Error of Judgement

March 12, 2011 at 11:28 am 13 comments

Error of Judgement

About two years ago a former student of mine sent me the Curriculum vitae of Dr Manmohan Singh and remarked-‘no PM of the world has such a CV we should be ’.I replied to her, ‘It is not the CV that makes a man it is the intrinsic values, the integrity and honesty ,the sensitivity to the downtrodden, the courage and firmness which enables one to uphold the oath which a PM takes when he assumes off ice that matters. I also reminded her that great leaders like Kamaraj Nadar, Nanda, Lal Badhur Shastri had no CV to boast of. But they loved the people and the country and stood for certain principles. When I read the media reports on Manmohan Singh’s CV I thought the same and midway through his tenure as PM I found myself anchoring on these values more than his scholarship. Today I am more convinced that Manmohan Singh lacked the administrative skills,the tenacity and the erudition to be at the helm of the country’s governance. He lacked the courage to act, he let down the nation when it looked up to him, he failed to safeguard the interests of the nation, and he simply pretended that the looters can continue looting the country. Would one call this honesty? But above all he failed to uphold his oath. Thus he failed miserably as a Prime Minister. What happens when a Principal makes ‘an error of judgment’ and thereby fails a student? What happens when a clerk makes an error of judgment and throws the promotion paper of a junior clerical staff in the waste paper basket? What happens when the Chief of Armed forces makes an error of judgment? What happens when the pilot of a jet makes an error of judgment? What happens to those holding the remote control of the nuclear power clicks because of an error of judgment? In all the above cases they take full responsibility and they cannot escape accountable and that what follows with such accoutablity What happens when the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh makes an error of judgment and accepts full responsibility for it? Is there not natural justice that he be made accountable for that error of judgment? By simply making statements in Parliament does it wash away his guilt?Can he be let off the hook without paying for it? Can his sins be washed off by his statements, “I am not that big culprit as is being made out” a pitiful plea and that from the PM of this nation. If he is not ‘that big a culprit’ then is he a medium size culprit? One must remember that this is not the first time that the Prime Minister has tried to escape by making statements in the Parliament without being punished for it. Every person who errs needs to be punished-that’s justice. All the more if he is supposed to be at the helm of affairs. In Quottrocchi’s case he pleaded that ‘he was out of the loop’. Was it not his responsibility to be very much in the loop? In 2G Spectrum he pretended that everything was fine till the Opposition shouted hoarse. Still he pretended to be deaf and like a robot moved on. Was it not his responsibility not to allocate the IT and communication portfolio to Dayanidhi Maran when his family is in the business of communication and media? Then when Maran was dropped because of family discords then A.Raja was given the portfolio. The media had brought to the notice of its readers the scam that was erupting in the department but Manmohan Singh continued as though everything was fine. He was forced to drop A.Raja and now calls it compulsions of coalition. Does it mean that compulsions of coalition calls for closing one’s eyes-not acting and allowing the nation to be looted? The Common Wealth Games had no compulsions of coalition and yet the Prime minister went about giving the impression that everything was fine. Meanwhile the loot was on. Is the PM insulated from governance or does he just allow his subordinates to call the shots. Coming to the appointment of PJ.Thomas as the CVC one simply cannot understand the compulsions of the PM and the Home Minister to select him when the leader of the Opposition had put in a dissenting note. Were there not two others from whom one could have been selected? This issue was raised in public forums-in Parliament and the Opposition make a hue and cry still the PM was unmoved. It is only when the Supreme Court raised questions and asked for clarification then the PM could not run for cover. So he coolly calls it ‘error of judgment’. Can a PM of the country afford to make an error of judgment? Can the nation rather afford to have a PM who yields to coalition pressures and when there is no coalition pressure then it is error of judgment? Every public enterprise there is a scam and Mrs Sonia Gandhi stated that the whole world knows that the PM is an honest man. How is honesty proved-by allowing scams-by allowing the country to be looted? The problem is much deeper. There is a dyarchy system in the country. There is no Parliamentary democracy but a mirage of it. Power is with Sonia Gandhi with no accountability, authority with accountability is with Manmohan Singh but with no power. Manmohan Singh is every grateful to Mrs Sonia Gandhi for selecting him as the PM. He entered Parliament through the