Congress at it again-Modi bashing

March 30, 2010 at 10:03 am 16 comments

Congress at it again-Modi bashing.
Is something basically wrong with the Congress’ spokespersons that they just cannot put forth their views in a calm way but must spill their rancor and their hatred against Modi whenever they have to speak on Modi and the Gujarat riots? It was hey day for the TV channels and the Congress’s spokespersons to indulge in a subject –Modi. Somehow they seem to spit venom and make wide accusations. Congress is fixed in Gujarat riots of 2002 not because its heart bleeds for the loss of lives but because the vote bank politics must be furthered and reinforced. If it is loss of lives of ordinary people-and the justice dimension that bothers the Congress then we need to assess this concern hindsight.
After the assassination of Indira Gandhi when Congress leaders led butchers to the Sikh areas and supervised the genocide of some 3000 and odd Sikhs what was the callous and cold hearted attitude of the Congress party to this pogrom?
Should we say that there is entirely a different perception and assessment of lives of Indian citizens depending on who the victim was/is and who was/is the perpetrator? What role did the Congress party play-then and now and during the whole period of 25 years? Even the UPA government had to be pressurized for the compensation amount. But look at the cheek of Manish Tiwari quizzing Amitabh Bachchan whether he endorses the role of Modi in the Gujarat riots. And may I beg to ask what is the role Manish Tiwari and his party ascribe/prescribe to Modi? On the other hand we had Rajiv Gandhi justifying the pogrom of the Sikhs. For three full days the Congress government just looked the other way. It has the audacity now to keep harping on the role of Modi.A role which the Congress has thrust on Modi for its own petty political gains. Can we detect at least an iota of regret, a concern for the lives of people in the Congress party in general, and in its leaders in particular? There was no pressure on the investigation agencies-the handmaids of the UPA governments to hasten the process of justice and to book those involved. On the other hand the three leaders identified were Bhagat who is no more, Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar. All these three enjoyed the patronage of the Congress to the hilt and went about in their leadership roles. Jagdish Tytler was off the hook through crook may be, and it was Sajjan Kumar who is now in the net of justice. The CBI was unable to trace him till he got anticipatory bail. It would be interesting to watch how this case is moving and what the Congress has to say about it. The media’s silence in this case is deafening. He was supposed to be the Congress candidate for the last elections but when public resentment was evident then ticket was denied to him and his brother got the Congress ticket as a Congress candidate.Is Sajjan Kuar treated as a political untouchable What does all this show. At no point of time did the Congress or any of its loud mouthed spokespersons condemn Sajjan’s role and distant themselves from him. Do we then take it for granted that the Congress party continued without any remorse its accomplice to the massacre of the Sikhs? So, what moral right does the Congress and its spokespersons have to quiz Amitabh Bachchan if he endorses Modi’s ‘role’ in the Gujarat riots”? What if he does, and what if he does not?
And what is the ‘role’ of Modi is yet to be ascertained. Such prior pronouncements not only prejudging Modi ,hindering and hampering the judiciary process, vitiating the whole atmosphere and thrusting its own perception as the ‘public’ perception on Modi’s role is unethical on the part of the Congress. This is unjust, and fraught with misguiding the people. Using Modi to hit at the Bachchans is politics of a low level and is indulging in third degree harassment. This is nothing short of hate politics which the Congress is practising. AB has his right to stand by whomever he wants and likes. Why should he go by the Congress’ likes and dislikes? Why should he not be the brand ambassador of Gujarat and its people? Is Gujarat Modi and Modi Gujarat? This is because the Congress cannot separate personalities from their own perception of India and its people. It survives on personality cult. Thus we have ‘India is Indira’ and now it is the first family all the way-the rest do not count. It is Rahul Gandhi who is the brain and the brawn behind all the development taking place in India and his mother-Mrs Sonia Gandhi is the mother head not only of the Congress but of India. It suffers from a kind of fixation. This has been projected in its perception of Gujarat and Modi. True, one cannot deny-no matter how hard the Congress tries, that Modi is one of the best, if not the best CM of the country. Is that fact so galling for the Congress? Why is it resorting to hitting below the belt .Modi must be faced, challenged and fought political. The oldest (I am not referring to Priyanka Vadra) party in the country is not able to do so because of its own inbuilt weakness-.a dependence on one family syndrome. It was shocking and nauseating to listen to the loud brash and shrill illogical, unethical and wild accusations against Modi. If Modi was grilled for ten hours what does it show? That he respected the law of this country-that he was like any other citizen a subject to the judiciary process. Why should Ambika Soni refer to this as Modi being frustrated because he was grilled? Can’t they sir clear of the SIT and allow it to do its job without sending strong signals of their own perception and prejudgments? Has the Congress already put Modi on trial with the assistance of the media naming him as ‘star accused’? It all seems a bit too difficult to accept that politics and politicians have stooped so low-churlish in their behavior, lacking