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The Congress and the unmaking of the nation

The Congress suffers from multi mental disabilities and it is rather shocking and shameful that a Party which is 125 years old has not come out of its gestation period and hence is not matured. Take for example the book it released on itself ’Congress and the making of the nation’ it clearly indicated its narcissistic mindset. How can it discover itself when it is lumpened with conceit? Can it ever rediscover itself or make a forward movement? The party men and women known for their crafty sycophancy write about the party. An honest evaluation of what the Party was-its history should have been scripted by outsiders-rather historians-non party persons for an honest assessment- even the title of the book ‘Congress and the making of the Indian nation” is misleading and a falsification of the Indian nation and the history of the Congress.

The Indian nation existed before the Congress. There would have been no Congress if the Indian nation did not exist. It sounds too bombastic and reeks of pride and sycophancy at the lowest-to attribute to itself even remotely that it has everything to do in the making of the Indian nation because the Congress of today did not exist and the Congress which fought for Independence under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi was entirely a different organization. That the present Congress swapped the name ‘Congress’ as it trademark like it finds goodwill in the name ‘Gandhi’ are frauds and serious aberrations committed by the present Congress for its vested interest. It is something like plagiarism.
One can be sure the Emergency-the great divide of which both Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi are obsessed with-the urban and the rural, the poor and the rich, the ghettos built around castes and religions have conveniently been omitted. The growth of the Maoists and the Naxals because their rights were denied and development did not reach them-the great vision which P.Chidambaram wants us to envisage with closed eyes-in which every child is inoculated, every child is vaccinated and every child is equipped with skills-are missing in the making of the Indian nation.. So what went into the making of the nation? What were the tasks of the Congress these 125 years that today its leaders are moaning that rights have been denied, that children have not been inoculated and vaccinated etc after 125 years of its existence?

The Emergency proclaimed by which the Constitution was kept in abeyance, the Blue Star Operation, The Indian Peace Keeping Force which was sent to Sri Lanka not to keep peace but to kill and rape the Indian Tamils (the consequences of the latter two resulted in the assassinations of two Prime Ministers)-the communalization of the Indian people-the communal riots in Gujarat in the 60s, the massacre of the Sikhs-these again would not have figured in the “Congress and the making of the Indian nation”.
The renunciation drama was made the focus-a ‘sacrifice’of Mrs Sonia Gandhi which the Congress equaled to Mahatma Gandhi-and conferred on her ‘thagyi’. By no stretch of one’s imagination can this be a sacrifice. She knew that Manmohan Singh would fit the role and be malleable-she could pull the strings-get all the bouquets and put him on the firing line. She was ill-equipped for the role and even today Rahul Gandhi her son is ill equipped. They will not take the power seats because they will stand exposed. So let others take the brickbats while these two hold all the power.
The Congress should have some humility-nay honesty for it has to remember that no nation can be made without the support of all the political parties. A fitting assessment for the Congress history would be “The Congress and the unmaking of the Indian Nation”

It seems that the Congress leaders are desperate: we first had P.Chidambaram cautioning of the ‘saffron terror’ this was followed by Digvijay Singh harping on the same with greater tenacity and Rahul Gandhi sharing his concern of the ‘bigger threat to India from the Hindu terrorists than the LeT with the USA ambassador. That he later toned down to include all kinds of terrors does not absolve him of his political improbity and his infantile concern of an imaginary threat-worse that in the process he was backing Pakistan. All the three leaders must realize that their statements, their concern and their utterances are Pro-Pakistan.So PC can continue exchanging dossiers while the Pakistan army trains and prepares the LeT. Rahul Gandhi did not have even the rudimentary knowledge that LeT has the backing of the Pakistan army-that makes all the difference. For the sake of vote bank politics these leaders stooped to betrayal of the nation. Does this also go into the making of the Indian nation?

