Rahul Gandhi ashamed to be an Indian

May 16, 2011 at 7:13 pm 7 comments

Rahul Gandhi is ashamed he said to be an Indian when he sees the plight of the farmers. He is not ashamed to be in a party which is covered and reeking with scams. What kind of a statement is this coming from one who is all set to handle the reins of governance? Throughout RG has been exposing his ignorance of Indian affairs and his total alienation from the reality that is India. One could understand if he had stated something similar out of disgust for the corruption that the Congress has blotted this nation with.

Granted that the utterance was made in a utter disbelief of the misery of the farmers coming from RG it needs to be dissected. From the time of Independence the farmers have been neglected. This started with the British when all its policies pauperized the rural masses and impoverished the rural people. Farmers fled to nearby towns-settled in the periphery of small towns as unskilled labor and the dehumanized spread of slums started. The farmers lost their dignity and their pride in these guttural urban spread.

The land policy was such that made them sharecroppers/tenants and marginal farmers. The irrigation system was such that the tail end farmers and those who were the marginal  farmers  were directly affected As water became more and more scare the farmers depended only on rain fed lands which hardly gave them sufficient subsistence .Take for example the Cauvery delta lands these belonged to just three rich land lords-one of which is G K.Vasu’s father-late G.K.Moopanar. These lands had three crops harvesting because of the water abundance and the rich soil .Even when land reforms were ushered in people like the then Congress chief late G K.Moopanar was able to wriggle out through the loopholes of the Land Reform Act. Hence the lands were held in Trusts and in benami names. The poor labourers did not know that the ‘pattas’ were in their names but they faithfully and slavishly laboured in the fields and harvested for the rich farmers the produce.

All this, and more during the time of the Congress regime. The same pattern was replicated all over India. Even at a time when India boasted as an agricultural country the farmers were in penury and the rich absentee landlords enjoyed the fruits. No government was able to change this. Except for a period of seven years from Independence till date it the Congress which was and is in power. So what is Rahul Gandhi cribbing about the plight of the farmers. Did this ‘plight’ suddenly befall the farmers or was it contained only in Uttar Pradesh.He is as usual playing politics with the suffering and hardships of the farmers/dalits. This is the game play of the Congress. The scion who talks of change cannot and is not a change agent because he is not prepared to learn. He is not prepared to change himself.

If there is going to be a change it must start with oneself. Rahul Gandhi cannot talk of change at the grassroots  level when change does not touch him and his mother. The Congress party cannot be in the hands of an Italian who does not understand the farmers plight and has no sensitivity to their hardship. The farmers’ plight cannot and should not be used as a vote garnering mechanism. This is worse than terrorism.

There have been suicides in Andhra Pradesh,Maharashtra but nothing substantive had been done to tackle the human tragedy. Sound bytes by the Congress spokespersons are cruel jokes because they only try to score brownie points and not look at the misery and the human tragedy-the enormity of the problem and accept first the failure of the GOI in tackling the problem .Then envisage measures and means not tokenism to alleviate the suffering.

Simply because UP will go to the polls soon RG suddenly became a champion of the farmers. Eating along with them-sleeping in one of their houses is no effective measure to bring the farmers succor. It has been a long standing problem. Come elections and all the political parties are up in arms supporting the farmers. They are then conveniently forgotten. Their hard labour fruits can be eaten by rodents, can fester and rot but is not available to fill the hungry stomachs of the people.

It is in this background that one must analyze the utterance of Rahul Gandhi when he said that he is ashamed to be an Indian. Does he realize that we Indians are ashamed of being Indians because of the Italian connection –because an un-Indian is at the helm of affairs because ignorance and appeasement policy have destroyed the countryside. We have an economist of a PM who is subservient to Mrs Sonia Gandhi.In no country is a political party leader more powerful than the government of the country. But in India it is the High Command-what a dichotomy to have a High command in a democracy.

It is thus not political gimmicks which will safe the country-the farmers and alleviate suffering. It is not teaching Mayawati a lesson that is called for .It calls for the Centre to bring in reforms-land reforms- land acquisition law, Farmers security, Farmers Insurance et al. .It is here that we need to concentrate and make relevant change. Change for the better will call for a genuine reassessment of land, availability of infrastructure for the farmers, storage facilities, holding capacity, marketing, land acquisition, water availability, land usage and land utilization for development.

