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Rahul Gandhi is 41

When on the 19th June Rahul Gandhi completed 41years there was a wish from Digvijay Singh-that it was time for Rahul to become the Prime Minister NOW. This was widely reported in both the print and the electronic media. Digvijay is one of the secretaries of the Congress and also the mouth piece of Rahul Gandhi if one carefully analyses his utterances and statements. It is of course another thing that Digvijay as most of the Congress men conveniently do-made a U-turn and stressed that  his statement did not have the ‘Now’ time frame but that he saw all the potential required to become a PM in RG.

Most of the people were stunned at the Digvijay’s statement not because he uttered something which has not being bandied about that RG is the next PM but that it was time for RG to become the PM was outrageous because there is already a PM functioning or not functioning thanks to RG and his mother Sonia Gandhi’s dual power centres in the governance.

It must have certainly ruffled and hurt Manmohan Singh which the Congress realized that it fielded Jayanthi Natarajan to smoothen the ruffled feathers of the Prime Minister and reeled out how he is doing a good job etc. It was insult to injury because the game play was evident and Digvijay stood exposed-he had quickly and quietly to make a U-turn. Blame the media for putting words in his mouth and clarify that all that he said was that RG had all the potential of being a PM.!

It has been now seen, known and talked about that the scion of the Gandhi family as the next Prime Minister. P.Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal forget that there is a democratic process. They who lecture to us on democracy should realize that what they project is monarchy or at the most an oligarchy. We have opted for a Parliamentary democracy they often repeat when it comes to the assertion of the civil society’s demands against corruption. How and where does Rahul Gandhi becoming the next PM fit in this picture of parliamentary democracy? Chidambaram lectured to us about a democratic process. Is this process reserved only for the civil society and RG ascending the throne is outside the purview of the constitutionality of the Indian Republic?

Dynasty regimes are no indicators of Parliamentary democracy. The Congress coterie has been reminding the nation that RG is ready and that RG is the next PM .Perhaps the Congress is bankrupt of leadership and apart from the Gandhi family cannot even think of any other leaders. This is the mindset and the chemistry in which the Congress has  evolved and been nurtured. The Congress is not the nation- and the Gandhi family is not the nation too. This is an obsession of the Congress-a mental aberration that it suffers from. The people of India demand the process of democracy to throw up a leader to lead the nation and that surely need not be a Gandhi. It will be disastrous to have a Nehru-Gandhi family in the PM’s chair.

Now let’s have a cursory look at the potentials of Rahul Gandhi. Is Rahul Gandhi eligible to become the PM? Should the country not expect a capable and a well qualified person  to hold the Prime minister’s post? Being the scion of the Gandhi family is the only qualification RG has and does that qualify him to lead the nation?

Let us view the Curriculum Vitae of Rahul Gandhi.He is a school drop out-then obtained admission in St Stephens on Sports quota. Again could not complete the course and dropped out hardly after one semester. He got admission in Cambridge on donation quota and there again dropped out because he could not obtain the minimum grades.

Well he talks of democratization of the party but he and his mother alone are outside such changes. Hence simply because he is RG he was promoted as the General Secretary of the Congress. He won the elections not because he could showcase any achievement because Amethi is the pocket borough of the Gandhis.

Just look at the performance of Rahul Gandhi as an MP. He who is suppose to represent and champion Youth power

The national average attendance of an MP is 77 %.Rahul Gandhi’s attendance is 47%. Rahul Gandhi’s asked zero questions.

Similarly the national average for debates attended by MPs is 15.6 Rahul Gandhi attended zero debates. This is the icon of youth power

Amethi had five generations of Nehru Dynasty and look at the parameters of development in Amethi

Literacy level 39.5 % while the national average is 65 %

50 percent of the people are below the poverty line and only 15% of the population has access to electricity

And vaccination level is below 16 percent.

16 % of the children die below the age of 5 years.