backdoor-this honest man. He is subservient to Mrs Sonia Gandhi for her renunciation and for handpicking him to the gaddi. She was clever and he was naïve to say the least. His image would camouflage her motives-and her strategies. Look how he and his authority have been undermined by a National Advisory council. It is Sonia Gandhi’s Parliament. Her hand picked men/women to lobby for her pet schemes. Thereby undermining Parliament and pressurizing the PM to accept its recommendations. Then why is there a Parliament? The Prime Minister is more attuned to the corporate world. This has been his perception when he was Secretary of the SAARC and later in the World Bank.Now there seem to be a bigger scam looming that of Cairn-Vedanta. Will the PM wake up in time. It is no consolation for the Finance minister to assure the nation that black money stashed abroad in tax havens will be brought back. But laws have to be followed. What laws is he talking of? For scoundrels who have looted the nation-for traitors who have dealings with arms dealers-for men who followed no law what is the law Pranab Mukerjee wants to follow? And the Prime Minister is silent. Is it going to be the same game the GOI played by allowing Quottrrochi to walk away with the loot? Why did the Prime Minister and his party refuse to yield to the demand of a JPC there by allowed a hole winter session to be lost ?After all the demand of the Opposition was not unconstitutional and the demand of a JPC was it was not setting a precedent. Yielding to the Opposition is not a sign of weakness but a sign of vibrant democracy. The same in the appointment of the CVC. There were three names for the selection committee what was the compulsion and who compelled the PM and the Home minister Chidambaram to select PJ Thomas over ruling the leader of the Opposition Ms Sushma Swaraj? They could have at least gone in for any one of the other two names? Why this stiff unyielding posturing of the PM? Were the compulsions of the coalition pressure there? Or was it because the Kerala elections were round the corner and PJ Thomas belonged to a minority community? This is no statesmanship. It looks that Manmohan Singh easily falls a victim to pressures from within from without and that is no consolation for the nation to have such a person at the helm of affairs with his ‘error of judgment’. The Prime Minister is not made of the stuff of a politician . He has been lampooned for allowing the likes of A.Raja-he had under his nose the Commonwealth Games scam but nothing seems to move him.He shows an extra ordinary display of insulation to the shouts and screams-to the scum that is spreading all round him. He has allowed corruption of unimaginable magnitude to cover this country’s fair name. He seems to be immune to the fact that India is today known for its corruption. So how does one react to a man who does not act? It is whispered that Mrs Sonia Gandhi calls the shots and so Manmohan Singh like a loyal sepoy wants to protect her. It sounds plausible because he is indebted to her for making him the Prime Minister and he wants to be loyal. Come what may, his loyalty then is to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her family rather than to the country. There seems to be no other way than to vote him and his party out. We must look for patriotism-not verbal but in action. We do not need scholars but simple men/women who can be entrusted with the national interests and who will not be an advocate of the corporate world but will stand by the down trodden. Manmohanomics has failed and failed miserably with the line of defense that the greater the growth the higher the inflation. The richer the people are the greater the shortage of food because they buy more and eat more-This theory has been rejected by the World Bank document. High growth does not mean high inflation if that growth is spread. It is the monopoly corporate world that shows growth and this is deceptive when it comes to the welfare of the billion. The top 2 percent accumulates everything and the trickle down theory will only give us doles and a National Rural Guarantee Employment Program which is a sedative to make the people zombies. So the talk of PM being a great economist is shattered. Is this nation not qualified to have a PM who can speak? One who can bravely articulate his vision and translate it into action? Is it too much for this nation to expect a PM to arrest the loot and to throw the looters behind the bars? Is it too much to want a PM who would not just carry his honesty on his sleeves but allow dishonest persons to thrive? Is it too much to want a PM who would adhere to his oath and stand by it irrespective of coalition pressures and Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s pulls? Is it not legitimate for this nation to deserve a Parliamentary democracy for which it had voted? Why has the PM yielded to a National Advisory Council which advises him? What has this nation done to deserve such an lame duck of a Prime Minister as Manmohan Singh? Can we afford to have a Prime Minister who admits to an error of judgment, accepts full responsibility for it but continues to hold on to the Prime Minister’s chair? Dr Mrs Hilda Raja Vadodara