This cannot happen unless and until the dynasty regime is dismantled and the democratic institutions are set in motion. It does not have room for NAC and least of all for an NAC chairperson. It calls for Parliament to be accountable-for the various ministries to work out strategies and for the PM to act. The Congress party is just a political party and for a democracy to be vibrant all political parties need to function and have their respective roles. Hence  the understanding and tackling of the farmers plight encompasses a whole gamut of actions and reassessment  to be set in motion

To be ashamed for being an Indian because of the farmers’ plight is indirectly striking at the Congress-its total failure and it also unconsciously reveals the real RG and his moorings. Inspite of all the failures, in spite of human tragedies in spite of poverty and penury, no sensible patriotic Indian who knows his/her country will ever utter that he/she is ashamed of being an Indian. Because the other side of the coin of the nation reflects the rich hoary parampara,the resilience of a people, the valor and courage  of a people to put up with this dynasty regime,  the values embedded in its patience, its farsightedness, its ability to still look beyond the scams and the wave of the HAND and proclaim that I am proud to be an INDIAN.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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  • 1. sivaraman  |  May 17, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    It is unfortunate we are ruled by persons who are ashamed to be Indians.But who is Rahul Gandhi?He is God to the majority of our elected representatives .We are the biggest democracy in the world.What is Democracy?It is the rule of majority.So why grumble when GOD SPEAKS.?All you can do is to brush aside the Amul Baby’s pranks. While on this ,I am reminded of T.R.Baalu’s wailing at an Iftikar Party,he was ashamed to be called a Hindu
    But even if this Prince’s and the slave’s voices can be termed as childish bloomers ,what do you say of our Harvard product Home Minister’s statement to the press after the TN Elections-(when Karunanidhi was spitting fire on the Election Commissioner) that he had visited all the states where elections were held and found the EC enforcing different rules in different states and this will be discussed in Parliament.As the Home Minister,does he use the same yard stick in providing security to different states?
    What I feel sorry about is these people’s arrogance and the way they make meaningless statements just to please somebody.GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY

  • 2. sivaraman  |  May 18, 2011 at 8:32 am

    This is a continuation of my comment on 17th.
    Topping the world in Corruption ,Scam 2G ,CWG,Adarsh etc,etc.,India has added one more feather to its cap,WE ARE WORLD No 1,in GOOFING. Can anything be more disgraceful, shameful,scandalous,irresponsible and in fact,criminal to list a person in India jas a fugitive in Pakistan .What happens to our credibility which is already in the lowest rung.?Where is our Harvard Home Minister who lost no time to issue a statement , in support of Karunanidhi in his tirade against the EC.What has he got to say about the functioning of his ministry?Will that also be discussed in Parliament? I expected him to come out with a statement ,emulating his chief,that he did not know anything about it and some official has bungled.But his Secretary Pillai preempted him and has taken the blame on himself and a probe has been ordered to find out how this has happened,Has this solved the problem
    The only action should be the Home Minister,along with all his secrataries,should be sacked,not asked to resign,and a ew team should take over.

    • 3. hilda raja  |  May 18, 2011 at 1:27 pm

      Dear Sivaraman
      all that you have put forward is cent percent true and hence correct.But what with a class of politicians who care two hoots about India-her integrity,soverignty?People do not come anywhere in their range of their concern.Can this happen in any other country.One terroriost in the most wanted list is very much in Thane- is in the country-a fugitive and his name is sen to Pakistan as one of the most wanted terrorist hiding there.Again error of judgment-so pass it off.The PM makes an error of judgement and that is passed opff -now his PS makes one and that too is swept away.If one has to look into the number of strictures the SC has passed against the GOI it is a government staying in power illegally.Our babus enjoy so much of power and welath-similarly also the politicians.Right from the President down to the last in the echelons of power all are leeches enjoying at the cost of the aam admis.There is no sense of accountability,regret and moral responsibility.Nay there is no morality at all.P.Chidambaram is a goof-he can only talk .What you stated is right-he and his men must be sacked off but who will sack them off.They will stick on to power.The Congress spokespersons can only talk beating round the bush-makes no sense-words and words.Take the case of Bardhwaj-governor of Karnataka.The congress spokespersons whent off out in his defence thereby proving that he is a acting as a Congress agent.Now see what has happened.I do not see why the Congress spokespersons must come out to defend even the misdeeds and wrong statements of their leaders.Well they are kept for it-paid for that enjoy power and pelf for that.For talking rubbish.Think that we the ordinary people are fools?
      I appreciate your response and agree fully with all that you say.Thank you

  • 4. Dr V.Janaki  |  May 19, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    very good analysis mam, as always, brings back memories of your lectures at stella maris. more power to u. why not put this up in mainstream media-ndtv. can i forward this? pl do email me mam- an old student of yours- janaki, batch of stella, jaya, ezhil, susannah, meena thomas etc- 1990-1992.? my email id- drvj70@gmail.com
    thanks mam. affly janaki

    • 5. hilda raja  |  May 21, 2011 at 7:22 am

      Janaki it was such a happy coincidence that I saw your response.I remember you-the curly girl and the last we chatted was when we went to sit for a hungry strike near Parry’s corner-on the Padmini issue-do you remember.You will speak with a tamil-malayalam mix!!Pl do tell me if I am on the right track.You are free to use my articles in whatever way you prefer.I am sending you an email with details.Love-maam

  • 6. Lakshmi Narayanan  |  June 4, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Hi Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

    I Used your blog without your permission. I apologise for that. I share the same concern of yours.

    Please read the below blog.


  • 7. sg  |  June 6, 2011 at 7:31 am

    instead of improving their lives he feels ashamed. his family ruled for 45 years and has nothing to show which has improved the lives of the people. selective and pockets of development is not the progress of the nation. then looting the very same people that is what they should be ashamed about.


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