Two statements one by P Chidambaram and the other by Pranab Mukherjee are really frightening. The former argued that Mrs Sonia Gandhi should review the performance of the government every six months. Who is Mrs Sonia Gandhi-she is the Congress President an MP-what authority has she to review the performance of the government? Can the people allow PC to denigrate the Constitution, the GOI, and the ministries all by one body blow? ‘We will not allow the office of the PM to be denigrated’, asserted Mrs Sonia Gandhi-something which she had already done- Now PC denigrates the whole GOI the office of the PM and the various ministries, forgets that the Congress does not enjoy the confidence of the people. It has only 10 States under its rule. With what constitutional legality and political acumen can PC state that Mrs Sonia Gandhi must review the performance of the government? She is an extra constitutional power and the renunciation was a clever ploy to hold power without responsibility, she has no authority nor people’s mandate and sanction to perform such a task. PC has degraded and debased democracy-he should be indicted for openly arguing this country to become a banana republic. How can we have Cabinet ministers who do not believe in democracy?

Next statement from Pranab Mukherjee ‘No country can feed 1.15 billon people, whatever be their capacity’ Mr Pranab Mukherjee has clearly given the signal-the Congress has abdicated its role. Its bankruptcy is obvious and the signal given is that we will continue having 35 percent below the Poverty line. Look at the different directions which the Congress leaders are pulling. We have PC asking why 20 percent at the bottom of the population structure with such low incomes. And here we have Pranab Mukherjee clearly stating that it is impossible to feed our people. They would prefer rats to be fed rather than people. And his justification is that no country can have such a capacity. No country can withstand such a whole lot of looters and fleecers. The menu card in the Parliament canteen is an indication of the callousness of the leaders. While people starve they go on looting-acquiring villas after villas, stash the Indian money in foreign havens and talk to us about their incapacity-to feed the 1.15 billion. But come election and they will go to the same people with a different story. The dirty Hand will be raised and promises made that vote them to power so that everyone will have their fill. Scam after scam has been covering the Congress- it is mired in its own corrupt making-corruption which it sanctions-appointment of corrupt persons in constitutional positions are all part of the Congress’ history. The structural injustice which is manifested in the poverty at the bottom and the world class rich at the top is the making of the Congress. And the Finance Minister has the gumption to tell us that no country can feed 1.15 billion people. The Congress thus has openly and in clear terms expressed its inability to feed the people of this country, then it should vacate the power seats. The people must throw the Congress out lock, stock and barrel – bring in structural changes by which there would be equitable distribution of wealth and where 1.15 billion of my people will be fed.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

