Anna Hazare’s U-turn

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This is the perception and the reality that dawn on one who carefully follows the statements-utterances, the U-turns, the focus, the targeting the falsehoods, the untruths, the crusade-like campaigning, the time and the energy spent, the agendas drawn, and also the hoarse shrill voices that raise against Modi and his regime.

No other leader has drawn so much of ire, spite and falsehood statements uttered with such ease as Modi.So the inference is that Modi is the one who matters. One leader with conviction and concern with determination to take the people of Gujarat on the development track must be derailed and crippled. The plan is sinister-the Congress-its foot soldiers  and the NGOs are then anti-people and anti-development This is what flows from an analysis of the recent and not so recent anti-Modi stand.

Take for example Anna Hazare’s U-turn-nay somersault-he played the tune to the dance of Mallika Sarabai. In three hours he was able to assess the A to Z issues that confront the State of Gujarat. And these issue range from eviction and displacements to expensive education. This after meeting groups of people brought-may be even tutored by the India Against Corruption(Gujarat chapter).

Anna Hazare found himself isolated when he praised Modi a  month ago-this was spontaneous after all Anna was very much in India and what he stated regarding Modi’s super development and concern for the State was his own findings. Now Swami Agnivesh reveals that only after meetings these groups they have realized the problems of Gujarat. The media never highlighted these and it did not reach them in Delhi. What a stand on shaky ground. The media is ever focused on Modi land. The indices on development, the stray cases of violence are always given front page publicity when it comes to Gujarat. Anything adverse regarding Modi land is sugar and honey to the Congress and to the media.

So the praise Modi earned from Hazare drew flak and in a month’s time Hazare evolved into a politician with forked tongue. He has Swami Agnivesh by his side who is like a hawk scrutinizing the scenario and ever ready to fill in the gaps. Everyone knows where the loyalties of Agnivesh lie. It is ridiculous that Anna discovered that Gujarat is flowing with more liquor than milk-so fault Modi. Where does Modi come in this picture? Modi cannot be checking every shanty, every slum, every hideout and every person. If there is prohibition then there will always be illicit liquor flowing. This many States have experienced. Why can’t the Congress ruled State impose prohibition? If the police take firm action then it becomes harassment. The Congress has done enough to demoralize the police force in Gujarat. Hence a discredited cop Sanjiv Bhatt becomes a hero to Sibal and to Chidambaram. There is a limit to these leaders and their statements. Is Gujarat Pakistan? Even towards Pakistan they show more concern-but treat Modi as enemy number one and Gujarat under Modi as a hostile country-yes a country with expectations different, a step motherly treatment is handed out. We living here in Gujarat are citizens of India and need to be treated as such. This partiality and bias shown to Modi is actually directed against the State’s people. One Gujarat riot and the whole perception has changed. As though the Gujarat riots of 2002 is the first riot in India. That calls for some special and descriptive elaboration later.

In just three hours Anna learned so much of Gujarat-that there are more scams here in Gujarat than elsewhere. Which other State has Anna gone to meet the tutored groups with their tales of woe? One thought that Anna and his group were determined to fight institutionalized corruption-corruption at the top level-cabinet ministers; babus nay even the PM who shut his eyes and allowed A.Raja to loot the country. One thought that the fight against corruption was directly against the lakhs of cores of rupees stashed in tax havens. No, it is now Modi and Gujarat where Anna finds all the scams.Can Anna and his team find Modi corrupt? On the other hand look at the number of chief ministers involved in corruption-starting from Delhi.To expect no corruption is to expect the impossible. Gujarat is part and parcel of India and when India is totally corrupt how can Anna and his team think that at the grass root level there will not be any corruption in Gujarat? To expect a cent percent clean Gujarat is asking for the utopia.But in comparison look at the efficient administration, the development strides make by Gujarat under Modi’s stewardship these need to be assessed .Anna and his team will become a laughing stock because globally everyone knows that Gujarat’s CM is the best Chief Minister and that Gujarat is the best administered State.

Is Anna and his team then falling a prey to the enemies of development and want to destroy the one man who is holding out. Should it also politicize its struggle against corruption? Should it also become a handmaid of the Congress? If the answer is no then the statements must change the perception must be corrected-the goal of fighting institutionalized corruption cannot become a tool in the fight against Modi to give leverage to the Congress. This is petty politics and it is a sad day for the Anna initiative to be hijacked by vested interest and Anna graduating into a politician. His recent U-Turn is an indication.

