The Jugalbandi of P.Chidambaram

December 9, 2010 at 5:12 am 2 comments

P.Chidambaram the Home Minister told reporter at Varnasi that he had not come to do a ‘jugalbandi’-there has been some laxity on the part of the authorities that led to the Tuesday’s (7th Dec) blast in Shitalghat.But what he was doing was exactly a jugalbandi. The UPA2 is expert at passing the buck-Two points need be noted in PC’s utterances. He has become color blind and hence no mention of any color. How quick he had been on warning the nation against ‘saffron’ terrorism. Now what happened why did he not specifically mention the Islamists terror? The second point is the Centre had warned the State in Feb that means a good 10 months ago .It is natural that the State will not be looking into tiffin boxes after a lapse often months. For that matter the whole nation is on warning throughout of Islamist terror-when it would strike nobody can predict. So just to give a vague warning and when a blast occurs to put the blame on the State is unfair. Yes the law and order comes under the State but does PC think that terror warnings and terror blasts come under ‘law and order’. If so then what is the justification for the existence of his ministry. To only guard the high profile politicians? By no stretch of one’s imagination can ‘law and order’ be construed as terrorism. If the Food for the poor has been siphoned off and there is a scam in the export of rains meant for the poorest of the poor-then it is again the State’s crime. What the Central ministers and their respective ministries for?

The CBI had reached Adhimuthu Raja’s residence-how thankful the nation should be and does not the CBI need some patting. After having given ample time for the alleged accused to hide and clean up all traces of evidence the CBI saunters in A.Raja’s residence-to find nothing incriminating. And even this delay was shorted because of the SC’s objections. How the CBI will quiz A.Raja.I suppose it had sent him the areas he would be quizzed and also the particular questions he would be asked. Let us wait with abated breathe to hear A.Raja. His innocence is already proved needs to be reinforced by the CBI drawing a blank. Bolting the stables after the horses have been stolen if the CBI is what the CBI is resorting to.
The Supreme Court does not see why the 2G spectrum scam need to limited only to the UPA 2 regime-why not take up the NDA’s role too. As though one is not enough and the case is dragging now the SC wants to spread its net wider to catch all the fish while the big fish escapes. M.Karunanidhii and A.Raja swear that what was done in the previous regime was simply followed by ARaja. Would MK sell rice at the 2001 price? Will the UPA government ensure to sell potatoes and onions at 2001 prices? If such common daily commodities cannot be sold at the 2001 prices how can spectrum be auctioned at the 2001 prices. Even a child would understand this. Why have airfares not be held at 2001 pricing? Petrol and diesel are two other items always showing an upward trend. So to make a case that the 2001 prices were followed and also the method of allocation adhered to makes no sense. Have our politicians lost their common sense because they have lost the common man’s touch and perspective?
Is Rahul Gandhi at the backstage mulling on what his next utterance must be-because Rich India/Poor India fell flat? Comparing Modi to Mao made him a laughing stock, That he has no sense of Indian history was very known-but that he has absolutely no grasp of similes and applicable analogies adds to his bankruptcy.The big question is does he and his mother Sonia Gandhi have the least concern for the country?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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  • 1. vikram  |  December 12, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    They definitely dont care for this nation. Had they a bit concern India, would certainly nott like this!!!!!!! GOOD WORK MAM. . . . Keep going.

    • 2. hilda raja  |  December 13, 2010 at 2:56 pm

      How correct you are.But look how hypocritical they are both mother and son-as though their hearts bleed for the poor.and Rahul Gandhi shamelessly tells us that he belongs to the poor India.Who is responsible for such a divide?all the best to you Vikram.


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