Broken History-robbing us of our legacy

August 10, 2010 at 6:15 pm Leave a comment

Is the history of India going to start and end with Mrs Sonia Gandhi.? The Congress has no sense of history and so the government has no records of the Emergency-of the safe transit of Warren Anderson, of the plight of the Bhopal gas victims et al The dark days of Emergency, the putting in chains of our valiant leaders are all not recorded to seems. The Bofors case records also will be lost. So what remains? The media should take up this issue if the history of the country is blackout then where is the nation-a nation with a pieced past, a broken history cannot have a future. The scams also will be all unrecorded. It is the obligation of the government to put everything in black and white be it the directions, the orders; every file must carry the respective ministerial commissions and omissions. Soon the Parliament debates also will be missing and finally the Constitution will be erased and deleted-if not literally then politically, socially and governance wise. It is a sad commentary for the government to draw a blank to the RTI query –the PMO, the Home Minister and the National Archives all have to be put to shame. The darkest days of our country-The Emergency is something this country’s citizens want in black and white and not blacked out. A nation which came through those days-a nation whose men/women of caliber who had stood against the powers and upheld the national honor-a nation must know that the Emergency was ordered by Indira Gandhi for her own dictatorial power. The nation must know how the country came through it and what sacrifices went into the Passover. George Fernandes is a living example of what the Emergency did to brave men. That is the period which will speak volumes of the valor and courage of the men/women of India who could oppose dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi-this is of prime importance so that the nation realizes the danger of autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi-the danger of a hereditary rule and the gradual erosion of democracy. It is urgent, significant and of utmost important if this has to be arrested, and the subsuming of the country into a banana republic has to be stopped. Get the records-the PMO must provide every record pertaining to the Emergency-otherwise it is a skewed documentation that writers will produce and they cannot be blamed. To left to the memory of those living who suffered under the Emergency is to rob the nation’s posterity of its history. The UPA2 cannot be let off the hook in this treason to the country. It cannot rob the country of its history. Kudos to Mr Devasahayam But for such honest men part of our history could be blacked out permanently. The Congress party cannot get away with this treachery. It needs to be blacklisted and blacked out. In power it is tampering with historical records and trying to rewrite history in its own sycophancy way. Let us get on to the retrieval of the records of the Emergency Days. It is a serious violation to destroy records. This government cannot be trusted to adhere to basic norms-for it has no sense of history. It is in power only to uphold one family and the misdeeds of that family are being destroyed and blacked out.This is a conspiracy against the aam admis.Their history is precious and posterity will not forgive us. This is our legacy which we have a right to and which has to be safeguarded and handed over to generations to come. Is the media listening… Dr Mrs Hilda Raja Vadodara..


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