When it comes to a very crucial eligibility factor Rahul Gandhi must clearly state whether he holds dual citizenship and an Italian passport. Are Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi Italian citizens? Then, both are not eligible to hold any constitutional position. They need to make this clear, because time and again Dr Subramaniam Swamy has raised this issue but there was only a stony silence .The nation has right to have an answer to this crucial question. Chidambaram and Digvijay who lecture on parliamentary democracy must clear this doubt-a crucial eligibility criterion for any constitutional post.

Rahul Gandhi whom the Congress and Digvijay holds out to the nation as the next Prime Minister must be more honest when he addresses the rural poor. He speaks of two Indias-one poor India and the other rich India, and he claims to belong to poor India. Is it a joke or an insult to the poor of India when he states this-he who celebrates his birthday bash in London and holidays in Switzerland claims to belong to poor India? Poor Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party –they seem to have lost their bearings-but the people of India fortunately have not.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

June 23, 2011 at 4:05 pm 12 comments

Who is afraid of Baba Ram Dev?

The recent events centered around Anna Hazare’s fast and Baba Ram Dev’s fast are not unexpected. Of these two Baba Ramdev’s needs some special focus because he had threatened to go on fast against corruption much before Anna Hazare.The point is not who came first but that Corruption has caught the public gaze of India and shaken it to the grassroots .Anyone who was sensitive and could feel the pulse of the nation would not have been taken by surprise. It was coming and it is going to come in a big wave. A revolution is in the making-bloody or bloodless. There is a tolerance level after which the yoked people would want to throw off the yoke. There is a time in history when history would be written with the blood of those who have been until now sweating it out and receiving a pittance. At times even that pittance was denied. Should a patronizing UPA under Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi think that the NREG P and the Food security bill are crumbs for which the Indians should be ever grateful-they are mistaken? It is obvious that the loot of India-the plunder of the country belongs to the people and they have realized this.

Corruption and scams have enveloped the UPA government and you call it democracy. P.Chidambaram has come to give us lesson on democracy-how it has a process and an end result. He wonders if activities of the activists specifically Baba Ram Dev and Anna Hazare can be constitutional and allowed in a democracy. It is good for Chidambaram to know that Indians cannot be taken for a ride all the time under the pretext of democracy. Does he mean that an unconstitutional council like the NAC is democracy? Who gave it the authority to draft bills? Is it a super Parliament and will he call this a process in democracy? Who is Sonia Gandhi-she may be a party leader and an MP but why does every thing flow from and to No 10 Janpath. How come in a democracy the Prime Minister is at times out of the loop. Verily then who is within the loop always? Is this democracy?

There is a well devised strategy-when things go wrong then it is the GOI and when things go right then it is the Congress. When both go wrong then no one owes the mistake. Interchangeably the Congress becomes the GOI and the GOI becomes the Congress. Is this democracy Mr Chidambaram? How very foolishly the Congress spokespersons open their big mouths to utter nonsense. Only the democratically elected representatives can draft bills. How democratically they are elected is of course another issue-but then why and how can the NAC be exempted and non MPs draft bills?

To speak of democracy the floor of Parliament had witnessed bags of money being offered in exchange of votes. Money for making the MPS ask questions have also be indulged in. Buta Singh bought one single vote with a suitcase of money. Is this democracy Mr Chidambaram? If you were so anxious on democracy then why have you not initiated electoral reforms? Why has the Parliament not taken up Corruption in a big way and appointed a drafting committee. People cannot be stifled any more, anger and resentment if shut down and suppressed for too long is bound to break forth. Then there is no stopping.

Is it democracy that the NAC has drafted the famous-rather infamous bill termed as the The Communal Violence and targeted Violence Bill 2011spending crores of rupees of the people. It is not only clearly biased and flawed but is a danger to the country. Is this the process of democracy Mr Chidambaram? For too long the nation has watched how at every given opportunity the UPA under Sonia Gandhi and her son-(the dynasty) have divided the nation, has undermined and dented Constitutional institutions and violated constitutional norms. A hand picked President and a hand picked Prime Minister are not great factors to sharpen the contours of a democracy.

