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Anna Hazare’s U-turn

This is the perception and the reality that dawn on one who carefully follows the statements-utterances, the U-turns, the focus, the targeting the falsehoods, the untruths, the crusade-like campaigning, the time and the energy spent, the agendas drawn, and also the hoarse shrill voices that raise against Modi and his regime.

No other leader has drawn so much of ire, spite and falsehood statements uttered with such ease as Modi.So the inference is that Modi is the one who matters. One leader with conviction and concern with determination to take the people of Gujarat on the development track must be derailed and crippled. The plan is sinister-the Congress-its foot soldiers  and the NGOs are then anti-people and anti-development This is what flows from an analysis of the recent and not so recent anti-Modi stand.

Take for example Anna Hazare’s U-turn-nay somersault-he played the tune to the dance of Mallika Sarabai. In three hours he was able to assess the A to Z issues that confront the State of Gujarat. And these issue range from eviction and displacements to expensive education. This after meeting groups of people brought-may be even tutored by the India Against Corruption(Gujarat chapter).

Anna Hazare found himself isolated when he praised Modi a  month ago-this was spontaneous after all Anna was very much in India and what he stated regarding Modi’s super development and concern for the State was his own findings. Now Swami Agnivesh reveals that only after meetings these groups they have realized the problems of Gujarat. The media never highlighted these and it did not reach them in Delhi. What a stand on shaky ground. The media is ever focused on Modi land. The indices on development, the stray cases of violence are always given front page publicity when it comes to Gujarat. Anything adverse regarding Modi land is sugar and honey to the Congress and to the media.

So the praise Modi earned from Hazare drew flak and in a month’s time Hazare evolved into a politician with forked tongue. He has Swami Agnivesh by his side who is like a hawk scrutinizing the scenario and ever ready to fill in the gaps. Everyone knows where the loyalties of Agnivesh lie. It is ridiculous that Anna discovered that Gujarat is flowing with more liquor than milk-so fault Modi. Where does Modi come in this picture? Modi cannot be checking every shanty, every slum, every hideout and every person. If there is prohibition then there will always be illicit liquor flowing. This many States have experienced. Why can’t the Congress ruled State impose prohibition? If the police take firm action then it becomes harassment. The Congress has done enough to demoralize the police force in Gujarat. Hence a discredited cop Sanjiv Bhatt becomes a hero to Sibal and to Chidambaram. There is a limit to these leaders and their statements. Is Gujarat Pakistan? Even towards Pakistan they show more concern-but treat Modi as enemy number one and Gujarat under Modi as a hostile country-yes a country with expectations different, a step motherly treatment is handed out. We living here in Gujarat are citizens of India and need to be treated as such. This partiality and bias shown to Modi is actually directed against the State’s people. One Gujarat riot and the whole perception has changed. As though the Gujarat riots of 2002 is the first riot in India. That calls for some special and descriptive elaboration later.

In just three hours Anna learned so much of Gujarat-that there are more scams here in Gujarat than elsewhere. Which other State has Anna gone to meet the tutored groups with their tales of woe? One thought that Anna and his group were determined to fight institutionalized corruption-corruption at the top level-cabinet ministers; babus nay even the PM who shut his eyes and allowed A.Raja to loot the country. One thought that the fight against corruption was directly against the lakhs of cores of rupees stashed in tax havens. No, it is now Modi and Gujarat where Anna finds all the scams.Can Anna and his team find Modi corrupt? On the other hand look at the number of chief ministers involved in corruption-starting from Delhi.To expect no corruption is to expect the impossible. Gujarat is part and parcel of India and when India is totally corrupt how can Anna and his team think that at the grass root level there will not be any corruption in Gujarat? To expect a cent percent clean Gujarat is asking for the utopia.But in comparison look at the efficient administration, the development strides make by Gujarat under Modi’s stewardship these need to be assessed .Anna and his team will become a laughing stock because globally everyone knows that Gujarat’s CM is the best Chief Minister and that Gujarat is the best administered State.

Is Anna and his team then falling a prey to the enemies of development and want to destroy the one man who is holding out. Should it also politicize its struggle against corruption? Should it also become a handmaid of the Congress? If the answer is no then the statements must change the perception must be corrected-the goal of fighting institutionalized corruption cannot become a tool in the fight against Modi to give leverage to the Congress. This is petty politics and it is a sad day for the Anna initiative to be hijacked by vested interest and Anna graduating into a politician. His recent U-Turn is an indication.