December 30, 2010 at 6:32 am 7 comments

We will take corruption head on

Sonia’s “we will take corruption head on”sounds brave.It brought to my mind my little granddaughter while playing with her dolls would turn the heads of a few backwards. I hope SG’s head can be turned backwards to face herself from behind and the party lined up behind her .Then this ‘head on business’ will show her as the first casualty for denigrating every constitutional post and foisting herself as an extra constitutional power., undermining the PM’s post and actions, and constituting her own Parliament called the NAC. The Congress is corruption and corruption is Congress-the twain can never be parted.
Not to be left behind P.Chidambaram wants us to close our eyes and attune our antennae to the audio sounds emanating from Rahul Gandhi-he tells us that we can hear Rajiv Gandhi’s voice.Granted it is true-so what is the big deal? Rajiv Gandhi was taking the Congress not to the 21st century but down slide –his death came in handy for the Congress fortunes to be revived and the States which went to the polls after his assassination won on sympathy vote-not on the 21st century vision.. To continue PC’s closed eyes listening ‘Millions are not connected to our economic system not because they do not want to but have no opportunity to.Why is the per capita income so low at the bottom 20 percent of India”. We need to imagine a lot of things. One, to whom is he addressing to close the eyes? The PM seems always to have both his eyes and ears closed hence he needs to be charged for his silence and inaction. To whom is PC asking why the bottom of the 20 percent population of India’s income is so low-That must be attributed to the economist Prime Minister of ours and the Congress party It needs to be addressed by the Finance Minister who keeps asking us to live in hope-that the prices of essential commodities will come down. Can PC tell us why onions are being sold today for more than Rs 80 per kilo? Then the séance continues – he has put everyone on the couch and is performing a psycho analysis-start imaging he tells us with eyes closed and ears opened. ‘Imagine we heeded the call of Rahul Gandhi..imagine every child in school vaccinated and inoculated, imagine leaving school with skills..imagine everyone out of the college with a job” Then the analyst is suddenly pushed off his feet by the awakened tranced people and confronted with the question why have you failed to achieve all this?You think you can take us always on an imaginary trip- -Yes why did you not achieve this-why have you kept us in a trance and why the hell are you the Home Minister and why is the Congress in power which failed to achieve all this.-Damn it and be off. PC winds up his séance by predicting that the Opposition turn will not come for the next ten years- because they have still to wind up the hustle and the bustle of corruption activities and gather what remains. PC thinks he is smart –he who lost the last election by the whisker -thanks to an ever understanding EC and the ever honest MKarunanidhi who did what had to be done –so that in the third round of recounts he won by a few hundreds of votes. Shame on PC, he is making sure that his position will be safeguarded and hence this close eyes and open ears like open sesame and shut sesame. Only he will get shut within his own guilty conscience. His open ears had not heeded the wails and cries of those gunned down by the Islamic terrorists-his closed eyes see only ‘saffron ‘ for he is color blind and his great task of fulfilling the vision of Rahul Gandhi is limited to the exchanging of dossiers with Pakistan. which is having the last laugh. Remember the WilkiLeaks referring to PC as demanding the interview with Headley for saving his face.
The grand finale of the whole theatrics of the drama enacted by the Congress and staged at Burari was good entertainment. For a moment one thought it was the BJP’s when we closed our eyes and opened our ears it sound like the BJP’s voices against corruption. Then when we got out of the trance and opened our eyes it was all Congress faces-faces of the corrupt and the leaders of the corrupt. The puppeteer had a break and the Puppet of the PM spoke.He invoked Caesar’s wife to be above suspicion. It was more a soliloquy. He has nothing to hide and is magnanimous to offer to be enquired by the Public Accounts Committee. The PM must know very well that the PAC has no powers to probe into a wide spectrum of the 2G spectrum except look into the accounts. So why should he offer to be probed by a PAC which is not empowered to probe him or the other aspects in which he is involved? If the PM is innocent as he wants us to believe then he should bravely declare that the JPC can be constituted and he is prepared to appear before it. The fact that the Congress is shying from the JPC itself reveals that it has and the PM has something to hide. What is the use of a fig leave to cover up? Finally the PM’s assertion that he did no wrong must be proved by the probing machinery. He cannot give himself a clean chit. Even a child in India will know that the PM’s silence-his appointed of Adhimuthu Raja as the Minister for TelCom –the PM’s silence for three years-his refusal to sack the minister are the areas where he failed to perform his constitutional duties and when he failed to uphold the oath he had taken when he took over office.
Mr Manmohan Singh must also be answerable why he appointed PJ Thomas as the Chief Vigilant Commissioner. Does all this prove that like Caesar’s wife he is above suspicion? Come on Mr Prime Minister, and prove those brave words by asserting that you will face any probe by any constitutionally constituted mechanism and which is the best-the Joint Parliamentary Committee which comprises the elected representatives of the people. That is democracy. That the JPC is useless and that it will not lead to anything and that it is unnecessary etc are vague excuses-then why earlier were there JPCs? Let the useless JPC become useful this time, and if it does not, all the more better for the Congress for the PM will be proved to be like Caesar’s wife-above all suspicion.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

December 21, 2010 at 7:16 am 19 comments

Rahul Gandhi stands exposed

Rahul Gandhi’s tete-a-tete with Timothy Roemer at the dinner given by the PM on 20th July 2009 has come into the public domain and naturally has stirred the hornet’s nest. The statement confided in private to the US ambassador by Rahul is no longer private that Hindu radicals are a bigger threat to India than the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba.

First- Rahul Gandhi seems to shoot his mouth off whenever he utters something. But this time it is not something to brush aside as the utterances of a greenhorn-or the revelation of his stupidity and incapability of understanding the nuances of India and its ethos. This is a serious statement made by a first time MP to the ambassador of the USA.

