The Congress with its leaks is running for cover

February 5, 2011 at 9:20 am 8 comments

Congress with its leaks is running for cover

The Congress is crafty vicious and leaky stinking too. The leaks come in timely for it to divert the people’s attention. Embattled from all sides and with the hollow boast of Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s zero tolerance to corruption it is trying to cover up and in the process running for cover.
The government wants sticks to batter the BJP It is not concerned with crime and criminality. This is evident from what its spokespersons state-loud and foul mouthedly If there is A.Raja’s case well there is corruption in Karnataka-if there is price inflation soaring above all records well there is the ‘saffron’ terrorism. Hence the ultimate motive is not arresting the corruption-not nailing criminality but scoring brownie points. If we have made a mistake-you have made another .If Adimuthu Raja’s actions were against the cabinet decision and a violation of procedures-hence illegal –the NDA also was out of tune with extended policies and directions of the GOI. So what are we to make out of it. Two wrongs make a right and why as the Opposition during the NDA’s regime the Congress failed to point these ‘out of tune’ procedures set by the GOI?
Has A.Raja’s criminality thus lessened or vanished? The only right way out is to allow the JPC to probe right from 2001 but in the meantime what happens to ARaja? Is the GOI with its leaks really concerned with the problems which confront the nation or is it concerned with gathering ammunition against the BJP.
What seem to be callous to say the least is one would think that the Congress would join the Opposition to fight corruption instead it tries to cover up or least diminish the criminality. Yet we have a puppet of a PM stating that ‘Inflation is a serious threat to the growth and corruption dents image abroad and demeans us at home’Is the PM serious about the seriousness of the issues or has he like a robot just mouthing what is fed into him? If he was serious why did it take three years to act against A.Raja? If he is serious on inflation why does the economist in him not find ways and means to curb it? We have been told for the past two years that prices will come down-that we must wait patiently. We were told that the rains are the cause-then it will be the drought that is the cause then it will be that Sharad Pawar prefers the rodents to the people of India. And finally it will fall back on the pressures of a coalition government. One wonders if there is any governance at all. In the meantime the GOI and its various ministries are busy buying time and indulging in semantics
One ministry is in the serious and urgent business of establishing the age of consensual sex-at what age is it legal to have non-penetrative sex? At what age will it became a crime to have penetrative sex? Now the law minister is unaware of the draft sent to all the States for comments but is wondering if 14 is too young an age for sex. The whole focus is on non issues and on issues which will not be able to be implemented. Who and how is one to establish penetrative and non penetrative sex? How is one to establish consensual sex with a child of 14 years? Will there be a special trained squad with the necessary mechanisms for reaching out to the one billion people in this area?

Right under the nose of the PM criminals have flourished but he is unaware or at least does not bother. Veerappa Moily is more concerned with nailing Yeddyurappa in the attack against the churches so wants the CBI to probe, rubbishing Justice Somasekharan’s report. He wants the CBI to cite what he wants to cite-namely that the Sangh groups were involved. This CBI report can be waved for the election campaigning. My point is that the intention of those in power is not to curb and arrest criminality but to find ammunition to hit at the Opposition. Criminality and crimes can grow and flourish the Congress abet these .Is this a government?

Now the leaks related to the Special Investigation Team must be answerable by the UPA2.No responsible government will be leaking and the UPA2 is leaking from all sides.
The timing and the context and the content are important.
Inspite of bending backwards the SIT was not able to nail Modi for his omissions and commissions to take legal action. So the next best is to showcase his impropriety. Mind you this by a government in which the Supreme Court had pointed out the impropriety and had passed strictures on the GOI especially the PM in more than one instance. The appointment of the CVC and A.Raja’s case for his silence on the matter are a couple of instances.Yet the Congress spokespersons are going all hammer and tongs at Modi and through Modi hit the BJP.

The context of the leaks comes at a time when the Congress is cornered from all sides with serious issue.
What was the content of the leaks?: Tehelka the magazine which carried these leaks of the SIT report cites “Inspite of the fact that ghastly and violent attacks had taken place on Muslims at Gulbarg Society and else where, the reaction of the government was not the type that would have been expected by anyone. The CM had tried to water down the seriousness of the situation at Gulbarg Society,Naroda Partiya and other places by saying that every action has an equal and opposite reaction”
What was wrong with this? It is scientific that every action would have a reaction.This is truth.One must accept the truth and not play politics like the Congress does. Place this against the backdrop of the remarks uttered by Rajiv Gandhi after the massacre of the Sikhs in the aftermath of the assassination of Indira Gandhi. He justified the massacre.It was not just a discriminatory attitude that he exhibited but an outright criminal conspiracy and abetment. Is this okay? How can the Congress then point accusing fingers at Modi?