Now a reference to Kapil Sibal’s expression of concern when he recently came to Ahmedabad.: Kapil Sibal must realize that we are not fools and that we are not prepared to swallow all that he says because he said it. It only reveals the pathetic jaundiced vision of him -and his mind.

Kapil Sibal stated that he is much concerned because the Gujarat riots are pending too long and wondered at the ‘pace’ and the ‘manner’ it is proceeding. He wondered how long the people should wait for justice. This is the Congress man who forgets that the Sikh riots of 1984 took 24 years and the main accused like Sajjan Kumar Jagdish Tytler were acquitted. That’s the manner in which justice flowed. On a review Sajjan Kumar’s case is pending.Jagdish Tylter the court simply accepted the CBI report in 2010 after 26 years.This is the manner and the pace of justice when it came to these top powerful Congress men.

Talking of ‘manner’ nine commissions were set up for the Sikh for example one to investigate the police-and another commission to investigate the role of police officers during the riot!! Another commission to ascertain the number of people killed in the riots ….Finally when Nanavati report was submitted in 2009 the concerned authorities found that no department action could be taken because the officers had retired and or died. This Mr Sibal is the state of affairs of the Congress regime and ‘manner’ it dealt with the massacre committed during its regime.

There is the Bhopal gas tragedy in which more people died than the people who died during the Gujarat riots This again during the Congress regimes both at the Centre and the State It is a matter of shame and condemnation that till date there is no proper compensation. This is the ‘manner’ and the ‘pace’ of which Sibal is not aware. but acutely conscious when it comes to the post Godhra riots.He is not bothered of the manner and the pace in the Godhra carnage-neither in the brutal killing of Swami Lakshmananda and his three co-workers-there is no vote bank here and hence Mr Sibal is least concerned. His one concern is Gujarat riots. To be specific Modi-destroy him through hook or crook and then Congress will have a free run he thinks in the State of Gujarat. For the sake of vote bank politics Mr Sibal and Mr Chidambaram and all the Congress leaders are playing with fire. They are prepared to mortgage their consciences if they have any, to garner the votes of the minorities and towards this keep the tensions high keep hitting at Modi and weaken him, paint him as a anti-minority man and the votes of the minorities will flow into the Congress kitty.

Has Anna Hanzare,Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Agniwesh joined this bandwagon of Modi bashers and morphed into politicians?-That will be a tragedy and a sad commentary on the champions who were resolved and took the initiative to fight institutionalized corruption and black money

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

May 27, 2011 at 4:13 pm 37 comments

The US panel at it again

The news item of US panel seeking Modi’s probe came again as a shock. The US Commission of International Religious Freedom (USCRIF) has put India on the watch list. It is unhappy that justice for communal violence continues to be slow and ineffective. This is something the GOI should sit up because the USCRIF is interfering in the internal affairs of the country. It is a different sort of a terrorism of targeting Modi.In some way it is instigating anti-Modi sentiments and arousing hatred This is communal terrorism. Who is the USCIRF to point a finger at our judicial system and fault it for slowness and ineffectiveness? What does it want? Is this not a violation of our sovereignty and integrity of the country?

Does the USCRIF think that it is a  super cop and can trample on our democratic rights? Let it keep its house clean.There is discrimination and anti-ethnic violence in the USA and other countries.Why does it always want to target Modi.It is none of its business because Modi is an elected Chief Minister of the country and has the mandate of the people. The Congress has its backdoor envoys through which it is engineering this blackmail and this will not work. The NGOs most of which are foreign funded keep feeding this anti-Modi grist to the USCIRF. Anything against Modi is sweet to the ears of the donor countries. Knowing this well the NGOs have upped their ante. It is one thing to proceed legally but it is another thing for a USCIRF to meddle with Indian affairs. This is not called for and is a blatant violation of the country’s integrity. Manmohan Singh and the GOI cannot allow the USCIRF to get away with this kind of biased and prejudicial statements.

The USCIRF is not bothered about the torture and the brutalities inflicted on the Sri Lankan Tamils,It had nothing to say on the Yagoon Junta,it is silent on the massacre of the Brahmin pundits in Kashmir, the persecution of minorities in Pakistan and  Bangle Desh.These and more anti human and anti people violations the USCIRF silently watches or is not even aware of. Its business is only a single agenda-that is dislodging Modi-punish him for the Gujarat riots. This without even giving a thought and mention to the agony and the brutality in which 59 Hindus who were roasted and burned. It had no hind sight understanding of the Congress which had engineered a genocide against the Sikhs in which 30,000 Sikhs across the country were butchered.The USCIRF does not know perhaps that Gujarat riots is not the first of its kind.

