It is Governor Bhardwaj who needs to be put in the dock

July 14, 2010 at 9:30 am 14 comments

It is Governor Bhardwaj who needs to be put in the dock this not to retrieve the Reddy brothers from the dock but only to set the record straight. Governor Bhardway has posed certain questions: “Can ministers indulge in this kind of corruption? Can they continue to do illegal mining and make such profits? It is a big issue of integrity of those in high office.”

Well said Your Excellency-the only difficulty we ordinary folks cannot accept these coming from you because you need to be put in the dock and made to answer the same questions.

Surely it is a negative to the first question-no minister who indulges in corruption can continue as a minister. But the Governor must ask his leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi why she has not advised the PM from dropping A.Raja and the PM needs to answer this not just to the Governor but to the people of India. Mr Manmohan Singh can a minister who indulges in corruption continue as a cabinet minister?

Surely again it is a “No” to the second question. Nobody can indulge in anything illegal and make huge profits or marginal profits-because the crux is the illegality of it. And not the huge or the small profits that accrue out of that illegal activity. Here again Mrs Sonia Gandhi must be called upon to come clear on the Food for Oil scam. The PM must clear the doubts why he is shielding all those who have black money stashed in foreign havens. Above all Mrs Sonia Gandhi must answer why Quattrrochi was allowed to flee the country. How and with whose assistance in the Cabinet did she work out this since the PM confessed that he was out of the loop. Here is a stumbling stone for His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka who was the Law Minister then when ‘Q’s frozen funds were defreezed. Will the Governor answer why he commissioned a special agent to the UK to perform this illegal task and thus cheat the nation? Was he obeying Mrs Sonia Gandhi? Then what integrity has she?

Again when it comes to allowing foreigners-all criminals to leave the country’s shores where was this integrity and honesty of the Congress Party and the Congress government Your Excellency? The blame game started when Warren Anderson was given the red carpet and allowed to flee the country. Be it the State and or the Centre it is again the Congress. No, retrieve the name of Rajiv Gandhi by all means- was the desperate plea of Mrs Sonia Gandhi because the Gandhis cannot sin. They think that the smart talk of their spokesmen/women can insulate them and wash away their sins. But it only exposed the desperation and the hollowness of Mrs Jayanthi Natarajan and Manish Tiwari. All the time fully aware that integrity and honesty have been thrown to the winds.

To the last statement-“It is a big issue of integrity of those in high office” Precisely-there can be no two opinions on this Your Excellency, and that’s exactly why you cannot adorn the chair of the Governorship-what is your integrity as a Law minister and now are you acting as the Governor of the State of Karnataka or as an agent of the Congress? Can you then talk of integrity of persons in high office? It is unsavory to expose the truth but truth cannot be uttered by persons who have been twisting and denting democracy and its norms.

May we know what it is the democratic sanction of the National Advisory Council? What is the meaning of the GoEmpowered ministers? Does it mean that the other ministers are powerless?  What is the Cabinet’s role? Who in a democracy must advise the Prime Minister? The Congress has flouted every democratic institution and law in its greed for power. Indira Gandhi laid the foundation stone towards this when she declared the Emergency. And it is not becoming of the Governor of Karnataka who is very much a Congress leader to talk of integrity and democracy and corruption. You cannot give to others what you do not have. Similarly you cannot apply such yardsticks when you do not apply these to yourself and your party. And if you apply them your Congress State governments will fall. Many of the coteries and your allies will fall by the road side. And by the way Your Excellency, what are your credentials to raise these crucial humanistic values of integrity and honesty? A blackened Hand cannot wipe clean anything which it touches.

All this is not to belittle the enormity of illegal activities of the Reddy brothers. But one wonders if the Centre was completely in the dark all these years-If Dev Gowda and his sons were unaware of this or did the Reddy brothers suddenly appear in the illegal mining business now during the BJP regime.

