My dear countrymen/women

May 18, 2010 at 2:11 pm 8 comments

My dear countrymen/women: SCs,STs,MBCs,BCs,OBCs,FCs and OCs
Yes I am almost out of breathing even addressing you all and making sure that it is inclusive. I looked deep and long into the length and breathe of this beloved country of ours and found that the Indians are divided and segregated and tagged and ghettoed-each segmented each segment as a pawn for chess game of the politicians towards their vested interest. Thus I start this with a sad heart. I am not going to put anything new which you are not aware of, but I am trying to recapitulated and reinforce -the achievements (??) and the failures of the UPA1 and UPA2-all under the astute stewardship of the honorable and honest Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and the de facto super PM-Mrs Sonia Gandhi-the renunciator.

1-Unprecedented Corruption and Scams:

It is not in isolated pockets but so wide spread with its tentacles ensnaring and clawing right from the Cabinet Ministers down to the lower division clerks. What is unprecedented is that the Union Cabinet Ministers are involved directly and indirectly in this looting of the public exchequer and Manmohan Singh is an honorable man of undisputed honesty. That the highest echelons of the government are unabashedly in this looting business brings to the forefront the question- if the Council of Ministers has something called co-responsibility? If so then the PM who is an honorable man as we all know is also accountable for this looting..
An example to illustrate the magnitude of this gigantic loot; is the 2G-Spectrum- one billion dollars=4000 crores. If this is the retrospective bill for Vodafone for 2G-Spectrum, one can easily compute the loot of 2G Spectrum-the mother of all scams. It is not less that one lakh crore=22 billion dollars. And Manmohan Singh is not only an honorable man but a great economist. Yet as his own ministers are involved in this plunder Manmohan Singh is helpless and pretends that he is unaware. The question is why?
To this scam please add the Scorpene deal, the Koda Mining scam, the IPL scam, the amounts involved are mind-boggling. So the UPA2 can be christened as the fountain head of scams-the biggest looter in independent India. Please note that all the time there is the mother head-the renunciator- Mrs Sonia Gandhi for guidance. Who goes about as a saint talking of food security and Rs 100 per day for each member of below the Poverty line families under the NREGS. as a reflection of her empathy and concern for the poor. Should we not thank her magnanimity for the poor of India while all the time she has allowed those close to her-her allies and her handpicked council of ministers to loot?

2-The National Census and the National Population Register

Mr P.Chidambaram stated that ‘The biggest exercise since humankind came into existence is on’-the National Census. My dear countrymen and women please pause and think clearly on the nuances, the fallout of this massive exercise. We have the Unique Identity Card and simultaneously the National Population Register being enumerated. The enumerators have been instructed that for the NPR the nationality of the respondent must be entered as declared by the respondent without checking or getting into any argument or asking for further proof. But citizenship rules direct that during the verification process, particulars of such individuals whose citizenship is doubtful shall be entered with appropriate remarks in the Population Register.
Before I proceed I need to remind my readers that the UPA2 under Manmohan Singh-the honorable PM and the renunciator-Mrs Sonia Gandhi is a bundle of contradictions. Here is one case. How can doubts creep if there is no questioning and verification and demand of proofs? So what is there later to verify and how? Whom to verify? This is mind you the biggest exercise since humankind came into existence’. What an achievement…. Is it feasible to undertake verification when there has been no clarification already at the first instance?
Now what is the problem here-the fact that we have 20 million illegal migrants.
So this massive exercise-the first of its kind since the existence of humankind is nothing but a fraud-a legitimization of illegality-.This is what the UPA under Manmohan Singh-an honorable man has been indulging in. Illegality becomes legality. It is the largest ever regularization if illegal migrants in the world.
Why has the UPA2 not followed the directions of the Supreme Court in pushing out the illegal migrants? So P.Chidambaram must change this achievement of the biggest exercise since humankind came into existence as the biggest legitimization of illegality- another massive fraud of the UPA2. What are its implication? Our population figures will be completely wrong-non Indians will be morphed as Indians and of course tagged into the various segments/ghettos for furthering the vote bank politics. What does this imply to the poor Indians- that their share of the development cake is being given to illegal migrants? Why, because these migrants form the bulk of the vote bank for the UPA2.If this is not cheating and conspiring against the children of India then what is it? The demographic profile of the population will also drastically change and this will have its impact and implications in all the development planning. In the political scenario one non Indian migrant who has become Indian by simply stating so can stand for elections and take hold of political power. We do not need any invasion by foreign powers. The UPA under the honorable PM is handing over power to foreigners on a platter. Will such betrayal of the people be witnessed in any part of the world?