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  • 1. Vinita  |  March 13, 2011 at 7:06 am

    All our English teachers can now ask their students who exemplifies “Ignorance is bliss when it is folly to be wise” and the answer is obvious! This phrase ‘error of judgment’ is the current favourite of wrongdoers—remember Barkha Dutt? So I suppose, like you said, Kasab’s lawyer should also plead clemency on grounds of “error of judgment” by a brainwashed youth?
    However, the question now is will the country come together -like Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen et al- to demand the resignation of the PM/UPA? No, because that has been taken care of by the caste/religion based divisive propaganda of the Congress. Most Christians back the UPA for its so-called secular credentials. The BJP as an alternative has been effectively shown up as a bunch of jokers by the media and the younger generation has been misled to believe that good governance is only associated with the Congress. When Baba Ramdev calls for an anti-corruption rally in the Ramlila Maidan and is attended by lakhs of people, the media do not report it even though well-known persons like Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi address the crowd (you can watch it on . Could it be because Hindu and Muslim leaders came together for the rally which could spell trouble for the Congress?


  • 2. Vinita  |  March 13, 2011 at 7:09 am

    Or perhaps the damaging statements made about Mrs.Sonia Gandhi made the Congress issue a blank-out order on the rally?


    • 3. hilda raja  |  March 13, 2011 at 12:49 pm

      The original sin of Manmohan Singh was when he accepted the PM ship when he was not even an MP.That revealed how scant was his respect for democratic norms.He was only too happy to take what Sonia offered.The sheen of MMS is very deceptive.When Lalu was the railway minister he praised him shyhigh-later is was discovered that all the figures were fudged and flights of fancy.The railways was still red and did not turn green.But the economist of a PM did not see through but praised him.It was Mamta who revelaed all the lies of Lalu and now PM praises Mamta for her railyway budget.He is party to all the wrong doings but pretends that he is innocent.He does not care two hoots for the nation and its interests.Now watch how the black money cases will go and how Hasn Ali Khan will go as the ‘Q’s case.Does the PM read the newspapers at least will he not know how things are ?He is more dangerous than persons who are criminals because you know that a criminal is a criminal and what to expect and what not to expect.But here is a man who puts on a saint’s paint and fixes a halo round his head and indulges in all this muck.India’s corruption has peaked under him.Can anyone say how and why -Is not the PM the principal offender/abetter for this?Is this not a danger to the country?
      Thank you Vanita for your spirited responses.

  • 4. sivaraman  |  March 13, 2011 at 8:01 am

    Dear Madam,
    All the talks of the Commissioins and omissions of the PM are a waste of time and labour.You have yourself stated PM is a sepoy of the Supreme Leader.Having said this ,where is the need to debate about how he reacted to the so many blunders he has committed?
    In any other country .probably, he would have been charged with treason for breaking the oath of office.Unfortunately ,the entire Congress crowd is an army of sycophants unheard of in history.He is the most inefficient and weak PM the country has ever had.
    Gone are the days when we used to hear about the Young Turks challenging the actions of the leaders.
    Only conclusion one can draw is the country is being ruled by spineless men and women ,majority of whom have alls sorts of cases under all the ACTS in the country against them.
    They are all elected by us, WE DESERVE NOTHING BETTER

    • 5. hilda raja  |  March 13, 2011 at 12:54 pm

      Please Sivaraman don’t say stating things -scripting one’s perception is a waste.Because voices must be raised.Silence would mean that we abet the muck.This is what MMSingh does.He pretends that he is a saint but is not.Under him corruption has peaked and his aura has vanished so too his halo.Little drops of water make the ocean and little grains of sand the shores-a trickle will become a stream and a stream will become a steady river and rivers flood.So what one can do must be done.People must be reached-towards that it is essential to write and to communicate.Who knows when thigns will trigger?Let us hope for the best and do what is within our capacity.Thats the minimum I can do for my motherland.Voices must be raised-thats the minimum we can do-silence is betrayal.
      Thank you.All the best to you.

