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Who is afraid of Modi?

Who is afraid of Modi?

Watching the different channels of the electronic media one was left with the strong impression that it is Modi which the CBI is out to catch in its net. Every sentence had Modi mentioned. It was: ‘Modi’s right hand man’, ‘Modi’s aide’, ‘Can Modi keep out’, ‘Will Modi survive’?, and then ‘Modi is not talking.’ Who is on trial? Modi or Amit Shah? So the focus is on Modi shows the UPA is using the CBI only to harass,humiliate and demolish Modi. But a gut feeling is that Modi will emerge stronger. People can see the game play because it is too obvious. All people are not politicians to be blinded by power. It was Karnataka first with the Reddy brothers and the Congress agent-His Excellency Bhardwaj violating all constitutional and legal norms to get at Yedurappa’s ministry and topple it. This sudden enlightenment of the illegal mining of the Reddy brothers dawned on the Congress.It was obviously an indication that the UPA Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi is all out to see that the BJP ruled States the Party is put at a disadvantage. Towards this all Central investigation agencies and the Raj Bhavans are being used.

Now it is Gujarat-for some time it was clear that Modi was taking Gujarat to an all time high as far as development was concerned.Nationally and Internationally he was pointed out as the best CM .The Youth Congress with its PM in waiting could not make a dent as far as vote bank was concerned. Gujarat’s strength naturally comes from its stable administration. So the Congress let loose the CBI- first the top police cops were one after another in the net-This to demoralize the police force. Police began to sit back. What do they care? If they go after the terrorists they are punished not rewarded if the terrorists are Muslims.

Now it is the Home Minister who is on the run chased by the CBI .The CBI was bend in digging out the Sohrab-Kauser murder. It is not as though this is the singular encounter death in the country. There are hundreds of encounter deaths- across the country-be they in Tamilnadu, W.Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh et al. But the CBI was least interested. Pro-activism of the CBI is reserved only for Gujarat. This exposes a sinister motive. Its task is specified-damn Modi-discredit him and his government, and till that is achieved keeping digging out untruths and make it look as discovery of truths. Why this long pending case with such interest?

To make the above clear let me ask the Congress why the CBI has not filed a case against Rajiv Gandhi posthumously for his role in the Sikh genocide. When he was at the helm of affairs he allowed thousands to be massacred. His guilt is clear when he justified it by stating that when a big tree falls the plants around die. Mrs Sonia Gandhi was not in politics then- officially but was the right and the left hand of RG and today she is heading the Congress party. She has to be quizzed on her role and on all that transpired during the Sikh riots. Why this special treatment only for the Gujarat riots? 59 Indian lives cannot be compared to one Big Tree I suppose, and hence the backlash has to be accounted against Modi.

The same year Rajiv Gandhi and Arjun Singh allowed Warren Anderson to escape the judiciary and legal process of this country. The Bhopal gas left thousands dead-maimed and sick. It is time for Rajiv Gandhi to be chargesheeted though dead-when awards are bestowed posthumously the wheels of justice also should revolve in reverse and catch up the perpetrators even after their death.T his is what we see all over the world. The Party which is accountable and which is the perpetrator of these crimes headed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Can she be allowed to go scot free?

Why did Mrs Sonia Gandhi allow Quattrochi to flee the country? Abetting the escape of a criminal from the laws of this land and hindering the process of justice is punishable. The CBI should charge sheet her as the President of the Congress party and because of her special interest in Quattrochi. This is proved because she has rewarded His Excellency Bhardwaj with a governorship for performing what she wanted. The PM clearly stated that he was out of the loop, then who was within the loop. How can the then law minister who abetted criminality be made a governor? All this goes to indict not only the CBI but also the Congress how it is using/misusing the CBI and other investigation agencies for its political gain.

So first things first. Let Sajjan Kumar,Jagdish Tytler  cases be dug out and investigated. After all if for one single case so much of time, effort and finance are being expended then why not for the thousands of lives which the Congress henchmen brutally eliminated not be pursued with the same if not more vigor.

I will not be shocked if Mrs Sonia Gandhi uses her extra and unconstitutional powers to set free Afzal Guru and Kasab but jail Modi and Amit Shah. Let the Congress party and its leader go ahead and do it because that’s its aim. Through the crime and criminality it wants power. Who is afraid of Modi- the Congress-Why is it afraid of Modi- Because he is powerful, because he is an able administrator and because welfare of the people is his first and last motive. So do away with Modi and the way is cleared, the stumbling block to the power run of Mrs Sonia Gandhi is cleared. But she and her Party forget that she would have to face the ire and the anger of the people of Gujarat who have elected him. Disgracing Modi is disgracing the people who elected him, and this will by no stretch of one’s imagination be converted into votes for the Congress.