3-The figures of population in chronic hunger

After 6 decades of independence we are told that 28.7% of our population is in chronic hunger. Now there is another figure floated by the GOI that it is 37.2% of the population which is under chronic hunger. So how does the UPA2 intend to grapple with this? Postpone the problem shift the issue and focus elsewhere.-It jumped at the differences in the fuigures28.7 and 37.2. So ascertain which is correct-Does not matter if these famish and die in the mean time.Let the Standing Committee which has no time even to sit must decide which is the correct figure. And what are the mechanisms to arrive at the correct figure? A new set of figures-surely because the chronic hungry are not static –new groups will join their ranks and the already famished ones will mercifully die. But the UPA2 will get what it wanted- time and avoidance to tackle the problem. After all the hungry have always been with us-let them continue to be in hunger. Numbers can be juggle and the Poverty line shifted using new concepts of poverty measurements according to convenience. So it has been send to the Standing committee.
What happens in the meantime? Mrs Sonia Gandhi sheds tears and waves her Hand asking the people to vote her party back so as to tackle this chronic hunger. Any fool will realize that instead of verifying the exact figures-which in India is always evasive one can at least start at the 28.7 %.The truth is that the finance for the Food security to appease this chronically hungry population is not available. The present food security costs 55 crores and it will take another 30 % to tackle the chronic hunger. The ridiculous picture and the contradictions of the whole issue is all our Honorable Members of Parliament are getting subsidized food in the Parliament canteen. They are also expecting a five fold salary hike for no work. It is simple justice that any hike in salary must be linked with output and performance this when we have chronic hunger looming large and we distribute Rs 100 per person per day as remuneration for 100 days a year. So let the MPs of the standing committee leisurely decide on the figures in chronic hunger is 28.7 or 37.2 %.There is no hurry since they eat and since they can look forward to fatter salaries all at the cost of the poor suffering people. One would think that people’s hard earned money must be accounted for. Is it not immoral to spend their money on the MPs –their foreign jaunts while we evade tackling chronic hunger of people? Is there not some thing called austerity?
This is shameless because the UPA2 is a government of Panel Raj and commissions which eats into the public exchequer. Then what are the ministries for? Please my dear countrymen and women ponder over this and let it seep into your consciences because we have an honorable PM who is programmed not to react. Not to take any action against those who loot and against those who lavishly and shamelessly spend people’s money. The contradictions in perceptions and priorities can be gauged when the PM in waiting Rahul Gandhi asserts that in the next visit of Bill Gates the poor will talk in English. Youth power and the powered statements that flow from Rahul Gandhi our next redeemer offers some solace to those who are in chronic hunger. What about the minimum health facilities, what about the basic survival inputs like even water? It is the ability to converse with Bill Gates in English that is the priority and the promise of tomorrow.
All this and more under Manmohan Singh who is an honorable man, and a world class economist. Have you forgotten that he had collected a good conduct certificate from Bush? Have you forgotten that he studied under the light of a kerosene lamp? Does it pull at your heart strings? But the chronic hunger people can wait for his Standing Committee to pin point the accurate figures. What an achievement in inclusive development

