On “An empress of India in new clothes”

November 14, 2010 at 3:27 pm 3 comments

The article ‘an empress of India in new clothes” by John Maclinton (http:expressbuzz.com)Nov 12 brought out the simple fact that the new clothes of the empress Mrs Sonai Gandhi no more are protective cover for her. Mrs Sonia Gandhi has come a long way donning on these clothes but is being exposed in her autocratic, dictatorial style of functioning. The problem is that she and her son thinks that others should change but not they.

Apart from the massive and extensive corruption she has abetted –yes she has abetted because as the author says most of the corrupt money goes not into the individuals’ pockets -only a fraction goes, the rest goes into the confers of the Congress party to buy MPs to topple non-Congress governments. I agree fully with John Maclinton’s perception when he states that “ her governors shamelessly hijack democracy by twisting the law” But then is there democracy in India? If there was, then Mrs Sonia cannot dictate from No 10 Janpath. From day one with her (in) famous renunciation she has steadily subsumed every democratic institution and bypassed every constitutional norm.

This according to me is the greatest stab Mrs Sonia Gandhi inflicted on the Indian polity. By handpicking the Prime Minister-she set a precedent of anti- democratic function. Again she handpicked the President of India. This was so evident when in public she stood holding the hands of the President .Who is Mrs Sonia Gandhi?

She is the President of the Congress Party and an MP nothing more and nothing less- that does not make her the extra-Constitutional Prime Minister of India. She has belittled the Constitution and even bypassed Parliament with her National Advisory Council. Another jumbo Parliament of Mrs Sonia Gandhi who presides over it. This is her lobby-her extended coterie and her sycophants all rolled in one. Whom are they advising? The NAC is supposed to advise Mrs Sonia Gandhi and that becomes obligatory on the PM to follow up that advice. Then what is the Parliament for? Why should schemes be discussed and debated in the NAC and then directed to the GOI for implementation? We could as well wind up the Council of Ministers because most of the time they are dispowered and occasionally a few are selected to act as Group of empowered Ministers. One should think that the Council of Ministers advises the PM.Mrs Sonia Gandhi as the Presdient of the Congress party can forward her views. But here it is just the other way round. The PMO must even heed to the suggestions of Rahul Gandhi who can walk in at any time and tell the PM to extend the NREGS all over the country. But then why is the PM so submissive? That is because he was handpicked and he is ever mindful of that.

With Parliament a mere forum when MPs occasional debate and create ruckus the NAC acts as the extra constitutional Parliament. It is no small wonder that chief ministers rush to No 10 Janpath and not to the North Block.Because it is the writ of Mrs Sonia Gandhi which runs….but how long?It seems to me that the steam is already vaporizing into a vacuum

Her power period has seen the maximum scams and has brought out the vocal skills of the Congress spokespersons. The Congress party is the Defender of the Corrupt and its spokepersons are so very skilled in shouting down the views of others and in defending the corruption. One should think that Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s number one achievement is this-the SCAMS-Never in Independent India had every dimension of the polity been submergedin scams. This goes to the credit of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the prime Minister.It is now accepted reality-that without scams no governance-without scams no schemes and no mega programs. Since the CBI is ineffective and become effective only when Mrs Sonia Gandhi wants the Opposition to be kept at bay .Hence as John MacLinthon very aptly points out the CBI allowed Quattrocchi to flee with his loot and the PM has only to tell the nation that he was out of the loop. Now A.Raja the Tele Com minister brazenly challenges India-the PM and asserts that the latter was in the loop. Yet the Congress is hesitant to take action. It is the prerogative of the PM to drop A.Raja. No, the Congress is waiting for the DMK to act!

One is stunned at the cool indifference of the UPA in the face of such ignominy in the ruthless plunder of the people. It does not bother Mrs Sonia Gandhi  and her party .What they think is necessary in the face of scams is to field spokespersons who can shout down sense and logic with their senseless and illogic. Or point at the NDA’s omissions. How does the NDA’s blunders and sins justify the enormous scams of the Congress and the unprecedented loot by A.Raja?. The kind of fleecing of Indian poor has surpassed all the loot of the foreign invaders. The Indian political class are the looters-the loot then is stashed in tax havens. Had the Central Investigation machinery and the CBI been effective, honest and alert surely such shameless plunder would not have taken place.

