Who is afraid of Modi?

July 24, 2010 at 5:32 am 13 comments

Who is afraid of Modi?

Watching the different channels of the electronic media one was left with the strong impression that it is Modi which the CBI is out to catch in its net. Every sentence had Modi mentioned. It was: ‘Modi’s right hand man’, ‘Modi’s aide’, ‘Can Modi keep out’, ‘Will Modi survive’?, and then ‘Modi is not talking.’ Who is on trial? Modi or Amit Shah? So the focus is on Modi shows the UPA is using the CBI only to harass,humiliate and demolish Modi. But a gut feeling is that Modi will emerge stronger. People can see the game play because it is too obvious. All people are not politicians to be blinded by power. It was Karnataka first with the Reddy brothers and the Congress agent-His Excellency Bhardwaj violating all constitutional and legal norms to get at Yedurappa’s ministry and topple it. This sudden enlightenment of the illegal mining of the Reddy brothers dawned on the Congress.It was obviously an indication that the UPA Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi is all out to see that the BJP ruled States the Party is put at a disadvantage. Towards this all Central investigation agencies and the Raj Bhavans are being used.

Now it is Gujarat-for some time it was clear that Modi was taking Gujarat to an all time high as far as development was concerned.Nationally and Internationally he was pointed out as the best CM .The Youth Congress with its PM in waiting could not make a dent as far as vote bank was concerned. Gujarat’s strength naturally comes from its stable administration. So the Congress let loose the CBI- first the top police cops were one after another in the net-This to demoralize the police force. Police began to sit back. What do they care? If they go after the terrorists they are punished not rewarded if the terrorists are Muslims.

Now it is the Home Minister who is on the run chased by the CBI .The CBI was bend in digging out the Sohrab-Kauser murder. It is not as though this is the singular encounter death in the country. There are hundreds of encounter deaths- across the country-be they in Tamilnadu, W.Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh et al. But the CBI was least interested. Pro-activism of the CBI is reserved only for Gujarat. This exposes a sinister motive. Its task is specified-damn Modi-discredit him and his government, and till that is achieved keeping digging out untruths and make it look as discovery of truths. Why this long pending case with such interest?

To make the above clear let me ask the Congress why the CBI has not filed a case against Rajiv Gandhi posthumously for his role in the Sikh genocide. When he was at the helm of affairs he allowed thousands to be massacred. His guilt is clear when he justified it by stating that when a big tree falls the plants around die. Mrs Sonia Gandhi was not in politics then- officially but was the right and the left hand of RG and today she is heading the Congress party. She has to be quizzed on her role and on all that transpired during the Sikh riots. Why this special treatment only for the Gujarat riots? 59 Indian lives cannot be compared to one Big Tree I suppose, and hence the backlash has to be accounted against Modi.

The same year Rajiv Gandhi and Arjun Singh allowed Warren Anderson to escape the judiciary and legal process of this country. The Bhopal gas left thousands dead-maimed and sick. It is time for Rajiv Gandhi to be chargesheeted though dead-when awards are bestowed posthumously the wheels of justice also should revolve in reverse and catch up the perpetrators even after their death.T his is what we see all over the world. The Party which is accountable and which is the perpetrator of these crimes headed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Can she be allowed to go scot free?

Why did Mrs Sonia Gandhi allow Quattrochi to flee the country? Abetting the escape of a criminal from the laws of this land and hindering the process of justice is punishable. The CBI should charge sheet her as the President of the Congress party and because of her special interest in Quattrochi. This is proved because she has rewarded His Excellency Bhardwaj with a governorship for performing what she wanted. The PM clearly stated that he was out of the loop, then who was within the loop. How can the then law minister who abetted criminality be made a governor? All this goes to indict not only the CBI but also the Congress how it is using/misusing the CBI and other investigation agencies for its political gain.

So first things first. Let Sajjan Kumar,Jagdish Tytler  cases be dug out and investigated. After all if for one single case so much of time, effort and finance are being expended then why not for the thousands of lives which the Congress henchmen brutally eliminated not be pursued with the same if not more vigor.