It amounts to a security threat. How is he empowered to make such statement? It is 200 percent not true and the USA must be amused at his own ignorance-for the USA must be having its own intelligence inputs. This is the unprincipled leadership of which it expressed in reference to Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Rahul must list out the number of serial blasts that the Hindu extremists were involved in and the numbers of serial blasts the Islamic terrorists were involved in.

Second-It is a serious issue and Rahul cannot get away with it .The Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari has immediately made two counter points-:one that everything is politicized by the BJP and that we must not forget the sacrifices –(two assassinations) made by the Rahul’s family.(By the way I cannot understand why Feroz’s grandson and son  are  always being referred to from their  matriarchal lineage.)

This needs to be answered because the issue is not about sacrifices but about the anti-national statement made by Rahul Feroz Gandhi..The Congress cannot cover up his pro-Pakistan stand by changing the terminology or phrase from Hindu radicals to right wing extremists and still spreads it out to both majority communalism and minority communalism. It is not great knowledge to say that threats from minority/majority communalism are a danger. Is this great intelligence revelation or learning input? 

The Congress can pass any number of resolutions but cannot cover-up now what Rahul Feroz Gandhi shared with the US ambassador.

Third-Just pause for a moment and think what would have been the reaction of the great ‘secularist’ Congress party had this statement been made by one of the BJP leaders? All hell would have broken loose and he/she would have been branded anti-national, a security threat etc. Cases would have been registered and probes conducted to further delve deeper into this Pro-Pakistani stand. The same must be extended to Rahul Gandhi. He must remember that this nation is not for sale and neither is it going to be sacrificed at the altar of vested interest of the Congress. Such a thing would happen over the dead bodies of every single patriotic Indian-be they Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains et al.

Fourth-Another important dimension is: he was saying something entirely opposite to what the PM has been saying-namely that cross border terrorism and the Maoists are the great to threats to India. Please note that Rahul Gandhi’s statement to Timothy Roemer was made  8 months after the 26/11 Mumbai blasts in which the L-e-T has been charged. The case is still on and Headley’s confessions clearly fixed the culprits. Now Rahul Gandhi absolves Pakistan and throws everything to the wind by accusing Hindu extremists as greater threat to India. He has subsequently stated that he stands by it. Then he has to prove it. He cannot be just hitting around simply because he is a zero as far as garnering votes are concerned and wants now to sweep the Muslim votes into the Congress kitty. But by his anti-national stand he needs to be charged sheeted for treason.

Fifth-That Rahul Gandhi and his mother are all out to demolish the Hindu outfits  to appease the Muslims this has been apparent right from the beginning.Vote bank politics as it is termed. To reinforce this Rahul Gandhi wants the demolition of Babri Masjid to be tagged as a criminal act. Let’s grant it, then his father-Rajiv Feroz Gandhi need to be charged for the criminal act of getting the Masjid’s locks broken. First let that be done and then the demolition criminal act can be taken up .Posthumously Rajiv Feroz Gandhi need be indicted and charged. You cannot have both-same yardsticks must be applied. The whole demolition was a sequence to the breaking open of the locks of the Babri Masjid.

Sixth-To get back to Rahul Gandhi’s fear of Hindu radicals being a bigger threat-one must realize that Rahul Gandhi is obsessed with a division in his head. It is always a great divide-the rural India and the urban India-the poor India and the rich India-this is an extension of that divide phobia from which he suffers. He and his mother are polarizing the nation on the basis of religion. It seems to flow from desperation. The Bihar electorate showed the Congress where it belonged-right at the bottom-out of 243 seats contested to win just a 4 is shameful and is the first of its kind in electoral history. RG is the second General Secretary, (Digvijya Singh the first )of the Congress party to be aiming at the Hindu terrorism. Early P.Chidambaram mentioned the ‘saffron’ terror-since then there has been only Islam terror so PC has like a snail withdrawn into his shell. All terrorism are threats-that’s not only for India but over the globe A relevant point o be noted here is that the L-e-T has the support of the Pakistani army this makes all the difference and if RG was unaware of this dimension then he is not worth to be discussed at all and is irrelevant to be in politics. Yet he goes about garnering youth power….

