First political voices speak

April 8, 2011 at 6:00 am 7 comments

Politicians will now rise as one man to pick at the movement to fight against corruption and its struggle. They will create fissures-both real and imaginary to see that the Movement against corruption fizzles out towards this all kinds of constitutional and legal objections are raised..
“The first political voices speak”-let us analysis just five of these objections raised by political voices:-

1-Cause is just they say but method is fascist. Then would they say that Gandhiji a fascist? Non-violent method as fast to death is not fascist.

2-Self selected cannot dictate. Who are the MPs and how are they elected? Freebies at the cost of the people’s money are given in exchange for votes-Can that be called elected? How was the Prime Minister selected? Was he an elected candidate? For that matter most of the important posts are given to handpicked persons. Naveen Chalwa the former CEC was appointed in spite of his predecessor pointing out his bias, and he was also known to be close to the Congress. His trust was given money form the MPSLADS. Inspite of objections raised the Congress went ahead and appointed him. The same can be said of the ex-CVC PJ Thomas. Even when one of the selectors of the panel raised objections he was posted –till the Supreme Court had to intervene and take up the case against the appointment.

3-What is wrong with the civil society having more than fifty percent of the members in the drafting committee? The objection raised is that Parliament cannot be bypassed. The objection is valid but there is a precedent What about the National Advisory committee? Does it not comprise NGOs and civil society? Only difference is they are all pro-Congress and handpicked by Mrs Sonia Gandhi Who is Harsh Mander and Aruna Roy? How can the NAC whet national schemes and advise the Prime Minister? Is it equivalent to the Group of empowered ministers? How is the chairperson of this NAC given the status of a cabinet ranking?
So the votaries of democracy again are raising sound and fury but there is no light. These votaries are the ones who demean and defy democratic norms.
Democracy calls for consultation and acceptance of inputs from the Opposition-Does the Congress and the likes of RJD Raghuvansh Prasad Singh and Mohan Singh raise any objection when the NAC brought forward the NREGA? Who is the NAC to chalk out national schemes and Rahul Gandhi meeting the PM to request its implementation in a larger number of districts? Why were these democracy votaries silent then? Is it because Mrs Sonia Gandhi chairs the NAC? Why are the MPs paid while the NAC draws schemes like Food security Bill? Is this constitutionally valid?

4-Talking of democracy when people were starving-when rodents were fed and inflation struck at the pits of the stomachs of aam admis these MPs were enjoying three course and four course lunch and dinners served at subsidies rates. Is that not a shame on democracy? Take the menu card from the MPs canteen and one will be shocked at the abysmal low cost of food items served. Why should the MPs be served subsidized lunch, dinner and tea/coffee at the expense of the poor aam admis.Is it not shameful? Are they below the Poverty line. This is a disgrace and now they become champions of democracy? Is this again a constitutional norm?

5-When there is a dual power centre round which the whole GOI revolves which is an open secret how can they talk of democracy? Are the people’s wishes/aspirations being even articulated in Parliament?
Now that they are concerned and feared to be hounded the ministers and the powerful politicians are shielding themselves with democracy-something which they allowed to be demeaned, dented and even bypassed. Under the UPA1 and UPA2 democracy had/has been even replaced by an oligarchy system. Vested interest people are no democrats. What we have today is no democracy. Let these politicians not continue to take people for a ride.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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  • 1. jeeno  |  April 8, 2011 at 7:37 am


    I would like to suggest you to write the blog in Tamil too…

    • 2. hilda raja  |  April 8, 2011 at 11:07 am

      thank you Jeeno.The simple fact is I am not good in Tamil.My mother tongue is Malayalam and even that I am rather shaky.Both languages I can speak well.In fact in Tamil I am more a platform speaker but cannot write-can read.These are my drawbacks and I need to function within these cionstraints.What a pity.Let me make use of what has been given to me by the Almighty rather than curse the darkness I try to light a candle…All the best toyou.HR

  • 3. Prashanth K.P.  |  April 8, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Excellent Maam! And your (Point 5) is a nail in the coffin. It basically summarizes the current Indian Political functioning. They have been let to function with relentless negligence and incompetence largely due to their very own imperfections and partially due to the electorate’s lassitude. Had the public, who voted these dorks to power, shown a bit more responsibility towards their self dignity, a lot of this erosion of values could have been prevented. Well, it has taken a 72 year old man to awaken the entire Nation from their slumber and briefed them of their current plight. I hope, however unconstitutional it may seem, sustain itself to bring the government to its knees.

    Very well written. Excellent is all I can say.

    • 4. hilda raja  |  April 8, 2011 at 11:11 am

      Thank you Prashanth.Age should not deter anyone from going ahead.It is a question of do or die because deep down the patriot cannot be stifled.It is our country and the country has gone to the dogs-how long can we watch this state of affairs.Your respsonse is very encouraging.I too am old but shall not give up my activism through the email and my blog.Young people should come forward and work to redeem this country from the clutches of the evil.All the best to you Prashanth

      • 5. hilda raja  |  April 8, 2011 at 2:21 pm

        Jeeno I forgot to give you one information.I am married to a tamil and lived in Chennai for 51 years so that makes me more a tamilian than a malayalee!

  • 6. rakesh  |  April 9, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Dont you think that in the end we includking hazar lost every thing. If pranav is there nothing can work. He is the main facilitator of hasan ali. In his pc he vertually bragged that he facilitated ali to take away all the money. And when the questioner showed her dissatistaction; his answer was ” no cross examination”
    What the pc’s are for if not for the cross examination.
    The only thing that emerged officially is that the politicians and the people of india are in no way related.

    • 7. hilda raja  |  April 12, 2011 at 7:24 am

      You are right Rakesh-the people of India and the politicians are in no way related-in thought word and deed.And yet now voices are raised on democracy-Hasare has belittled democracy-What democracy.It is a fact when he stated that abottle a saree will get a vote,.This is truth.This way it is not democracy that we have but something else where money buys the franchise.So why blame HaZare.We do not want a democacy which brings in criminals as peoples’ representatives,prop up a political class which is in no way related to the people-its aspirations and problems.It is a mirage this democracy.But now suff=ddenly everyone want to villify Hazare because they know the going is tough.Thank you Rakesh for your comments.


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