I will not be shocked if Mrs Sonia Gandhi uses her extra and unconstitutional powers to set free Afzal Guru and Kasab but jail Modi and Amit Shah. Let the Congress party and its leader go ahead and do it because that’s its aim. Through the crime and criminality it wants power. Who is afraid of Modi- the Congress-Why is it afraid of Modi- Because he is powerful, because he is an able administrator and because welfare of the people is his first and last motive. So do away with Modi and the way is cleared, the stumbling block to the power run of Mrs Sonia Gandhi is cleared. But she and her Party forget that she would have to face the ire and the anger of the people of Gujarat who have elected him. Disgracing Modi is disgracing the people who elected him, and this will by no stretch of one’s imagination be converted into votes for the Congress.

Have we a Prime Minister? Then he should know ‘What is reality’. The buck stops at the PM’s office. Democracy cannot be upheld with dinners/lunches with the Opposition. The nation is watching the great drama between the different ministries and a PM who is unable to rein in his ministers. The nation is watching a jumbo National Advisory Council (call it the court of Mrs Sonia Gandhi) usurping the role of the PM and his cabinet. The nation is watching how every institution of democracy is being subsumed by No 10 Janpath Road. This cannot continue for long. Let the CBI do its job but let all the crimes and criminal cases be reopened and the thousands of lives be accounted for prior to Sohrab-Kauser murder.

Is it a fact that Mrs Sonia Gandhi abets corruption when she allows A.Raja to be a cabinet minister .So should she not be made accountable? Is it not a contradiction when murderers are cabinet ministers the Congress is after Amit Shah for his alleged involvement in Sohrab-Kauser’s murder? As though murder and criminality is something which has not seeped into the Congress party. The CBI must have a conscience and not become ‘Her master’s voice’ It is to the people to whom it is accountable because they are its pay masters not a particular political party. The people expect the CBI to be fair and not to buckle under political pressure. Let it perform its task with no fear or favor.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja



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hear-the golden words of our Finance minister UPA2 is Stinking and sinking

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  • 1. Sarma  |  July 24, 2010 at 6:09 am

    Manmohan Singh’s Govt is making many mistakes. In Kashmir, in Pakistan and within India against the naxals, the Govt failed in uphold of Indian’s rights.

    However, bumping off a criminal can not be condoned by a civil society. And why did they have to kill Kausar Bi ?

    CBI failed to unearth many scandals like Bofors because of political aspect. Common indian feels that CBI is witch-hunting in this case. They are trying to catch small crimes leaving alone the major ones.

  • 2. hilda raja  |  July 24, 2010 at 10:08 am

    You are right.It is only Gujarat and that too Modi which is drawing the attention of the CBI.Let them hang Amit Shah but not before it hangs Afzal Guru and Kasab.What is it was a hindu criminal who was dumped off?Will the Congress act in the way it is acting?Let the CBI extend its investigations against all fake encounter deathsin all the States.Sohrab was a history sheeter.The SC granted Kausar’s family 10 lakhs.Nothing is said about all this.It is nothing short of Inquistion unleashed against Gugarat cops and administrators.The intention is not justice but power play.For the power games of the Congress statute central investigation agencies are being used and people’s money is being pumped.
    Thank you for your comment.

  • 3. Rashmi  |  July 24, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Dear Hilda ji,
    The moment news was on anti India/anti culture media i was sure, one more Gimmick i only thouught in my mind let the Truth come out. I pray sincerely let these anti culture/anti india peole show their true colour and we the common man understand India by our intelligence and get united to fight this tyranny of media/upa/Cong and every son of this land who has betrayed mother India.
    Hilda Ji I am reading the bookk Orissa in the Crossfire – by Brraon Parker, an american , I wonder after reading what the country has become i want to quote what the writer has written “India’s political culture today is largely built upon perception at the expense of reality. So despite mountains of evidence confirming the Swami, the Kandhas and the Hindus overall as the victims of an ongoing and powerful conspiracy committed to discrediting their political viability, many allegedly informed people believe the false perceptions and have no time to recognize the reality.”
    The author has wonderfiully researched and identified the main cause of violence. I do request you to read it and analyse it and put in on web so that the truth gets exposed. It can be downloaded at http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/orissa-in-the-crossfire-kandhamal-burning/6046401