in public probity and absolutely no dignity in their approach to men and matters –with only one motive to bash Modi and to score brownie points. It is not befitting for the Congress who is leading the government to play such dirty games-to treat a CM of one of the most biggest and prosperous States of India with such contempt. In doing so it is revealing its contempt for the people of Gujarat. This will not be forgiven. After all Modi won the confidence of the people before the Gujarat riots and after the Gujarat riots. If the Congress believes in democracy then the people’s elected representative must be treated with decorum and respect. This is the minimum one would expect of the Congress and its allies. Modi is not a political untouchable, he commands the respect of the people of Gujarat-no matter what the likes of Teesta Setlvad and others think and say. But a political party as the Congress needs to adhere to public probity. It is only those who are weak who will lose their cool and it is only those drunk with power who will arrogate to themselves the role of prejudging others.
A second example relevant to be cited in exposing the double standards of the Congress: during the ethnic cleansing in J& K from 1989 under Dr Farookh Abdullah and the CMs after him some 1400 Brahmin pundits were massacred and driven out of their homes. What action had been taken against Farookh Abdullah and the CMs of that State? Were they probed? Was it not their duty as heads of the government of J&K to prevent this genocide? Till date what did the State government undertake for rehabilitation and compensation of the victims and those affected? Why this ominous silence on the part of the Central government? So here again it is so obvious that the Congress is not concerned with loss of human lives or/and to uphold justice but only to eliminate Modi from the political scenario at all cost. If its heart bleeds for the loss of lives in the Gujarat riots then the heart should also bleed for the Hindu pundits massacred in J&K? Why this differentiation? Does it not expose the hypocrisy of the Congress and the hollowness of the tirade unleashed by its spokesmen/women against Modi? It is recorded history that the Congress has never been a great upholder of Justice.
A third instance-in 2008 prior to the riots in Odhisa the brutal and gruesome murder of Swami Lakshmananda and his four ashramites shocked the people. Swamiji had requested in writing police protection from Naveen Patnaik. But the State government did not bother and the CM was indifferent .This resulted in the murder and the subsequent riots. Should not the same kind of treatment meted out to Modi also be extended to Naveen Patnaik? Where is this NGO for Justice and Peace? Why has the CM of Odhisa not been probed for abetting the murder of Swamiji resulting in the riots in Kandhamal? This is a blatant double standard of justice and a double standard of the Central agencies investigation approach to bring to justice the perpetrators. Swamiji was not Eshan Jafri-that makes all the difference. A simple question -is it because the victims were Hindus/Sikhs in all these cases cites above that the Congress was indifferent and looked the other way? There was no vote bank returns for it. So a direct and honest assessment is-the victims if Muslims will activate the Congress, its heart will bleed, it will spend sleepless nights and its spokespersons will raise their shrill accusations and condemnations and investigation machinery will move in the ‘right’ direction-not otherwise .Does it not speak volumes of the ways of the Congress-its motive and its concerns?
But in the whole picture the biggest disappointment is the media-Why is it also blindly following the political agenda of the Congress? Why is the print and the electronic media politicized
Another example is the Jain Commission report after demanding that report to be first placed in Parliament and then shouting itself hoarse for the Action Taking Report-pulling down a government , the Congress was like a deflated balloon-it gave the Jain Commission Report and the ATR a quiet burial after the purpose of the Congress had been served.
The recap of recent Indian history is a sickening revelation. The thousands forgotten and buried without been wept in Indian history, the thousands of Sikhs brutally massacred in one of the well organized and supervised genocide of Delhi by the Congress men, the forgotten and unmourned victims of the Mumbai blasts, the charred bodies of the unfortunate victims of Godhra a stark story of innocent people burned alive for no fault of their own, not even found a mention, the quietly swept away gruesome murders of Swami Lakshmananda and his four Ashramities all these and more are staring at our faces. Their ghosts will haunt us unless and until justice is done.
The political scenario that unfolds today is the low level of the culture of politics, the biased appeasement policy, the blatant double standards, the lack of honesty, the lack of concern and refinement, the insensitivity to people’s sufferings, the lack of public probity, the lack of basic courtesy and respect for one’s opponents are the very depressing jagged contours depicting a very bizarre picture of political India today-and does not auger well for the future of this country. Political parties should not bull doze over all basic human qualities and political norms and drive recklessly to the seat of political power. The bottom line question is: What is the political and human qualitative legacy that the present politicians are going to leave for the future generations?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 1. senthil  |  March 30, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    Excellent post madam.. i doubt, if any of the congress members can stand before, if you have been SIT for the congress’s atrocities 🙂

