Paper Rights

January 5, 2011 at 12:42 pm 8 comments

It looks like we are being overburdened with ‘RIGHTS’ which are more in paper than in reality. Take for example the right to life which means provision of food-water and other survival inputs. The same government which conferred on us this right has clearly abdicated its role as the provider. It is impossible to feed 1.15 billion people asserted our Finance Minister. Then may I ask Mr Pranab Mukherjee to withdraw that Right to life. Right to life also encompasses personal safety and security which again the GOI has failed miserably. Right to education-is another right which is observed more in its breach than in observance–when one sees child labor rampant and children out of school then one wonders what this right is all about. This is not to fully blame the government but just to bring to focus the fact that this government is a paper government-why is it so keen on conferring paper Rights which cannot be implemented these are just two examples in the long list of Rights.

Now the latest is the statement of the Minister for Law that soon we will be burdened with another Right-that is Right to Justice.Sounds good but let’s pause to incisively look into the justice which is going to be our Right. Should Justice be a Right-is Justice not by itself a guarantee that it is for all? Should there be Convocation of the people of India in which this Right will be conferred? And will be another Right on the list of the UPA to go for vote catching. Now what is the quality of justice that is being made a right? Is it the Justice which Ruchika was given, is it the Justice that evaded Aarushi. What is the Right to Justice that Veerappa Moily has in mind? Justice varies from courts to courts. Sentences pronounced in the lower courts are quashed at the Higher courts and those of the High courts in the Supreme Courts.
If Courts really are attuned to dispense Justice then why transfer of cases from one State to another-should not Courts in all the States dispense justice. What about the justice which the Courts have already dispensed with-say the sentences which it has pronounced why are these not executed? Afzal Guru’s case is a typical example. Should this nation not have Justice? Should it be burdened by having to spend crores of its hard-earned money on keeping these criminals in the prisons?

Justice is a much bandied word but who gets justice and at what costs? So it is amazing that Veerappa Moily has embarked on conferring the Right to Justice on us the people of India. If only the government and its long arms keep out of this area there can be justice. In Quottrrochi’s case it is the GOI that thwarted justice and made a mockery of the Justice-thanks to then Law Minster Bhardwaj Quottrrochi had the last laugh. Right from the beginning Quottrrochi had to be saved was the Congress sole motive. Even now the CBI is on the save Q path. Why is the CBI bothered about the taxpayers’ money that it gives this as a reason to close Quottrrochi’s case? That nothing new has come out of the Income Tax Tribunal regarding the kickbacks-states the CBI.- which means that earlier it had known the amounts and the persons to whom the kickbacks went and the tax evasion involved. This is the kind of justice we have and which Veerappa Moily wants to offer us? Not to speak of the Bhopal gas disaster-in which till date justice has not been dispensed with for the victims.This is a special kind of vision of the Congress.A justice which is wrapped in injustice and offered now as a Right. The less the Congress leaders talk of Justice the better because they have lost the ability to discern between justice and injustice

Is Right to Justice something like Right to Information, Right to Education? Where does this Right to Justice start and where does it end. How is it operational? Will the Law minister ensure that the Judges dispense justice? If only the GOI stops interfering in the judiciary and ban post retirement benefit there can be some justice .To keep prisoners on parole for years-to stretch the period of criminal justice for years allowing the rich and the powerful to buy time and closures of cases for ‘lack of evidences’ are all mired in corruption and corrupt judges. The whole judiciary has to be cleansed. We had the ex-CJI Balakrishnan who gave his full support to Justice Dinarakarn a corrupt judge -what was not good for Karnataka was good for Sikkim and so he was transferred there.

