    Let us view things from India’s perspective rather than the narrow political affiliations.

    • 13. rakesh  |  April 2, 2010 at 3:39 pm

      Sonia ji is nice. agreed. Mr. Q was allowed to … well, Mulayam was purchased…well … Modi was maut ke saudagar well…
      And stilll sonia ji is good…agreed
      She is not becoming PM because she appoints a PM. Her son looses his voice regarding Q,M or B factor..
      But yes sonia ji is good well…

      • 14. Govind  |  April 4, 2010 at 1:14 pm

        She also “appoints” the President. She “appoints” each member of Congress party in parliament who has to be an absolute loyalist to the Gandhi Crown. She also “appoints”the Chief Election Commissioner. Why become a minister when all the ministers, including the PM, is dancing at your fingertips? She is in fact a super-minister, a ruler who does not need any official title. She has all the power and no responsibility. While Manmohan and the rest of the Congress Naukar-Chaakar have to do all the work, the Queen Bee can keep buzzing around increasing her political and economic empire at the expense of the people of India, the black widow can keep spinning new strands of her intricate web of political leverage, while all the time nursing her brood to take over the family Jagir.

        The whole Indian democratic setup has been subverted by the modern day Roman Empress of India. One could have blamed the system, but it is evident from Justictox’s comments that that ONCE AGAIN, in their long and chequered history the Hindus have, of their own accord, foisted a vast alien parasite on themselves. The difference this time is that a mentally subjugated and enslaved Hindu populace has done so willingly, without putting up any kind of fight. What Alexander and the long line of Caesars always wanted and failed to accomplish, the mentally disabled Hindus have done to themselves. It seems Hindus are really the most generous people on the face of the earth. Under the influence of Gandhi-giri they gave away Pakistan and now, under the influence of Nehru-giri seem to be in a hurry to give away India as well and thus attain the ultimate Moksha of permanent departure from the face of earth. 🙂 Indeed the “grand old party” has made martyrs of us all!

  • 15. Kunal Singla  |  January 21, 2011 at 6:47 am

    Its very true. entirely agreed on the current topic.

    She is not becoming PM because she actually appoints the PM. Her son looses his tone and voice ..

    Kunal Singla

  • 16. Cdr Ajai Bhagra(Retd)  |  February 8, 2011 at 10:26 am

    Thank you for a very frank and correct assessment of the “not to be touched first family of the Congress”. The first family, and Mrs Sonia in particular, is scarosant and diefied in the Congress culture and thus, not to be questioned or commented upon. Every decision of the UPA has the approval of the “High Priestess” ; it is no great secret where the UPA’s power centre lies! It therefore, devolves that it is the duty of every Indian to hold Mrs Gandhi to account, for errors of commission or omission, if the govt does not perform. Mr Manmohan Singh, for all his honesty and probity etc, is a powerless leader, rather an appointee ,as someone has pointed out.
    The reluctance to have a JPC inquire into the devastating 2G scam is clearly to shield the “High Priestess”. Mr Singh is powerless andd could not have let Mr Raja bulldoze his way without an OK from the top.
    The topmost priority of the Congress is to protect the “First Family” at all costs, and everything else is secondary. All Congressmen, and Mr Tiwari is a prime representative, owe their survival to this prime requirement. This explains his comments which, very often, are in poor taste. Tiwari is the new breed of very articulate, but genuflucting and sychophantic Congressmen.
    We also now have the next generation of the “First Family”, Mr Rahul Gandhi, a person of average capability, and intellect, being forcibly foisted on us as the next PM.
    We Indians heave to hold the Govt, and the Gandhi family to account and, Mr Modi. as a good Indian has done just that.

  • 17. A. Sashi Kiran  |  June 13, 2011 at 5:56 am

    The article is well written. Congress I has degenerated and people like Manish, Jayanthi Natrajan, Digvijay, Renuka Chowdary……. are trying their best to bring a certain death to it. They try to project Mr Rahul Gandhi as their next PM when he himself says he is ashamed to be an Indian. We need to tell him that even we are ashamed that he is an Indian.