The Congress party may line up a number of big mouthed and at times foul mouthed spokespersons to defend Rahul Gandhi but they will fail miserably because people are not fools and know what it means to say that Hindu radical terrorism is a greater threat to India than the L-e-T, this clearly becomes not just anti-Hindu but pro Pakistan. RG cannot escape the consequences of this and people will realize the danger this mindset of his poses for national security-nay for the very country’s existence. Rahul Gandhi stands exposed.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

December 19, 2010 at 8:28 am 17 comments

The zero tolerance of Mrs Sonia Gandhi

The zero tolerance of the Mrs Sonia Gandhi

The UPA is reeling under its own uselessness and baggage of corruption- hence is in comatose-finding excuses or passing the buck. A policy decision when made by an executive becomes an executive decision and when an executive decision is made by the legislature then it becomes a policy decision and when the SC makes a direction to the GOI it accused of encroaching on the executive powers. But snugly Kapil Sibal has appointed a retired Judge to probe the 2G spectrum! Is this a policy decision or an executive decision? It is a real jugalbandi.What happens to the probe being conducted by the CBI and supervised by the SC?
If one Chavan is corrupt what’s the problem -bring in another Chavan-all the Chavans are all her Queens men-so are those involved in the scams and yet Mrs Sonia Gandhi talks of ‘zero tolerance’ when it comes to corruption. She seems to be utterly confused. One thought that only Rahul is in the woods but the mother is far deeper in the woods. Rahul states that when it comes to taking action against the corrupt the Congress holds its highest traditions. It is not even worth commenting on this because as far as the Congress is concerned there are no traditions in the sphere of taking action against corruption. A simple fact is had the Opposition not gone tongs and hammer Adhimuthu Raja would have been comfortably ensconced in the ministry of Tel-Com. With a pat from Manmohan Singh the puppet PM. Corruption thy name is Congress- yet the audacity of Rahul to talk of holding the highest tradition.
Not once had the Congress moved on its own to drop corrupt ministers/officers and party men/women. If it had undertaken such a task there would hardly be any Congressmen/women left. That’s a point to be noted. This is not to absolve other politicians but the UPA which takes a high moral ground must realize that there is no ground for it to stand. Never in the history of independent India have there been scams of such dimensions and numbers. Yet there is no dearth of big talk and boasts from Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her coterie
What strikes one is how the Congress men/women have become immune to corruption-are their skins so thick, are their consciences so dulled and dead? They become the best advocates for the corrupt-Why for heavens sake can they not join the Opposition in fighting corruption? What comes first-the nation or its own power positions? It is ridiculous for Mrs Sonia Gandhi to pick at Yeddurappa.Can Yedurappa’s de-notification of government land-a practice which his predecessors had also resorted to-his nepotism all be compared to the massive mind bogging scams of the Congress? How can one compare a pickpocket to a serial terrorist? The small pickpocketter had since returned his picks but has the nation’s loss been retrieved by Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the proxy PM? Moreover two wrongs will not make a right. Kalmadi is still in his position and Vilasrao refuses to resign are these proofs of ‘zero tolerance’ of corruption that Mrs Sonia and her son talk of. Raids are no indications of zero tolerance. It is only when those involved are arrested and put on trial that one can say that there is an indication of righting the wrong-of arresting corruption.
The biggest blow to the Congress’ credibility (if it has any left) is the appointment of PJ.Thomas as the Chief Vigilant Commissioner. It is again democratic decency to accept the Opposition leader’s views on this issue especially when the record of Thomas was not clean.. It seemed that Mrs Sonia Gandhi followed the old adage-set a thief to catch a thief in the appointment of PJ.Thomas. As though there were none with an unblemished record. This goes to prove that as far as the Congress is concerned it follows no moral values and probity in public governance but has only its own vested interest. To safeguard its own omissions and commission it had handpicked people and placed them in Constitutional posts.
Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s brave words ‘We will not let the office of the PM be denigrated falls flat. Look who is talking-the one who dented and denigrated every constitutional post. The UPA has overlooked Parliament when policy decisions are made without the concurrence of Parliament. Appropriate ministries have no power in their assigned portfolios. But a group of empowered ministers are appointed to overseer tasks. When was the cabinet last called and what were the issues it had discussed and policy decisions arrived at?
Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul must realize that this nation is not one of zombies. We are a people capable with tremendous common sense and are highly intelligent politically and socially. They cannot try and replay the ‘God Father’ story in India. So they cannot take us for a ride all the time. There is a limit to tolerance. When she handpicked a PM she threw to the winds democracy. As it is Manmohan Singh is a Rajya Sabha member and hence strictly speaking he does not have the vote of the people. This is his biggest liability and Mrs Sonia Gandhi who does not understand an iota of democracy handpicked him to be the PM. That was an insult to the people. Even the President was her choice and it was made clear when she stood before No 10 Janpath holding the hand of the President. Body language is a strong non verbal communication-whether in holding hands or when like the mother hen she ushers and leads the PM
She has rubbed salt in our wounds when she formed the National Advisory Council-this to advise her and in turn the PM. It is a clear indication that she wants the PM to act in accordance to the decisions taken at the NAC which she chairs. So what is Parliament meant for when she has constituted a parallel Parliament with her at its head? Is this not denigration of the PM’s post and of Parliamentary democracy? What credibility and moral authority has Mrs Sonia Gandhi -the defaulter to preach, ‘we will not allow the PM’s post to be denigrated?
The latest dent to democracy is Rahul telling the ambassador of the USA That India is more threatened by Hindu extremists than by Islamist terrorists. Rahul is only an MP and one of the General Secretaries of the Congress party-why has he made such a statement and who authorized him to do so? Is this democracy? Is this not denigration of everything democratic in the GOI’s functioning? We have the PM, The Home minister, the minister for Foreign Affairs and also our own ambassadors where does Rahul come in the picture to make such a false allegation against the Hindu extremists when here there are hundreds of terrorists’ attacks by Islam terrorists. Is this democracy?
I plead to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son not to take the nation for a ride-it will be at their own costs. People are awakening and will not tolerate this nonsense no matter how high they consider themselves to be. It is the people of India to whom they should be ever so grateful for their immense tolerance of such inexcusable denigration of all that is democratic -but there is a limit to tolerance and the people will reach the zero tolerance of such puppettering of governance in the name of democracy.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