    • 2. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  March 31, 2010 at 12:37 am

      Thank you Senthil-thats precisely why I am just I-Hilda Raja.It is not as though I was not offered some very lucrative postings-with the intention of shutting me up.Even political parties had approached me to join them.I shunned everything to keep my independence.Truth is not for lucre…I believe the present chief of the SIT-Ragahavan is a very upright man.He is from Salem.But one cannot be sure how people change.His father was also a very famour lawyer.I hope he will continue to uphold his honesty and not be cowed down by the Congress.Don’t miss how efficiently and quietly Mrs Sona Gandhi has been again made the chairperson of the NAC.She will now openly perform as the super PM’s role.Hope you have some relaxed time.Affectionate wishes.HR

  • 3. Ravindra  |  March 31, 2010 at 5:38 am

    Excellent article.

    Of late, Manish Tiwari seems to have lost it. He always appeared to be extremely arrogant, but in the last few days, he seems to have become desperate as well.

    His ramblings against Modi appear to be crude. In contrast, BJP spokesperson Nirmala Seetharaman, who appeared against him in a TV debate, looked very dignified and in control.

    Why that, the way the BJP and Mr. Modi have been behaving the past few days, they are clearly outshining the Congress, who is looking like a bawling kid!

    • 4. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  March 31, 2010 at 7:51 am

      You are right-thats not only yours and my impression but people who are in no way interested in politics tell me the same.It seems that the Congress is desperate.Unable to control the Reddy brothers-the Maoists,the terrorists-cuts a sorry face with the N-deal and with Pakistan getting closer to the US.Everyhting seems to be going against the Congress.Mrs Sonia Gandhi has quietly decided to shed her proxy image and become the defacto PM or the super PM.Towards this the NAC has been ressurected and she is the chairperson with a cabinet rank.It is all just one family business and a syndicate with Manish Tiwari and others paying homage..Modi was dignified and has taken everything in his stride.Yes Nirmala Seetharaman came off with flying colours-with substance and with a decorum.When one is right then one is strong and need not get ruffled.This is simple psychology.The Congress is on a losing trend..BB becoming the brand ambassador of Gujarat has irritated it because the Congress knows that Gujarat is the best governed State and it is galling if tourists also come to experience the difference here and in other States.Thank you for the comment.It is encouraging to exchange views and connect with like minded people.All the best to you.HR

  • 5. Sita  |  March 31, 2010 at 3:15 pm'sodomise+and+thrash'+students+for+2+months.html ‘Muslim Personal Law Board not happpy with Child Marriage Act’ the media had been so focused on Nityananda,that these children are ignored.

    Ma’am, the past two days there have been these things happening in our country but Tiwari and the media don’t deem them news worthy.In their opinion Modi-Bashing is the only job that is worthy.
    People who raised a mayhem at a girl being asked to remove her Hijab in a class don’t think that girls have a right to their childhood. And they claim to be champions of women’s rights.!

  • 6. Rummuser  |  March 31, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Well said. Sajjan Kumar and J Taylor are still outside the purview of law though the former is nearing the end of his freedom. The point is that the Sikh vote is minuscule compared to the Muslim vote bank.

