On the Press Statement of the two BJP MPs

May 4, 2010 at 6:28 am 9 comments

It is not without reason that the Press release of two BJP MPs has gone up on my blog. I do not belong to any political party but have strong convictions and views on the affairs of this country. It is easily discernible that there has been/and is a bias against Modi. I am not sure if this bias originated from the 2002 Gujarat riots. Even if it has that is no reason to continue attacking a CM of the State who has put in hard work and aims at the development of the State. There has been a continuous harassment and bashing of Modi both in the media and in the utterances of the Congress spokespersons. Mrs Sonia Gandhi even went to the extent of referring to him as ‘merchant of death’ Had it been uttered by anyone else on the Congress in reference to the Sikhs genocide-it would have demanded a public apology. From the tone and tenor of Mrs Sonia Gandhi her spokesmen/women have picked up the unjust bashing of Modi.
No CM can be refused a visa to a foreign country. This was done one can be sure through the behind the scenes hectic machinations of the Congress. And its supporting NGOs. Otherwise why had the UPA not protested when a Constitutional head of the country had been refused a visa it is not a personal blur on Modi but a blot on the country and an insult to the people of Gujarat who had voted Modi as their CM.Look at this childish attitude:
If there is a meeting of CMs the media and the Congress keenly watch out the body language and the way of address and behavior of the others towards Modi. Did Mr X warmly embrace Modi? Did Mr Y call him my friend? Did Mr Z shake hands warmly with Mr Modi etc.? What a low level of probity in public life. Is Modi a political untouchable? All these have come to only reinforce the unjust political and psychological harassment meted out to Modi.
True the Gujarat riots are there I am not going into the legal and political nuances of the riot. It is sub-judice. But I find the media putting Modi on trial and already demanding his head. One should watch Teesta Setlvad’s facial expressions and her tone in down right putting the blame on Modi in the case of Eshan Jafri’s killing. That it is in court did not prevent the media to put Modi on trial.
The SIT grilled Modi for 9 hours was big news for even Ambika Soni to claim that Modi is frustrated because of his being grilled. Nobody gave the credit to Modi for submitting himself to the grilling. How many of the Congress and its allies would? Sibu Soren was absconding as a cabinet minister, Sajjan Kumar went underground till he was brought to court for his bail. Any number of cases can be quoted to prove that the politicians have shown scant respect for judiciary and investigative agencies.
It is in this background that one should view Modi’s submission to the SIT. Again as an onlooker I keep wondering why the Godra roasting of 56 Kar Sevakar did not stir the conscience of the nation? Are some lives easily dispensable and others unique and precious and accountable depending on the religion to which these unfortunate victims belonged?
Of late every day the news papers were giving graphic accounts of ‘saffron terror’ and along side the CBI’s consistent and persistent probe of the police on the Sohrabuddin encounter. It has already termed as ‘FAKE’ encounter by the media and the Congress politicians much prior to it being established.Having established it as fake now it is left to the investigative agencies to prove that it has indeed being faked! Why put the cart before the horse. Should not the investigative agencies start the probe with an open mind? The media abets the creation of a vitiated and prejudged case sheet. It is relevant to note that in this ‘faked’ encounter three States’cops were involved, but only Gujarat cops are being grilled and jailed. For example Rajkumar Pandiyan has been in custody since 2007 without being granted a bail. Why are the other two States which were also involved in the ‘fake’ encounter of Sohrabuddin not being investigated and the alleged cops jailed? It so happens that the other two States are being ruled by the Congress. One need not be a pro-Modi or an anti- Modi to detect the gross bias, discrimination and undue harassment
On using the ED, SIT and the CBI the Centre has been always been holding these three agencies directly on leashes. When it decides to harass its political opponents the leash is loosened. This is no great analysis but simple facts that have happened. Be it Mayawati, the Yadavs, the Central agencies are held out as a threat to toe the line of the Congress-which Sushma Swaraj has rightly called it the sword of Damocles.
The Press statement of the two BJP MPs have given some date to show that ‘fake’ encounters that have taken place in other States. But there is no CBI pressure/effort to book the culprits. Why this undue focus on Gujarat? If it is not the CM then it is the police force. Is there a purpose to demoralize the police force? If so then it is the people of Gujarat who will be at the receiving end. If the police do not perform their duties then the people of the State will suffer. Should we have a lax police force? This does not mean that the CBI should not perform its duty but it means that Gujarat police has also the right to equality and cannot be discriminated against by the CBI, the Judiciary and the Central investigative agencies. This will not auger well for the security of the country and its people..
UP tops in the list of encounter deaths-Has the CBI fixed the culprits and booked them? In 2009 UP had 68 encounter deaths-it will be valid to ask the CBI what had happened to these cases? Again the political bias cannot be allowed to run into booking the culprits and goons –be they in the police force or outside. But for heaven sake do not at every level demoralize Gujarat-its able police force-it efficient administrators and its Chief Minister. All are children of Bharat trying their best to work for the people of the State. Is it small wonder that Gujarat is the best administered State in India? One would think that the Centre government should be proud of its performance instead of picking holes. If only other States too were on the same work culture what a prosperous INDIA we would have. Does the Congress led UPA want the country to prosper or want itself (read Congress) to be in power at the cost of the Aam admi? Justice cannot be upheld through injustice, bias, discrimination and anti-people. Gujarat’s people cannot be for granted.
The intention of the Press release must be towards bringing out such an awareness towards demanding fair play.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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CBI’s gameplay in Gujarat My dear countrymen/women

