UPA-2 A wrapper government

April 7, 2010 at 11:53 am 8 comments

‘75 CRPF men and State policeman killed in worst Naxal attack’-screamed the papers on 7th April. The day started not with the usual coffee brew but with this bloodcurdling news. Just the previous day P.Chidambaram waxed eloquent-he blamed of course the State government because that would please the TMC-an ally which the Congress badly needs. He was so taken up with his own eloquence that from the political arena he slipped easily into the poker game and warned the CM that the buck stops with him. Poor Buddadeb Bhattacharjee is no illiterate of politics and of sports-he warned PC to mind his language. The very next day at though to make PC eat his words we have this bloody war. But does it affect the PM and the Home Minister. The difference of perception between the CM of W. Bengal and the Home Ministry has led to the 75 CRPF been caught in the cross fire. It is always a blame game and petty politics that the Congress indulges in. If the State is under a non Congress government then we find this game play. The result in no way deters the UPA from scoring brownie points. They have a set of spokesmen/women lined up and with a pro UPA media we are subjected to a totally biased discussion on whom to blame. Now Mani Shankar Iyer is also added to the team-Words and words and no action at all. Do we have an army/air force? Is it only for the Republic day shows that these are reserved? A war is on and no stringent action is taken. Mamata pulls one way and Buddhadeb in another and P.Chidambaram comes with his decision as to where the buck stops. Are the lives of people the pawns for the politicians to play with?
Listen to PC’s warning to the Maoists, “We won’t allow Maoists to succeed” PC must remember that the Maoists are not seeking his approval for their success. And the Home Minister has the cheek to tell the nation “something went wrong”. He must be grilled and probed to ferret out what went wrong .Should we get such a report from the Home Minister that something went wrong which resulted in the loss of 76 lives in such a brutal way? A whole paramilitary company has been wiped out .It is a war the Maoists are waging and we have a HM telling the nation that ‘something went wrong’, that the troops walked into a trap. Is it not a shame that we have a Home Minister and a Home Ministry which evades-fends at crucial situations and tries to talk its way out, shirking its responsibility? Do we need such a ministry which goes about reeling out which is a soft target and which a hard target-which holds out excuses for the blood shed and the loss of lives as ‘failure of the intelligence’ or ‘systems failure’. Even after the 11/26 blast PC very humbly confessed that ‘we failed” but this will not happen again. The elections were round the corner and the humble submission was all that the people had. The USA had just one horrific terrorism act -since then not a single one. But here in India it seems to be a routine matter. Promises-hollow condemnation-candles lit-21 gun salute and then everything is forgotten. It seems we are waiting for the next. Why should the people waste their hard earned money for these ministers and their babus? Let’s wait for fate-good or bad.
When it comes to the VVIP’s protection and security it is another matter-air, ground, and personal all beefed up with people’s money. But our paramilitary men-the ordinary citizens they face the mortars and the blasts. For heavens sake spare the people of the insult. Do not pour oil in the burning fire. If you cannot take action-don’t talk. We have enough of talks-enough of dossiers exchange-enough of sound bytes.
The Congress and his talking men are only obsessed by Modi and the Gujarat riots. But their hands are soaked in blood by the commissions and omissions and above all by the total indifference to loss of lives. Who is accountable? From the justice point of view should not P.Chidambaram be investigated for his utter failure to prevent this ‘horrific incident’ ( PM’s words)We have become the laughing stock of the world. A nation unable to face the challenge of the Maoists-is a weak nation and will not be able to face the challenges from outside. But then the UPA-2 is a government fit only to make announcements-confer wards at glittering shows. It is a wrapper government. The wrapper alone counts and is beautiful but within is rot and corruption. What can the people expect from a wrapper government which does not know what is governance for we have had none.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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  • 1. rakesh  |  April 7, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    This time no body asked for PC’s resignation. I can’t understand why? Since the soldiers who died came from the ordinary families, they were children/husbands of poor illiterate villagers, there death does not mean much. I found the tv channels competing to come back to sania story. The death of 80 soldiers who were shake handed on 26/11 with misty eyes was so easily ignored. Just a few minutes ago our eloquent HM was enjoying a function with film stars in rashtrapati bhawan which too so shamelessly did not cancel that salt rubbing function.
    SHAME … SHAME… SHAME … and I request to the readers of this blog for a minutes silence for those who are just the “paid employees for the politicians”.

    • 2. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  April 7, 2010 at 4:30 pm

      After observing a minute’s silence I write-I agree with you and my heart goes out to the families of those poor jawans.The dilly dallying policy of the UPA government in tackling the Maoists is very sickening.While glittering functions are held and the whole media attention is on the film actors-cricketers-sania-her marriage outfit now-all the periphery issues take centre stage.The whole polity is rotten from within-People are forgotton-nay they are used and exploited by the politicians.Will any other country tolerate this.A whole paramilitary company has been wiped off.How will the jawans really march forward when they are aware that they will not return?And look how poorly and miserly their families are treated.No this cannot go on for ever.No wonder the Maoists are trying to destroy everything..but unfortunately they aim is wrong-the real culprits escape -it is the poor who suffer.
      Hilda Raja.