All this does not mean that it has the right to invade this country’s sovereignty. But these are mentioned because it looks that globally it is only Modi which the USCIRF has marked as a culprit for the Gujarat riots. There has been greater number of people who through Warren Anderson’s act of negligence been dehumanized and deprived of human dignity-Through the USA’s Union Carbide’s callousness and carelessness and profit avarice had rendered people homeless,  people have been killed, and others maimed and crippled. After 20 years the surviving ones are carrying on with their mult-ailments and penury lives. It is this country which wants to stone Modi. Why not arraign Warren Anderson for Justice? Why pick and chose cases for Justice. Warren Anderson is very much in the USA and the injustice organization of the USA has not rendered justice to those whom it deprived. He who has not sinned let him throw the first stone. This the  USCIRF must be well aware of. All lives are unique-one cannot make a case only for lives of a particular religious community

We the people of India know about Modi and the Indian judiciary with all its weakness is equipped to deal with the matter. The Congress party of India can keep its leaders silent because they sent powerful messages Be it P.Chidamabaram or Kapil Sibal who rush in to praise the discredited cop Sanjiv Bhatt because he has given evidence against Modi after 9 years of silence betray the Congress party’s over reach to get at Modi. So one has to infer that the Congress party has its extended private foot soldiers and over seas agencies through which it is trying to target Modi. All for the same of political power. No wonder its Indian extensions through the NGOs are in the National Advisory Council. The design is sinister and clear .Modi is the only stumbling block for the Congress and it is unable to dislodge him. Well no matter what the Congress party and its over seas private bodies try the people of Gujarat shall not allow Modi to be dislodged because they know the truth and Truth will triumph.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom is being discriminatory- and is anti religious and anti-India. It is a Christian organization and seems to be against Hindus. Thus it has no credentials and credibility to be fair and it has no legal status to violate India’s sovereignty and integrity. Let it stop this sort of religious terrorism in the name of International Religious Freedom. It cannot teach India what Religious Freedom is all about.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


May 27, 2011 at 5:57 am 2 comments

The National Advisory Council-a super Parliament-and a negation of democracy

The National Advisory Council-a super Parliament-and a negation of democracy

The news is that the National Advisory Council has drafted a Communal Violence Bill with the purpose of presenting it in Parliament and getting it passed. This does not auger well for democracy because the whole premise of the NAC is anti-democracy. The NAC has bypasses democratic institutions and is acting as a super Parliament. The intentions of the NAC are questionable because it cannot supersede the Parliament.

By the way what is the NAC? Who constituted it and why? Where does the NAC fit into a democracy? At best if one sincerely and honestly answers these questions it can be a Mrs Sonia Gandhi club over which she presides for her own vested interest.

It is a conglomeration of NGO members-handpicked by Mrs Sonia Gandhi.Their qualification being they are pro Congress-to be specific pro Sonia Gandhi and anti Modi. Their credentials are bashing Modi-enjoying enormous clout both political and social-unaccountable to the people and of course drawing vast foreign funds. These are mostly NGOs who are also spokespersons of the foreign funding agencies and hence they speak and act according to the wishes of the donors. Here lies the catch. Where does such a body fit into a democracy? This is indirect interference in the affairs of the country by foreign countries.

Right from day one Mrs Sonia Gandhi has been bypassing democratic institutions and violating democratic norms. The first and most significant of her actions was to handpick the Prime minister. The PM himself is not an elected member of the Lok Sabha but had to come through the backdoor –namely the Rajya Sabha. This does not indicate a vibrant democracy. The PM must be elected by the people-he should face the electorate and he must be a Lok Sabha member. This is a basic democratic norm.

The Parliament is the forum to introduce legislations and to work out strategies for the country’s development. It is also called upon to prioritize the needs of the people-to reflect the aspirations of the people whom it represents. All this is swept under the carpet and the Parliament has become more an ornament and a show piece to show cause that we have a democracy. This has been a subtle vicious subversion of democracy by the UPA. Mrs Sonia Gandhi is an MP and whatever she wants to highlight she can in Parliament then  where is the need for her to gather a group of ‘yes’ men and women –consolidate a coterie and create a super Parliament called the NAC meant to advise the government. Pray then why have we ministries and the various departments attached to them.

