EU travel ban on Modi justified says German delegation

April 10, 2010 at 3:55 pm 13 comments

There was a news item in the papers on 10th April “EU travel ban on Modi justified, says German delegation”. It adds that the parliamentary delegation on a two day visit to Gujarat was unofficial and supported by Missio, catholic non-governmental organization. The four member team claims to have closely watched the developments following the 2002 riots in Gujarat.
What business has this unofficial team to make comments on Modi-a Chief Minister of Gujarat? Was it their business to closely monitor the developments following the 2002 riots? Why this special concern of Gujarat? No NGOs and specifically the Missio was concerned with the pogrom conducted ruthlessly by the Rajiv Gandhi government in thw wake of the assassination iof Indira Gandhi and even today a couple of the perpetrators are evading justice. If it is the lives of people snuffed out and innocent blood spilled is the concern then there should be no bias in their approach.
It is appalling how an unofficial team can pass such adverse comments on a constitutional duly elected Chief Minister of Gujarat. It is uncivilized, lack of probity, ill advised and shameless. It is a slur on the people of Gujarat.
By such standards of assessment not a single Congress leader should be allowed entry in the USA and other EU countries in the wake of the 1984 genocide. Kamal Nath is one such. Mrs Sonia Gandhi who was then part of the household during the genocide of the Sikhs had nothing to say when she silently stood by her husband, who like Nero fiddling when Rome was burning watched the ruthless butchering of Sikhs. One woman assassinated by her one of her own body guards justified the massacre of 3000 Sikhs. So when a great tree fell the small plants are crushed…was Rajiv Gandhi’s justification. He allowed the Congress leaders to supervise and to instigate the genocide. Today many of them have been rewarded by cabinet positions and are in the echelons of power. But the roasting of 59 poor kar sevaks is not worth even a mention. The killing of Kashmiri pundits also is of no consequence. This ethnic cleansing till date has not been condemned and the record put straight. Why is the Gujarat riots alone an obsession-simply because of the vote bank policy and pray let us know where and how does the Christian Democratic Union Parliamentarians come in the picture? Is it to play second fiddle to Mrs Sonia and the Congress through the Christian NGOs camouflaged development work?
It is minimum courtesy that one does not walk into another’s home and pass adverse remarks of the head of the family. It is uncivilized, bad manners to say the least.
It is relevant to note Pascal Kober stating that he has reports from people how conversion was becoming difficult under the new religious freedom law where baptism ceremonies were getting reported. The hidden agenda of the Catholic Missio and the Christian Democratic Union.- is very clear. No country would tolerate such blatant interference in its affairs. The CDU Parliamentarians have no business in this country. If they come to supervise or overseer the funds spent and the programs of the Missio they should stop with that and not comment on our laws. Yes Freedom of religion does not mean to proselytize under the garb of development. That is no freedom but compulsion and deception. Why can’t Missio just clear out of this country and direct its attention to one of the Islamic countries to convert them to the Catholic Church. Is India their poaching ground? But to go further in their uncalled for remarks Ute Granold said to the media, ‘the chief minister of Gujarat has a radical tone to his politics and is described as dictatorial. He has a wrong perception of religious freedom.’ Thank you for those uncalled for comments. The CM of Gujarat does not need a certificate from the CDU MPs. The CM of Gujarat is answerable only to the people of Gujarat and they in turn have showed their respect, trust and preference for Modi in re-electing him and entrusting him with the destiny of the State.We do not need the approval of the CDU nor the Missio.
The sooner the funding agencies wind up their work in India the quicker will tensions ease and harmony prevail. The NGOs are working as a multinational corporate. It is big money spinning business and the money is meant to poach in the poverty areas. It is high time these unofficial delegations are clamped down. If the government of India does not act then the people of Gujarat will have to act-prevent the foreign agencies from entering Gujarat. They are not our supervisors and their presence creates tension and rift between communities. This has to stop. Is the Catholic Church in need of armies or recruits to proclaim the strength of the Church? They better then concentrate in the so called Christian countries where the churches are empty and where the people are no more Christians. .Exploiting the vulnerability of the poor these NGOs are out ‘harvesting souls’. It is unchristian and unjust. The universality that lies in the core of the teaching of Jesus is warped by these NGOs and their brokers. I would emphatically remind the Christian Democratic Union Parliamentarians this: “For the sake of 12 pieces of silver Truth was betrayed-today it is the same for the sake of funds and finance Truth is being bartered. Keep off Gujarat and stop Modi bashing. Look for other poaching places and if you are really imbibed with such crusading zeal to convert turn your attention to Islamic countries after Christianizing the European Union countries. Common courtesy demands that you the delegation apologize to the people of Gujarat for insulting our CM. Please do not come again until you learn minimum civilized behavior.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 1. Viren  |  April 10, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Love your blog. Have been a reader for quite some time now.

