The Somasekharan Report

February 3, 2011 at 8:35 am 7 comments

On Jan 28th there was a news item that the Justice Somasekharan Commission had given a clean chit to Sangh and the Karnataka government. It seems that the media along with the Congress are disappointed. Already preconceived notions and perception nailed the Sangh groups and the Somasekharan Report came as a let down to these.
In the hindsight one realizes that the Congress and the media are only happy when terrorism and attacks are ‘saffron’.It is not hurt and pained that people suffer, that communal tensions exist. This can be given credence when we hear that Veerappa Moily wants the CBI to probe the attacks on the churches .He representing the Congress which is very unhappy that they have lost a stick to beat and batter the Sangha and the BJP government. A bit of analysis is called for.
Justice Somasekharan Report is correct and true To please the Congress he could not fantasize and put in black and white what did not exist. This goes to prove that any Commission Report-any probe which goes against the preconceived perception of the Congress rather does not blame the Sangha and the BJP is not acceptable to the Congress and thus to the GOI. This goes to prove why Commissions are constitituted. Two areas stand out-one-that the Congress does not want truth and justice-It does not want peace and harmony but want only weapons to strike at the BJP and the Sangha groups.
Two-Towards such a motive the CBI is utilized.How can the Justice Somasekharan Commission report be wrong and the CBI probe be right? So what is right is to blame the Sangha group and fault the BJP government at Karnataka-whether true or untrue as long as these help the Congress to garner its votes.Hence Moily’s demand that the CBI should probe the attacks exposes blatantly the CBI and its utility value to the Congress.
The media flashed headlines like ‘nobody is responsible for the attacks’. This is not true.The Justice Somasekharan report puts the odium on other Christian groups (nameless) as the perpetrators. Only because of the namelessness and facelessness of such groups they get away and the Sangha groups and the BJP get the blame.
That the Christian groups will not vandalise and attack other Christian churches and groups is a misconception. Only the government clubs everything under its electorate tags-like all Christians and all Muslims are two entities. But Christians churches are different from each other, They are different entities as there are different number of churches.The Catholic church for example will not directly blatantly proselytize today except in specific cases like marriages and in a couple of States in the North East. I substantiate my statement with one of the examples I personally know.
Just a couple of years ago a Hindu girl in love with a catholic boy married in Chennai.Only on the day of the marriage the girl’s parents found that she was a baptized Catholic. Earlier they had a Hindu marriage and at the boy’s insistence a church marriage. During the marriage ceremony the girl received Communion –only then the parents eyes opened and the realization dawned on them that the girl had been baptized.How did this happen? The girl was taken by the boy secretly and on the sly for catholic doctrine classes and quietly baptized. Two things must be remembered in this classic case.The girl’s father is a High Court Judge. Yet this could happen. Second the parish priests mostly are semi-literates are unaware of the present rules of the Roman Catholic church. It allows ‘mixed’ marriages-where one of the parties is a non catholic the church has a special rite for these and the marriage is blessed in the church and is considered valid. There is no compulsion on baptism. Many of the priests overlook this and use emotional blackmail at such time and baptize the non catholic partner. So what Justice Somasekharan stated that the Roman Catholic church does not indulge in conversion except in specific cases during marriage etc is true and the Commission seems to have done its homework well.
Justice Somasekharan Commission report again is very correct if one knows about the Christian fundamentalists and their crusading vigor. They think that they have the whole truth and that it is their god-given command to convert. These belong to the Evangelical churches and they have mushroomed with their self appointed ‘bishops’ ‘Pastors and congregation. The bigger the congregation the greater the velocity of the flow of money. The perception is that their God needs numbers to prove himself!One needs to go into Andhra Pradesh to realize this. The Evangelists hop in helicopters to interior areas and baptize. It is one such helicopter that crashed with a former Speaker Balayogi. These Evangelists have hospitals-social services, employment food etc These are entry points into the community. Staines is an example of such evangelical work. The point to be remembered is that they are dedicated, aggressive in their attainment of their goal-namely conversion and above all are firm in their belief that it is their duty to convert.