The National Advisory Council whose members are selected and appointed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi can at best be her private friends and well wishers. It cannot be given the mandate to draft crucial Bills and prioritize the needs of the nation. It can be a public forum to debate and create awareness as all the public can on important issues. There its utility and value stops. A cursory scrutiny of the members reveals the tilt and the danger that lurks within  the NAC.

Persons like Asgar Ali Engineer who simply speaks always not facts by cooks up facts because he speaks Harsh Mander who is the Modi basher and is hence qualified to be in the NAC are but two names that stick out and indicate the tenor and tone of the NAC. It is this NAC which has brought the Food Security Bill this again because Mrs Sonia Gandhi-the memsabih feels that hunger has not been targeted.So then why not find ways and means to target hunger? What is the Below the Poverty Line Numbers of the Planning Commission indicate if not the numbers with hungry stomachs? It has to have the sheen of Mrs Sonia Gandhi because she and her son can go to the electorate showing how because of their intervention hunger has been targeted. It is cheap gimmicks at best

It is in this back ground that the Prevention of communal and targeted Violence Bill be viewed. The intent is flawed-it is biased nay it is dangerous because it is the first step towards Emergency. Banish all non-Congress governments is the main intent .For this a camouflage of communal violence must be spread. Then the ground be cleared for the NGOs-the saviours of democracy to step in and demand the State government to be made accountable for the graves with burned bodies-though such does not exist use the most despicable method of making women the armor and scream that women are stripped and raped-which they alone know and are aware of -children killed-bodies heaped and burned-men missing these and more. But first create a mirage of riot. Towards this gathers a few rioters which is not difficult. The setting is well centre staged and the demand for the Center’s intervention becomes hoarse and shrill. The Centre in the meantime will be equipped with Article 355 to intervene.

Everything is stage planned. The Centre need not make the State Raj Bhavans as its local Congress office.Teesta Setalvad,Harsh Mandir are there to lead the orchestra-‘dismiss the anti-people government. It is easy for the Governor to perform his/her preemptory task of filing a report to the President .The shriek voices have already reached the Rastrapathi Bhavan-and the ultimate happens-the State Government is dismissed and Art 356 is clamped. So one has to draw up the whole plan of the scheming NAC and how it works for the Congress to impose President’s rule. This will happen only in non Congress States that is for certain.

Now one must look into the riots and the rioting. The population is already entrenched in divisive politics. People are all divided under religion, and caste. So even if five persons assemble and create a ruckus it can be a riot between one community against the other because there will be three from one community and two from another. Similarly fences have been well set and ghettos structured keeping people within these. One religion against the other-a small street corner fight can be escalated as a riot in no time and like wild fire it will spread. The champions of Communal harmony will see how the Minority communities are intimidated, threatened, tortured and killed and burned. Such allegations though false will be sweet to the donor countries of the NGOs and Madam Sonia Gandhi becomes the fighting archangel to defend these minority communities. The one and only person to understand the needs of the minorities and the starvation lot is Mrs Sonia is made to look so. Intentions do not make the goal. All these years of Congress regime what has she and her son been doing? The NAC had only to let loose a few of their foot soldiers in the name of protecting the minorities and then things will take its own course.Let Mrs Sonia Gandhi not forget that she and the family cannot get washed clean of the Sikh riots-the genocide of 30,000 Sikhs across the country.And yet it the Gujarat riots which Mrs Sonia-her son and the NAC is obsessed with.

The Bill against Communal and Sectarian Violence sounds good and looks innocent but under its wraps is a danger-the most dangerous weapon to strike at democracy. It is like the Emergency that the NAC is working at. The sooner the people realize this the better and the sooner the Members of Parliament realize that they are being side stepped and demolished-and Parliament is being threatened so sooner they need to take up this issue in all seriousness and dismantle the NAC. Parliament is supreme and it alone can introduce debate-draft what is needed for the people. They alone can represent the people’s needs and demand redressals. The PM has his ministers to advise him according to the area of need-of late it has always been the appointment of a group of Empowered ministers-that have to be engaged in some dynamics of discussing, advising and exchanging dossiers.

Why should we have a selected and appointed forum to supersede Parliament-to advise the PM? This is a disgrace and a blur on democracy. May be this NAC can also have an appendage-a group of rioters to let loose when the need arises……..

