Rahul Gandhi stands exposed

December 19, 2010 at 8:28 am 17 comments

Rahul Gandhi’s tete-a-tete with Timothy Roemer at the dinner given by the PM on 20th July 2009 has come into the public domain and naturally has stirred the hornet’s nest. The statement confided in private to the US ambassador by Rahul is no longer private that Hindu radicals are a bigger threat to India than the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba.

First- Rahul Gandhi seems to shoot his mouth off whenever he utters something. But this time it is not something to brush aside as the utterances of a greenhorn-or the revelation of his stupidity and incapability of understanding the nuances of India and its ethos. This is a serious statement made by a first time MP to the ambassador of the USA.

It amounts to a security threat. How is he empowered to make such statement? It is 200 percent not true and the USA must be amused at his own ignorance-for the USA must be having its own intelligence inputs. This is the unprincipled leadership of which it expressed in reference to Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Rahul must list out the number of serial blasts that the Hindu extremists were involved in and the numbers of serial blasts the Islamic terrorists were involved in.

Second-It is a serious issue and Rahul cannot get away with it .The Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari has immediately made two counter points-:one that everything is politicized by the BJP and that we must not forget the sacrifices –(two assassinations) made by the Rahul’s family.(By the way I cannot understand why Feroz’s grandson and son  are  always being referred to from their  matriarchal lineage.)

This needs to be answered because the issue is not about sacrifices but about the anti-national statement made by Rahul Feroz Gandhi..The Congress cannot cover up his pro-Pakistan stand by changing the terminology or phrase from Hindu radicals to right wing extremists and still spreads it out to both majority communalism and minority communalism. It is not great knowledge to say that threats from minority/majority communalism are a danger. Is this great intelligence revelation or learning input? 

The Congress can pass any number of resolutions but cannot cover-up now what Rahul Feroz Gandhi shared with the US ambassador.

Third-Just pause for a moment and think what would have been the reaction of the great ‘secularist’ Congress party had this statement been made by one of the BJP leaders? All hell would have broken loose and he/she would have been branded anti-national, a security threat etc. Cases would have been registered and probes conducted to further delve deeper into this Pro-Pakistani stand. The same must be extended to Rahul Gandhi. He must remember that this nation is not for sale and neither is it going to be sacrificed at the altar of vested interest of the Congress. Such a thing would happen over the dead bodies of every single patriotic Indian-be they Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains et al.

Fourth-Another important dimension is: he was saying something entirely opposite to what the PM has been saying-namely that cross border terrorism and the Maoists are the great to threats to India. Please note that Rahul Gandhi’s statement to Timothy Roemer was made  8 months after the 26/11 Mumbai blasts in which the L-e-T has been charged. The case is still on and Headley’s confessions clearly fixed the culprits. Now Rahul Gandhi absolves Pakistan and throws everything to the wind by accusing Hindu extremists as greater threat to India. He has subsequently stated that he stands by it. Then he has to prove it. He cannot be just hitting around simply because he is a zero as far as garnering votes are concerned and wants now to sweep the Muslim votes into the Congress kitty. But by his anti-national stand he needs to be charged sheeted for treason.

Fifth-That Rahul Gandhi and his mother are all out to demolish the Hindu outfits  to appease the Muslims this has been apparent right from the beginning.Vote bank politics as it is termed. To reinforce this Rahul Gandhi wants the demolition of Babri Masjid to be tagged as a criminal act. Let’s grant it, then his father-Rajiv Feroz Gandhi need to be charged for the criminal act of getting the Masjid’s locks broken. First let that be done and then the demolition criminal act can be taken up .Posthumously Rajiv Feroz Gandhi need be indicted and charged. You cannot have both-same yardsticks must be applied. The whole demolition was a sequence to the breaking open of the locks of the Babri Masjid.

Sixth-To get back to Rahul Gandhi’s fear of Hindu radicals being a bigger threat-one must realize that Rahul Gandhi is obsessed with a division in his head. It is always a great divide-the rural India and the urban India-the poor India and the rich India-this is an extension of that divide phobia from which he suffers. He and his mother are polarizing the nation on the basis of religion. It seems to flow from desperation. The Bihar electorate showed the Congress where it belonged-right at the bottom-out of 243 seats contested to win just a 4 is shameful and is the first of its kind in electoral history. RG is the second General Secretary, (Digvijya Singh the first )of the Congress party to be aiming at the Hindu terrorism. Early P.Chidambaram mentioned the ‘saffron’ terror-since then there has been only Islam terror so PC has like a snail withdrawn into his shell. All terrorism are threats-that’s not only for India but over the globe A relevant point o be noted here is that the L-e-T has the support of the Pakistani army this makes all the difference and if RG was unaware of this dimension then he is not worth to be discussed at all and is irrelevant to be in politics. Yet he goes about garnering youth power….

