The betrayal by the Prime Minister

January 21, 2011 at 2:44 pm 7 comments

Supreme Court questions secrecy on black money

The UPA government is brazen and thick skinned. It would not have mattered if they are endowed by these but in this case it matters because the Prime Minister and his government are abetting looters and plunderers of the country. The height of patriotism for the government to hide behind the niceties of various international treaties and tell the country that it cannot reveal the names because then other countries will not trust us. But then to whom is the government is obliged- to other countries or to the people of this country? First of all no other country will distrust the government if it reveals because it will only hail such a step and praise the government’s firm and fair intention to return the looted money. Here we have a government promising other governments that it will not reveal the names but use it only for tax evasion. Strange logic. Did all the money looted fall under only tax evasion or does it not fall primarily under criminal and plain plunder. So that criminality must be first deal with and then comes the tax evasion.

It seems  Manmohan Singh is hiding his friends-why is he so reluctant and giving all sorts of excuses even at the cost of violating his own oath to function without fear or favor? Denying the country the right to know the names of the looters and the plunderers is a crime. It is as simple as conspiring along with them to hurt the country. Mr Manmohan Singh’s patriotism is now at stake. The country cannot afford to have a PM whose patriotism is doubted and who complies with international treaties only to cheat his own country.

The list of those with black money stashed was given certainly not under confessional secrecy for the UPA government to hide the names. No other country would dare to do this. In fact not revealing the names only exposes the double standards-nay the fraud the government is indulging in and it will earn the disrespect of other countries. What was the Income tax department been doing and what has it so far done with all those tax evaders-like Hassan Ali Khan for example has to pay $8 billion which means 36 crores. How many years Mr PM  will your Income tax department and Enforcement Directorate need to collect the arrears already pending before moving on to the list of the looters acquired under secrecy? We do not have faith that this government is keen on taking any action against the looters of our national wealth. So please publish the list and then we shall see the action the IT and the ED takes to collect the taxes.

This is the hall mark of the integrity of Mr Manmohan Singh-the honesty seeps out when he is unable to rein in his corrupt ministers and now when he is seeking shelter under international treatises not to disclose the nation’s looters. It is not the Congress’ money and there is no option for the PM but to reveal the names because he is obligated by his oath when he took over charge to protect the national interest. How can we tolerate a PM who so easily abdicates his primary duty and betrays the national interest?

Tell us Mr PM whom are you sheltering and shielding. This nation has tolerated your omissions and commissions for too long- inaction in corruption-the nation has been patient with you for your being a rubber stamp, the nation has overlooked your inability to say ‘no’ to the appointment of tainted person like P.J.Thomas. Under your government every constitutional institution has been violated .No PM has invited the SCs ’ strictures as Manmohan Singh has.

The nation has watched with agony the refusal of your government to institute the JPC in the Spectrum3 episode. The nation has lost its respect under you with the various scams heaped on it and now the people are groaning under the weight of the prices of food items. How long can the people go on accepting your failure as an economist, your failure as a statesman, your failure as a person of honesty and integrity, your failure to take strong and firm decisions? But this time your failure is something which the nation cannot take-that of your betrayal of the people-your lack of patriotism to safeguard the national wealth and national security of the people. You will go down in history as a PM who failed the people on all counts-unless you get the history to be written by the coterie of Congress men and women but the nation has no dearth of honest historians who will write a correct assessment of you as a PM under the shadow of Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

Development Consultant,



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  • 1. sivaraman  |  January 22, 2011 at 6:23 am

    I doubt whether anyone else could have pointed out the danger the country is facing with a Prime Minister who has totally forgotten his oath of office and blatantly resorting to actions and inactions in the company of another Unconstitutional Authority,to defraud and loot the Nation.In any other country he would have been charged with sedition and treason and broughtn to trial

    • 2. hilda raja  |  January 22, 2011 at 11:11 am

      You are centpercent correct-no other country will tolerate this.The PM must eb charged for sedition.Thank you for your comment.