Have we a Prime Minister? Then he should know ‘What is reality’. The buck stops at the PM’s office. Democracy cannot be upheld with dinners/lunches with the Opposition. The nation is watching the great drama between the different ministries and a PM who is unable to rein in his ministers. The nation is watching a jumbo National Advisory Council (call it the court of Mrs Sonia Gandhi) usurping the role of the PM and his cabinet. The nation is watching how every institution of democracy is being subsumed by No 10 Janpath Road. This cannot continue for long. Let the CBI do its job but let all the crimes and criminal cases be reopened and the thousands of lives be accounted for prior to Sohrab-Kauser murder.

Is it a fact that Mrs Sonia Gandhi abets corruption when she allows A.Raja to be a cabinet minister .So should she not be made accountable? Is it not a contradiction when murderers are cabinet ministers the Congress is after Amit Shah for his alleged involvement in Sohrab-Kauser’s murder? As though murder and criminality is something which has not seeped into the Congress party. The CBI must have a conscience and not become ‘Her master’s voice’ It is to the people to whom it is accountable because they are its pay masters not a particular political party. The people expect the CBI to be fair and not to buckle under political pressure. Let it perform its task with no fear or favor.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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hear-the golden words of our Finance minister

Hear, hear-the golden words of our Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee: “Accidents are accidents. Nobody can predict that’s why it is an accident”. Callous and heartless these words coming from the FM makes one wonder why we have put such heartless men/women in positions to govern the country. What if he, his kith and kin were   involved in one of those unpredictable accidents-after all it seems that none of those in power suffer from such unpredictable accidents When they travel everything is predicted-well planned and laid out. But for the aam admis there is no safety because they do not matter in this country. A few lakhs can buy their silence. The tears can dry up since they have no time to weep-the wails and the moans can be stifled since most of the time their stomachs are empty

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It is Governor Bhardwaj who needs to be put in the dock

It is Governor Bhardwaj who needs to be put in the dock this not to retrieve the Reddy brothers from the dock but only to set the record straight. Governor Bhardway has posed certain questions: “Can ministers indulge in this kind of corruption? Can they continue to do illegal mining and make such profits? It is a big issue of integrity of those in high office.”

Well said Your Excellency-the only difficulty we ordinary folks cannot accept these coming from you because you need to be put in the dock and made to answer the same questions.

Surely it is a negative to the first question-no minister who indulges in corruption can continue as a minister. But the Governor must ask his leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi why she has not advised the PM from dropping A.Raja and the PM needs to answer this not just to the Governor but to the people of India. Mr Manmohan Singh can a minister who indulges in corruption continue as a cabinet minister?

Surely again it is a “No” to the second question. Nobody can indulge in anything illegal and make huge profits or marginal profits-because the crux is the illegality of it. And not the huge or the small profits that accrue out of that illegal activity. Here again Mrs Sonia Gandhi must be called upon to come clear on the Food for Oil scam. The PM must clear the doubts why he is shielding all those who have black money stashed in foreign havens. Above all Mrs Sonia Gandhi must answer why Quattrrochi was allowed to flee the country. How and with whose assistance in the Cabinet did she work out this since the PM confessed that he was out of the loop. Here is a stumbling stone for His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka who was the Law Minister then when ‘Q’s frozen funds were defreezed. Will the Governor answer why he commissioned a special agent to the UK to perform this illegal task and thus cheat the nation? Was he obeying Mrs Sonia Gandhi? Then what integrity has she?

Again when it comes to allowing foreigners-all criminals to leave the country’s shores where was this integrity and honesty of the Congress Party and the Congress government Your Excellency? The blame game started when Warren Anderson was given the red carpet and allowed to flee the country. Be it the State and or the Centre it is again the Congress. No, retrieve the name of Rajiv Gandhi by all means- was the desperate plea of Mrs Sonia Gandhi because the Gandhis cannot sin. They think that the smart talk of their spokesmen/women can insulate them and wash away their sins. But it only exposed the desperation and the hollowness of Mrs Jayanthi Natarajan and Manish Tiwari. All the time fully aware that integrity and honesty have been thrown to the winds.