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  • 1. zeal  |  May 4, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Modi ji is honest and spiritual person. A true patriot. He is working for the progress and prosperity of Gujrat and our nation as well .

  • 2. zeal  |  May 4, 2010 at 11:08 am

    @-Mrs Sonia Gandhi even went to the extent of referring to him as ‘merchant of death’ …

    Indeed shameful !

    She must apologise !

  • 3. zeal  |  May 4, 2010 at 11:19 am

    @-Nobody gave the credit to Modi for submitting himself to the grilling.

    I salute Modi ji for his patience and honesty. Not everyone can do what he is doing.

    Jealous are they who are bashing him.

  • 4. hilda raja  |  May 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    thank you for the comments.I hope people see as you do!

  • 5. Sriram V L  |  May 6, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Dear Madam,

    It is hardly surprising that the Central Govt and the main line media are antagonistic towards Modi. It is the Tree with the tastiest fruits will attract maximum stones.

  • 6. hilda raja  |  May 6, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Sriram that was a good one-the comparison especially where tasty mangoes are plentiful and the trees laden with them is irresitible and will truely attract stones.Even in my childhood thats what I did.Thank you.HR

  • 7. rakesh  |  May 6, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    I hv come to know through a twitter guy that teesta…gupta(the police woman) etc etc are hindu ladies married to muslims. In order to prove themselves good converts they not only bash modi but ridicule the hinduism five times a day.
    Is there a list of these fine ladies? I do hope that someone in gujrat might hv collected the data.

    • 8. hilda raja  |  May 7, 2010 at 5:00 pm

      Rakesh you are on the right track-thats what I heard too.Teesta is running a NGO for Peace and Justice and is married to a muslim.All the best to you Rakesh.
      Hilda Raja

  • 9. rakesh  |  May 8, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    It was too crude of me, yet i, after seeing the trend do persist on my question. why the hindu/christian/sikh/budhist women in prominent positions and married to muslims become so unreasonable? They start supporting with tremendous zeal to the illogical and unreasonable causes of the muslims?
    The list is quite long teesta the fraud , the police woman, the journlist on tv, since the gujrat has suffered the most due to this species, i do hope some gujrati will complete the list with their “contributions”


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