The next is on Modi’s statement, “accusing some elements in Godhra and the neighbourhood as possessing a criminal tendency was sweeping and offensive coming from a CM ,that too at a critical time when Hindu-Muslim tempers were running high”.This statement is not sweeping and again points at the reality. There are some elements with a criminal tendency. Is that not true? That some could be Hindus,Muslims or both. What is the objection to this?

“His implied justification of the killings of innocent members of the minority community read together with an absence of strong condemnation of the violence that followed Godhra suggest a partisan stance at a critical juncture when the State had badly been disturbed by communal violence”.This is a repetition of the first two.Mind you this is an SIT report and it only implies not able to directly pinpoint the implication and the cause for it. The SIT attributed only ‘implied’ justification and not downright justification. This is the perception implied by the SIT. And what is the strong condemnation that the SIT probe expected from Modi where 59 humans were charred and the families received bodies charred beyond recognition? Modi is not the CM of only the minorities but of everyone and he cannot make a strong condemnation to placate the minority community .First one must answer why the innocent men, women and children were roasted-What crime did they commit? Modi must answer to this and so too the SIT must have its perception on the instigation and the perpetrators of both the sides.There is always two sides to an incident-an action and a reaction….

Put this against the Sikh massacre where ten times more members of a minority community were brutally butchered in front of their families. Was there any condemnation by the Congress? Was there any solace? For 25 years these families had to live with absolutely not even a word of regret and consolation. All the time the Congress was in power to make matters worse. The Congress leaders who led the butchering team were made ministers-rewards for the gruesome murders.It was only when the Opposition raked the whole episode that some movement was made and we had a Sikh as the PM of this country.And we find the SIT faulting the appointment of two Public Prosecutors who are alleged to be affiliated to the VHP and the RSS.

Again the SIT leak reveals–“Modi displayed a discriminatory attitude by not visiting the riot-affected areas in Ahmedabad where a large number of Muslims were killed-though he went to Godhra on the same day, traveling almost 300km on a single day”. It was good that Modi did not visit the riot hit areas in Ahmedabad immediately-there would be greater problems of security. But he did visit the areas later. Should Modi’s discriminatory attitude be measured in the promptness of his visit? .If he had not visited the riot hit areas then something can be said about his discrimination. Did Rajiv Gandhi even after a few years visit any of the areas where the Sikhs were butchered-for that matter did the PM who is also a Sikh visit them? You want to bash a person then any stick comes handy.

The GOI has been throughout discriminatory in its words and deeds. No tear shed for the train carnage-no condemnation for the brutal murder of Swami Lakshmananda in Kandhammal,no condemnation when Hindus are targeted, when their god and goddesses are desecrated Why should the Congress try to pick at the mote in Modi’s eyes when it carries a beam in its own. He who had not sinned let him cast the first stone. Thus the Congress has no right to use the leaks against Modi for vested interest and for vote bank appeasement. Should the lives, blood and suffering of people be bartered for votes? This is what the Congress is whole time engaged in.

This is the Congress which compromised and abandoned its own citizens to allow Warren Andherson safe exit from this country.1500 were killed-double that number maimed and crippled and afflicted with life long ailments. Did the Congress then both at the Centre and at the State shed a drop of tear-feel for the poor Indians and tried to bring solace? No, the Congress was more concerned with the security of Warren Anderson and to see that he is safe-it compromised the victim hood and the suffering of the poor Indians by selling out their blood and tears and hence settled for a mere compromise of $470 million settlement from $3,300 million. This Congress has no right-morally and politically to use the leaks on discriminatory attitude, on regret and condemnation, on lack of sensitivity and sensibility, on action and reaction statement of Modi. The Congress has no human face and hence no human values by which to back up any of its tirade against Modi.

The media should also be fair and honest. I challenge the media anchors to quiz Sonia Gandhi and Rahul on the above mention areas-on the commissions and omissions of the Congress. I challenge the media to substantiate how it can state that the discriminatory attitude of Modi has washed off the sheen of good governance when the Congress has no governance even to wash. The media should shed its discriminatory approach-it cannot become the spokespersons of the Congress which has politically sinned, which had betrayed the people on all fronts.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,
Development Consultant,


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The Somasekharan Report On cooking and washing utensils

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  • 1. rv  |  February 5, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Who and how is one to establish penetrative and non penetrative sex? How is one to establish consensual sex with a child of 14 years? Will there be a special trained squad with the necessary mechanisms for reaching out to the one billion people in this area?

    Madam, Don’t worry. Italians and their clan know how to reach a billion ppl. Barkha, Sagarika, Arnab, Singhvi and their mobs are there to ensure that the voice of govt reaches every family during family hours. Puppet PM and Puppettess president ensure that these journo’s get all kinds of bhusan’s and Ratna’s for doing this job.