Down with the National Advisory Council-a threat and a violation of democracy.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

May 23, 2011 at 11:09 am 6 comments

Rahul Gandhi ashamed to be an Indian

Rahul Gandhi is ashamed he said to be an Indian when he sees the plight of the farmers. He is not ashamed to be in a party which is covered and reeking with scams. What kind of a statement is this coming from one who is all set to handle the reins of governance? Throughout RG has been exposing his ignorance of Indian affairs and his total alienation from the reality that is India. One could understand if he had stated something similar out of disgust for the corruption that the Congress has blotted this nation with.

Granted that the utterance was made in a utter disbelief of the misery of the farmers coming from RG it needs to be dissected. From the time of Independence the farmers have been neglected. This started with the British when all its policies pauperized the rural masses and impoverished the rural people. Farmers fled to nearby towns-settled in the periphery of small towns as unskilled labor and the dehumanized spread of slums started. The farmers lost their dignity and their pride in these guttural urban spread.

The land policy was such that made them sharecroppers/tenants and marginal farmers. The irrigation system was such that the tail end farmers and those who were the marginal  farmers  were directly affected As water became more and more scare the farmers depended only on rain fed lands which hardly gave them sufficient subsistence .Take for example the Cauvery delta lands these belonged to just three rich land lords-one of which is G K.Vasu’s father-late G.K.Moopanar. These lands had three crops harvesting because of the water abundance and the rich soil .Even when land reforms were ushered in people like the then Congress chief late G K.Moopanar was able to wriggle out through the loopholes of the Land Reform Act. Hence the lands were held in Trusts and in benami names. The poor labourers did not know that the ‘pattas’ were in their names but they faithfully and slavishly laboured in the fields and harvested for the rich farmers the produce.

All this, and more during the time of the Congress regime. The same pattern was replicated all over India. Even at a time when India boasted as an agricultural country the farmers were in penury and the rich absentee landlords enjoyed the fruits. No government was able to change this. Except for a period of seven years from Independence till date it the Congress which was and is in power. So what is Rahul Gandhi cribbing about the plight of the farmers. Did this ‘plight’ suddenly befall the farmers or was it contained only in Uttar Pradesh.He is as usual playing politics with the suffering and hardships of the farmers/dalits. This is the game play of the Congress. The scion who talks of change cannot and is not a change agent because he is not prepared to learn. He is not prepared to change himself.

If there is going to be a change it must start with oneself. Rahul Gandhi cannot talk of change at the grassroots  level when change does not touch him and his mother. The Congress party cannot be in the hands of an Italian who does not understand the farmers plight and has no sensitivity to their hardship. The farmers’ plight cannot and should not be used as a vote garnering mechanism. This is worse than terrorism.

There have been suicides in Andhra Pradesh,Maharashtra but nothing substantive had been done to tackle the human tragedy. Sound bytes by the Congress spokespersons are cruel jokes because they only try to score brownie points and not look at the misery and the human tragedy-the enormity of the problem and accept first the failure of the GOI in tackling the problem .Then envisage measures and means not tokenism to alleviate the suffering.

Simply because UP will go to the polls soon RG suddenly became a champion of the farmers. Eating along with them-sleeping in one of their houses is no effective measure to bring the farmers succor. It has been a long standing problem. Come elections and all the political parties are up in arms supporting the farmers. They are then conveniently forgotten. Their hard labour fruits can be eaten by rodents, can fester and rot but is not available to fill the hungry stomachs of the people.

It is in this background that one must analyze the utterance of Rahul Gandhi when he said that he is ashamed to be an Indian. Does he realize that we Indians are ashamed of being Indians because of the Italian connection –because an un-Indian is at the helm of affairs because ignorance and appeasement policy have destroyed the countryside. We have an economist of a PM who is subservient to Mrs Sonia Gandhi.In no country is a political party leader more powerful than the government of the country. But in India it is the High Command-what a dichotomy to have a High command in a democracy.

It is thus not political gimmicks which will safe the country-the farmers and alleviate suffering. It is not teaching Mayawati a lesson that is called for .It calls for the Centre to bring in reforms-land reforms- land acquisition law, Farmers security, Farmers Insurance et al. .It is here that we need to concentrate and make relevant change. Change for the better will call for a genuine reassessment of land, availability of infrastructure for the farmers, storage facilities, holding capacity, marketing, land acquisition, water availability, land usage and land utilization for development.