How deeply ingrained and convinced they are- I will give an example. One of my students belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist church .She told me that I will not go to heaven! This in a post graduate class-even the holy nun who was the Principal she said will not get salvation because ‘you Catholics do not under go ‘immersion baptism’. If this kind of a thinking is ingrained in educated persons and is openly uttered in defiance in an environment totally different from the daily business of life-one can imagine what kind of form this kind of thinking and aggression will take in a tribal and a poor community.
Christian groups viciously fight among each other and each church sends their own ‘brokers’ to poach into other congregations. There is a lot of enmity, resentment and hatred among these groups. So it is possible that Fundamental Christian groups were behind the attacks of the Catholic churches in Karnataka
What is strange is when they want to present their case then they all piggy ride on the catholic church’s leadership. This because the Roman Catholic Church is very powerful and unlike the nameless and proliferation of small churches it is a monolithic structure-the richest in the world and it has political clout. The Roman Catholic Church dignitaries are only too willing to give this leadership and showcase to the world how they are fighting out injustices. They are also arrogant because of an immunity and because Mrs Sonia Gandhi is a Roman Catholic. This was evident when the Archbishop of Blore interacted with the CM Yeddyurappa who had personally gone to inquire .His body language and the way he directed his answers made one wonder why a church dignitary behaved with no dignity to an elected secular dignitary. It revealed not only anger but arrogance.
It is saddening that the Congress has given a color to terrorism and violence. No matter who the perpetrators are-violence and terrorism know no color. But the Congress is hell bent on coloring it simply because it suits its electorate strategy.
Look at the number of terror attacks by the Muslims across the country but the focus and emphasis is today on ‘saffron’ terror. The Hindus must be painted black and in the process the BJP must be made answerable for the ‘saffron’ terror. On the same logic then the Congress must be made answerable to all the terror attacks by the Muslims be it cross border or within-it is the same source.
One would think that patriotic politicians will condemn all terror-will not use it to divide the nation. One would also think that the Congress would condemn and fight corruption and not score brownie points in fielding its spokespersons to give some kind of explanation and point out at ‘saffron terror to take the sting off the Opposition. Till date the murders of Swami Lakshmananda has not been traced. In Orissa too Christian Fundamentalists have wrought havoc and Christian NGOs like the World Vision- found it difficult to proceed forward with their agenda because of Swami Lakshmananda’s work among the dalits and tribals.There is no fast track court for this because after all lives’ value and uniqueness depend on the religion one follows according to the Congress. So the perpetrators of the Kandhammal riots have been punished, but not the murderers of Swami Lakshmananda roam free.It is the same story everywhere. Morality and values have no place in the Congress party
To get back to the Somasekharan Commission Report for once I get the feel that the Commission has done a thorough job and has highlighted the danger of Christian Fundamentalist groups. One must approach the whole problem of religious attacks with an open mind and not already name the perpetrators and want the probing machinery to name such. This is what the Congress has been doing with the CBI and so it wants the church attacks in Karnataka to be probed by the CBI-What if the CBI arrives also at the same conclusion? Very likely it won’t because it is the handmaid of the Congress. So there is no need to wait- the CBI can sit within their office and produce a report the next day saying that the Sangh groups were responsible for the attacks and that the BJP government under Yeddyurappa failed to effective protect the churches. It does not matter which church –everything will be swept under the carpet-The Congress would take the report and for its electioneering and the Fundamentalists perpetrators will have the last laugh and be free to continue their vicious attacks under the cover of the Hindu groups .The Congress and the Churches will be happy only TRUTH and Justice will become the casualty and the people will continue to be exposed to similar attacks. But who bothers?
PS: it is a money spinning business-churches-attacks, conversion and politics. There is no God in this.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,
Development Consultant,