Now a reference to Kapil Sibal’s expression of concern when he recently came to Ahmedabad.: Kapil Sibal must realize that we are not fools and that we are not prepared to swallow all that he says because he said it. It only reveals the pathetic jaundiced vision of him -and his mind.

Kapil Sibal stated that he is much concerned because the Gujarat riots are pending too long and wondered at the ‘pace’ and the ‘manner’ it is proceeding. He wondered how long the people should wait for justice. This is the Congress man who forgets that the Sikh riots of 1984 took 24 years and the main accused like Sajjan Kumar Jagdish Tytler were acquitted. That’s the manner in which justice flowed. On a review Sajjan Kumar’s case is pending.Jagdish Tylter the court simply accepted the CBI report in 2010 after 26 years.This is the manner and the pace of justice when it came to these top powerful Congress men.

Talking of ‘manner’ nine commissions were set up for the Sikh for example one to investigate the police-and another commission to investigate the role of police officers during the riot!! Another commission to ascertain the number of people killed in the riots ….Finally when Nanavati report was submitted in 2009 the concerned authorities found that no department action could be taken because the officers had retired and or died. This Mr Sibal is the state of affairs of the Congress regime and ‘manner’ it dealt with the massacre committed during its regime.

There is the Bhopal gas tragedy in which more people died than the people who died during the Gujarat riots This again during the Congress regimes both at the Centre and the State It is a matter of shame and condemnation that till date there is no proper compensation. This is the ‘manner’ and the ‘pace’ of which Sibal is not aware. but acutely conscious when it comes to the post Godhra riots.He is not bothered of the manner and the pace in the Godhra carnage-neither in the brutal killing of Swami Lakshmananda and his three co-workers-there is no vote bank here and hence Mr Sibal is least concerned. His one concern is Gujarat riots. To be specific Modi-destroy him through hook or crook and then Congress will have a free run he thinks in the State of Gujarat. For the sake of vote bank politics Mr Sibal and Mr Chidambaram and all the Congress leaders are playing with fire. They are prepared to mortgage their consciences if they have any, to garner the votes of the minorities and towards this keep the tensions high keep hitting at Modi and weaken him, paint him as a anti-minority man and the votes of the minorities will flow into the Congress kitty.

Has Anna Hanzare,Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Agniwesh joined this bandwagon of Modi bashers and morphed into politicians?-That will be a tragedy and a sad commentary on the champions who were resolved and took the initiative to fight institutionalized corruption and black money

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 1. sagar pilare  |  May 28, 2011 at 2:32 am

    Anna hazare is only after cheap publicity. His coterie and stooges are no different. There is a saying ‘ badnaam huye to kya hua, naam to hua’. Hazare has understood that U-turns give wide publicity. Therefore he has mastered the art of making contradictory statements. This statement about Modi is not the first U-turn. During his jantarmantar circus, he derided parliamentary democracy. After a few days, expressed his faith in parliamentary democracy. Then he announced dead-line for drafting of the Lokpal Bill. A few days later, he stated that there was no such dead-line. Again went back on his words and stated that if the Bill was not passed before Aug.15, he would start agitation from Aug.15. Similarly, he praised Modi earlier and is now criticizing him. This is the gimmick he has mastered to remain in limelight. The people should not respect this spurious Gandhi. He is totally ignorant of the problems facing India, the right solutions to the problems and importance of developmental works.

    • 2. hilda raja  |  May 30, 2011 at 12:31 pm

      I agree with Sagar Piallari-I did not count the U-turns made by Anna Hazre.Now I realise that he is for cheap publicity.Lets see how he is going to move forward.Thank you for the input.All the best to you.HR

  • 3. Malarmannan  |  May 28, 2011 at 4:27 am

    Targeting Modi with vengeance is order of the day, as for the Congress leaders since they have realised Gujarath will never come under their control, as long as Modi is on the scene. It is OK if they ploitically take on him but miusing their hold at the Centre to punish Gujarath with step mothely treatment is totally atrocious. They are are aware it is impossible to face Modi politically and therefore have resorted to punish the people of Gujarath. The Prople of Gujarath place their self respect above all and bold enough to stand this kind of cowardly act of the Congressand the leftists. As you have rightly said, for these Congress people, Gujarath is an enemy country. There had been more horrible riots in the past where Hindus had to suffer most but it is only because of their vote bank policy that Congress and leftists make Godhra mountain out of a mole. They also have one and only Godhra to find fault with Modi. Kowledgeable people in other staets actually yearn to see Modi as the Prime Minister of Bharath.

