The zero tolerance of Mrs Sonia Gandhi

December 17, 2010 at 10:14 am 7 comments

The zero tolerance of the Mrs Sonia Gandhi

The UPA is reeling under its own uselessness and baggage of corruption- hence is in comatose-finding excuses or passing the buck. A policy decision when made by an executive becomes an executive decision and when an executive decision is made by the legislature then it becomes a policy decision and when the SC makes a direction to the GOI it accused of encroaching on the executive powers. But snugly Kapil Sibal has appointed a retired Judge to probe the 2G spectrum! Is this a policy decision or an executive decision? It is a real jugalbandi.What happens to the probe being conducted by the CBI and supervised by the SC?
If one Chavan is corrupt what’s the problem -bring in another Chavan-all the Chavans are all her Queens men-so are those involved in the scams and yet Mrs Sonia Gandhi talks of ‘zero tolerance’ when it comes to corruption. She seems to be utterly confused. One thought that only Rahul is in the woods but the mother is far deeper in the woods. Rahul states that when it comes to taking action against the corrupt the Congress holds its highest traditions. It is not even worth commenting on this because as far as the Congress is concerned there are no traditions in the sphere of taking action against corruption. A simple fact is had the Opposition not gone tongs and hammer Adhimuthu Raja would have been comfortably ensconced in the ministry of Tel-Com. With a pat from Manmohan Singh the puppet PM. Corruption thy name is Congress- yet the audacity of Rahul to talk of holding the highest tradition.
Not once had the Congress moved on its own to drop corrupt ministers/officers and party men/women. If it had undertaken such a task there would hardly be any Congressmen/women left. That’s a point to be noted. This is not to absolve other politicians but the UPA which takes a high moral ground must realize that there is no ground for it to stand. Never in the history of independent India have there been scams of such dimensions and numbers. Yet there is no dearth of big talk and boasts from Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her coterie
What strikes one is how the Congress men/women have become immune to corruption-are their skins so thick, are their consciences so dulled and dead? They become the best advocates for the corrupt-Why for heavens sake can they not join the Opposition in fighting corruption? What comes first-the nation or its own power positions? It is ridiculous for Mrs Sonia Gandhi to pick at Yeddurappa.Can Yedurappa’s de-notification of government land-a practice which his predecessors had also resorted to-his nepotism all be compared to the massive mind bogging scams of the Congress? How can one compare a pickpocket to a serial terrorist? The small pickpocketter had since returned his picks but has the nation’s loss been retrieved by Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the proxy PM? Moreover two wrongs will not make a right. Kalmadi is still in his position and Vilasrao refuses to resign are these proofs of ‘zero tolerance’ of corruption that Mrs Sonia and her son talk of. Raids are no indications of zero tolerance. It is only when those involved are arrested and put on trial that one can say that there is an indication of righting the wrong-of arresting corruption.
The biggest blow to the Congress’ credibility (if it has any left) is the appointment of PJ.Thomas as the Chief Vigilant Commissioner. It is again democratic decency to accept the Opposition leader’s views on this issue especially when the record of Thomas was not clean.. It seemed that Mrs Sonia Gandhi followed the old adage-set a thief to catch a thief in the appointment of PJ.Thomas. As though there were none with an unblemished record. This goes to prove that as far as the Congress is concerned it follows no moral values and probity in public governance but has only its own vested interest. To safeguard its own omissions and commission it had handpicked people and placed them in Constitutional posts.
Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s brave words ‘We will not let the office of the PM be denigrated falls flat. Look who is talking-the one who dented and denigrated every constitutional post. The UPA has overlooked Parliament when policy decisions are made without the concurrence of Parliament. Appropriate ministries have no power in their assigned portfolios. But a group of empowered ministers are appointed to overseer tasks. When was the cabinet last called and what were the issues it had discussed and policy decisions arrived at?
Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul must realize that this nation is not one of zombies. We are a people capable with tremendous common sense and are highly intelligent politically and socially. They cannot try and replay the ‘God Father’ story in India. So they cannot take us for a ride all the time. There is a limit to tolerance. When she handpicked a PM she threw to the winds democracy. As it is Manmohan Singh is a Rajya Sabha member and hence strictly speaking he does not have the vote of the people. This is his biggest liability and Mrs Sonia Gandhi who does not understand an iota of democracy handpicked him to be the PM. That was an insult to the people. Even the President was her choice and it was made clear when she stood before No 10 Janpath holding the hand of the President. Body language is a strong non verbal communication-whether in holding hands or when like the mother hen she ushers and leads the PM
She has rubbed salt in our wounds when she formed the National Advisory Council-this to advise her and in turn the PM. It is a clear indication that she wants the PM to act in accordance to the decisions taken at the NAC which she chairs. So what is Parliament meant for when she has constituted a parallel Parliament with her at its head? Is this not denigration of the PM’s post and of Parliamentary democracy? What credibility and moral authority has Mrs Sonia Gandhi -the defaulter to preach, ‘we will not allow the PM’s post to be denigrated?
The latest dent to democracy is Rahul telling the ambassador of the USA That India is more threatened by Hindu extremists than by Islamist terrorists. Rahul is only an MP and one of the General Secretaries of the Congress party-why has he made such a statement and who authorized him to do so? Is this democracy? Is this not denigration of everything democratic in the GOI’s functioning? We have the PM, The Home minister, the minister for Foreign Affairs and also our own ambassadors where does Rahul come in the picture to make such a false allegation against the Hindu extremists when here there are hundreds of terrorists’ attacks by Islam terrorists. Is this democracy?
I plead to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son not to take the nation for a ride-it will be at their own costs. People are awakening and will not tolerate this nonsense no matter how high they consider themselves to be. It is the people of India to whom they should be ever so grateful for their immense tolerance of such inexcusable denigration of all that is democratic -but there is a limit to tolerance and the people will reach the zero tolerance of such puppettering of governance in the name of democracy.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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The Jugalbandi of P.Chidambaram Rahul Gandhi stands exposed