The truth is that the Congress wants to embarrass the BJP government and it wants to use all illegal and unconstitutional methods to topple it. So see who is talking of integrity and illegality. Yeddurappa is a constitutionally elected minister and the BJP government will face the electorate on this issue. It is a question of legality and constitutionality- Governor verses the people’s verdict and Governor Bhardwaj who has raised the issue of legality and integrity of those in high office has to go through the litmus test –clear his stand and prove to the people that he would abide by what he demanded by standing up for legality and constitutionality.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja’



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  • 1. zeal [Divya]  |  July 14, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    You very logically stated your points. I agree with you completely.

  • 2. S.Raguraman  |  July 15, 2010 at 4:30 am

    While I also entirely agree with you, Madam, I wish that the Karnataka CM would drop the Reddy brothers from the Ministry, even if it means losing power in Karnataka, thus proving that BJP is different from the totally unscrupulous Congress.

    • 3. hilda raja  |  July 16, 2010 at 4:02 am

      I agree to Zeal and to Raguraman.The simple dynamics which the Congress has initiated is to dislodge the BJP government,.Towards this it expects the CM to drop the Reddy brothers-then impose Presidents rule.Call for election and tell the people that it Yeddurappa’s government was rotten because of the corrupt Reddy brothers and claim that the Congress forced the Reddy brothers top be dropped.So pose as the ‘honest and non corrupt party.On this issue it will garner votes and I will not be suprised it the Reddy brothers make they moves and even join the Congress.
      All this is not to contenance the cirrupt Reddy brothers but to bring to focus that the Congress is not against corruption but want the BJP to quit-the only sourthern State in which it is in power.If the same theory is extended should not the Congress also drop A.Raja-wash it hands off Sibu Soren,distance itswelf from Lalu and Rabri.But the Congress is a lumpened party of corruption hence it has no moral and political right to demand the dropping of the Reddy brothers.
      The Reddy brothers are not going to disappear but the BJP will disappear in the State of Karnataka.
      In the same State Husan Ali Khan with his lakhs of crores of ruppes is comfortably residing-why has the Congress not allowed the IT to take action?So what is the rationale for hounding the Reddy brothers only-just to dismiss the BJP government.It is this that I strongly oppose.
      All the best to you both.HR

  • 4. dzero  |  July 16, 2010 at 3:42 am

    Dear rotten egged peggy,

    Plz be patient. The ground work is done by U and the prize is awaiting U… U shall soon be abducted by the bhartiy janta patty…

    May ur God bless U and give U the ri8 spirits.


    • 5. hilda raja  |  July 16, 2010 at 4:06 am

      Dear dzero,
      As you name suggests you are zero but whatever comes my way I accept-even a rotten egg.I would have the right to pray that your god bless me because I consider the existence of only one God no matter what name you give that God-There is no Ur God and my God.So I would have appreciated if you prayed that God bless me.Thank you.HR

      • 6. dzero  |  July 18, 2010 at 5:04 am

        Dear Dr.HR,
        Well, I admit your point that I am zero; a De’Zero. I appreciate your view that you accept whatever comes your way, though its a rotten egg. Well, I belive you deserve it and I guess you are pretty much prepared for it.

        Since you are a learned person and posses the analytical thinking (which amounts to be a scholarly person), I would appreciate if you can understand how different living groups evolves simultaneously and ensembles into a canonical society. Propably you need to knit your mettle there, rather than going to bark like another fascist (It may be Ms.jayanti, modi, singhvi or tiwari..). All muddy craps.

        And, lastly, I am an athiest. Hence, i would still say, let Your god give you the best of societal philosophy.
        with warm regards

    • 7. Govind  |  July 19, 2010 at 10:37 pm

      You say that Ms. Raja is “barking like another fascist”. Despite all the misspelt and meaningless mumbo-jumbo about “societal philosophy”, your little post does not amount to much more than just more barking. You sound like an intellectual fascist of the leftist persuasion, who derides and attacks others simply for supporting or espousing the Hindu nationalist ideology. By the way, the great European fascists like Franco, Mussolini and Hitler who gave rise to the term fascism, were all avowed atheists. So you really fit the bill.