  • 18. guest  |  August 16, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Media made Sonia a saint, who refused power, refused politics, but yet was imposed with all responsibilities, so she took it up. What a noble character!! She even refused power. There is no truth in these make believe stories. Sonia planned her marriage to Rajiv and planned the crown long before even Rajiv knew her. All the open allegations by Subramanyam Swamy are not refuted. Ask why? The same congress party sued the person with 50 lakh fine, who complained about a missing Sukanya Devi, now why don’t they dare do the same thing to Swamy? This indicates Swamy only tells the truth. Sonia claimed the crown for herself and Abdul Kalam refused because according to the constitution she was not eligible. Then she made the drama saying she sacrificed the throne. The media echoed the whole thing making her appear as a saint. Ask why she did not renew Kalam’s presidential term? Ask why she let Qutrochi a safe passage? Ask why Vadhra is exempted from frisking at airports? Ask why they are fighting tooth and nail against anti-corruption crusades? Ask why they are quiet about black money? Finally last but not the least ( I hate to do personal character assassination but can’t help here) google the cause of cervical cancer…

    • 19. Sweta Pradhan  |  August 18, 2011 at 6:30 am

      The above statment has actually stuck a cord.Sonia Gandhi…..the name,the lady,the dictator……I just want to ask the people of india especially the members of the congress party that who is Sonia Gandhi??What kind of contribution she has done in the upliftment of india???Can anyone especially people like Justistox and Immanuel??

      What she has done let me put it in simple words played safe which is also an understatement for her shrewd approach elected a hapeless indiviual like Manmohan Singh to become the PM who cannot even go to the loo without her permission,has elected a bunch of jokers as ministers who can are nthn but the very epitome of corruption and scams.Just that she married in the first family doesnt give her a right to rule the country.Her children especially that rahul Gandhi who doesnt even deserve a second door look has become the voice of the youth(self proclaimed)..who has made him so??
      He can only visit salman khan’s house at the wee hours to celebrate india’s victory in the world cup..he is limited to that and can only fool around with foreign girls…..he is limited to nthn but this…..and voice of youth is far away from his reach….

      Coming to Manish Tiwari,Digvijay Singh,Renuka Choudhury,Ambika Soni….All that we can say that they also manage alongwith with the PM to make a fool out of themselves…
      Manish Tiwari is nothing but looks like a drunkard when he comes on television to speak on issues..No sense,No responsibility and utterly bad upbringing is something that he is endorsing in his recent speeches.
      Hence we should try eradicate the very root of corruption by standing united and this can only be done when the present Government gets removed from its position.

  • 20. Dr. usha kapuria  |  August 23, 2011 at 9:55 am

    I FEEL GRATIFIED TO READ THESE DISSENTING VOICES.It is a balm to my wounded psyche I wish this first family could be lashed right and left and made to labour for their living.

  • 21. Saumitra  |  September 16, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Thanks you for the fine article. We, the people of India have been fed lies after lies by the likes of Manish Tiwari (Anna Hazare is steeped in corruption from head to toe), Kapil Sibal(There is no loss of public money due to 2G), Dog-vijay Singh and Ambika Soni. Minority appeasement is an unique policy of Congress and the terrorists like Kasab, Afzal Guru can’t be hanged because congress think tank(yes its a tank as in “kupmanduk”-the frog in the well) thinks(as if they have brain cells to do that) that it will create a law and order problem. I am sick and tired of the these jokers. Anna Hazare strikes a chord when he says that we should have the right to reject and right to recall these fellows.

  • 22. Shivaji Hindu  |  May 26, 2012 at 5:42 am

    Congresh and mainsih, sonia, priyanka are all robbers, thieves, liars, looters, anti-hindu psychos who are ruling our country.

    Why no CBI inquiry against Shiela Dikshit, G Reddy who looted 70,000 crores of CWG scam, why no action against CM D Kamat of Goa who raped Goa of all minerals and iron ore, why no action againist when R Reddy looted AP of 40,000 crores, who no CBI chargesheet against ex-Congress President of Maharasthra who has more than 35,000 crores property who was just veg sellar 10 years back, why no action againist Andhra Cong MPs who are involved in prostitution, sex racket,

    why no action against ND Tiwari who was having live sex with little gril at age of his granddauther in Rajbhavan of AP, why congress has no action against P Chindambaram who is antinational as he has supplied Indian white paper for Pak which is printing fake currency and also PC has staked more than 20,000 crores in Swish bank, why no action against Sonia Gandhi has deposited more than 1 lak crores in Swish bank (as exposed by Swish news daily), why CBI burried Bofors,

    Congress thinks Indian means only Muslims and Christians. Today, we Hindus have become refugees in our own county. B**ch Sonia Gandhi has Italian citizonship and use Gandhi sirname illigally but her husband’s sirname like Sonia Rajeev.

    Sonia’s kin, Robert was a scrap dealer, now he has stake in DLF and others. He is worth of 70,000 crorers today, is it legal money?

    Comon All Hindus (forget Sonia’s A*s lickers Christhians and Moozlisms), now it is time to come togather and teach the lession to Congress, Sonia, Manish, Chindu, Sibal, throw them to Aarabian sea or put them behind bars for next 100 years.

    This is a real facts, not assumptions.

    By Hindu Citizen of Bharath.


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