If A.Raja looted India-it is because he is following the policy set by the NDA. Let’s grant this hypothetically-so if the NDA looted India that means the Congress and its allies are justified in looting India. The chief minister of Tamilnadu says so. Poor A Raja has not faulted-he is innocent. To whom are these people putting forth all these cock and bull stories? What is shocking is the way the UPA is going all out to protect the corrupt A.Raja and the massive corruption. Then it means there is something more than eye can see. Is this coalition dharma to hide corruption-to give refuge to the corrupt and to allow India’s poor to be fleeced and even robbed of their crumbs? All this because Mrs Sonia Gandhi wants to be in power at all cost. Why should India pay such a heavy price to keep her in power? In the whole scenario of scams and A.Raja’s loot/plunder what comes through is the Congress as great skilful defender of the corrupt and its national spokespersons (Manish Tiwari and Jayanthi Natarajan) as crafty advocates/defenders of corruption. If there is a Nobel Prize to be awarded on corruption and craftiness the Congress can walk away with it.

I fully agree with John MacLinthon when he puts forth that “Most Westerners, who come here, still think they are here to ‘give’ something to a country, which, unconsciously of course, they think is lesser than theirs. It was true of the British, it was true of Mother Teresa, and it is true of Sonia Gandhi”. This is exactly why Mrs Sonia Gandhi with her NAC patronizes India’s poor. She thinks that she alone can deliver which has been proven wrong.

This was the reason why her great ‘renunciation’ has been dramatized by her sycophants. She has carefully scripted the drama to be enacted. The Latin spiritual writers used to refer to those who renounce the world and all its blandishments to dedicate themselves to God-those great renunciators-as those ‘nihil possidentes,sed omnia habentes(who own nothing, but have everything).But then as time went on as this so called renunciation became a mockery the definition referred to their public proclamation of their austerity, but private enjoyment of the pelf of the world. When it comes to Mrs Sonia Gandhi-the empress in new clothes it is worse-She puts on a mask as the great savior and the champion of the poor while all the time enjoys all the comforts at the cost of the Indian taxpayer and the poor. What does one call this? No country in the world would tolerate this deception and no country in the world would succumb to such distortions of reality-by such a ‘renuniciator’.It is time for the one billion people to raise their voices and to act.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja



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Awake,Arise-Make Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her devotees accountable The Prime Minister must come out of the prison of his own making

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  • 1. Aron  |  November 14, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    The spectacle of kaliyuga


    In the Holy Bagavatha, there is this puzzling vision of a Cow that stands on four legs, which loses its legs gradually one after the other- so that it stood finally on just one leg!
    This gets explained by the Sage that the Cow is symbolic of the Dharma or Righteousness- Truth, and how the Holy Scriptures and the Faith in Divine would be its sole leg to stand upon at the darkest hours of the Iron Age that is Kali Yuga.
    Nowhere is this symbolism of future prophesied gets manifested than in India- ever since the Culture of Falsehood got its most effective and successful leadership in the likes of Karunas and Sonias.
    One by one the four legs of Democracy and Free Society got steadily eroded, and chopped off with contempt.

    The four Pillars upon which our Freedom stands- so that Fascists and forces of Falsehood do not manipulate the masses into giving them a mandate to destroy the other three-
    had a unsuccessful bid at that through the very same Dynasty that put India on the road to eventual Totalitarianism like the soviet Union- through its Iconic Leaders who would be doing the role of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

    Proletariat interestingly is a term for the common masses and is not as it is assumed by many to stand for Working Classes.
    In other words the Aam Admi.

    Thus what was started by Nehru under the auspices of Lenin and put in shape by the architect of modern India –into a Temple of Socialist Statism when he came to play that role-
    Later, this assumed menacing forms of cultivated and systematic erosion of the other three legs or Pillars- which Indira Gandhi attempted and nearly succeeded in the Emergency.
    An Electorate were circumvented by rigging and bribing the electorate, capturing a sweeping Majority, the judiciary was sidelined by Legislations and Amendments to the Constitution and later by appointment of Judges and intimidating them.

    The Free Press was bought with whiskies and bank cheques and a brute carrot and stick policy through advertisement support, and corporate black mail to block them and force them to bankruptcy. Even sheer violence and framing of charges were adapted.

    Eventually Free India- like that Cow of Dharma, that lost its legs, came to stand upon just one leg- faith in the Divine.

    With the Dictatorship of aam admi- we have finally arrived!