    Can I make a VERY minor suggestion? If you can leave an empty line in between each paragraph, the readability will improve a bit.

    • 2. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  April 11, 2010 at 1:21 am

      thank you.I know your suggestion is in the right direction.I shall try-the fact remains that I am in such a hurry and makes no draft-I simply want to put down all that comes jumbling out of my mind and in that hurry I forget such simple rules of making it more readable and the presentation format etc.Thank you. Viren.Will surely try to abide by it.
      Hilda Raja

  • 3. rakesh  |  April 11, 2010 at 6:01 am

    Germans made such a comment? The holocousters, who killed no body knows how many. U must be joking madam…
    ………………………calling black, I did not write it as i expect some modification in the phrase.
    I read at some other site regarding the increasing %age of Muslims in EU (Their FR is 8.1%) and the writer argued that even if u dont allow a single more migration, within 50 years most of the countries in EU will be islamic states.
    The dele people are securing their future…dont worry their is no future of anybody (else) in a islamic state.

  • 4. Rashmi  |  April 12, 2010 at 9:10 am

    Dear Dr. Raja,
    Nice to read unbiased views on Modi. I have the opportunity to stay in kalpakkam 70 km’s away from chennai. Dr Raja The problem of conversion by alluring of money, giving reservation is there. But is not a small problem but with great foresight it needs to be tackled. The series of misinformation on India, Its heritage handed down to schools from britishers /colonial period needs to be corrected. further Dr. Raja i Divisive forces (both ouside and inside India) want to divide India. India is the only country and civilization which has born all attacks due to its spiritual might (Renowned saffron color yogis). Further recently i moved to visakhapatnam i found all lower strata is converted to christanity by same allurements. My recent house maid too narrates her saga with pride.

    Dr Raja I must say fools only say God is different . But God of every human being, animal , animate and inanimate object is one. The wonderful explanation of jesus and his true teachings in “Autobiograhy of Yogi” by paramhansa yogananda and many yogis especially Bhagwam nityananda’s teaching as recorded in Divine One that “Jesus teaching can also be found in Gita”, reflects that God is one.and all inspired son of God has spoken same truth form one source in different times, in different languages, in different places. India has never failed to produce those true men of God who by Astanga yoga sadhna has achieved supreme union with God through Nirvikalpa samadhi. Both in ancient times and in modern times they have kept India alive. I feel now its the time of indians irrespective of any sect to stand up for India and thrash peoples and all forces who want to destroy this beutiful land of our rishis, munis.
    Foreigners irrespective of country carry a supriority complex that they are superior to us and they are aryans. But all myths are shredded when people start reading the sites like by sushma londhe, a NRI Indian.
    I do not term you as christian, as jesus taught very much eternal teachings of god, christanity was a later day invention to capture power.
    But i must say we as human beings essentially must expose frauds, myths and lie. becoz today everwhere it is misinformation, biasedness on the name of media.
    I hope some day you read the two books which i mentioned and guide many indians who are being deliberately being lead to false path.God has given you gift of pen.
    jai Hind

    • 5. Sita  |  April 17, 2010 at 5:03 pm

      Hi Rashmi, nice to see you here. Please give my regards to Mrs. sahu. my daughter was her student at Kalpakkam.

  • 6. rakesh  |  April 12, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Isn’t it a bit queer rashmi that we petition a christian for the wrongdoings of the chrisians.
    I hv seen in north east how the allurements are extended to the “prabable targets”, thanx for informing that the same modus operandi is adopted in south too.