    This book is eye opening the cause of conflict i also read earlier is now confirmed. I hope you will consider my request and use your mightier Pen to displel illusion and shed light on truth

    • 4. hilda raja  |  July 24, 2010 at 3:04 pm

      Dear Rashmi,
      Sure I will read the book as soon as I am able to lay my hands on it.The price seems rather high but it is worth getting.I had heard about it a couple of times.Naveen Patnaik himself is a writer and how come he had not read the book-thats a pity.I am glad you commented on it Keep going and make it a point to convince a few on the need to throw out the UPA.Numbers count and slwoly but steadily we can bring about a change through a movement.Wishes for all success.

  • 5. Sri  |  July 24, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    What ever is the reality in Orissa and India, violence can not be allowed or justified against any one. It will not solve any problem. It will alienate genuine people.

    What are Congress and Sonia? What is CBI? The govt. wanted people to trust CBI after CBI telling the court ” We want to give up the Bofors case”? Where is media in this?

    Not the first time CBI has lost its face, though. Frankly I feel CBI is a burden on taxpayers money.

    Police can not even register cases against Muslims. Look at West Bengal and Congress ruled states.

    Does media has the guts to cover these incidents? No. They simply have no moral capacity to do. It is too risky.

    BJP has to blame itself for all this. It is a sad reality that Hindus have to depend on this party and RSS.

    Sonia surrounded by anti nationals will do the unthinkable damage. They have time on their hands. They know how to handle media. They know how to silence opposition if at all it exists.

    The issue here is does BJP has brain to come out of this hole it created itself. Can it understand and speak on the issues? The loss in last elections shows it can not. BJP needs thinking people.

    • 6. hilda raja  |  July 25, 2010 at 2:12 am

      Dear Sri,
      Thank you for these additional inputs.You are right and every point you mentioned is correct.I too think that the BJP is not using all this to demolish the UPA especially Sonia.She needs to be targetted.Her hidden agenda needs to be exposed.The NAC is her court of coterie which is a jumbo cabinet and advises her-this advise is send to the PM.Why this superflous setup.As it is the PM is too weak and now he is being bullied and pressurised by the jumbo NAC.Only Pranab Mukherjee can hold out on his own.But he has been bestowed the Bharat Ratna and bought over.This is the first time such a thing has happened.A FM getting the award
      The Gandhi family isa burden and a curse to India.Sonia even before she enetred politics during the time fo RG was made the interpreter of RAW because RG forced RAW to sync with the Italian secret police.So all our classified materials is with Italy.To ease this job of language Mrs Sonia was the go between -interpreter.Today the Italian companies have incresed its presence in India by 40percent.All this is quietly being done.Italy such a small country has grown in its trade and commerce relations with India.The Opposition is blind.As far as Bhopal gas victims case is concerned the Opposition has let off the Gandhi family easily.We are not bothered of the blame game play.The fact remains that RG was the PM and Arjun Singh was the CM-so it is fully the reposinbility of the Congress.If documents are not there then the phone transcripts should be examined .What if this happened under Modi.Jagdesh Tyler was freed because the same CBI stated in court that there is no evidence.There was ample evidence.The CBI now is creating and faking evidence -it si the Inquisition unleased against Modi.’Saffron’ terror is another dimension.Sadhvi is in jail for the past two years and now MCOCA is being used against the ‘saffron’ terroists-why this is not done to the Islam terrorists?Till date not a single Muslim terrorist has been punished.While hundreds of Islam terror attacks took place the CBI and the Congress is more concerned of a couple of ‘saffron’ terror attacks.CBI cooks up evidence-destroys evidence and fails to uphold justice.The Opposition is weak and cannot take them straight headon.
      Wish you all the best.Try and keep the torch burning We need young people burning with the fire of patriotism to save this beloved country of ours.My time is up and till my last breathe I shall do what I am obliged to do….HR

  • 7. Demo-crazy  |  July 25, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    The so called ‘independent’ media is actually not that independent. The Padma awards have softened many. There may be other favors for many who ask convenient questions to the government in power, who also conveniently side step some of the REAL questions, posed by you or others who have commented here and elsewhere.