The Congress party may line up a number of big mouthed and at times foul mouthed spokespersons to defend Rahul Gandhi but they will fail miserably because people are not fools and know what it means to say that Hindu radical terrorism is a greater threat to India than the L-e-T, this clearly becomes not just anti-Hindu but pro Pakistan. RG cannot escape the consequences of this and people will realize the danger this mindset of his poses for national security-nay for the very country’s existence. Rahul Gandhi stands exposed.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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  • 1. Ravindra  |  December 19, 2010 at 8:42 am

    Poor boy. He is just following what his mom had taught him!

  • 2. Ravindra  |  December 19, 2010 at 8:47 am

    His mom is more interested in talking to her dear friends Maria Shriver (due apologies to Shriver) hours together, rather than to divulge her personal background to filthy indians.

    • 3. hilda raja  |  December 19, 2010 at 12:06 pm

      Ravindra I too had the same thought-we poor filthy Indians are not worth talking-she reserves it for foreign dignitaries.Will we Indians understand her great sacrifice-her ‘renunciation’ and her extra-constitutional’ post.She hence confides to outsiders They areon the same wave length.(Only for votes she waves her dirty Hands).but stays within India to enjoy all its benefits.Her son too confides and shares his imaginary fears with the US ambassador.See how we are all taken for granted.Thank you for your comment.Best wishes

      • 4. Sujata Srinath  |  December 20, 2010 at 8:53 am

        Yes, Mrs. G divulges her initmate details only with non-Indians…and there seems to be some understanding between her and our Press…when they can hound Raja to answer questions why don’t they hound these folks to answer Qs…live…then we can see for ourselves how our press is humiliated and fobbed-off! We don’t need scripted, gushing interviews on the lawns by pro-Congress media persons, which reveal nothing of import…I am sick and tired of such biased reportage!

  • 5. rakesh  |  December 19, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    rahul is a baba…a babua and once a babua always a babua. He needs a milk bottle with nipple and a couple of nanies to take his good care. Measure his IQ…see -ve!
    I shudder at the thought of that toddler becoming the PM of India. worse, BJP will be responsible for that…if they cud not throw LKA in retirement; they can forget to come back to delhi ki gaddi. That man has irritated the nation too much.
    what we need is a nitish modi! or narendra kumar if u wish.

  • 6. senthil  |  December 19, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    Good post madam.. actually for the past few years, i do not worry about this idiot.. the moment i saw his direct speech, i understood his large hollow intellect and his voidness.. Even if he becomes a PM, he could not stay in it for long..

    So the question comes.. who is marketing this worthless person? Media is just the arrow.. but who is the mastermind?

    Is it Vatican? Or Italian intelligence? Or any individual like quottorochi?

    • 7. hilda raja  |  December 20, 2010 at 2:42 am

      Senthil you have the right indication-someone is masterminding the whole Rahul’s march to the gaddi and my guess is -Italian ties .It is also more or less certain that before he sits on the gaddi it will shake-blunder after blunder will follow but in his mismanagement of governace who stands to gain-the Italians Q and his family.It is already whispered that Q has started his business connections with greater vigour and his son is also in it.They are prospering-nay looting in India.The common people are unaware of all this.Bu tto have a hollow man at the helm of affairs is really a tradegy.

      • 8. Sujata Srinath  |  December 20, 2010 at 8:49 am

        I think that is what Subramanian Swamy meant when he said that other than a Raja the 2-G spectrum scam also involves a Rani! And Rani is ably supported by Mr. Q.

  • 10. S.Raguraman  |  December 20, 2010 at 3:44 am

    I do hope and pray that all Indians wake up to the fact that Rahul, PC and Dig Vijay repeatedly and sickeningly harp on ‘saffron’ or ‘Hindu’ terrorism, only to deflect people’s attention from the misdeeds and non-Governance of Congress and its allies. The Muslims especially should understand that Congress had always tried to divide and rule the country on the basis of religion, creating insecurity in the minds of the minorities and the fear that their interests will suffer without the Congress at the helm.

  • 11. S Balasundar  |  December 20, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Hilda Raja is perfect in analysis of the R-G,the progeny of a maniac who is leading the UPA and whose ignorance and arrogance is well established by now. R-_G cannot by means of the fools around be educated politically;He proves to be unfit to hold any position!

  • 12. S Balasundar  |  December 20, 2010 at 7:48 am

    ADDENDA:The Free press Journal(Mumbai Edn) edit of 20 dec10 opens with the remark:Quote:”The BJP can cry hoarse against the indiscretion of Rahul Gandhi but the Congress’s Prince charming is determined to go down that low road of cheap opportunism to try and claim the prime ministerial ‘gaddi'”.(unquote)

    • 13. Sujata Srinath  |  December 20, 2010 at 8:47 am

      The Free/not-so-free Press Journal could have added: “and we are going to help him”!! Because that is what the media is doing…they make a show of being balanced but with old habits dying hard they screw the BJP and Hindus more than the Congress…Some journalist called Mukul Keshavan said that perhaps the media is more prone to sympathise with the Congress because it is viewed as liberal and secular while they are vary of the BJP because it is viewed as supporting majoritainism!! My Q is why cannot majoritainism be secular and liberal??!! The press is a big thorn and it is atrocious that we need to suffer them to get news…