    Fortunately, though people were despairing at the increasing corruption scandals even at the last pillar of Freedom left standing in this case- the Free Judiciary, and almost given up as that last repository of Faith to crumble, came the Ayodhya verdict as testimony that this Pillar has stood all the corrosive effect of a half century of Fascist Politics at work.

    Italy being the home to Mussolini and his brand Fascism is infamous for its Vatican and its Mafioso- which its insiders have written Tomes on how they both operate and to the benefit of the Fascist.

    This is most demonstrative in the story line of Sonia Gandhi and her taking to culmination the concluding chapters of this Tryst with Falsehood of Free India.

    Which started with Nehru’s obsessional Communism, Indira’s reshaping of that into Fascist dictatorship, and Sonia’s perfection of the art of deception- when the Dictatorship of the aam Aadmi gets undertaken by all the three Italian features-
    The Vatican, mafia and the fascist Dictatorship.

    Now that Cow standing upon the sole leg of Faith- which is our faith, in the recently upheld and vindicated Ayodhya verdict- must therefore be the last standing chance of rescuing India from the Dictatorship of Falsehood.

    The way forward therefore for both opposition and especially lovers of freedom and the victimised Hindus, must be an increasingly activist challenge through Legal recourse and a Battle royal at the Courts of Law- which would be her Dharma Yudh.

    Sonia’s Congress had been unable to argue and win their case of libel against the charges made by concerned Non-Resident Indian activists in the Courts of Law in America.
    The coming to light of Former Top Telecom official blowing the whistle on the Telescam, The CAG damnation of Loss to Exchequer running in Billions of dollars, the centure of the Supreme Court which asked the morality and justice of such a minister in office- all point to this.

    This indicates the chink in the armour, explains the Fascist methods being adapted in haste like attacks on the opposition and Hindu RSS- all signs of panic.

    Sonia could very easily be on her way to distinguish herself as the Marcos of India and on the way to exit from public life in disgrace.

  • 2. Sita  |  November 15, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Ma’am, Another article for you ma’am, that sheds light on Indo-Pak relations and Hindu-muslim relations in India and the world.

  • 3. Shankar  |  November 22, 2010 at 6:49 am

    Once again a hard hitting article and congrats ! I too feel in similar way and wish to share my views.
    It is getting murkier and murkier day by day – I mean la affaire 2 G.
    The Congress party is claiming moral high ground and seem to be saying that since they have forced Telecom Minister A.Raja to resign the matter should end there.
    In fact the real matter has started only now. It is obvious that the Minister was not the only one involved in this humongous scam creating a new bench mark in corruption – in terms of the loot involved.
    If he had the temerity to overlook/ignore the recommendations/advice/suggestions given by some of his cabinet colleagues /depts and going ahead with granting licences left right and centre to any Tom,Dick and Harry, just on first come first served basis, there must be some strong clout for him to fall back upon if there were this sort of outcry.

    “Coalition Dharma” is a much maligned word now a days and in reality means that a tail can wag the dog since the dog is made to feel as though it cannot exist without it.

    Was the support of the DMK party so important/indispensible that the P.M. – whose personal integrity is impeccable- could do nothing to tame the Minister to follow his recommendation of taking the auction route to award licences?

    Whatever be the personal integrity/unimpeachable incorrupibility etc of Dr.M.M.Singh, he is being seen as a weak P.M. having to bow to every other pressure from his coalition partners and sometime even his own party colleagues for the sake of running the Govt.
    Such a sensitive person that he is, what prevented him from putting his foot down saying he will not tolerate any misdeeds of his cabinet colleagues come what may, even losing his power? Is he also clinging to power at any cost?
    Or is it the case of the TINA factor? (There Is No other Alternative)

    If he was afraid of losing the support of DMK there is always the unconditional support of Lalu, Mulayam,Mayawati et al.

    Therefore it is sad that such an honourable man is perceived to be forced to look the other way when so many scams are happening around him – all in thousands of crores-the CWG scam, The Adarsh Scam to name a few.

    We saw a different MMS when the nuclear bill was being taken up but now what we see is a pale shadow of the same person- weak, helpless- almost like the Bhishma Pitamah with so many arrows on his body.

    There is more that what meets the eye in these sordid episodes and the can of worms have started to come out in swarms and one wonders how many skeletons are going to come out of the cup boards.

    It is not good for the image of our country esp when we are fighting for a place in the security council at the U.N.

    God save our country!


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