4-The tax evasion of Hassan Ali and the billions stashed in tax havens

I have put this last not because it is last of the UPA2’s fraud and deception but to highlight the skewed structures in Indian polity that throws up disparities and injustices in such magnitude. We have a 28.7 % in chronic hunger on one side and on the other side persons like Hassan Ali abetted by the honorable Manmohan Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi in his mammoth tax evasion.The Finance Minister says there is no money for food security when the tax evaded by Hussan Ali can easily meet the whole financial requirement of the Food security.
According to the government’s statement Hassan Ali Khan owed Rs 50,345 crores to the tax department as on March 31st 2009.If we go by this that sum would have escalated to approximately 100,000 crores The Budget papers listed Hassan Ali as the single largest defaulter but in the present budget papers his name was missing.When the media questioned the Finance Minister he stated that Hassan Ali has paid every penny.But the revised estimates for 2009-2010 did not accommodate the 100,000 crore due from Hussan Ali.Then the fraud of the GOI is revealed. The existing Income Tax Act was amended to waive impediments for tax defaulters to approach the Settlement Commission to resolve the tax disputes. If Hassan Ali approaches the Commission it would enable the government to evade sharing information of Hassan Ali’s undisclosed foreign assets according to the International tax treatises entered by the government.
One can computer the total income of Hussan Ali on the amount of tax he owes-it would be in excess of 150,000 crores. What are his sources of Income? How many foreign banks has he accounts? Whose benami is he? It is clear that the GOI was shifting and evading and abetting Hassan Ali and his tax evasion. For example according to the Swiss authorities publicly the GOI sought help in probing Hassan Ali’s Swiss account, privately it sabotaged the probe by submitting forged documents asked by Switzerland’s Federal Office of Justice. Since April 2007 the GOI has kept silent on the Swiss request for proper documents.(Does this not ring a bell-exactly like the Quattro chi’s case when our officers went to Argentina without the required papers?)
This is blatant abetment of tax evasion.Does this not indicate the Man Mohan Singh’s government is directly involved in conniving and colluding with scam esters and looters? And the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an honorable man. colluded in this great fraud. Does it not indicate that the PM is helpless because Hassan Ali is a benami of the highest in political power? This is the only answer one can conjure. Otherwise the silence of Manmohan Singh cannot be explained off.
This is the not the only one case of tax defaulters-what about the others-what action is the GOI taking. To get the cut motion voted out promises are made. Favors are promised at the cost of the people. So Lalu and the fodder scam is put in cold storage .Mayawati is also pacified when the CBI probe is called off. But whose money have they all eaten into. Not the Congress party’s. Who is being hit directly by hunger and starvation-not Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi? Why cheating the people and depriving them of their just share? Then why make false promises? The whys find no answers. But the inaction of Manmohan Singh who is an honorable man and who is said to be above corruption calls for some sane explanation. Has he fallen in love with power and the PM’s chair? If he has the integrity which is being attributed to him then should he not put in his papers? Can he preside over this kind of unprecedented loot and betrayal of the people? Do the people of India not deserve something better?
It is for you my dear countrymen/women to cud chew on all these issues and to use whatever is in your power to throw out such a corrupt UPA. But before that a mass movement must be initiated to discontinue the Electronic Voting Machine for the simple fact that it was tampered with and can be tampered with. The proof is- Chidambaram was declared victorious only after the third round of recounting. If the EVM is fool proof then why were there recounts?
The great fraud under Manmohan Singh-who is an honorable man and Mrs Sonia the great renunciator of power must be stopped to save this country, and towards this all Indians irrespective of caste and creed-majority/minority must unite. Can we allow the branch on which we sit be chopped, our country to be infested with looters, our children deprived of their basic rights and our people taken for a ride all the time?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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On the Press Statement of the two BJP MPs “He has nothing on”

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  • 1. rakesh  |  May 18, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    mam U R awesome… and allow me to confess that i hv yet to read this…
    then i will comment…
    but then thinking that being awesome is a comment is a wrong notion; its an opinion . . . after all i said HILDA MATA KI JAI so long ago. . .

    • 2. hilda raja  |  May 20, 2010 at 3:51 am

      Thank you Rakesh-as usual you are a great appreciator of mine.Yes it has to be awesome because what the UPA1 and UPA 2 are indulging in is really treachery and betrayal.The Opposition is no better.I wish they rake up every issue and make the government answerable.
      For example the treatment meted to Sadhvi Pragnya is another she is partially paralysed-while they are debating on the verdict of the SC to execute Afzal Guru or not, and they will not do anything to Kasab.Was Sadhvi’s crime greater that that of Afzal Guru and Kasab?.The media is sending out strong messages that Kashmir will burn so too Delhi if Afzal Guru is hanged.But thats the verdict of the SC-why should the nation be held to ransome by such threats.Let everything burn-let there be JUSTICE.Why and how can he alone be given Mercy-then let all the jails be emptied-let all the convicted be let loose.We have had enough of this-making a farce of a judiciary-wasting people’s money on this.Do we need a judiciary at all then if the sentences are going to be negated and mercy held out for murderers and criminals..I am sorry I went into this.But this is also a misdeed of the UPA for Muslim votes.The list is long.While Hindus are persecuted.There can be no two justices systems.
      All the best to you.HR