The people have become cynical of the justice system in our country thanks to the interference of the politicians and the rich. But still I must hasten to add that the Judicary is our only hope sans the interference of politicians. So to hear the Law minister telling us that soon we will have Right to Justice was ridiculous. I wish Veerappa Moily outlines how this Right would be implemented. Finally it must be stated that Justice has always a price-to go to courts one must have money and the capacity to wait for years. In no country does it take such a frustrating long period of wait for justice. Justice delayed is justice denied; one wonders what the Minister for Law is musing. The UPA government is creating a mirage of Rights, and a simulation of Justice.
Lets envisage a world where every person is assured of two meals a day, where every child is happily engrossed in school activities where every child is vaccinated and inoculated-where Health care is available and accessible to all-, where the communal divides fall, where there is justice at the door step for all, where there is peace and harmony-into that world- My Father let my people awake.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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The Congress and the unmaking of the nation Inclusion of the Minorities under the BPL

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  • 1. Vikram  |  January 5, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    ‎2G spectrum total corruption Rs. 17,60,00,00,000. Total population of INDIA 1,11,00,00,000.. loss per head Rs. 1600.. This money is enough to buy JAPAN, modify KARNATAKA as 5 Singapore!! Wat does Central Govt wants us to do???

    • 2. hilda raja  |  January 6, 2011 at 12:10 pm

      The UPA government wants us to continue in penury so and ignorance so that it can swim and wade in scams.Each fellow- has amassed so much of wealth that it would last generations.It suits the politicians that we continue this way-wait for the crumbs that are thrown to us as Food security and ration through public distribution system.The rodents are better off in this country.And pl don’t mention the Gandhis-they represent the whole G2 and CWG scams.All scams and black money trails to them….They are the curse of this country.

  • 4. Shankar  |  January 7, 2011 at 8:32 am

    I thought that the “justice for all and equality of citizens irrespective of caste,creed,race,regligion,language,gender” etc are already enshrined in our constitution and bringing a law of “right to Justice” seems superfluous. Does it mean that the UPA accepts the fact that as of now there is no right for the people of our country and it has to be established through a law?
    Even so what kind of Justice are we going to get?
    These are times when the former CJI himself is under the scanner to prove his probity and the general image of the Judiciary itself is getting eroded every other day with so many scams around. In our country a person takes a bribe of Rs.500 he is immediately arrested and jailed while some other gets away with lakhs of crores of corruption . In our country the Judicial system is so lethargic that by the time the verdict comes even from a lower court, either or both the appellant and the accused have already left this world. They may probably be feeling they may get justice faster by knocking at the pearly gates rather than the gates of the courts.
    Therefore I wonder what this law is going to achieve. The UPA is now in a total mess, upto their neck in the morass of their own creation and their spin masters are tyring their best to divert the public attention from these misdeeds.

    A repeat of ’77 in the next elections only will put the country back on even keel.

    • 5. hilda raja  |  January 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm

      Precisely-the Constitution is based on Justice-hence the enumeration of all the Fundamental Rights.So it looks that we need justice to be brought to us through the UPA2.It will really be justice if they pack and leave.
      Now Sibal says that the Spectrum 2G is errornous-no loss to exchequer!To arrive at that why had the UPA to wait so long?It is one big tamasha.No, the UPA is just whiling away resources and time.deceiving the aam admi and stashing money in tax havens.It cannot feed the 1.15 million people-now it says that it is helpless and cannot control inflation.All these past months we were told that inflation will be controlled.It is falling back on the arugment that there are other forces at work and the country is so huge with such a huge population so they are throwing up their hands.Why a government at all?At this rate the huge country need be pieced-thats what they are doing.After all this country was larger than the present-what a shame to tell us that this country is huge and the population huge etc to abdicate their own responsibility.Should they not have the decency to resign then?

  • 6. Sri  |  January 9, 2011 at 8:27 am

    This is a great piece and very timely.

    After nearly 7 years, Congress is telling we can not feed ourselves. Yet, media or BJP (opposition) does not feel anything.

  • 7. K.Suresh  |  January 11, 2011 at 8:15 am

    Next in line is “Right to Corruption-free governance” ?

    • 8. hilda raja  |  January 11, 2011 at 2:47 pm

      Yes right to corruption is already a Right under the Congress-it is unwritten though-soon it will be put in black and white.All the scam involved people are having a gala time-just the CBI probes -it means only more publicity for them-they are not going to be jailed or deprived of the loot.Free India from corruption must become a slogan-which means free India of the UPA government first.Send Mrs Sonia Gandhi back to Italy-she is the mother head of all corruption


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