Corruption a way of life for the UPA2-Get rid of the scourge

April 8, 2011 at 2:14 am 2 comments

Corruption a way of life for the UPA2-Get rid of the scourge

Hazare rejects Pawar’s offer to quit GoMs and rightly so .The GoMs consists mostly of corrupt persons. Anna Hazare has entered the arena to fight corruption at the right time. He has become the public articulation of the silent suffering people.There will be a ground swell of support for him because people have been waiting –waiting for a leader to surface .This is just not a fight against corruption but against the corrupt politicians who like bandicoots have been gnawing at the very roots of democracy.This is a freedom struggle-freedom from being exploited and freedom from the evil designs of the politicians who have meshed together to demean and degrade Bharath Mata and her children.

It is relevant to note that corruption has become a way of life and it also gives the impression that it is an eligibility criterion to become powerful politically and socially. This is a disgrace and an indictment of the UPA 2-the whole scam covered UPA 2 is headed by Manmohan Singh who tries to give an appearance of honesty. Then why has so many scams taken place?. Why has no body been punished? Is it not strange that till date not a single person has been sentenced and thrown in jail for corruption? Nobody’s ill-gotten wealth and the loot have been till date confiscated. What’s the purpose of conducting investigation and dragging these for years to be forgotten soon? The investigations follow the guidelines laid down by the UPA2.All the central investigation agencies are humble and subservient handmaids of the UPA2.These are used also to settle political scores. An indication of this is the government’s rejection of U.U.Lalit’s appointment as prosecutor in the 2G spectrum scam. A small technicality -that he should have the necessary (7 years) experience of having worked under the Union of India. But the same UPA2 did not go into the technicalities in the appointment of the ex CVC-PJ Thomas. All goes to show the bias and the prejudicial slant of the UPA2.Is it small wonder then that the Government of India with its jaundiced views are no more trusted.

It is then not shocking that from the skies-(the faked licenses of pilots) right down to the bowels of the earth (in mining) it is a massive spread of scams. The PM pretends that he sees nothing, hears nothing and naturally does nothing. The whole fault lays with the dual power centers. Right from the time when Mrs Sonia Gandhi with her well camouflaged ‘renunciation’ drama took over the reins of power handpicking the PM to be a puppet things have gone from bad to worse. Never has India become so sinking and stinking with scams and yet Mrs Sonia Gandhi goes about canvassing as though everything is fine and she wants to come back to power! Look at her allies-the DMK which is one of the most corrupt parties in India-Sharad Pawar known more for his corruption and his ill gotten wealth. Without these two Mrs Sonia Gandhi is out of power. Hence for power she is bent on supporting them.On one side Manmohan Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi want us to believe that they are keen on tackling corruption but on the other hand they both are convassing and garnering votes for the corrupt and with the corrupt.

Yet her son Rahul Gandhi goes about saying that it is only under the Congress that corruption is being tackled. He does not know what he is talking about. First it is only under the congress that so many scams erupted. Second- is only after the Opposition took up the issue and fought it out that some semblance of action is being undertaken. Was the black money not stashed in tax havens for years why was the Congress inactive? The Congress is not bothered because it has only one point agenda- to stay in power. The back money belongs to the people of India but the Congress sheds crocodile tears for aam admi while abetting the aam admis to be looted.

Hazare could not have chosen a more appropriate time. India is stinking and sinking under scams. Most of the politicians- right from the top, down to the bottom, are corrupt except for a few. It is fair that Hazare should keep out politicians. Not only Hazare but not a single person trusts the politicians to really fight against corruption because that would mean fighting against themselves.

The first action to be taken if the MPs are to be believed then Parliament must roll back the 5 crores given under the MPSLADS to each MP. There starts the corruption. People’s money is simply handed over to them without even finding out what the aam admis think of this distribution. All those with criminal background must be denied a ticket or barred from contesting any elections. How can criminals fight against they own crimes?
The fact that criminals are sitting as MPs is because they want an immunity to continue their reign of corruption and to escape arrest. The Ministers and MPs are first and foremost citizens of this country and should be treated the same-the same laws and procedures must be followed. Why should they enjoy immunity because of their status? While a small pickpocket is apprehended and thrown in jail-these big looters are covered with immunity and loot the people. There seems something drastically wrong with our justice system

Hence to fight against corruption all the corrupt persons in Parliament must be weeded out. The GOI and its spokespersons coolly state that the Jan Lokpal bill against corruption must be something which everyone agrees on. This is strange logic. Criminals will not agree for action against them.Why the ‘all’ should embrace both corrupt politicians and the honest people. One side stands the perpetrators and on the other side the victims. No justice can come out if both the perpetrators and the victims are clubbed together. Hence to fight against corruption the corrupt politicians must be kept out. It makes strange reading to find persons like Sharad Pawar, Alagiri and others in the panel. That itself revealed that the GOI was not keen to fight corruption.