  • 3. ravindranath  |  May 20, 2010 at 2:47 am

    Dear Smt. Hilda Raja,

    I take objection to your addressing Mr. MMS as honest and honourable. There is no substantiation to prove that this person is worthy of these titles.
    – Firstly, an honest person is one, who doesn’t cooperate with dishonesty and corruption. If someone can still remain honest amidst corrupt people, then such a person is not fit or worthy as a ruler.He/she can only be a accomplice to corruption. Sadly such a person is a greater threat than honestly dishonest persons. I say even more dangerous is that we are unable to see the dishonesty of such a person, because we are duped to believe that he is honest.

    – Second, this person is not an elected member of Loksabha, but is forced upon this country, as a curse.

    – Third, we have not seen any instances of this man raising his voice against any corrupt practices. How is it that he is entitled to such a word called “honest”?

    – Fourth, if you recall, this very person told this country that “invaders (aka Moslems) have the first right over the resources of this country”. For any sane and sensible Bhaarateeya person, such a statement makes his blood boil, seeing the contempt this person holds for the mainstream people of this country.

    So, Ms. Hilda Raja, please educate us what is your definition of honesty and what are the parameters and their standards, so that we can understand and appreciate the same.

    Warm regards,

    • 4. hilda raja  |  May 20, 2010 at 3:40 am

      It was actually a punning-taken from Julius Ceaser who wanted the mob to rise in rebellion.But they perceived Brutus as an Honourable man.Hence Mark Antony used that to stir up fury against Brutus by constanting in his addressing referring him as ‘Honourable’ but see what he had done-the cruelest stab and that too from behind was inflicted by Brutus-the honourable man on Julius Ceasar.So don’t take it literarily.MMSingh is perceived as an honourable man but look at his deeds and misdeeds.Is that Honour?This is why I used throughout the words Honourable and honesty.
      You are perfectly right-I wanted to bring out the opposite and if you read between the lines you will realise that my aim was to prove his dishonesty and his lack of honour.Thank you.HR

  • 5. ravindranath  |  May 20, 2010 at 8:12 am

    Dear Smt Hilda Raja,

    Thank you for clarifying :).


  • 6. rakesh  |  May 20, 2010 at 11:59 am

    After reading the points raised by u madam, pl. allow me to state that these comments are applicable to any govt of any day. Moreover mms is corrupt or not is a non issue. After all after long and rewarding service, at the first opportunity he became a politician and why he became a politician; simply for the simplest reasons power money a place in history etc etc…
    He could hv used his being a sikh for a fantastic purpose: to oppose the castiesm at every front, but NO casting is OFFICIAL now.
    And who forced the poison of castiem :vp lalu mulayam mavavati etc etc. SO Now at least we must stop blaming the brahmins for the castiem: it was politican then it is politician now.
    The division of people more div and div… how far away the civil war is?

  • 7. rakesh  |  May 20, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Earlier too i hv commented that the castiesm has been the greatest curse of hinduism and the only reason for the such a deprived society. Sadly it seems that this religion shall never be freed from this evil; now being at a lower level in cast hierarchy is a boon, a lottery.
    Mam, u hv studied well and wide, can u name any society in any part of the world which so readily agrees to accept that it is not “competent” and therefore must be given leverage
    above merit.
    There was a time when people willingly opted to become a “khusra ( a eunuch)” so that they can get all the food; isn’t this similar; the reservation.
    Since u r not a hindu and with free mind and u raised this point in first line; i wish to discuss this thing in detail smday.

  • 8. Jonas Ybarra  |  May 31, 2010 at 10:00 am

    If I had a buck for every time I came here… Amazing post.


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