    It is hightime we started Save Gujarath movement at the national level forcing the centre to provide all legitimate assistance to Gujarath.
    MALARMANNAN. English-Tamil biingual Journalist and Tamil Auhtor
    18/37 Muthulakshmi Salai Lashmipuram Chennai 600 041

    • 4. hilda raja  |  May 30, 2011 at 12:38 pm

      Malarmannan I was happy to get a response from you ebcause Chennai is the city in which I lived for 51 years.I retired from Stella Maris College and my husband from Loyola College.know it as the palm of my hand.You have very well said it that other States long for a Modi but unfortunately the Congress is all out to cut at him from every side.He has been braving it all.But how long I wonder.I am here in Gujarat for the past 3 and a halfyears only.Both me and my husband migrated here to live with our only son.I was also encouraged at your suggestion to start a ‘Save Gujarat’ movment at the national level.Since you are in the media why don’t you try it out.Thank you for your educative inputs.It was very refreshing.I wish you the best in your professional and personal life.Do whatever you can to support Modi and to spread that message.HR

  • 5. Ram  |  May 28, 2011 at 5:38 am

    I think, Mr. Anna Hazare is used as a face of sinister campaign by UPA, especially congress to cover up their misdeeds. There is a very great analysis of this long back by Sandeep You may kindly see that here

    • 6. hilda raja  |  May 30, 2011 at 12:40 pm

      Dear Ram seeing how things are proceeding I too get the feel that AH is a coverup.Lets keep our fingers crossed.Thank you for your response.It is heartening to get responses from persons like you.All the best Ram.HR

  • 7. sivaraman  |  May 28, 2011 at 11:44 am

    When Anna Hazare started his campaign he did not expect he would get so much of publicity and his movement would attract good response .He thought he was going to be christened Mahatma I I.I think this went ino his head and he started preaching his own ideas not caring to consult others .It is surprising that not a single voice was raised against any of his suggestions.Even Gandhiji had to counter lot of opposition within the party for many of his moves.It looks the others also were taken in by the media attention .Finally Modi played the spoil sport and these people got an opportunity to decry Anna as he was getting the maximum publicity.It is clear they also wanted only media to recognise them.They joined in a chorus to find fault with him and as none of his views are genuine,he,like a real politician issued a hurried disclaimer.That shows his mettle.
    People are anti Modi because he has acheived and continues to achieve remarkable results against all odds while they have nothing to show.It is sheer JEALOUSY.
    From Sonia to chaprosy and the pseudo secular netas not only are jealous of him but hate him because he cares two hoots for them.They donot hesitate to call him any names ,not even knowing what they mean.Their entire cadres are brainwashed to believe Modi is a virus.Sycophants they all are.easily fall for it.As you have very rightly said they are made to think Gujarat is an enemy state.
    The less said better of PC and Sibal.A minister who cannot run his own ministry and cause all sorts of embarrassments to the country universally and who is mortally afraid of even implementing a SC order for fear of minority votes, can never hope to head any govt.As for Sibal,he lives on his own and has own mathematical calculations to arrive at figures.Both of them should realise sycophancy and “yes,minister”approach
    is not going to carry them anywhere beyond their present status.

    • 8. hilda raja  |  May 30, 2011 at 12:48 pm

      Dear Sivaraman as usual you have analysed AH’s activism in the proper perspective.Things have gone rough for him because as you stated he thought he is a Gandhi.There is a news item in today’s paper in which shcool children have taken a film and the message is that Gujarat must lift prohibition.It will not only bring revenue but also illicit liqour will stop.Why should only the rich drink.Leave it to ther people to decide.It is not possible for Modi to stop the liquor bisness.Why can’s a Congress State enforce probhibition.Why Gujarat simply because Gandhi was born here.Things have changed and this is not the way to uphold Gandhi’s name.
      Again you are right -the less said of Sibal the betterHe has been blabbering all along and everything.I don’t see him as an astute SC lawyer but a cheap politicians whoc shoots his mouth off.
      Thank you Sivaraman and may you be blessed.