  • 7. Shankar  |  March 17, 2011 at 9:51 am

    The real M(an) behind the M(ask) of a S(aint) has surfaced clearly during the past few months thanks to single minded efforts of a few neutral electronic media people(Times Now for one) . The perceived (not by all) image of MMS being an incorruptible,honest person has been shattered -rightly so- in view of the indefensible scams happening under his nose. By allowing himself to be a pliable tool in the hands of the extra constitutional authority, he has squandered a great opportunity to govern the country with his administrative and economic acumen. When the whole country knew about the pending case against the CVC, even after a dissent from the leader of the opposition, if he still chose to ignore facts and probity and went ahead with his appointment it is obvious that there was some extraneous pressure to take this decision and therefore even a political novice will not accept the defence ” error of judgement”
    The emperor and his clothes – repeated!
    His cupboard is full of skeletons and one after the other they are all falling with great regularity.
    No body in This govt seems to be really interested in the welfare of the people and nation building and a handful of politicians , with the help of sub servient beauracrats have been having a joy ride at the cost of the “aam aadmi” (for whom they are ostensibly supposed to be working for)
    It is high time they are thrown out and a really patriotic and nationalistic minded govt is formed at the earliest .
    M’m you are doing a great job in bringing to focus the misdeeds of this Govt regularly with your incisive analysis and your efforts will not and should not go waste.

  • 8. hilda raja  |  March 17, 2011 at 11:30 am

    I am wondering who controls this government.For one thing there seem to be no governance and every activity of the government is covered with scams.The PM seems to stick to his gaddi.He should resign with the recent Wilki leaks.He goes about as though he is innocent but see how votes were bought for the N-deal.Shameless.The Wilki leaks goes to show Satish Sharma’s aide showing two chests of currency -meant to buy the MPs.Is there not an iota of fairness-why is Parliament being used just as a debating society..Satish Sharma’s wife is an Italian,MMS’s son-in-law is an America,Robert Vadra’s mother is Scot and of course there is the Italian woman.The USA has been able to even interfere in the cabinet reshuffle.Should we then say that India is being ruled by foreigners-It seems to be.At least there is evidence that the Foriegn powers have great influence.The Book’Breaking India’ brings out this fact-christian churches,NGOs,Maoists,America and Europe have their tentacles into the Indian polity.
    Now the lastest Wilikleaks show how money was given to buy MPs for the N-deal.Chidambaram’s son has distributed money for votes-similarly Azhagiri.Where will all this lead Manmohan Singh has neither the moral legitamacy nor the morality to continue in office.He seems to be sticking to the gaddi .He must resign.This is the worst government in Independent India.And Rahul Gandhi goes about with his reforms Has no idea of the corruption-or may be he has but pretends.Does he know what he is talking about-seems to be a nitwit..I wish and hope Shankar what you say comes true-thats my only wish to see my country released from the shackles of corrupt pygmies.
    All the best to you.

  • 9. Sita  |  March 17, 2011 at 6:06 pm giving us a short primer on the cash for votes scam

  • 10. Sita  |  March 17, 2011 at 6:09 pm this interesting site.

  • 11. Sudhir Jatar  |  March 20, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    If the PM is to be punished, the only punishment is the resignation of his government. The main themes in all articles on this subject is that the PM must be punished and that there should be an investigation. If the PM does not quit along with all his ministers, these chamchas of the Congress President would be declared not guilty by the the investigation agency (CBI) if the Congress is in power? Then they would ask for an apology from all those who wanted the investigation and punishment to the PM and for putting them through mental torture. We do not need additional evidence to substantiate that the CBI is a tool in the hands of the Congress President to blackmail political opponents.
    Sudhir Jatar

  • 12. Sudhir Jatar  |  March 20, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    If the PM is to be punished, the only punishment is the resignation of his government. The main themes in all articles on this subject is that the PM must be punished and that there should be an investigation. If the PM does not quit along with all his ministers, these chamchas of the Congress President would be declared not guilty by the the investigation agency (CBI) if the Congress is in power? Then they would ask for an apology from all those who wanted the investigation and punishment to the PM and for putting them through mental torture. We do not need additional evidence to substantiate that the CBI is a tool in the hands of the Congress President to blackmail political opponents.

    Sudhir Jatar

  • 13. suryakant parikh  |  March 31, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    so true. but the vote bank divisive politics, which is so effectively perfected by the INS , has ensured that , by and large, the chrstians will vote for congress, the musims will intimidate the congress and get what they want, always shouting loud about the persecuted minority. have you seen any time in history , grows in population?


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