    • 7. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  April 1, 2010 at 12:43 am

      Right,it is not the lives nor the bloodletting of the Indians that give sleepless nights to the Congress but it is the denting of vote bank.To keep this bank ever growing it has to shed crocodile tears-bash Hindus and Modi-look the other way when Hindu gods and goddesses are denIgrated.Not a tear is shed for the 59 roasted alive poor Indians.They were Kar Sevaks-thats the reason.Can Truth be buried permanently-this is my constant query to the God above and within…..Thank you for coming up with such positive thinking pionts.We grow and learn by such exchanges-I hope something positive will come out of our tears and sorrow.Jai Hind.HR

  • 8. rakesh  |  April 1, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Some of our friends who used to disagree with us in general and with u in particular are conspicuous by their absence. Is it “BOLTI BAND” or are they in preparation or for that matter getting expert help.
    i request them to join. Its a discussion only and Hilda Mata is only doing the duty of a class teacher. She had done this all her life! Once a prof… She is only giving us questions/passages and we are free to solve them the way we think the best. All will get 100%.

  • 9. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  April 3, 2010 at 5:28 am

    You are right Rakesh but this time with a difference.I learn also.Even as a Prof I thought that teaching was nota one way process-up downwards.It is a two way process of interaction.This continues in fact more now.After all one cannot be dogmatic and the other person’s views and matters will contain substance if I am patient and try and understand.But in certain principles I cannot be flexible-they are principles of life through which I have come -they are tested and found to be correct.So Rakesh lets keep walking -may be we will leave our footprints on the sands of time-but at least we can take comfort that there were many who differed and some who agreed-thats something-All the best to you.HR

  • 10. rakesh  |  April 3, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Thnx ma’m; who is going to tell all this to my boosss

    • 11. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  April 4, 2010 at 12:56 am

      Forget your bosses-I am telling you.Ordinary people can share the truth.Itis the little drops of water that makes the mighty ocean and the little grains of sand the shores along.I wonder who are your bosses Rakesh!Have a good time.HR

  • 12. rakesh  |  April 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Once again thank u mam. It was only in jest. Yet the fact of the matter is for the professionals quite often the bosses come from some other planet; from some other time. Due to their age they just cant even appreciate the new ideas, which do arise due to fast changes in technology etc. They are bosses simply because their longer services. It takes Hilda raja’s open mind to listen others too attentively. U hv not allowed yr age to make u a bigot and thats an achievement. Its real “abhi to main jawan hoon (A very popular ghazal of yesteryears)

  • 13. Govind  |  April 4, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    I am not sure if there is necessarily a causal relationship between age and bigotry. In fact, the youth with their unripe minds and fervent energy could be said to be more prone to narrow-mindedness and fanaticism. So the opposite may be true. What you perhaps mean is that with age people tend to become more “set in their ways”. I would argue however that even this so-called “fact” is not due to physical aging, for the mind can and does continue to grow in scope even as the body starts to decay. Bigotry, narrow-mindedness, exclusivity, call it by any name, it is exclusively a disease of the mind. Once can contract it at a very young age if one is born into an ideology / religion that inculcates this in its believers minds from the moment they are capable of making sense out of the words that they hear. On the other hand a free mind will keep a person immune to the disease till his/her very last breath. Such a person can remain mentally young at any age and the song that you have cited could more aptly be reworded as “Abhi main tan sey nahi sahee, par man sey to jawan hoon” 🙂

    • 14. rakesh  |  April 5, 2010 at 6:35 am

      Thank u govind for extending a fine analysis. As mam had said, the open mind is the biggest asset. Some body once said to me that to love your mind must be open. Love is flowering of an open mind.
      Opps i hv to rush…

  • 15. Sriram V L  |  April 5, 2010 at 11:21 am

    It is not the Congress alone that enjoys Modi bashing. I find the entire ‘SECULAR’ media indulging in the same.

    I am scared looking at the hatred the Media has for Mr. Modi.

  • 16. rakesh  |  April 5, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Sriram ji, there is a joke. A communist was asked which religion he follows. The answer came with rage. ” dont u know that i am a pucca communist”
    Dont therefore call them SECULAR, They are just TYPED or for the geeks FORMATED. The real secular perhaps may disagree with him but never abuse him like this.


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