      • 9. sagar pilare  |  May 31, 2011 at 3:48 am

        Respected Ma’am,
        I agree with the suggestion that prohibition in Gujarat must be lifted. In Maharashtra, there is prohibition in Vardha district because Mahatma’s Sevagram Ashram is situated there. But the sale of illicit liquor is perhaps maximum in Vardha district. Spreading tentacles of laws and regulations to the areas of individual morality always results in disastrous consequences. Addiction to liquor may be harmful to an individual or a family. But prohibition has harmful effects on the society in general. In the erstwhile Bombay State, Moraraji Desai had experimented with prohibition. The results were disastrous. Illicit liquor became rampant in Mumbai. The origin of organised crime in Mumbai can be traced back to the period of prohibition. The Mumbai police, once compared with Scotland Yard, went after haftas from the illegal liquor-manufacturers and we can see the level of degeneration of Mumbai police now. Prohibition makes the administration and the police system corrupt, the State is denied the revenue. The society is at a loss. Only a few hypocrites like anna hazare are supportersof prohibition. The government should not accede to their whimsical demands. Prohibition, whereever it exists in India, must be lifted.

  • 10. dakul  |  May 30, 2011 at 7:11 am

    Why doesn’t it surprise me?
    Because too many people who came out in support belong to the “bash Modi” bandwagon.
    It is some how seen as must to be secular and being anti-Modi/ anti BJP is passing test. Has always been.

    • 11. hilda raja  |  May 30, 2011 at 12:52 pm

      Yes Dakul-to be secular one must be anti-Modi and pro congress.Congress forgets that it never was secular.Allowed the Indian Muslim league to be a political party and is in alliance with it-all its policies are appeasement to the Muslims in particular.To be or to support BJP means to be communal.This is the way the Congress has established its perception.So the media also always talks of ‘secular forces’ How can it christen the Congress and tis allies as ‘secular forces”?I have never come across a party as communal as the Congress.
      All the best to you Dakul.HR

  • 12. Malarmannan  |  May 31, 2011 at 5:51 am

    I am amused to hear the suggestions that prohibition has to be lifted to curb illicit liquor. Whether prohibition or NO prohibition illicit liquor would continue to flow and even in authorised arrack shops, you will find it, as it is cheap and available at odd hours in the dark lanes of the towns. Very often you hear the news of death or loss of eye sight due to consumption of ilicit liquor and invariably, places where such tragedies occur are in states where no prohibition is in force. Manufacture of illicit liqour is a flourishing underworld trade and its gaurdian anjel is police., the law ensuring public system. Prohibition enables younger generation to be free from the influence of liquor. And people would not dare to buy and drink in punlic if prohibition is in vogue and it would be a deterent to get to the habbit of drinking. for others. Prohibition also helps in developing the habbit of thrift, ensures enough money on hand to spend for necessities etc. However, tapping and selling of toddy may be permitted, as it dioes not harm as bad as arrack and other alcoholic drinks. But you have to check nothing is added to the toddy to increase the kick. We can reduce the manufacture and sale of illicit lqiuor if we can enforce discpline and duty consciousness among th police And there are ways and means to impress the police on this. Lifting prohibition to tackle illicit liquor flow is like advising to avoid travel by bus to safeguard from pickpockets.
    I hail from Tamilnadu and we have not heard of drunken brawls or seen stencjing men lying on the streets unconscious until 1970 because prohibition was in force all over the state since 1948. Generation after generation grew up without the smell of liquor. Yes, illicit liquor trade was there but not daring and visible. Very limited persons would dare to make illicit liquor and few would go in search of it. In 1967, when Anna became the Chief Minister of the state and DMK came to power for the first time unseating the decade long Congress regime, people thought prohibition would be lifted. On the contrary, when the media persons asked Anna the learned as to whether he would put an end to prohibition, he smillingly said, “I am an addcit to prohibition.” There was huge applause for his reply, appreciating his wit and wisdom in using apt words. There had been no prohibition in all surounding states including the tiny Pondicherry that is very near, Anna agreed but said he was not bothered. He may be losing substantial revenue but he would not make revenue at the cost of the well being and peaceful homes of the people. But unfortunately, Anna the wise and learned did not live for long. That was really the misfortune of the people of Tamilnadu. They had lost a compassionate and people-friendly administrator within a very short time. Next came Krunanidhi who claimed that he had borrowed Anna’s heart but lifted prohibition to bring more revenue and room for all kind of mall paractices, forgetting prohibition was a pet subject to Anna’s tender heart! Along with Karunanidhi, came all sorts of misrule.
    Anna was a simple man, never after money. He did NOT want his children to enter politics and even use his name for their benefit when he was in power. It is surprising how could his Thumbis (younger brothers, as he used to call his folllowers) could become so prone to corruption and selfish to the core, immediately after his demise.