    What is apparent is the PM, MMS, is either too weak, or is agreeing to toe the line of the “High-Command” and may be working against his conscience (assuming he still feels uncomfortable on some counts). There are too many corrupt things under present UPA, previous congress governments, numerous exploitations of the investigative bodies to count here. We have a hand-in-glove media, hand-in-glove administration, and (to some degree, at least) hand-in-glove judiciary. The judges who take suo-motu actions on some small incidents choose to conveniently become silent when there are larger interests of the country which are being ignore. The other day, our ICC chief executive-BCCI supremo-also Food & Agriculture Minister (also NCP president for life), found some time to say that there is lack of storage space for the food stock. This was in the light of the reports on Headlines Today about the rotting food stock in FCI yards. WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING AS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE MINISTER? HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SUGAR SCAM, and NOW ROTTING FOOD, and then the govt goes onto say so many people are still BPL.


    • 8. hilda raja  |  July 25, 2010 at 6:54 pm

      Twohundred percent I agree with all that you have stated.It is a demo crazy system that we have.and we call this rule of the people for the people and by the people.Who are these people-the BPL?This government is only rule of Sonia for Sonia and by Sonia.All that matters to her is power.We are told that numbers under the PL is inceasing then what was governance for all these years.But we know that a few have grown rich-we have the richest in the world in India.This contradiction cannot be a reflection of good governance.Backwardness is incerasing because more caste and sections of the people for political purposes are tagged as MBCs and OBCs ,BCs and now a new category the Economic BCs.Sharad Pawar allows food to rot and the UPA government under the direction of Mrs Sonia Gandhi wants Food security-another channel for corruption to syphon off food grains.The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is down right corrupt.But the Congress found this corrupt only in Gujarat.So you are very right Sharad Pawar has three villas abroad in Europe.Even the acquisition of money and assets has a limit.How much can one enjoy.Take MK in Tamilnadu-he and his family is today the richest in Asia-once he did not even two square meals-could not afford.Well such people seem to grow day by day.Lalu,Paswan-calls himself a dalit but is one of the richest-so too Mayawati-these are the leaders of the poor!.Where will this end and how?All the best to you and may your insights help you to protect this beloved country of ours.HR

      • 9. Demo-crazy  |  July 26, 2010 at 7:08 pm

        I wonder when, if at all, will all this nonsense come to an end!

        The media seems to be getting first hand information, even before the matter goes to the court, about one Narendra Amin doing a sting in the jail. Some others doing a sting on some ‘close aide’ of Amit Shah who asked some builders to lie to help him.

        The media chose to do a small lip service to Headley’s revealations on Ishrat Jahan, while they were going ga-ga on his words as long as they pointed only to Pak-ISI-LeT etc. The moment an Indian minority person’s name cropped up from him, they went into a near silence mode.

        Daya Nayak, Pradeep Sharma got their acquittals. One may have to wait and watch how long this will take.

        By the way, somebody should ask the CBI what is it doing on Quattrochi.

  • 10. Sita  |  July 26, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    Dear Ma’am, It is enlightenning to read the Very insightful essays and incisive comments on your blog.there is not much to add to them.
    Was it last year that two guys ,who threw acid on a girl in Andhra Pradesh, were killed in an obvious pseudo encounter by the A.P.Police?when YSR was the C.M.? why is/was not the Home Minister of that state pulled up for the same by anybody whether the Media or the CBI? Those guys were not even Smugglers or other kind of Criminals but two guys who did not know how to handle their disappointment in Love. But they and their killers are happily forgotten now. For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for us the hapless citizens of this country whom our Politicians,OurAdministrators/Law enforcers and our Judges take for granted.

