Pot calling the Kettle Black

November 21, 2010 at 1:23 pm 2 comments

The 2G scam is said to be the biggest in human history. But our politicians starting from the Prime Minister right down are going about giving the same kind of reaction Action will be taken against the guilty stated the PM .But if the PM himself is under the scanner who is to take action and how are we to trust the PM? No matter how brave the Congress pretends there is no second opinion that it is the party with the biggest scams and corrupt to the core. Rahul Gandhi may hold out stating that with the quitting of A.Raja the Congress upheld strict traditions against corruption. The Congress was never known to take action on its own. It only covers up or tries to run for cover. This is clear from Quottrocchi down to 2G.scam The Union Minister for Law and Justice-Veerappa Moily describes the opposition as ‘urchins” This is going too far when his department is responsible in dragging its feet and in 2G scam.. The Opposition has every right to demand for a JPC. It is true that there is the PAC but it was always there and what happened to all the corruption cases? The 2G scam is not one which can be debated and satisfy the nation. Concrete action must be specified. The PM allowed the DMK ally to have its way. The allocation of the Ministry itself was wrong when Maran’s family had vested interest in Communications and IT. It is precisely for this that the DMK demanded that portfolio. Our ‘sensitive’ PM must have been aware of it. Similarly other portfolios were all allocated according to the demands of the DMK and the demands of the DMK were based on its craftiness to mine…from these. Now to try and absolve the PM is wrong because he may be a man of integrity and honesty but in this matter he yielded and turned a blind eye. What was his justification in putting party ally’s interest before the national interests? As an economist he would have gauged the enormity of the plunder and the loss to the nation yet he was silent. Why? Who forced the PM to this inaction? Can one then allow the PM to wash his hands like Pontius Pilate? Was he not obligated to stand by the nation and its interest? How can the people now simply run after others whom the PM allowed to have a free run of In this Veerappa Moily too has a role. His ministry should have been alert instead he goes about making allegations that the Opposition is running away from its responsibility. Who failed in upholding responsibility and duty? The hardest cut comes when he calls the DMK a most valued partner and that all the allegations against it is made by the AIADMK only for the latter’s survival in politics. Was not the submission by the Congress to the DMK of its pound of flesh in the portfolios business for survival of the Congress at the Centre? Would it be able to form the government had the DMK pulled out its support? In the final analysis the whole 2G scam was the making of the Congress to remain in power. By casting allegations on other political parties Veerappa Moily is like the pot calling the kettle black. Will our politicians and ministers never learn-never speak the truth, never uphold dharma? Are the allegations baseless? The Congress must clean its Aegean stables. It is not enough to defend the PM and keep issuing certificates of ‘sensitivity’, ‘highly proficient man’, ‘blemish less and unimpeachable’ etc. No body denies all this and the nation is not looking forward for the Congress’s certificates to the PM. It is under such a man that the most devastating and most sickening scam has taken place and that too right under his nose. Can someone explain why the PM whose personality is structured on such high values and learning allowed one of his Ministers a free run of the Ministry of Communications and IT to loot the nation? Does it make any sense? So what is the use of the Congressmen and women praising the PM while they used him and someone was able to blind him to his obligated duty-namely to put the nation first and to safeguard its interest? The more the praises heaped on the PM and his unimpeachable character upheld the more murkier and more strange it seems for such a person to fall into the trap of letting down the nation.- that the PM inspite of all these attributes had failed the nation is a fact. This is his dubious distinction now. The big question is WHY? Who is responsible for this? Who had misguided him? Let law take its course and the CBI drag its feet-in the meantime it will be most appropriate for the Congress men and women to mark their words and actions. It stands today exposed and a symbol of Corruption and Scams Let it not live in a glass house and throw stones at others. Had it not dislodged a government on the Jain Commission Report? Had it not stalled Parliament? Now to refer to the Opposition as “urchins” is most unbecoming of Veerappa Moily to say the least. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara

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Et tu Brute SoniaG’s certificate for the Prime Minister-his ultimate humiliation

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  • 1. S.Raguraman  |  November 23, 2010 at 9:46 am

    “Urchins” throw stones and leave the place. This is what the Opposition did in the Parliament, according to Moily. Congress workers, of course, act differently. When Sudarsan made unsavoury allegations against Sonia, the Congress workers ‘stoned’ and vandalised RSS offices. What do you call these workers? Congress ‘urchins’ or Congress ‘goons’?

    • 2. hilda raja  |  November 24, 2010 at 2:46 am

      Both-urchins and goons because only goons will vandalise.instead of taking Sudarsan’s remarks on Mrs Sonia Gandhi to the court they took to the streets.Actually till date it has not gone to Court because Mrs Sonia Gandhi is afraid-so is the Congress-more skeltons will tumble out.In the USA when the Congress filed case against the asdvert put up there by the Indian NRI’s the court decision went in favour of the latter.In fact a 100 crore was demanded as defamation by the Congress.It had to bite the dust.So here too the Congress will not take the remarks to the Court but will behave as goons and urchins.


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