December 17, 2010 at 10:14 am 7 comments

The Jugalbandi of P.Chidambaram

P.Chidambaram the Home Minister told reporter at Varnasi that he had not come to do a ‘jugalbandi’-there has been some laxity on the part of the authorities that led to the Tuesday’s (7th Dec) blast in Shitalghat.But what he was doing was exactly a jugalbandi. The UPA2 is expert at passing the buck-Two points need be noted in PC’s utterances. He has become color blind and hence no mention of any color. How quick he had been on warning the nation against ‘saffron’ terrorism. Now what happened why did he not specifically mention the Islamists terror? The second point is the Centre had warned the State in Feb that means a good 10 months ago .It is natural that the State will not be looking into tiffin boxes after a lapse often months. For that matter the whole nation is on warning throughout of Islamist terror-when it would strike nobody can predict. So just to give a vague warning and when a blast occurs to put the blame on the State is unfair. Yes the law and order comes under the State but does PC think that terror warnings and terror blasts come under ‘law and order’. If so then what is the justification for the existence of his ministry. To only guard the high profile politicians? By no stretch of one’s imagination can ‘law and order’ be construed as terrorism. If the Food for the poor has been siphoned off and there is a scam in the export of rains meant for the poorest of the poor-then it is again the State’s crime. What the Central ministers and their respective ministries for?