    • 13. dakul  |  May 31, 2011 at 9:38 am

      All the Yadavs (Mulayam / Sharad / Lallu) are secular.
      Deve Gowda is secular.
      DMK can align itself with Congress/BJP; but secular credentials are intact.
      So what is secularism which is the power-bleach, that no taint sticks to them easily?
      I wish TV channels explain the concept (of being secular) first to lay people like us..

      • 14. hilda raja  |  May 31, 2011 at 12:22 pm

        Dakul as I earlier pointed out being secular is being an ally of the Congress.Tell me which party is secular.In fact the Congress is thriving by injecting communalism in society.Divide and rule is its policy-divide the people on the basis of religion,caste and region.The Italian has no brains and has not understood the dynamics of the Indian populace.
        Wish you all good.HR

    • 15. hilda raja  |  May 31, 2011 at 12:19 pm

      You are centpercent right on the prohibition issue.Personally I feel it best to eb left to the people to decide what to eat and what to drink.The rich drinkl in clubs and in the homes-the foreigners normally only take drink-not water.Well there are two sides to the story.But faulting Modi is what I object ot.Yes I was in Tamilnadu-as I pointed out from 1957 to 2008.I agree with what you have said.All the best to you MALAR.

  • 16. sivaraman  |  June 3, 2011 at 6:28 am

    I fail to understand how suddenly the topic of Prohibition entered the discussion.Is it just because AH ,not knowing what to say something against Modi,chose to use this subject to beat Modi with.,that too not out of conviction ,but just to keep on the right side of Modi bashers,who jumped into his band wagon,again,not knowing what they are trying to achieve in the so called AH campaign .I did not know much about AH until he started his movement and during the past few months I have not heard him touch the subject of Prohibition.I may be wrong.
    Whatever it is,I think Prohibition is a subject totally out of context in the present discussion.

    • 17. hilda raja  |  June 3, 2011 at 8:18 am

      Sivaraman the subject on Probition entered ebcause AH stated that more liquior flows in Gujarat than milk.Whatever it be he was wrong and thus wanted to be on the right side of Modi bashers.Thats how prohibition came into the picture.Why should only Gujarat enforce prohibition.Why not some Congress ruled states after all the Congress swears by Gandhiji even if it is just lip servive.No State is able to enforce prohibition.The cops put in charge only fleece the illicit arrack brewers and they too drink.It is just a big tamasha.Let people eat and drink what they have and can afford.They are adults.Why should only the rich be allowed to drink.When there was prohibition in TN the people used to go to the neighbouring State of Puducherry to drink.The borders between the two States were making roaring business in this.Leave it to the people and let good stuff be at leastr available to them.
      All the best to you.HR

  • 18. Ram  |  June 10, 2011 at 4:06 am

    It is proven that Dayanidhi Maran was misusing 323 telephones and was operating a mini telephone exchange from the revelations of the two newspapers. BJP should ask for resignation of Textiles Minister Dayanidhi Maran and Union Home Minister (under whom is the CBI functioning) P Chidambaram who has not allowed CBI to proceed in the case since last 3 years.

