Make tryst with destiny a reality

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There is too much heat and no light in the sparing between the Thackerays.and Rahul Gandhi . One need to objectively and dispassionately look into the issue. Among many things what is the need of Rahul Gandhi to be strutting around the country and that in University campuses and meeting students? What is his message? To join politics certainly he is not promoting just awareness but building and shoring up the Congress cadres. No one will object if he addresses in public places and meets young and old or only the young for he believes in Youth Power. But to target students and to turn university campus into campaign grounds must be objected. Will the same be extended to all the other political parties? Can the party secretaries go into university campuses and campaign? It is better to leave students alone unlike RG they need to work hard and pass their exams-need to hunt for a job and need peace and tranquility. Not arouse enmity, instigate violence between parties within the campuses. Will State governments extend the same kind of security for other political party secretaries when they go for canvassing/campaigning for their respective parties?
Having stated this- next query why should RG visit Mumbai when it is already simmering-what is the urgency? Because he has all the security and does not care if violence breaks out-if the ordinary people daily routine is affected. RG being RG has absolutely no qualms in doing what he wants to do.
Now coming to the Mumbai migrant issue- Any sensible person will see that the Thackerays are not for building a wall round Mumbai and enclosing it. Even our borders between Bangla Desh and Pakistan are porous. The fact remains that there should be some kind of restriction otherwise dual fallout will result. Mumbai will become a festering city-it is bursting at the seams.Migrants settle anywhere and everywhere-resulting in an unplanned spread of slums. The physically and environmental hazards multiple. During the monsoons the floods and heavy damage is due to the clogging of the gutters, unplanned and/ or nil drainage system- etc.
This apart if the PM can state that the Muslims have the first share to development then why not the Thackerays state that the Maharastrians have the first claim to all the development programs. At least they based the criterion on region and not on religion. Be it language or rights migrants cannot displace Maharastrians,and not make them lose their means of livelihood in their State.In the case of language it is not that no one should learn other languages but certainly not at the cost of one’s mother tongue. Any one can pick up any language but to push the mother tongue to a secondary status will cost heavily in terms of learning, values, regional pride and belongingness.
All this may sound sectarian but a deeper study will prove that one can relate first to the immediate and in concentric circles this belongingness will connect to the larger country. To simply state that all are Indians and India belongs to all-is easily said but psychologically not possible to relate to the country over jumping regional identity and one’s roots. One must be well rooted to spread out.Take the example of the DMK-a party which was initiated only on sons of soil theory.It was only on this plank that it captured the imagination of the people and instilled in them a sense of pride for Tamil and all that was Tamil. Once it expanded its base then it tried to be magnanimous and parties were vying with each other to ally with it. Did the media write (as it has today in reference to the Senas) to isolate the DMK? In spite of all the sectarianism-language bigotry, anti-north and anti-Brahmanism the DMK was sought after and today is the closet ally of the Congress. Mrs Sonia Gandhi even put behind the Jain Commission Report findings-the shouting brigade stands before it in humble submission. The DMK calls the shots and Mrs Sonia Gandhi obliges-example A.Raja –cabinet minister of Information Technology and another cabinet minister does not know Hindi nor can he communicate in English.It is Tamil all the way! Why had the Congress not distanced itself from this party? It all depends on votes and allies to keep the Congress in the power seat.That is the sum total of be Indian and buy Indian! Another case which is worth mentioning in this context is Telangana. Who is the author of this problem and why?
Rahul Gandhi stated that anyone can go anywhere in India seeking employment. Again RG without the minimum experience talks. Has he hunted for a job? Does he have an iota of what it is to hunt for a job then he will know what the requirements are. First one needs potential. The poor unskilled labourers go from place to place working in construction, road laying, felling of trees, stone cutting etc.What happens to the local unskilled labour force? This is exactly why the Thackerays are targeting Biharis and UP ites.When there is job near at home and in the home state do we expect the Maharastrians unskilled workers to migrate and seek work else where? Is that practical and just?
There was a media write- up bringing to centre stage the undeniable fact that it is the Constitution that safeguards the rights of the citizens. There can be no second opinion on this. But does the Constitution automatically safeguard the rights of its citizens? Case after case can be cited where the Constitution has failed to safeguard the rights of its citizens for the simple fact that the Constitution does not operate automatically. One needs to approach the judiciary to come to the upholding of the rights of the citizens and here one needs money power. The best exponent of the Constitution can even argue so well and nullify the rights upheld by the Constitution. Can the ordinary citizens seek redress? Does not that call for economic potential? The right to work and live in any part of the country is guaranteed by the Constitution is only theoretically correct. In practice it is not so. Why are the roadside sleepers where they are? Can they not sleep in their homes,under a roof or even in open space else where? Can I buy a bungalow in Luytens?Can I buy land and seek employment in J&K?Equal rights for all again is only in print but have all equal rights as citizens? Why security only for the high and the mighty what about other common people.Is this equality in operation?Rathore the infamous cop violated all the rights of Ruchika and her family.What happened to the rights enshrined in the Constitution?Cops paid by the taxpayers money harassed and the dignity of the person violated–where was this Constitutional right. When those who are suppose to protect and safeguard common citizens indulge in dehumanizing the victims what good is there in citing the Constitution. Constitutional rights are violated with immunity-laws and regulations are swept away with immunity by the politically powerful and yet the politically powerful cites Constitution is there to safeguard the rights of the citizen.
Regionalism, parochialism, casteism and religious communalism have been all injected into the polity at different levels on different stages and through different methods to suit the vote bank politics of the Congress.Now to pretend that the Senas need to be isolated because of its sectarianism is like the pot calling the kettle black. The Congress has to do some introspection –it had never stood by any principles. Who is Narayana Rana after speaking and propagating for 35 years the doctrine of sons of soil theory he is with the Congress. Anyone who can bring votes and change over to the Congress the party will welcome.Lalu Yadav,Mayavathi are all communal to the core but the Congress has no qualms in allying with them or seeking their support. This because the Congress is communal to the core-its whole edifice is built brick by brick on communalism.
An important premise of the whole Sena sparing with Shah Rukh Khan must be also commented on. First why had the latter not betted on the Pakistani players for the IPL? The Khans have gone one step further in citing that anyone good must be taken-does that apply to only cricket or can be extended to other areas? If so then we could recruit expertise for the army, governance, judiciary et al. It is not the question of the best it is the question of Indians playing for India-it is the question of patriotism and national pride it is not the question of the best. It is the question of giving opportunities to what is second best may be….It is the duty of all the media, the Judiciary,the Executive and the Legislature to make the rights enshrined in the Constitution valid and automatically flow to the citizens. Instead of some citizens automatically falling below the Poverty Line-all citizens should automatically enjoy the Rights enshrined in the Constitution without any hinderance-towards this the political parties must rise above petty politics, vote bank politics, appeasement policies and work for creating a harmonious environment to made the tryst with destiny a reality
Dr Hilda Raja,


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