“look Homeward”,Mr Chidambaram

September 22, 2010 at 5:41 am 2 comments

Dear Mr Chidambaram,
Are you so myopic that in your address to the police chiefs you cautioned them to be alert on ‘saffron’ terror? By making that deliberate statement you threw to the winds the reality. India has been plagued by ‘green’ terror or Jihad terrorists. It is not as though you are ignorant of them. You will have the lists of jihad terror attacks and the details-yet you wanted to brush these aside and pick at the periphery. Why so? Is it because you have bartered away your obligation and duty to safeguard and uphold security for your vote bank concern? It is true that you are jittery when it comes to facing the electorate –remember you had won by fluke or freak after the third round count. You need to be ever grateful to Navin Chawla. He served well the purpose for which he was made the CEC.
Now the latest attack at Jama Masjid is traced to the Indian Mujahideen. Is this ‘saffron’ terror Mr Chidambaram? Can one holding a portfolio as Home Minister afford to be self centered at the cost of national security? How are you going to reckon to the innocent bloodletting and innocent lives lost. Are you justified to just holding out an apology-blaming systemic failure or even on intelligence failure to get round to your vote bank politics. There is a day in everybody’s life called the Reckoning Day and I wonder how you will face that Day.

And the deepest cut was to color terror as ‘saffron’ terror was cruel-untrue, unjustifiable. Loud claims and counter claims were made by you when Jihadis attacked-then you and your party proclaimed from house tops that ‘terror knows no religion’-this when you are well aware that Islam is the only religion which abets and sanctions terror attacks. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. A few exceptions will not make the rule as one sparrow does not make the summer. Unless we face squarely the reality how can we take up the challenge? You are not a naturalized Indian not to be full versed in saffron and what that color stands for. When six years ago on Sept 11th the jihadis rammed into the World Trade Centre -and brought it down tumbling along with hundreds of innocent people way back in 1893 same day-Sept 11th the great Indian monk Swami Vivekananda stood tall and majestic in saffron robes to address the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago and gave the bulge call for Unity. Sants and saints-ancients and holy men- all donned the saffron as an affirmation and a testimony to godliness and god centeredness and above all to Dharma. Saffron is power-is holy is sacred. It is this which gave saffron a place in our tricolor. It is not that you are ignorant of all this and yet you deliberately chose to pick at ‘saffron’ and tagged it on to terror.

Your son is one of the temple trustees in your home town of Sivaganga. And every year for the temple feast the flag which is hoisted is saffron in color. Does it mean that the temple in your town signals terror and terrorists? All this you are fully aware of and yet you purposely chose to castigate ‘saffron’ as the color of terror. Why did you stoop so low? Glib talk will not stand you in good stead when it comes to facing your Creator? Truth cannot be sold for votes. You have a high stake Mr Chidambaram and your office is one which is obliged to protect and provide security to this country and its people. You are under oath to uphold this.

The same kind of mode you are when you agreed to talk to ‘separatists’ in J&K. Can murderers, traitors and secessionists be parties with the government of India to chalk out a solution for the State? Why is the GOI so weak-kneed and jittery? Can vote bank politics take the GOI to the extent of even betraying our armed forces and making it the scape goat for all that ails J&K? Then what else remains for this country? Honor lost, territory lost and Truth the biggest casualty. Pray, Mr Chidambaram is not Kashmir a white elephant-a constant irritant and its anti Indian stand in spite of the tax payers pouring in their hard-earned money to maintain it and its development, a cause of alarm and for hard thinking and action? Why are the youth on the streets and not in schools and colleges? Had they been within these premises and the CRPF and State cops trespassed then they could have been faulted for firing and for lathi charge.

A survey by India Today (Sept 13th 2010) gives some startling and disturbing data on the financial affairs of J&K. The State government generates only 25 percent of its own expenditure. The CAG has castigated it for the excess expenditure of Rs 71,088 crore between 1980 and 2008.Where has this money gone? If a non Congress government comes under scrutiny and the CAG makes such allegations the Congress is up in arms. If out of the 23 Public sector undertakings in J&K only four makes profit-then why not disinvest. Why this special treatment for J&K –Yet they burn the Indian flag, shout anti-Indian slogans and the youth is on the roads instead of being in schools and colleges-pelting stones at the cops. We treat them with a velvet glove-something is seriously amiss. In spite of this you are leading the GOI party to talk of development-justice, honor etc. Whose honor are you trying to uphold Mr Chidambaram?
Unless truth is upheld and vote bank politics discarded there will be no honor for this country-be it Kashmir problem, terror, corruption, development, the one third hunger Indians and the fattening of rodents and rats issue-that honor the Hon’bles in the power echelons of this country had long lost.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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Call a spade a spade Rahul Gandhi-Change Agent-lost in the woods

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  • 1. rakesh  |  October 2, 2010 at 11:57 am

    very well said madam. This soft spoken well learned politician is as bad as kalmadi or laloo.
    They can do any thing for their votes; I want to say something in man’s words but to an elderly well learned and anguished lady I cant use them.
    and why nobody commented on such a brilliant article. come up folks or are u as helpless as …well hildaji and me…

  • 2. shankar  |  October 5, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Once again you have hit the nail on the head with your precise, clinical analysis of the vote bank policies being followed by the Congress party and its netas. It is a pity that your articles are not being published in the leading dailies/magazines so that the educated lot can really see through the shenanigans of these pseudo secularists. As you have rightly put, hundreds of thousands of crores of tax payers’ money is being siphoned off in the name of CWG and the electronic media and the print media who seem to be acting as hand maidens of the ruling ilk have no compunction in eulogising these ruling party netas as the new stars on the horizon or the messiah landing on earth to make complete change of the situation and solving all problems. For everyone except these ruling class it is crystal clear as to where the terrorism emanates but they are afraid of accepting them for vote bank reasons. Still it is unacceptable to use “saffron” in conjuction with terror however antithetical one may be against BJP/RSS/Sangh parivar in general.More than these netas, the anchors of some of the TV channels go overboard in pleasing their masters by posing more patriotic than the king! As long as the media is tightly under the grip of the ruling class it is difficult to bring about the change required in our society. Thank God we have at least the internet which at least gives us some space for venting our feelings. Keep up your good work madam! We are with you


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