  • 8. S.Raguraman  |  July 17, 2010 at 8:12 am

    dzero obviously has no credible answer to the points raised by Mrs.Hilda Raja and therefore, he resorts to ‘insulting’, just as the Congress spokesmen Jayanthi, Tiwari and Singhvi do, under such circumstances.

  • 9. Abhijith Dev  |  July 17, 2010 at 9:46 am

    I agree with you Madam. It is a fact and not just an assumption to say Mr Baradwaj is a congress agent, another artifact object like Mr.Manmohan.
    Another point to be noted: Y these congress party persons are simply shouting at Reddies? If they have proper proofs of corruption by Reddies, why dont they approach some court or publish the details to the media??. For all these days we are watching only the blame game and no actions been taken to curb the illegal activities. It looks absurd to call a person, a murderer, just because he keeps a knife with him.
    This is not the first time, they have succeeded in defaming a prominent leader like Narendra Modi for Godra riots using the media and the illiteracy of people, while concealing a fourfold brutal sikh massacre by themselves. India is suffering from this ‘Congress acquired immunodeficiency syndrome’.

  • 10. hilda raja  |  July 18, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Dear D’zero
    I did not mean to hurt you.If you were hurt I am sorry.Surely no human is a zero I just wanted to pun on your name!I know it is not your real name!Each one is unique and you too.If you are an atheist all the more why you should not believe in your god and my god for there is no god for the atheist.I am not far from you…I do not but look down on those you believe for they have to come on their own through their own growing process.For some the gestation period is longer.Coming from an orthodox background I was ingrained with the belief in God.But now seeing how the Gods are being pitched against each other I would rather have none!Let people live and love and be at peace-God or no God.Why should we uphold armies for Gods why should be want numbers to prove the strength of the god in whom one believes?These questions will go to prove that God needs to be understood entirely in a different way.God’s warmth and love can be realised only through people and thus they become Gods and Goddesses.Lets us hold hands and love these-no matter to which religious denomination they belong.
    Thank you for your input and all the best to you.HR

  • 11. Sri  |  July 18, 2010 at 10:23 am

    I hate Congress politics. But nevertheless those Reddy brothers continuing in the ministry is a joke on people and the state. They are monsters.

    Now about the role of Governor. This gentleman is no exception and here he just wants to please the high command which put him in the place. It is not morals and constitutionality.

    I think BJP itself wants to get rid of these two brothers and it is just waiting for right moment and probably wants to be sure of numbers before any thing happens.

    Either way the casualty in this episode is constitution itself.

  • 12. Demo-crazy  |  July 21, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    I posted a comment (on 15th July) on the same topic on at this link (but they take their own time to publish it – on 16th July).

    My problem is not about Congress shouting hoarse. The CM is engaging in too much of double speak, almost giving the feeling that he does NOT know at times what he said previously on the same issue.

    He promised something to Lok Ayukta, Justice Santosh Hegde, and then colluded with all politicians to ensure the politicians are exempted from Lok Ayukta jurisdiction. He went on to give clean chit to Reddy brothers, to which Mr. Hegde took strong exception. He said one thing on Soldiers memorial one day and said exactly the opposite (in effect nullifying the previous ‘decision’ he made).

    At times, I feel whether he is re-incarnation of Muhammad – bin – Tughalak! Or, is BJP, as a whole, possessed by Tughalak syndrome? They seem to be too good at committing hara-kiri !

  • 13. S.S.Nagaraj  |  August 15, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Bhardwaj is a disgrace to the post of a Governor.He has turned Raj Bhavan into a Congress party meeting house.The worst part is,any bill passed in the houses of legislature is automatically rejected by him to harass the BJP government.He should know that the people of Karnataka are well aware that he has been sent by Sonia to be an impediment to the BJP government.

  • 14. Sri  |  August 15, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    That is a characteristic of sycophant.

    Actually he might be trying for a cabinet post or vice president post when election is due.


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