      • 3. rakesh  |  April 7, 2010 at 5:18 pm

        Thank u madam and sorry for communicating directly with your readers. I may have a relation/empathy with the readers of this blog but through you only.
        I come from the poorest state of india and for the villagers of my place becoming a sepoy is perhaps the biggest thing that could happen to them. Thats the limitation of their dreams. The reason is forgive me to say not patriotism, its just hunger. The politicians are busy erecting their filthy statues or just fanning the nauseating cast-ism (incidentally The greatest curse of hinduism).
        To make the story short, though i was waiting for that news yet when it came, It stunned me. The news on g-news was “The plane with 48 bodies landed at Amousi airport.
        Amausi on airmap of india stands for Lucknow.
        There might me somebody among those with whom i might have played “Tabhok ( A game in UP villages similar to I-spy) in chilly moonlit mysterious night which still gives me strength to go on…sustainance and therefore the rage.

  • 4. rakesh  |  April 7, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Rage for loosing a childhood friend though who may not be around or not in a position to extend an helping hand and yet we recalls him in the moments of distress and whom we expect to be around to share a moment of happiness, who travels like an invisible companion with us…always where ever we go.
    And if he dies like this, well it is personal loss for everybody. Loss of a father, son, husband brother…is there anything that is not personal

  • 5. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  April 8, 2010 at 12:17 am

    I am very touched and pained.Your pain is not only genuine but that of a patriot.I share it.Yes these are unsung heroes-they are quickly forgotton and swept aside.But imagine the families-their children -no more tears to shed fior their eyes have gone dry. Only a searing pain in the heart remains-a loss that can never be filled.In this vast country of ours the countless such heroes who have sacrificed their lives simply because of the callousness and inefficiency of politicians And PC attends the award cermony of Saif Khan.What was the latter’s contribution to the country-he acted and he earned money.We are told that Kareen accompanied him because right from the President down they are all her avid admirers.So where does the poor sepoys stand a chance to be mourned and wept-even remembered?Only those like you with a sensitive heart-who feels the loss of a dear friend understands what human relationships are and what a void the loss of a dear one creates.The breadwinner of these families have gone and now the family must fend for themselves.Will the government at least see that the fires in their hearths burn-their children will get a decent two meal and a good education?I don’t think this country will prosper-for ingratitude is a sin which cries up to the heavens.Please go on Rakesh, with the thought that in the poor there is conviction-goodness.We need to uphold that.In our small way let us hold those values for which these unsung heroes have shed their blood.We shall continue to sent out our silent prayers for their families and tell those brave men-not in vain have their lives gone.Their pain is ours and in that we are One.
    Hilda Raja

  • 6. rakesh  |  April 9, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Thank you madam once again and I can only feel the empathy with you in feeling the pain of those unfortunate souls.
    I commented somewhere else but I think that this is the right place. So I copied and pasted hear for your perusal.

    April 8 2010
    And today it was more shamefull. The so-called forth pillar was there in full force. PC was talking mildly, he does everything mildly, including warring with the deadliest enemy. He told a couple of jokes too…mildly. And what exactly the reps of the forth pillar did on those silly jokes (at such an hour), they roared and roared with laughter. They laughed cynically. Later on as usual they were given a sumptuous lunch on your money and it was all.
    PS The PC’PC was on the death of 80 odd solders…. but they are paid for that was the common logic of the other group of pen pushers.

    5. rakesh | April 9, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    And today it was nicely wrapped up. The final thing; the drama of submission of resignation and its nonacceptance.
    “My god”, shrieked the MM to PC on his mobile. “u hv not yet said that u hv sent your resignation to me and i have already given an statement of its nonacceptance”.

  • 7. V.S.S.SARMA  |  April 16, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Naxalism has been there for over 4 decades. Continued neglect of this issue has made it a very big issue and it has got to be faced, the way KPS Gill faced the Punjab extremism. While Punjab extremism was supported by Pakistan, Naxal extremism is being supported by China. It has not started in PC’s time as HM. It is only PC who declared a war on it. We have lost men but not the morale and the will to fight the menace. In these troubling days of war with the extremists, it is necessary to support the fighters instead of ridiculing them in the print which is quite easy to do.

  • 8. rakesh  |  April 17, 2010 at 4:18 am

    But how can u ridicule the jokers, Mr. sarma? hv’nt u seen the way the padma party was enjoyed and well…while the soldiers of the nation were being cremated and their families mourning.
    And if u call the haplessness of the soldiers of the forces whose death doesn’t create even a slight wriggle in the spotless mundu of HM the morale or for that matter any high pitched phrase u wish to shriek, it is just hollow.
    Yes i reiterate SHAME OF THEM


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