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  • 4. Sita  |  January 24, 2011 at 9:07 am

    As usual ,You have raised pertinent questions. But ,the fact is in Today’s India All that we think is Right/Dharmic is seen as Wrong/Seditious,while all that we consider and know as wrong is deemed right. Ithis is what I understand from the public positions exhibited by politicians,especially the congress and by journalists in the English Language Media and also by a few so called intellectuals. Otherwise ,It is deemed anti-National/jingoistic to ask for the National flag in Lal Chowk on Republic Day or question the politicians on the scams or even to question the Journalists of their not reporting on all issues,and them reporting only those news which they deem is appropriate for us the Commoners.,while it is Good/right/patriotic of people to question accession of Kashmir to India.It is patriotic to support Maoists and to question the authority of the CAG.I have been observing the news and chatter on twitter for the last week and have come to the following conclusions:
    1) It is Anti-National to sympathise with Kashmiri Pandits and asking for their rehabilitation in their old homes.
    2) Sedition is not questioning the authorities about maoists/separatists but siding with the victims is.
    They are apparently using the same logic for the question of Black Money,too. None of the journos seem to be particularly those who were shrill even now against Narendra Modi’s alleged role.
    The world is surely turning Topsy-turvey.

    • 5. hilda raja  |  January 24, 2011 at 10:43 am

      Thank you Sita-you always bring in a perception which adds flavour to what has been stated.The world is topsy turvey-yes but then we cannot stand on our heads to see it right side down!We shall go on putting the wrongg side down and the right side up-no matter how hard and how few will accept it.The majority is not always right-there is what we refer to as the Lone Voice-that is truth and Truth we shall uphold.Simply because all murder we cannot okay criminality of the murderers-and say that since the majority murder murder is right.A lie is a lie and deception remains deception even if it is by the PM of this country.He must be tried for sedition.

  • 6. Shankar  |  January 25, 2011 at 9:31 am

    The “betralyal” is because of our perception that our prime an honest man
    Yes he only allowed the kalmadis and his ilk to swindle and loot the poor tax payers’ money for the sake of our honour to hold the CWG.
    Bur our P.M is an honest man.
    Yes he only looked the other way while A.Raja and his cronies ensured a loss to the exchequer of just R.176000 crores.
    But our P.M. is an honest man .
    Yes for the first time in history a P.M is reprimanded by the Supreme court for inaction in a major policy decision.
    But our P.M is an honest man.
    Yes he says he is helpless in not being able to give the names of black money hoarders in Swiss /German banks .
    But our P.M is an honest man
    Yes Unprecedented food prices,double digit inflation,millions of tonnes of foodgrains rotting, scam after scam every other day give us reality check on this sham government.
    But our P.M is an honest man.
    The “betrayal” is actually more to his own self worth, self esteem etc as “an honest man” and lesser to us who thought an honest man will also not tolerate corruption, politicking, vote bank politics,black money etc and sacrifice his highest quality for the sake of holding on to his chair.
    Therefore it is he who should feel “betrayed”

    • 7. hilda raja  |  January 25, 2011 at 11:45 am

      Shankar you are right-for every wrong it is stated that the PM is honest and a man of integrity.If so why the wrongs?Why the corruption and why the deception.This PM is just not fit to be the PM of this country.As Ram Jethmalani stated this country would be better off without Manmohan Singh.The sooner he goes the better.He is trying to shield top Congress leaders-may may be the Gandhi family.It is being rumoured that it has black money at least in three banks abroad.He must be tried not for treason but for sedition.Look how the black money stashed in tax havens has gone the wrong way?He fields Pranab Mukherjee to meet the Press.Why has he no mouth-no words-no explanation.This double tax treaty is a ploy.We are not talkiing of tax evasion but of criminal loot and plunder.Why is India so bothered about the niceties of treaties and not bothered about the criminals who fleeced this country?As head of the GOI Manmohan Singh is answerable-honest or dishonest.It is a shame that he continues as the PM.


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