  • 7. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja  |  April 13, 2010 at 4:20 am

    Thank you Rashmi and Rakesk for your inputs.Rashmi is your short stay at Kalpakkam your realised the proselytization business so you can guage what I have realised during my nearly 52 years of adulthood!
    All christians do nto belong to one church-in fact each church views the other with great suspicion and rancour.I will give you an example.In my class one day a student told me that I will not go to heaven!I was taken aback but kept my cool.The class was stunned and there was pindrop silelce.I quietly asked her if her classmate sitting b y her side would she empathetically stated NO’ then I led her one”Will the Principal of the college(a holy nun) go to heaven again she said ‘NO’When quizzed why she cooly replied thats because you and Sr have nto gone through the full immersion baptism.she belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist church.So you can imagine who they are brainwashed into their belief.It is then to save that is their mission.This in a PG level.
    I fortunately did not anchor myself in what was taught to me but kept my eyes and ears open.I did a lot of reading and culled out for myself through my exposure and realised how wrong the churches are.I grew-like physical grow.from babehood to an adolescent and then to an adult-mentally.Lerned to think and decide for myself-admired the ways of my ancestors and discarded the straitjacketting strategies-which was stifling.
    To gain the values of Jesus one must get out of the church!I will not put all religions on par.Hinduism is my legacy and my heritage because that is not an imported religion-it was not grafted on my people.It sprung up from within.It was all embracing-giving space fopr each one’s uniqueness.It allowed the different cults -it is an amalgamation of all that the ancients /ancestors aspired for-learned and experienced.This is why it has no one book-not based on one faith and one path.It is Hindutva.You and Rakesh have great potential-preserve this heritage and legacy which sprung from the soil.It is the oldest in the world-grew as people grew as a nation-it emcapsuled all that was scientific ,secular and knowledge.I don’t think I can even equate it as a religion.It is the sum total of living of my people in all the different areas.
    You have given me your experience and I must thank you for it.There is no one point when we stop learning but please treasure what is ours-it is not static.It evolves as people go forward-it repects it is tolerant and it is unique….
    All the best to you and Rakesh who has connected through this blog and keep giving me insights which otherwise I would not have had.
    Hilda Raja

  • 8. rakesh  |  April 13, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    O…ho, In a gathering one evening one of us remarked to the two Christians in the group “your lot is completely idiot. Instead of converting, if u hv been just talking about the stories of Jesus, he would by now might have become a hindu avatar, and we w’d hv been teaching to you what is bible all about.
    beer was on Lord Jesus on that day, the duo happily paid.
    and frankly as I hv commented earlier also the coming of Christians in India was at such a crucial time, well Anand Math

  • 9. Govind  |  April 13, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    To gain the values of Jesus one must get out of the church!I

    Dear Mrs.Raja. We need more enlightened Indians like you to remind Christians of Jesus’s saying that the Kingdom of God is within you, or rather within your Self, the Atman. This is the Truth that shall set them free (Moksha) from slavery to sin (Karma-bandham). It is only India and the Sanatana Dharma that holds the key to understanding Jesus, since that is indeed what he stood for and brought with him to the ancient Mediterranean world. It is very gratifying to see Indian Christians finally arising to claim their inheritance of the Supreme Knowledge, the Veda of the divinity in man, that is the very heart of India’s Gnostic civilization.

  • 10. Dhananjay  |  April 19, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Great article.

    I am taking a fresh look at the Gujarat riots using archives of the reports that the media filed during the hey-days of riots.

    Readers will find this re-look informative. It is an ongoing & still evolving series of blog articles.

    MODI-fied Media and Godhra – the scarecrow, Part 1 –

    MODI-fied Media and Godhra – the scarecrow, Part 2 –

  • 11.  |  May 15, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    The great topic, and very helpfully. thanks

  • 12. S  |  June 13, 2010 at 8:11 am

    The site below has the history and the present of the cult(s) of christianity. If history bores you, read up on the present.

    “Things they don’t tell you about christianity”

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