      • 14. shankar  |  December 21, 2010 at 3:43 am

        It has become fashionable to decry the majority Hindus in this country thanks to the pseudo secularists and the electronic media in particular and the print media in general , most of whom are patronised/owned by institutions getting financial support ad support etc of the congress party no wonder project congres as a secular party and define secularism as pandering to minority vote bank. The coverage given to Rahul Gandhi’s speeches and his tours , projecting him as the future P.M etc are so obivisous to see and the BJP unfortunately has to keep on fighting with their backs to the wall. Try as they have so hard, the only case where these media cronies couldn’t do a dam is with Narendra Modi who has proved time and again that majoritarianism can still be a successful governing model and can be a development oriented too and inclusive at the same time. His successes in election after election speaks volumes for his untiring efforts in making Gujarat a role model state.Can the Congress show one single state ruled by them to even come anywhere near Gujarat?

        Therefore the people have to see through the game of the media which is chameleon like and ensure that these phonies are all weeded out in the next election

  • 15. Shankar  |  December 20, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Once again you have truly and articulately reflected the agonising feelings of the majority of the people of this country.
    I cant agree with you more as you can see from my own blog .

    Has terrorism any colour?
    In our country, our politicians paint their own colours to terrorism to garner the vote bank. If Chidambaram calls it “saffron terror”, Rahul Gandhi calls it “Hindu terror”. It is not as though these were spoken in some hushed tone inside a party gathering or a private dinner but in open public gatherings also. The wiki leaks have only confirmed or reinforced these utterings and the media has picked up as breaking news to pander to their own constituency.

    While the whole world accepts the fact that ” islamic terrorism” has been the bane of civil society in the past few decades, where Muslim fundamentalist groups started genocide in various parts of the world in the name of “jihad” our own homegrown “pseudo secularists” and their cronies in the English language electronic and the print media – became their mouth pieces and started sermonising the majority community of its duties towards their brethren. Our pathetic Prime Minister went one step ahead and declared that ” Muslims have the first right/access to all the resources in our country”.

    Even if an Afzal Guru is convicted by the Supreme Court , they will not hang him for years with an unconvincing “queue” theory (thanks to PC)
    Even if an Amir Qasab is caught red handed in the act of terrorism with photographic evidence, and the trial court convicts him the Digvijays of this world try an indirect new spin that there is a possibility of “Hindu” hand in the killing of the ATS chief.Thank God he did not say Hemant Karkare committed suicide !!

    On the other hand even when there is only an allegation of involvement of some fringe right wing radical elements -who are frustrated at the apathy of the pseudo secular government- in Malegaon or Jumma Masjid blasts, the entire hindu majority becomes suspect and our P.M in waiting says hindu terror is worse than Lashkar – e – toiba or the Induan Mujahiddeen !

    When they defend the indefensible by saying ” All terrorists may be Muslims but all Muslims are not terrorists” now they seem to be saying ” All non muslim radical elements are from RSS and therefore BJP and hence Hindus”

    On the political front too they have no place to hide in Gujarat and Bihar.
    Day in and day out they resorted to Modi bashing on the Godhra issue but they could not make even a small dent in his vote bank and election after election Modi came out successfully and continues to do what he knows best – keep the Gujarat State flag flying high with the tag of best administered state. In the case of Bihar the Congress drew a blank almost in spite of (or because of ?) Rahul’s wide coverage of the State with his youth wing support.

    The UPA II version has become the most despicable model what with scam after scam rearing its ugly head every other day – all in lakhs of thousands of crores . If ever there was an award for the maximum public looting , money laundering the UPA ministers and thier cronies will win hands down.

    The CWG scam, the Adarsh Society scam, 2G spectrum scam, land scam you name it they have it.

    To divert their attention, the Digvijays and the Chidambarams and the Rahuls and their ilk have started this scandulous word warfare about the colour of terrrorism.

    Terror has no colour and from whichever place it comes , nust be ruthlessly annihilated with the most destructive weapon.

    By linking it to a particular group these politicians are only playing into the hands of our nefarious neighbour PAkistan and will allow them a free hand to infiltrate into our territory and create more and more Mumbai type attacks. They are also weakening our defences in the on going terrorism cases and Pakistan will be happy that they have very good support even from the ruling establishment for their rhetoric that their terrorists were not involved in 26/11 .

    The people are fed up these scamsters and in the next elections will teach them a big lesson.

    Keep up your good work M’m.

  • 16. Deivasikamani  |  December 20, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Rahul lacks maturity. His remarks are childish. Better he leave politics and not spoil the image of this country

    • 17. rakesh  |  December 20, 2010 at 12:08 pm

      And then what will he do…sell moongfaly at a rly stn; I dont think he can do anything else


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