This cannot happen unless and until the dynasty regime is dismantled and the democratic institutions are set in motion. It does not have room for NAC and least of all for an NAC chairperson. It calls for Parliament to be accountable-for the various ministries to work out strategies and for the PM to act. The Congress party is just a political party and for a democracy to be vibrant all political parties need to function and have their respective roles. Hence  the understanding and tackling of the farmers plight encompasses a whole gamut of actions and reassessment  to be set in motion

To be ashamed for being an Indian because of the farmers’ plight is indirectly striking at the Congress-its total failure and it also unconsciously reveals the real RG and his moorings. Inspite of all the failures, in spite of human tragedies in spite of poverty and penury, no sensible patriotic Indian who knows his/her country will ever utter that he/she is ashamed of being an Indian. Because the other side of the coin of the nation reflects the rich hoary parampara,the resilience of a people, the valor and courage  of a people to put up with this dynasty regime,  the values embedded in its patience, its farsightedness, its ability to still look beyond the scams and the wave of the HAND and proclaim that I am proud to be an INDIAN.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

May 16, 2011 at 7:13 pm 7 comments

The French aircrafts and the Italian connection

The Italian connection in India has deep and a vast range of earth shaking tremors as far as the Indian polity is concerned. For the ordinary Indian ‘the Italian’ denotes power without responsibility. In political circles there is awe and scare when ‘the Italian’ is mentioned. For some it denotes scams and hence a sell out of the country.

Now there is more news on this: The GOI is mulling over  buying French aircrafts Where is the Italian connection. Very much there-Carla Bruni is the Italian wife of the French President and it is alleged that Mrs Sonia’s sisters stand to get a hefty bribe on this transaction if affected. So the Italian connection which started with Mrs Sonia Gandhi placing herself well entrenched in the Prime minister’s household after her marriage has grown deeper and vicious. It was not just that Quatrocchi was able to go scot free because he as an Italian was well connected with the Italian connection in the PM’s household but that the whole world was laughing at the GOI’s agencies for chasing a wild goose. It looked not only ridiculous but shameful to make our central agencies fools. The last reason for requesting the case against ‘Q’ to be dropped was that much money was spent and the central agencies were running in circles. That they were made to run in circles is another matter.

In the process the Prime Minister who was handpicked for his subservience to ‘the Italian’ did not hesitate to tell the country that he was out of the loop. We have the PM washing his hands of the responsibility-this when a special courier was sent by the GOI to the UK to defreeze the accounts of the ‘Q’ and allowed him to take the loot and go. That too when there was a red alert for ‘Q’ is no credit to the GOI. Margaret Alva has been rewarded for this because she was in charge of Personnel  administration when ‘Q’ was quietly allowed to slip from the country.-she was given the post retirement benefit and is a Governor. Hans Raj Bardhwaj has been rewarded with governorship because as the Law minister he took orders from ‘the Italian’ and kept the PM out of the loop. All this is the past. Has the Italian connection become a matter of the past? It seems to me that ‘the Italian connection’ is not past history but very much a continuity of the history of this country.

One would think so and now the alleged news of the French aircrafts for India with the Italian connections as brokers has erupted. In France as well as in India the Italian connection is strong and thus Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s sisters are cited as alleged recipients of kickbacks for the French aircrafts which India is supposed to purchase. Poor A.K.Antony he was cited by Achuthananda as ‘Kumbakaranan’. A good man honest  himself he fits into a similar mound of the PM who may be personally honest but abets dishonesty and even promotes it. I am not sure if such a person can be termed as personally honest. See ‘no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil’ aptly fits in the role model of our PM. Can a PM be so inactive and pretend that he is not aware? Can a PM state in Parliament that it was an error of judgment in the 2G Spectrum scam and get away without facing the consequences of such an error. Can the nation afford to have a PM who is most of the time out of the loop and when he is within the loop then he pretends that it was an error of judgment? Tell me which country will tolerate such a PM? But such a role of the PM suits ‘the Italian’ connection. Who is running the GOI?A dual power centre with responsibility in one and powers in the other and the whole political nexus revolving round the power centre sans responsibility- makes things difficult and different. This is not democracy. It is a system of governance-or no governance in which every area-every project, every department of the GOI is meshed in scams