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The poster said it all ! The Congress with its leaks is running for cover

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  • 1. Sujata Srinath  |  February 3, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Dear Hilda Raja,
    Thank you for an honest out-pouring of your views. I value them. Why can’t more and more Indians be like you? You are a Christian and balanced in your views. By your experience you can see the injustice being meted out to the so-called majority community and the one political party that overtly espouses the Hindutva ideology. I am a Hindu, convent-educated, totally fascinated by Jesus Christ and can sing quite a few hymns, and am also a proud follower of Sanatana Dharma. I believe that all Indians must be given equal opportunity but increasingly it is becoming apparent that unless the Hindu voices are raised and united we will be swamped by a fringe of the minorities that is bent on keeping the disparities alive. Have you heard of Rajiv Malhotra’s book ‘Breaking India’? See
    Warm Regards,

  • 2. hilda raja  |  February 3, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Dear Sujata,you sound as a chennaite!I was invited for the book release of Breaking India but could not make it.Many of my students are convent educated and quite a few sound like you and me-though such numbers are small.Education must liberate and not tie us in knots.i am a firm believer in Sananta Dharma and am an admirer of Swami Vivekananda.In fact in August went to spent a week in V.kendra in Kanya kumari.
    You are right unless there is the Hindu vote bank no sense otherwise will prevail with the politicians.But I personally get the feel that an anti-Congress wave is sweeping across the country.This is the best time to consolidate and create a strong vote bank.But will the majority of the Hindus do it?They should if they want to save this country from breaking up and going to the dogs.Pl do your best in whatever way you can towards such a dynamics.Warm wishes to you.Like to hear more from you.Thank you for your prompt response.I do not know how to twitter-am not that skilled in computer too but manage to do my bit.I started to reply to your reposnebut with a few sentence it flew away from the page!

  • 3. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  February 3, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Respected ma’am,
    It’s a splendid article.
    I, a Defence employee working in Trichy, have heard of incidents involving ‘missionaries’ in the business of conversion. In fact I personally know a few persons, also employees, following a different sect of Christianity who regularly go to tribal areas in North India to work for the “uplift” of, actually, very, very illiterate and ignorant people. The tribes do not even understand what really is done to them.
    I heard of an incident that happened a decade ago. Tribes innocently accepted the attention and other things usually done in such cases. But, they woke up when, on an eventful day, the idol or Ram was replaced by a strange idol and they were asked not to worship ‘their’ god.
    Tribesman got so furious and hell broke loose. The evangelists faced the wrath and ran for life. This incident was disclosed, quite unwittingly, by one employee of our establishment who got roughed up.
    In recent times such activities are on the increase at an alarming rate. Everyone knows why.
    However, there is an awakening on the part of the Hindus and it is gaining momentum.
    Thank you, ma’am, for your honesty and truthfulness.
    I am really glad reading your blog -coming from, no doubt, a believer in Christianity.
    The situation is worrying, but, one need not despair. There is hope.
    In the meantime, please, continue what you are doing.
    Regards, ma’am.

  • 4. Sita  |  February 3, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Ma’am,Another hard hitting article.It is not only the Politicians Ma’am,but also Media.It seems there is another Tehelka expose claiming it had unearthed a 600 pages Report that Indicts Modi.We’ll see it in the papers tomorrow;Today it would be on Headlines Today.Knowing the media,We really don’t know the real truth but only the planted News.They want to get at Modi by hook or Crook.
    I was thinking of this Khandamal,Gujrat Riots and how the Media and west,and our Politicians of Congress and Left, are all so keen on only decontextualising what had happened,so that the perpetrators can be blackened.It is like the Witch Hunts and Inquisition of the previous centuries ,what they are doing to Hindus , BJP and RSS.
    It is actually like accusing the Pandavas of Murdering Duryodhana and other Kauravas,instead of looking at the wrongs they had done to Pandavas. May be if these kind of people were around in the days when the MahaBharatha was written,they would have said that The Pandavas are Guilty of murdering The Kauravas and for Breaking Geneva Conventions,and It is the Kauravas who are the real Heroes and the Pandavas were really Villainous Blackguards.Just Imagine that .In This current edition of the MahaBharatha War the Field is the Internet and Astras are Tweets and Blogs.

  • 5. Shankar  |  February 5, 2011 at 6:23 am

    Dear M’m,

    Once again you have made me to search for enough adjectives to compliment you on a wonderful, hard hitting, neutral article.
    It is a pity people like you who are honest, forthright, neutral and secular are so small in numbers that such sane voices are not being heard by the majority of people
    thanks to the forcible thrusting of “paid news”,and motivated articles with vested intetests pandering to the ruling powers that be.
    If the English electronic and print media do not publish such articles or do not empanel you in their talk shows, only they are the losers.
    The various commissions are generally appointed by the Govt to project their own pseudo secular points of view and invariable they oblige but here is a commission which has given a truthful report..
    Though following the Christian faith, it takes a lot of guts to criticize the wrong doings of some fundamentalists of the same religion and kudos to you M’m.
    More than that your vociferous supporting voice for the cause of Hinduism makes it still more commendable.
    A lot of our so called leaders have to learn a lesson from people like you.
    Pl continue your crusade, We are all with you.

    • 6. hilda raja  |  February 5, 2011 at 9:17 am

      thank you Shankar-don’t search for adjectives to shower on me-the fact that you and many like you are with me is enough evidence that I am not alone.I believe that Truth will win some day and so let us all pull together and uphold the truth.Anything is worth for this country of ours-even our lives.Be firm and carry on-all the best to you.

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