The CBI had reached Adhimuthu Raja’s residence-how thankful the nation should be and does not the CBI need some patting. After having given ample time for the alleged accused to hide and clean up all traces of evidence the CBI saunters in A.Raja’s residence-to find nothing incriminating. And even this delay was shorted because of the SC’s objections. How the CBI will quiz A.Raja.I suppose it had sent him the areas he would be quizzed and also the particular questions he would be asked. Let us wait with abated breathe to hear A.Raja. His innocence is already proved needs to be reinforced by the CBI drawing a blank. Bolting the stables after the horses have been stolen if the CBI is what the CBI is resorting to.
The Supreme Court does not see why the 2G spectrum scam need to limited only to the UPA 2 regime-why not take up the NDA’s role too. As though one is not enough and the case is dragging now the SC wants to spread its net wider to catch all the fish while the big fish escapes. M.Karunanidhii and A.Raja swear that what was done in the previous regime was simply followed by ARaja. Would MK sell rice at the 2001 price? Will the UPA government ensure to sell potatoes and onions at 2001 prices? If such common daily commodities cannot be sold at the 2001 prices how can spectrum be auctioned at the 2001 prices. Even a child would understand this. Why have airfares not be held at 2001 pricing? Petrol and diesel are two other items always showing an upward trend. So to make a case that the 2001 prices were followed and also the method of allocation adhered to makes no sense. Have our politicians lost their common sense because they have lost the common man’s touch and perspective?
Is Rahul Gandhi at the backstage mulling on what his next utterance must be-because Rich India/Poor India fell flat? Comparing Modi to Mao made him a laughing stock, That he has no sense of Indian history was very known-but that he has absolutely no grasp of similes and applicable analogies adds to his bankruptcy.The big question is does he and his mother Sonia Gandhi have the least concern for the country?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

December 9, 2010 at 5:12 am 2 comments

The 2 Gs

The 2G scam is something which makes every Indian put down his/her head in shame but not the Congress. The party comprises  persons who are least bothered of what happens to India, to its poor and its citizens-only power for themselves is their concern and sole goal. Prime Minister knows not just 2Gs but 3 Gs. Let us concentrate on the 2Gs.Sonia Gandhi ad Rahul Gandhi.The former proclaimed that Congress stands for truth.It is laughable. Is she really serious or just ridiculous? She has to script new terms for words-for example her renunciation meant more power which is not what renunciation stands for and is known for.But by ‘renunciation’  the coterie round her ranked her with saints and sants. In actual practice what did it mean she assumed the role of an extra constitutional PM. Now she talks of Congress standing for the truth. And what is truth when she has filled the ranks with corrupt men and women. In every constitutional post she filled with her handpicked corrupt persons. Yes this would include Manmohan Singh too. Corruption is simply not soiling one’s hands with currency or taking kickbacks directly, but in abetting corruption in failing to uphold one’s constitutional role and thereby betraying the people, in silence, in inaction while the public exchequer is looted, in failing to throw out a cabinet minister when he bypassed instructions et al. Are these not different facets of corruption? And Manmohan Singh is guilty of these and more. He cannot get away by citing coalition dharma-this is coalition adharma which he personally and vigorously pursued. He cannot abdicate his constitution obligation by claiming to be out of the loop as he once did. If he was helpless and his hands tied-his mouth shut then he should have put in his papers if he is the man of integrity and impeccable that people parrot. He is worse than A.Raja because he was above him and he had a co-responsibility of the whole cabinet. It was he who appointed A.Raja after very well knowing what he would be up to. Hence he stands first indicted.

Mrs Sona Gandhi is the puppeteer who holds the stings and makes others dance accordingly to her pulls-yet she had the gumption to state that the Congress stands for truth. Does she stand for truth? If so how and why did Quottrocchi flee with his loot-the Indian plunder? This can never be forgiven and does not speak of her truthfulness.

Both she and Rahul Gandhi canvassed in Bihar with untruths and that’s why people rejected them totally. Could there be a greater fall to lower levels. The Congress touched the bottom line with just 4 seats. Imagine a national party which speaks of truthfulness-which appoints the President and the PM getting just four seats out of the 243 seats it contested. No political party has ever had such a shameful rejection by the people. Rahul’s poor India and rich India and his claims that he belongs to the poor India was totally a sham. Not once did he condemn corruption-not once did he inform the people what he was aiming at. He was faulting Nitish who the whole world has credited with for pulling Bihar out of the morass that the Congress’ ally Lalu pushed it to. Bihar-one of the poorest State RG had the illogic to compare with Maharastra. If it has no electricity who is to blame? In five years time what did he expect Nitish Kumar to perform-perform a miracle? Rahul Gandhi at his age of 40 which is no longer ‘youth’ must call a spade a spade.On the other hand he just throws insinuations and blatant untruths when he called Modi a Maoist.Would the people of Gujarat forgive him for such abuses heaped on their elected leader. What if the people called him and his mother propagandists of fascists? He has yet top learn to give respect and get respect and not throw his weight around on the basis of his being the dynasty.