    Now will you accept it as wrong, Mr Maran?
    Dayanidhi Maran’s phone exchange lie nailed

    • 19. hilda raja  |  June 10, 2011 at 7:45 am

      thank you Ram-this and more-apart from the 2G Spectrum scam and the telephone exchange will tumble out of the cupboards of the Marans.But the real culprit is also P.Chidambaram.He is well aware of the Marans and their game but has been always taking a biased view.This ebcause there is no such Congress party in TN and PC must survive there he needs the DMK cadres.PC needs to be nailed also for misusing his powers and sipersing the innocent people assembled at Ramlila grounds.It has the height of dictatorship that made the police use brutal force on the people.Is this a land of non-violence.How can State terrorism be condoned?All the best to you Ram

  • 20. Anu  |  August 14, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    I am really amazed to read mam’s view about Anna ji !
    It seems that just because of his comments against Mr. Modi mam is becoming judgemental about him. He is a person who is daring enough to take up the issue of corruption and standing against all the odds when no one shows the guts to fight against it. Now a days when almost every man is making the statement that we can’t get rid of corruption because it enters our blood’ atleast Anna Hazare’s team is thinking of blood transfusion at this level. I am unable to understand why u have made this statement mam?

  • 21. Atul Deshpande  |  August 16, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Namaskar Ma’am,
    I have been reading your blogs and I liked (although I did not agree 100% with all of your views) what I read until this moment.
    However I felt I should comment (my first ever comment) on this blog for the simple reason that it pained me to see you have decided to discount an entire campaign which is close to millions if not billions of Indian hearts, just for a single comment against Mr. Modi. That is a bit too harsh by any standards. Just for the record, I have very high regards for Mr. Modi and I believe with his dynamism he is the right person to lead our country.
    I know for sure that AH can’t be another Mahatma (and I am sure that even he knows his limitations), but following the doctrines of Mahatma for the betterment of society is not a crime.
    I agree AH is not as eloquent or articulate and concise as the Mahatma, but I am sure even you will agree that Mahatmas are rare commodities and you don’t come across many in your lifetime.
    I beg to differ with Mr. Sagar Pilare’s comments and your acceptance to it that AH is after cheap publicity knowing that the veteran Gandhian (74 years of age) has spent 35 years trying to reform the ills in the society to his best capacity. Let us not forget his similar crusade for a strong Right to Information bill which resulted in the RTI Act 2005.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and hope to read more without being judgmental.
    I am sure some narrow-minded people will take an umbrage for supporting a fellow Maharashtrian, but I am an apolitical Indian atheist with an open mind and for me state boundaries, political parties, religion and castes mean nothing. All that matters is my beloved India and Indian culture.
    With Best Regards

  • 22. Ram  |  August 17, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Vanakkam Ma’m,
    The so-called Team Anna is a creation of SG and it’s NAC. The equation is straight forward. When the English media elevates someone to this level, then he/she must be harmless to the Madam ruling this country by proxy. The same media never gave such publicity to the true crusade of Baba Ramdev, but painted him with it’s tainted brush. Like RTI, UPA has decided to bring the Jan Lokpal bill and wants the maximum publicity and wants to take huge credit for bringing the bill. Lokpal or Jokpal or Satpal, nothing is going to work as long as the people in power are dishonest. CBI, the so-called premier investigating agency is slave to the ruling dynasty and this Jan Lokpal will be another chamcha for the UPA. What is the legitimacy of these self-appointed committe members, what was the role of Indian common citizen in forming the civil society committee. All are SG’s men and it is all a drama to cheat the whole country. Poor people walking on roads supporting AH, who is just being utilised by someone for their benefit. God save Bharat.

  • 23. Ram  |  August 17, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Why AH has a single point agenda called “Jan Lokpal bill”? How much confident he is about this bill bringing down corruption in this country? The Cong party and it’s UPA are champions of scams and corruption and why AH has not talked a bit on their corruption till today. Why doesn’t he support bringing back the movement to bring back the illegally stashed away Indian wealth. I am 100% sure that AH works on behalf of the UPA. Without green signal from SG/RG the Indian media never covers anyone positively.

  • 24. Anu  |  August 19, 2011 at 4:22 am

    Mr. Ram ! By reading your comments it seems that u haven’t gone through any of the lokpal bill, either proposed by the Govt.or the janlokpal proposed by Anna Hazare’s Team. Otherwise u have not been asking all this. Moreover ur comments suggested that probably either u r a great writer who writes only fiction or may b u have great political knowledge dats why u knw all dese things about UPA , Anna n others.