  • 11. Sita  |  July 26, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Dear Ma’am, It is enlightenning to read the Very insightful essays and incisive comments on your blog.there is not much to add to them.
    Was it last year that two guys ,who threw acid on a girl in Andhra Pradesh, were killed in an obvious pseudo encounter by the A.P.Police?when YSR was the C.M.? why is/was not the Home Minister of that state pulled up for the same by anybody whether the Media or the CBI? Those guys were not even Smugglers or other kind of Criminals but two guys who did not know how to handle their disappointment in Love. But they and their killers are happily forgotten now.
    For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for us the hapless citizens of this country whom OUR LAW-MAKERS ,OUR LAW- ADMINISTRATORS and ENFORCERS,OUR JUDGES take for granted.

  • 12. S.Raguraman  |  July 27, 2010 at 1:21 am

    Abhishekh Sighvi explains that the CBI would not dare to file a false case, as they would have to face the wrath of the Supreme Court, if they did so. Obviously he is taking the Indian citizens as imbecile. What can the courts do to punish errant officers? Pass strictures and recommend to the Govt. to take action. On the other hand, if CBI refuses to cook up stories as directed by the rulers, would not the concerned officers face ‘immediate’ punishment?

    • 13. hilda raja  |  July 31, 2010 at 2:28 pm

      Abhishek Singhvi is suffering from foot in the mouth disease.It is clear that the CBI is a handmaid of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the SC is not all that straight and honest-certain tilt it has-true it has asked the CBI to probe does not eman that there are cases to be foaisted on Modi.Harish Mandir another faithful subservient coterier of Mrs Sonia Gandhi who was an IAS officer in Gujarat and took voluntarty retirement soo after the Gujarat riots is in the NAC.He has filed about 2000 cases against Modi Mrs Sonia Gandhi is working through him.Do they want Modi to attend to these cases or to administer.It is sheer harrassment.The top officers will get demoralised if they have to look into every file to substantiate or refute these cases.Administration will suffer.But why this obsession with Gujarat.Look at the track recod of the Congress and tis allies.About 600 encounter deeaths in UP alone.A Raja is conveniently fleecing the exchequer-Kalmadi has syphoned off 25000$ every month -the funds of the Commanwealth Games.Account numbers keep changing.All this in black and white -where is Abhishek Singhvi and Jayanthi Natarajan and the foul mouthed Manish Tiwari?The Congress Allies Mulayam,Lalu Maywati has amassed wealth and there are cases pending against them.Wh is the CBI silent or not alive?Should be believe that there was no evidence against Jagdish Tyler for his case in the genodice of the Sikhs to be dropped just like that.Was Sibhu Soren again let off the hook by the CBI on laxck of evidence.What does this lack of evidence mean.Only for Modi they keep digging and digging.Is Modi the one and only criminal in this country-it is made to look like that-what about murderers in Parliament sitting as Cabinet ministers?Mrs Sonia Gandhi is a very revengeful woman.It happened in Channa Reddy’s case former when RG was the PM.The fact that the Congress is not able to dent the vote bank of Modi has not gone down well with Mrs Sonia Gandhi.If Gujarat is prosperous it does not want to crdeit Modi with ti.In fact let them assess every Indian State and see for themselves how ahead Gujarat is-all the other States are lacking behind and the CMs mired in scams and scandals.But nothing is done.It is Gujarat that the Congress wants and for that the removal of Modi is necessary.Where is the Congress in power-Goa and AP-look at the state of affairs in these States.CBI can cook can roast and can bury as suits Mrs Sonia Gandhi.The Judicary is not above board.The gratituity of the judges have been ibncresed from 3.3 lakhs to 10lakhs-the age of retirement is going to be riased from 62 to 65.And cases are piling in crores.What about the post retirrment benefits-most of the SC judges get appointed immediately or get a RS seat.The same holds good for the CBI.
      So Raguram,Sita and Demo crazy.you are all young and need to be vigilant and hold high Bharat and its deals.Keeop struggling in your own way-Do not get swayed by false propaganda.Become activists-Bharat Mata cannot be let down and she will need persons like you.May the Devi bless you all.


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