To the last statement-“It is a big issue of integrity of those in high office” Precisely-there can be no two opinions on this Your Excellency, and that’s exactly why you cannot adorn the chair of the Governorship-what is your integrity as a Law minister and now are you acting as the Governor of the State of Karnataka or as an agent of the Congress? Can you then talk of integrity of persons in high office? It is unsavory to expose the truth but truth cannot be uttered by persons who have been twisting and denting democracy and its norms.

May we know what it is the democratic sanction of the National Advisory Council? What is the meaning of the GoEmpowered ministers? Does it mean that the other ministers are powerless?  What is the Cabinet’s role? Who in a democracy must advise the Prime Minister? The Congress has flouted every democratic institution and law in its greed for power. Indira Gandhi laid the foundation stone towards this when she declared the Emergency. And it is not becoming of the Governor of Karnataka who is very much a Congress leader to talk of integrity and democracy and corruption. You cannot give to others what you do not have. Similarly you cannot apply such yardsticks when you do not apply these to yourself and your party. And if you apply them your Congress State governments will fall. Many of the coteries and your allies will fall by the road side. And by the way Your Excellency, what are your credentials to raise these crucial humanistic values of integrity and honesty? A blackened Hand cannot wipe clean anything which it touches.

All this is not to belittle the enormity of illegal activities of the Reddy brothers. But one wonders if the Centre was completely in the dark all these years-If Dev Gowda and his sons were unaware of this or did the Reddy brothers suddenly appear in the illegal mining business now during the BJP regime.

The truth is that the Congress wants to embarrass the BJP government and it wants to use all illegal and unconstitutional methods to topple it. So see who is talking of integrity and illegality. Yeddurappa is a constitutionally elected minister and the BJP government will face the electorate on this issue. It is a question of legality and constitutionality- Governor verses the people’s verdict and Governor Bhardwaj who has raised the issue of legality and integrity of those in high office has to go through the litmus test –clear his stand and prove to the people that he would abide by what he demanded by standing up for legality and constitutionality.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja’


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‘What is the Reality” Mr PM?

It is a special lingua that the Prime Minister speaks when he stated: ‘What is reality? We are not hiding anything”. This is in reference to allowing Anderson to flee the country after the world’s worst industrial disaster. Are we a nation of fools or is Mr Manmohan Singh trying to cover the tracks of Rajiv Gandhi and think that reality is what he states. The Group of Ministers who looked into every aspect did not find any documents to fix the culprit. Were they empowered to fix the culprits in the first place or was it a whole cover up exercise and to drug the people with some palliatives. Secondly all the Congress leaders who were the GoEM found what they wanted to find. So the documents allowing or the consent to let Anderson flee the country disappeared. May be there were no files on it because all this was done in zero time and the Centre as well as the State was cautious enough not to leave any track. Third we need to believe that these documents were secreted away or done away with. Fourth that a government can function without leaving any trace or documents of its decisions All the above stated options no matter which is “the reality’ point an accusing finger to Rajiv Gandhi. Why is Manmohan Singh bending backwards to hide the reality-which he simply cannot. Because no matter what he thinks of the people we are not fools. The one and only factor by which the Congress can redeem itself is to apologize to the people in general and to the victims of Bhopal in particular. This is the least it can do if it has an atom of integrity and honesty still left. The whole world knows that Rajiv Gandhi is at fault-and that is the reality. It is difficult to comprehend what the PM means when he stated that his government will “try to ensure that the US takes a more favorable attitude” towards the extradition of former chief of Union Carbide to stand trial in India in the Bhopal gas leak case-Warren Anderson. What is this more favorable attitude? Instead of calling a spade and spade and state that India demands that Anderson be extradited to stand trial in India-this is necessary to uphold justice. Instead the PM is revealing his soft policy towards the USA by using a vocabulary that only shows India’s subservient mental makeup. So lets keep ‘trying’ for the USA to change its attitude to a more ‘favorable’ one to extradition of Anderson. Reverse the whole scenario-‘reality’ and hypothetically imagine what the USA would have done if this happened to it. First the culprit would not have left its shores-second there is no question of trying to change the attitude of another government in demanding that the fugitive be handed over. Should we not then put in place a Group of Empowered Ministers to this task of trying? Shame on the Congress and the PM for its total let down of the poor-the aam admis.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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