Take the specific case of Hasan Ali Khan. The government says that his tax dues is about 37 percent of the total tax collection of the country. What had the GOI been doing so long? Whose benami is he? If the GOI cannot tackle one single individual and arrest him-charge him and get the case under a fast track and throw him in jail and confiscated his assets ;how can we trust the country to this the UPA2 which suffers from inertia and which is incapable of handling one man? The Prime Minister is accountable for all this. His mask has been torn asunder. If he is incapable of just this one act then it is a great joke that he engaged himself in cricket diplomacy. The Pakistanis must be having the last laugh. Our inefficiency and inability is so obvious. Both Manmohan Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi stand exposed and indicted in this great corruption scam abetment.

A final word about the Congress spokespersons: It is sickening to listen to their views-loudmouthed-they do not even give a chance to the others to air their views. Of these special mention must be made of Mani Shankar Aiyer,Manish Tiwari and Jayanthi Natarajan. Instead of joining with the opposition and condemning corruption they try to shout them out and then reel out the corruption that they dig out in BJP ruled states or during the regime of BJP. All corruption need to condemned and tackled. One would expect both the UPA2 and the Opposition to stand united in this. But it seems like a debating society –listening to the panel discussion on the different channels-each one trying to throw at each other some scam or other and justify which was greater than the other. It is not in scoring points and expressing to the viewers who was more corrupt that the solution lies. The Congress must realize that such a stand will not wipe out corruption nor does it justify the raining of scams? The end result is the Congress is seen as abetting scams and justifying it. Hope the Congress spokespersons are listening.

One thing the UPA2 must remember -that at no point of time has the GOI been so corrupt and seems also to justify it. It uses words and words and all the vocabulary at its disposal either to justify this or to take away the sting by pointing at Yeddyurappa!! This is its sin and a mortal one. The people have lost confidence in the Congress and its way of life –corruption. Hence Anna Hazare is right in not accepting government’s fake assurances.

Anna Hazare we are with you. The nation is with you-go, go ahead and save India we shall stand by you till the end

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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  • 1. Sita  |  April 8, 2011 at 7:13 am

    There are a lot of questions about what anna Hazare is really fighting for- Whether Its the modified LokPal called Jan Lokpal Bill or merely for Publicity or as a smokescreen for NGOs /Activists like Swami Agnivesh etc. One good thing about his agitation is that it has engaged the Laymen/women to discuss this issue.
    Many are confusing the issues of petty corruption at lower levels of Bureaucracy to the Mala-fide ones amongst the Higher Bureaucrats & Politcians & the link between the Media,Corporates & politicians.
    There are those who question the Movement on the way it subverts democratic process & gives a handle to separatists etc. & others who question the Terms in the LokPal bill & Jan Lokpal Bill.
    While we mustn’t let the movement fizzle out,& the anger dissipate into nothing-ness,we must address these issues ,too.

  • 2. hilda raja  |  April 8, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Let us give Anna Hazare a chance-that there is a ground swell support for him shows how people are really fed up and were looking for a leader.Doubts about his being a smoke screen for Agnivesh and others need to be tested.The former has already from the same venue sung praises of Manmohan Singh and Sonia.I do not for a moment believe that this GOI and the MPs will do anythihg serious regarding corruption.Corruption is just not hard cash or the blackmoney but the nexus between the social,political and corporate word.The nexus between those in the police,the investigating agencies and the politically powerful.Like Chautala was booed out precisely because he supported Rathore in Ruchika’s case.Not a single case of those who killed the whistle blowers have been thrown in jail or punished.Why? Who appointed persons like former CJI Balkrishnan one of the most corrupt?So the pot cannot call the kettle black.But I have my own doubts about persons like Agnivesh.Thank you Sita-as usual you are incisive.Love to you.Maam


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