  • 25. Ram  |  August 19, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Ms.Anu, Please go back in your memory lane. Till March 07, 2011, not much people in this country know about Anna Hazare. It is the fully bought-out Indian media (TV channels and Newspapers) that elevate or demolish personalities according to it’s will. Today within 6 months, he is the national Icon. I don’t have anything against Anna as a person, but he is being used by UPA for it’s vested interests.
    The shameless Indian mainstream media never bothered to attack UPA in late 2008 when the 2G scam was discovered in the Daily Pioneer. UPA went on covering up the whole scam till march 2010 and ably helped and supported by the media. Meanwhile the media helped UPA win a second term in May’09. The CAG, thankfully brought out the huge loss figure of 176000 crore and the media took up the issue when it became inevitable. Even then, they helped the UPA by repeatedly accusing only Raja for the whole scam. Today, India is made to believe that for 200 crores transfer from Shahid Balwa company to Kalaignar TV, there was 176000 crore to the nation. This is absolute cheating of the country. CBI works for UPA and runs bogus investigation raids. Sorry Ms.Anu, please tell me one instant in the last 6 years where Indian mainstream media accused SG / RG of a single allegation. All the time, they sing the praise on these dubious personalities. I was a straight forward, politically naive person since 2009 and then I just had a little doubt on Indian media. Once I had this doubt on mind and watched the TV channels, everything became crystal clear. Internet is the eye-opener. Don’t ever read from our “Bad Times of India” or “Indian (chamcha) Express” or “The(anti)HIndu” and you will get the right news from the numerous blogspots.

  • 26. Ram  |  August 19, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Anna has shown his nexus to the SG’s own NAC in his first letter to Prime Minister in March-11. Recently Harsh Mander of NAC praised Anna. This clearly shows the connection between NAC and Anna team. Anna praised Modi on one day and had to take U-turn quickly so as to please the NAC boss.

  • 27. Ram  |  August 19, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Clear demonstration of Indian media demolishing personalities is that of Shri. Narendra Modi who is the notable achiever in this country. The mainstream media are trying their best to malign him, but will promote and glorify dubious personalities like Harsh Mander, Teesta, Swami Agnivesh Sanjiv Bhatt etc. If you are following the mainstream TV channels and newspapers, then you will look at Modi as Villain and the Amul Baby as Hero. They are experts in fooling people. I advise all of you to watch and listen anything with an eye of suspicion and always try to look at the other side of the coin.

  • 28. Anu  |  August 21, 2011 at 7:22 am

    Mr. Ram ! u have advised everybdy to have an eye of suspicion dat means following ur advise i shud start suspecting u?

    why r u favouring Mr. Modi so much infact upto that extent that we have our discussion abt Anna ji’s comment on Mr. Modi n we start discussing abt his links to UPA!
    come on Mr. Ram!
    one cud not get anything if he start suspecting everybdy. we have to trust people. we have to trust the cause for which dey r working if it is in favour of our society.
    Infact ur comments also suggested abt ur trust towards Mr. Modi. And i really respect that TRUST
    but i m really amazed dat
    just one comment of Anna ji can make such a difference dat watever he said earlier abt Mr. Modi is becoming quite irrelevant?
    you urself is being saying dat media is the main culprit den why dnt u have seen to the other side of Anna ji’s comment ?
    After all how we come to knw abt his comment for Mr. Modi its through Media only!
    and u have already said that its Media who is presenting Mr. Modi as a villan den how cud u think that Anna ji is against Mr. Modi

    I respect ur feelings n i m also agree with u dat its the media that contribute to the maximum in making or breaking anybdys image.
    but in case of Anna ji ! its the right cause ,His strong will n the support of people dat is contributing maximally to his image.

    and i disagree with u at the point that Anna Ji is being used by UPA!

    UPA is saying That Anna ji is being used by RSS or JAnta Party n now they r saying abt his foreign links also

    All these things dat are happening for the last few months clearly shows that Anna ji is standing for a right cause . N that cause is the eradication of CORRUPTION through a strong LOKPAL BILL.