What kind of a system is it that  allows the rich to grow richer by the day and the poor poorer. It is a system by which on one side there is such vulgar display of wealth and assets while on the other side abject poverty. It is a system which has on one side people with diamond studded slippers and shoes-while we have the masses barefooted. It is a system in which Mukesh Ambani pays 75 lakhs for his monthly electricity bill while vast rural areas have no electricity and are immersed in darkness. It is a system which allows private jets to ferry the rich for the IPLs and for personal business while the common people have flights cancelled because the public sector AI is in the red and cannot afford a decent salary for its pilots. It is a system which has a public distribute system for the BPL people but throws tons of food away after each lavish marriage. One can see humans scavenge in the garbage heaps for scraps of food to fill their empty bellies. Yes the money belongs to the private persons but the resources to the people. No body in this country has the right to waste resources. Nobody has the right to maul down pavement sleepers because they have no where to sleep except the pavement. This is system in which justice is the only light at the end of the tunnel but even that light is being dulled and at times hazy because of the powerful political class. This is a system which is called democracy but is in reality an oligarchy-a banana republic.

The hush hush voices have  now given way to open allegations that most of the scams if properly probed will have ‘the Italian connection’. Some of the information and articles on the web have openly stated that these if probed properly they will lead to the doorsteps   of No 10 Janpath. It will be revealing to find out the assets and the financial position of the Mainos today. In the affidavit Mrs Sonia Gandhi claimed that she had hardly a few thousand rupees-in fact she borrowed from her daughter-she has no cars, no house etc. But this system allows her to live in a house estimated at 400 crores .She has no cars but has any number of bullet proof cars available at the flicker of her fingers and jets to foreign countries. She has no money so her power and water charges are paid by the aam admis for whom she is struggling to get the food security bill passed. She flies across the country, jets to foreign countries in private jets-this is the ‘Italian connection’ that keeps the political and the social systems in such a mess. Manmohan Singh cannot even stand alone in an advertisement-Mrs Sonia Gandhi has to be there. Is the PM incapacitated that he needs the ‘Italian connection’ to walk, wave, stand and sit and of course keep silent most of the time?

We have Rahul Gandhi wanting to change the system-does he know what this system is? If he does then he has to change himself, his mother and the connections they both hold. Change must first come from within-within his family. First the umbilical cord of the Italian connections must be severed. The people of India had opted for a democracy and they know how to run it without the ‘Italian connection’. A parliamentary democracy has no dual power centers and no National Advisory Council as a super Parliament presided by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. These undermine democracy. There is no scope for selection but only election. There is no first family and no divine right for any one to rule this country. This basis must be reinforced

Structural changes must be set in so that the poor need not and should not be patronized. The right for food, water basic prerequisites must be available and reachable. It is not growth that must be targeted-it is equitable growth that must be aimed at. Lavishness and vulgar display of wealth must be heavily taxed. One cannot go on acquiring houses and mansions both within India and abroad unless and until the teeming millions of ours have shelter and a decent one over their heads. The present is a sinful structure because it is based on sin, on fraud on greed and on avarice. It must go and in its place a more compassionate economy one with a human face must be reflected. Let the rich oil companies pay heavily and let their profits be scaled down but let not the prices of fuel and diesel be hiked because it will immediately have a cascading effect on common commodities and will push inflation to a higher level.

Above all we need along with the annual budget a white paper presented on non plan expenditure-on the government’s spending to run a no governance GOI. Firm austerity measures-streamlining the expenditure of the various departments and of course rolling back the 5 crores per MP for the MPSLADS  are some of the reform measures to bring in food security-without patronizing. The biggest reform area lies in the electoral area. Money for votes must be stopped by all means. Populist measures to buy votes cannot to be allowed at the cost of development of the people.

Accountability and transparent governance must be put in place. This is democracy and not a one woman rule from No 10 Janpath. There is no place for ‘Italian connection’. There is no High command in a democracy. The MPs if need to be true representatives of the people then they must represent them and not represent a class of rich pampered lot-a misnomer to be people’s representatives. If some of these are initiated the rest will fall in place. People have become cynical and are fed up with the scams filled UPA. One cannot be taking the people for a ride all the time. If timely interventions are not made then the country will regret for we are becoming the most corrupt country in the world and with a population touching 1.6 billion it is going to be disastrous. We are not looking for cosmetic changes but are for overhauling the system with structural changes.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

May 7, 2011 at 4:40 am 14 comments


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