Talking about truth-RG is against dynasty but not against his being pushed as General Secretary and commanding so much of the political clout simply on the dynasty claim.What has been his contribution to India and its political thought. His half baked ideas of youth power and strutting across the non Congress States meeting youth in closed and well guarded meets makes one wonder whether he has really felt the pulse of Indians. Youth especially those in college have other ideas-they need to gear themselves for the world and its many demands-they need to prepare themselves for  a profession, they have to fend for themselves and they do not have a legacy of money and political power to install themselves in power positions. Does RG need to worry of his future in terms of finance?

Truth is not in replacing one Chavan with another Chavan-truth is not in making A.Raja resign after the loot. Would the Congress have done even these if the Opposition had not shouted  and screamed  and demanded these? But truth also does not lie in comparing Yeddyurappa’s de-notifying lands and bestowing these to his kin with the 2G  telcom scam of 1.7 lakh crore.The former is like a small pickpocket  when caught returned the purse. This does not absolve Yeddurappa of moral turpitude. But the Congress has rushed to cover its mortal sins with venial sins of others. Carrying a beam in its eye and faulting someone who had a speck of dust in his. That is was and is the practice of CMs to de-notify government lands and to bestow it on whom so ever they like has been a practice not only with the Yeddurappa but with the CMs before him and with the CMs of other States. So does that justify the 2G scam and the Common Wealth Games scam,the Adarsh scam? And all those involved are trusted Congress men/women of Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Truth comes in handy for the Congress when it tries to pick at others. Look at the logjam in Parliament. It is the constitutional responsibility of the ruling party to see that Parliament functions. And Parliament will function if the demand of the Opposition for a Joint Parliament Commission is allowed. The Opposition is not demanding anything unconstitutional-in fact more than 70 percent of the MPs wants a JPC so why the problem of not yielding to its demand? The Congress is in the dock and that’s precisely why it is not yielding. It is easy to say that the PAC is a permanent JPC-how strange for Pranab Mukherjee to state thus. The PAC has no powers to summon any minister including the Prime minister.It will not be able to summon Mrs Sonia Gandhi to quiz her on the allegations that Dr Subramaniam Swamy has made that her sisters were recipients to part of the loot. This is the real reason why the Congress does not want a JPC but tries to put the blame on the Opposition. This is another dimension of truth which Mrs Sonia Gandhi states that her party stands for.

Take the appointment of the CVC-Why should the PM appoint a CVC whose record is not clean? There were other two names from which the Prime minister and Mrs Sonia Gandhi could have chosen.Mrs Sonia Gandhi wants her man and that too a corrupt one to monitor corruption. Does it not make strange reading? In this also it did not yield to the leader of the Opposition who rejected P.J.Thomas for his tainted record. Yet Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s handpicked President did not hesitate to sign the papers after the PM and Chidambaram had absolutely no problem or qualms of conscience in okaying a tainted person as the CVC. Here again another indication of truth. Every constitutional post has been dented and smeared with the Dirty Hand. India has been put to shame by the doings of this truthful Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi

There seem to be a brazen attitude with the Congress-not a flicker of the eyelid-no qualms and no genuine regret no sleepless nights for the Prime Minister because the nation has lost such a massive sum-1.7 lakh crores. On the other hand it tries to cover up or points at the omissions of the BJP.and engage in buying time with the hope that the nation will forget these. It has been raining scams and the UPA 2 period of rule is known and will go down in history as the Sonia raj scam period-the darkest period since Independence. Any political analyst would have foreseen this coming when one after another constitutional posts were filled with the corrupt-when the Constitution was bypassed and democracy given a quiet burial in handpicking persons-when the demands of the Opposition is being bulldozed by lame excuses and when Sonia reigns supreme as an extra constitutional power centre- with a weak PM failing to uphold the nation’s interest- that we are very much edging towards becoming a banana republic-thanks to the 2Gs.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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