Chidambaram in Parliament on Bhopal gas tragedy tying himself in knots.

August 14, 2010 at 6:30 am 2 comments

P.Chidambaram thinks that this country is a land of fools to listen to his glib talk and so he can sail through smoothly. He wants us to be naïve as to accept the whole thing and not be selective. And what is his ‘whole’ thesis-that the government failed, the judiciary let down the victims that the Executive failed in its obligation and that the elected representatives of the people failed miserably. So we shall accept this in full. What does this mean when he demands that we must accept this wholly or reject it wholly-cannot be selective. Lets then accept it wholly. But this does not give PC the freedom to selectively remove Rajiv Gandhi from the picture. He cannot blatantly then state that Rajiv Gandhi was not involved and had nothing to do with granting safe transit to Warren Anderson. It is PC who is selective and wants to insulate RG from his colossal failure.

.May we ask the Hon’ble minister then who was the Head of the government of India? Was RG not a representative of the people? So PC suffers from selective opportunism. What suits him and his party and what pleases Mrs Sonia Gandhi is to assert that RG was not involved. But P.C has failed miserable in this absolution of Rajiv Gandhi with what he has stated on the floor of the House He has fully involved Rajiv Gandhi and the other three constitutional arms of the Government. So as head of the GOI and as a People’s Representative that RG is fully involved along with his government lock stock and barrel and let down the people. By his own words P.Chidambaram has indicted Rajiv Gandhi.

The other alternative would be-we must accept that RG was a puppet, was out of the loop. But then there was no extra-constitutional power centre then and there was no institution as a NAC- as a pressure lobby. So the blame rests squarely on Rajiv Gandhi. The debate in the Lok Sabha is good reference for this and on the basis of what Chidambaram stated RG can be put on trial. It is one thing to coolly say that the GOI –People’s Representatives, Executive and Judiciary failed and another thing to say in the same breath that RG is not involved. It is contradictory.

It is not the narration of history and the acceptance of the failure that we want. We want reparation-we want justice for this colossal failure. Failure to sit up and take action when 15000  lives were lost, failure grapple with this human suffering of the poor, failure to rush to the rescue of the hapless victims, and failure to perform one’s obligated duty, failure to uphold the oath taken  to perform one’s duty without fear or favour. What does one call this kind of failure? Should we not put to trial persons who committed this blatant violation of duty and constitution obligation? And how swiftly the GOI rushed to award Rajiv Gandhi the Bharat Ratna. Now after 25 years his omissions and anti-people stand has been clearly revealed by the Congress Party MP and none other than the Home Minister. This calls for follow up action. It cannot be just brushed aside.

Yes the same questions could have been put across to those who were in power in 2001.But then who prevented the then Opposition from raising the issue and indicting  the then government? The result of all this accumulated omissions was what saw the BJP out of power. Now questions are raised and it is a sort of beating round the bush that P.Chidambaram resorted to when he asked the Opposition if the same questions were put to it in 2001 what would be the answers. The Congress did not raise the issue when in Opposition because the BJP government would have dug out the records and truth would be revealed.Hence it suited the Opposition to let the matter rest.

Chidambaram may be an expert lawyer but his expertise found him beating his chest and reciting ‘mea culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa” We need no other proof and we can simply throw Arjun Singh’s sycophancy statement to the dustbin. He tries to become the champion that he now wants Anderson to be punished. What a sordid melodrama of these ‘great’ men. We are to believe that Narasimha Rao was the culprit-that PVN was the sole man in charge and RG a puppet. We have to believe that Arjun Singh a close confidante of the Nehru-Gandhi family simply followed the Home Minister’s orders keeping Rajiv Gandhi out of the loop-and all this involving a foreign organization and its head. If he did then there was something basically wrong in the GOI and such a violation cannot be overlooked. There is a hierarchy and there is a group responsibility. Now to lumpen all the blame and fix it on PVN is unethical and politically wrong. It does not absolve the Congress party and its leaders and above all Rajiv Gandhi of this betrayal of the poor victims of the Bhopal gas.

It would be fair to stop all debates in Parliament if it is not going to end in voting because it is a waste of time-waste of words and creates a simulated kind of democracy. The aam admis must be told that when votes are sought they must stand up and reject the HAND-which has gone on record and accepted its betrayal. Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress party cannot run away from history because it suits them.

So it is for the people to reject the HAND that stabbed them in their backs so mercilessly.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja



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  • 1. Sri  |  August 14, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Chidambaram thinks country is a land of fools!

    Actually every politician thinks this is a land of fools.

    Chindambaram thinks Sonia and her family as India!

    Every congress man feels this way.

    Congress can afford the nation to go down but it can not let the blame fall on where it should rightfully.

    That is the kind of nepotism you will see in Congress.

    The truth is that congress politicians are sycophants.

    One important observation people miss is what attracts masses and what keeps politicians in power. May be there was a time Gandhi family attracted masses. But as of today that ability of our supposedly first family is waning and declining.

    To counter this diminution, knowing this ebb can not be reversed, Congress has simply knelt before Islamists and the name of this policy is social justice. Congress strategists fully knew that in the face of fractured electorate just few swing votes could do every thing.

    Congress knows its prospects explicitly depend on Muslims voting for that party. And Islamists knew this and they are going to extract every thing that is need for islamization of this country.

    The state of quandary will only be waiting for Indian Hindus if they do not wake up and do the right thing.

    This right thing is goes beyond voting simply for BJP as it could do nothing.

    • 2. hilda raja  |  August 15, 2010 at 11:58 am

      Sri, I agree.It is the vote bank politics that is ruining this country and as you so well put it Muslim votes is what Mrs Sonia Gandhi depends on.The muslims also know this and they will exract every pound of flesh.This has led to the appeasement policy and a seperate ministry with a budget for them.After all who asked the Muslims to stay back in India after partition.According to them Aslam cannot accept another constitution other than the Koran-then go-the country was divided on that basis.But staying back and again demanding is not justice but bltant injustice.Mrs Sonia does not care for this country-she has not-and wil not care-what she wants is power-to remain in power at all cost.Look at Kashmir problem.Soon the N.E states will also demand autonomy-Tamilnadu will also-Telegana too and we will have United States of India at the most.There is a prediction that Pakistan will spread up to the Vindhyas.In fact a map to this effect was also released.In the USA exactly where the WTO stood a mosque is allowed.Will the Sunnis allow the Ahmediyas to offer namaz in this mosque and yet Obama says it is a sign of religious tolerance.He is half Muslim and half christian-he is also afraid of the Muslims-they may target him..I am only giving an example to show how smartly and glibly Islam is spreading its tentacles.Does Sonia care?She has amassed enough wealth-acquired power to be named as one of the most powerful woman in the world.Will she get all this in Italy?Yet she holds on to her Italian passport.What is it to her whether India remains or disappears.She has acquired everything.Says she has no house but lives in No 10 Janpath which is estimated to 350-400 crores.Does she pay a tax for this?Is it her property?She again stated that she has no car but any number of cars are at her disposal-she does not have to shell a pie for fuel too.Where will she get all this except in India.
      Now to come back to the BJP.I totally agree that the BJP is not strong enough but is there an alternate for the Hindus?The hindus first and foremost is divided -but the muslims and the christians will go by what their respective religious leaders tell them-Hindus cannot even bbecome one whole vote bank to bargain..this is the sorry state of affairs.But we need to hope against hope for the best and rally round a few Hindu leaders who are capable-one such is Modi and that is why the Congress is all out to destroy him.TI fervently pray that good sense will prevail and the Congress will be throw out and good leadership will emerge.
      All the best to you Sri.
      Hilda Raja


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