  • 29. Ram  |  August 23, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Ms.Anu, I am of the firm opinion that Annaji is playing the UPAs game. UPA wanted to bring in the JLP bill and they wanted to create the maximum publicity for it and that is why the whole drama is arranged. The Government’s Lokpal bill (the so called Jokepal bill) and the Jan Lokpal bill are both drafted by the same group of people i.e. UPA+self appointed civil society. This itself is a great strategy which has fooled the common Indian citizens. How will you make a black patch darker ? You paint a white patch adjacent to the black patch to make the black patch appear darker.
    The drama would reach it’s climax when AH’s health would reach the worst point. Then RG or SG would intervene and accept the JLP fully for implementation and the whole world will go gaga over the SG/RG. This is the theme of the story. If this does not happen, you come with a stick and beat me. It will all happen within this week or the next week. Then we will discuss it.

    • 30. Anu  |  August 24, 2011 at 8:14 am

      Mr. Ram its ur opinion that Annaji is playing UPAs game but its my Faith dat dere is no game in all dese things.
      I have seen the link posted by you but it have nothing that can shatter my faith,
      U have said come with a stick but havent given ur address !!!!

      just kidding!!!!

      Rest i can only Say may God Bless U

      • 31. Ram  |  August 24, 2011 at 1:17 pm

        Now you have my opinion which is one side of the coin and the other side is the popular opinion (hysteria across the nation). God has given intellect to discriminate good from the bad and I wish you look at the happenings from this moment onwards from both angles without reserving your judgement.
        The greatest thing that God has given human kind is the intellect and freedom to make your own decisions. Finally you decide your destiny – do good, get good, do bad and get it returned.

      • 32. Anu  |  August 24, 2011 at 3:31 pm

        Thanks Mr. Ram !
        For helping me in making my Faith more Stronger
        thanx a lot.

  • 33. Ram  |  August 23, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Please go through the link given below :

  • 34.  |  August 23, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    No, all those who talk in favor of muslims are secular, if Digvijay Singh says RSS is running terror factories he is secular because his remark is not against mulsims, if Lalu says Maulans should be paid salaries he is secular because he is not in favor of salaries for hindu pundits. But Modi is communal because he doesnt like fanatics amongst muslims and seem them as a threat to peace and stability of his state, he is communal because he doesn’t indugle in appeasement policies like Yadavs and Diggis. Okay now Anna, to call him a Gandi is insulting Gandhi-he is capricious, shrewd, and has a motive-an agenda! One day he says I support Ramdev then a few days later he says we do not associate oursevles with Ramdev, one day he says we accept 15 das limit to fast but when he sees herds of lame ducks he gets emboldened and changes the length. He is a sham taking the Indian public for a ride, he is an anarchist, a tyrant, a dictator-he talks of democracy but when Ramdev raised objection to having 2 people from one family he brushed aside his objection saying it doesnt mater 2 or 3 ppl from one family we need experts-oh so we have dearth of experts in India that he had to make do with the father of son duo, the previous of whom represented parlaiment attack case accused!

  • 35. sonalika  |  August 23, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    this is to request you ma’am to remove my emial from this site, i entered my email inadvertently, and if possible please share the details of Dr Swamy with me who wrote an article on curbing Islamic Terror or give him my email id mentioned here. thanks

  • 36. sonalika  |  August 23, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Let the likes of Diggys and Chidambarams be mean to Hindus, let them be more vocal with their criticism of sangh accusing them of running terror factories, let them bend back to appease muslim fanatics-this would probably one day make Dr Swamys dream of polairizing of Hindus a reality!

  • 37. kukkumol  |  August 28, 2011 at 6:21 am

    It is a historic day for India. The peoples’ power has been recognized. Our heartiest congratulations go to Anna Hazare for bringing about this momentous change. He has been an epitome of steely resolve, stoic determination and civilized behavior. The government failed to see what had become abundantly clear to the whole world. Had they shown more perspicacity and grace the physical suffering of this true crusader could have been greatly ameliorated.
    A battle has been won. The war will be truly won only when the bill is finally enacted, a Lokpal is in place and people start feeling relief from the cancer of corruption. But a beginning has been made, and a very good one. Knowing Anna as the country knows him now, he will carry the baton till the finishing line. We wish him good health and long life.


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