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  • 3. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  February 6, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    Another pearl of wisdom from you on varied subjects. But, I’m particularly interested in this insensible ‘consensual sex’. Ever since UPA came to power in 2004, there has been a concerted effort to derogate what has been the core belief of our nation for at least 5000 years(in the so called left leaning intellectuals and historians). Sex education in schools (I remember how teachers felt embarrassed to talk to parents on teaching the students sex education)!
    It was initiated by the senile Arjun Singh. And now has come to the advocacy of consensual sex at 14.
    The policy makers of UPA I & II neither understand the real meaning of ‘sex’, nor the depth of ‘education’.
    Because, they blindly approve and ape what essentially are flawed western concepts such as Marxism, Feminism, Women’s Liberation, etc., and now ‘consensual sex’. Anything un-Indian is superior to them.
    With sex education, feminism, free sex, women’s lib, etc., etc., western countries are not exactly safe for their women-folks. All kinds of crimes at homes, offices and public places- violence, sexual harassment, molestations, rapes, tortures and, finally, murders- still happen in Europe and USA despite their ‘superiority’ and ‘advancement’ and ’empowerment of women’.
    When such is the case what is the use of such copy-cat policies? UPA is a collection of people who have no understanding of or faith in the wisdom of the forefathers of great country. Right from Nehru and now, the woman from Italy.
    Manmohan, Montek and Chidambaram are even worse.
    Ma’am, you are doing a great job. You, now, have people avidly reading every word you write and appreciating it!
    What starts as a drop becomes a trickle, develops into a stream and sweeps like a flood.
    That is the power of one.
    From the age and the experience comes the wisdom and wisdom never goes out of fashion.

    • 4. hilda raja  |  February 7, 2011 at 4:05 am

      I must thank rv and Thirumaran for their inputs and both have focussed on consensual sex.I was shocked that there were no articles on this and no person of substance argued against it.
      Thirumaran I think you are from Chennai-you write so well and bring out logical areas clearly which were grey.Your grasp of the langauge also is extremely good.I wonder why you have not taken to writing to make the drop a trickle.I am waiting for that stream and flood which you have predicated-may be not in my time but some day it will happen-it is bound to happen and then our beloved country will be washed anew-the scum and the goons will be washed away and Barat Mata will be ever gracefully standing -all in splendour.Hope need never die in our hearts.Thank you once again.

  • 5. AMIT  |  February 7, 2011 at 4:11 am

    100% agree with you.

  • 6. Sita  |  February 8, 2011 at 5:04 am

    Ma’am ,Thanks for an article that connects all the dots.You have highlighted a few of the many issues that confront us in India, through this article,viz.:
    1) Congress’ selective amnesia especially where it is culpable;
    2) Congress’ justification of Corruption & lack of Probity in Public Life by “saying 2 wrongs make a right”
    3) Failure to confront issues like Farmer Suicides,Food Wastage,& consequently the Inflation in Food Prices.
    4) Misuse of Public Institutions like Election Commission,CBI,Judiciary[ordering Judicial Probes where it is not required] & misuse of Their reports with selective leaks of SIT Reports ordered by the Courts.
    5) Trying to deflect attention by bringing in an unnecessary legislation concerning the sexual habits [of all the issues that need attention regarding our Children] of our Children.
    Some others that need to be mentioned are the Running to the ground of the Public sector Concerns,especially in Airlines Industry,favouring Pvt.operators.[there was a decent write-up on this issue in the TNIE] and consequent increase in flight charges. There has been some Passenger -unfriendly doings in the Railways too which have not been highlighted at all any where except local press.
    Even though all the above issues need a separate essays by themselves,the issue of the Family and Child welfare Ministry needs some special attention by us as a] there has not been much discussion on this issue;b] What little that has been discussed was not by people who understand the totality-ie not just the morality and ethical,and sensational part which impinges on us immediately,but also the health ,Social,Communal & legal aspects of this issue. The Concerned ministry had withdrawn the draft for this bill immediately,t[in fact the very Next Day] when the Law Minister expressed not only his ignorance about such a draft being considered [which is another issue in itself],but also on it being too young an age to consider such a thing.

  • 7. Sita  |  February 8, 2011 at 6:39 am

    Brilliant expose by Tushar Srivastava: Air India understated losses by Rs 3,000 crore Understatement by >50%

    • 8. hilda raja  |  February 8, 2011 at 9:42 am

      I wish all my former students like Sita -plus the commentators in my blog all assemble together at one place and start a dharna-hunger strike against corruption.It is simply baflling how people have not taken to the streets-every area of activity there is a scam-no governance and this UPA2 is the worst government in the world.What a shame.There would be unrest and a revolution to oust this government and block every one of from contesting the coming elections.Sonia Gandhi must leave the country only then there can be some peace.All the best to all my comrades!


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