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  • 1. Sita  |  December 18, 2010 at 4:37 am

    It is very clear that the future seems cvery bleak for us as Indians and Hindus. Since the wikileaks on Rahul Gandhi’s fear of Hindu Terrorism is followed by news that the SIT/whatever has got information on Hindu Terror cell planing and recce-ing possible targets and giving them up for very flimsy reasons.[OF Course I AM GLAD THEY GAVE UP-we have enough enemies waiting to give us a Bad Name even without such indefensible acts ] Since the arrest of Jayendra Saraswathi and the recent Barkhagate/paid news controversy, I ,personally, have lost faith in the investigations by the Authorities/Media on Hindus.So, it feels that this news may very well be planted.I did not think that I would ever believe in conspiracy theories,but I find myself doing so. Is something wrong with me?

  • 2. sivaraman  |  December 18, 2010 at 10:47 am

    It is difficult to agree with Ms.Hilda Raja’s view “We are a people
    capable with tremendous common sense, and are highly intelligent ,politically and socially.
    if that were so,we would not have tolerated her for so many years.

  • 3. sivaraman  |  December 18, 2010 at 10:54 am

    We must accept our inability to find an INDIAN to rule us.It is unfortunate the CONGRESS of Gandhiji,Jawaharlal ,Vallabhai Patel,,Dr Rajendra Prasad,could not get one Congress leader to succeed Narasimha Rao

  • 4. hilda raja  |  December 18, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    From your point of view I do agree that we are unable to shake of the Italian woman.But you must agree that evil has great power.Not been able to dethrone her does not mean we have no capability,tremendous common sense,and are highly intelligent..Itis that we are not evil,not crafty,not cunning and in these we loose.Look at our heritage and legacy,our knowledge and learning from the vedic times-our discoveries et al.We are not wily-hence we lose the political battle-but that does not mean we will not triumph…hINDUISM is the oldest religion of the world.Our ancients were enlightened.Regards and thanks for the comment.It helps.HR

  • 5. rakesh  |  December 18, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    COngRess CORruption..see they are virtual synonyms and to say that congress is corrupt is saying the sun rises in the east; it is meaning less.
    Today the horryfying thing is and it makes me to shudder that one day the idiot called rahul cud become the PM…I just read the W/L (his virtual statement is that all the muslims are sadhus and all the hindus are terrorists)
    He is a babua and needs a milk bottle with nipple…the best one

  • 6. rakesh  |  December 18, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    dear sita gud to coin the phrase BAHKHAGATE.
    She too did a lot to prove that all the hindus are terrorists (she married a muslim and has to prove in the sasural a thousand times each day that she has left her filthy religion behind, since u can not live in a muslim H/H otherwise).
    But I hv no qualms with sonia being italian or ftm a christian (the fact of the matter is that when hinduism was suffering the most the christianity came for its rescue and in two hundred years not a single conversion took place under duress, may be under greed etc but not under duress. Whereas all the conversions to islam occurred, including af-pak-bangla exclusively under duress)
    With sonia (she is more Indian than me and I proudly acknowledge that rajiv did at least one thing good…he chose the best wife) my issue is simple…she is

  • 7. rakesh  |  December 18, 2010 at 2:57 pm



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