Now comes this Communal Violence Bill to bulldoze the majority community and to target just this one community. Is this democracy Mr Chidambaram?. You use the Raj Bhavan’s as your party offices and look at B’lore where you make the ever amenable Congress governor Bhardwaj a laughing stock. When people are shocked at the scams you are trying to talk your way through. When people are clutching at their empty pockets and trying to forget their hunger pangs you are talking of the green pastures that will soon unfold. Did your government take any positive step-serious enough to bring down inflation? Is this democracy Mr Chidambaram? You knew so well that the country-the public exchequer is being looted but you turned a blind eye you even as the Finance Minister advised the Prime Minister the 2-G spectrum is a closed subject. Were you not aware Mr Chidambaram that something basically was wrong and that the elected representatives of the people elevated as ministers were cheating them? Where you honest Mr Chidambaram and this you call is as a part of the process and dynamics of democracy? Tell us honestly do we have democracy-rule of the people by the people and for the people? Where does dynasty rule fit into democracy?

The above are just a few areas pointed out to prove that we do not have democracy so don’t waste your time in trying and explaining to the nation about democracy. It is against this backdrop that you should view the recent uprisings. Yes Anna Hazare and Babe Ram Dev are symbols of a rebellion that will soon burst and break the flood gates. Of these two we the people are aware that the UPA and Mrs Sonia Gandhi are not so bothered of Anna Hazare.But Baba Ram Dev they are mightily wary of.

Back to the people’s movement-Baba Ram Dev-.

Too long the majority community have been targeted and hit at.Too long it has silently take till its tolerance level has broken down.Yes Hindus are mild and Hindus can be bought thinks Mrs Sonia Gandhi.But in recent times the color saffron has been branded and given an extremist profile. This is a great injustice.Now Baba Ram Dev has been called all sorts of names like Thug-stooge of the saffron brigade etc. What puzzles me is why this jaundiced view of the color saffron? Its affliliates the RSS,VHP are patriotic Indians-their ideology may not suit the dynasty and the Congress but they too have large following and in a democracy it is pseudo secularism of the Congress is termed as secularism. By no stretch of one’s imagination can one term the Congress as secular. Its history right from the beginning is mired in communalism but still Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son want us to believe that it is the only secular party. It is this blind and flawed vision which makes them suspect of saffron.

Anyone with even a smattering knowledge of Indian history will vouch that the Hindus-the saffron was never communal. Unlike the West where religion was politics and politics was religion and the Popes, Archbishops and bishops everyone were politicians since politics was the other side of the coin of religion .Here sants and sanyasis never meddled with politics. But a time has come when sants and sanyasis must take the lead. If fatwas can be issued-if in churches special prayers can be held for  a particular party to win, if the Pope can visit India and state that he wants the Cross to be planted, if the US commission on International Religious Freedom can interfere in our affairs why not the Hindu religious leaders pick up the cudgels too. There has been an aggressive Christianization of the country-a vigorous proselytization with the Government doing nothing. The flows of foreign funds to the Christian NGOs are blatantly used towards this- What has the UPA government does to arrest this?

The other area of rubbing salt into the wounds is the ‘saffron’ terror mirage. According to Zenab Banu’s  analysis ‘Politics of Coomunalism’ with special reference to the Gujarat and Rajastan riots(1989) there had been 74 communal riots between 1953 and 1977 of which75 percent were instigated by Muslims.No one then termed it as Islamist terror. But now when a few  Hindu alleged terrorists are involved then sweeping statements are made by Chidmabaram and Rahul Gandhi on saffron terror and extremists etc. The brutal way in which Sadhvi Praygna and other alleged Hindu terrorists were treated and tortured were reserved only for ‘saffron’ But when it is the Muslims then it is velvet glove treatment. The whole appeasement policy for the sake of vote bank has dimmed the hopes that in a democracy there would be justice for the majority. To top it all now the ‘The prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence’ Bill makes it obvious and apparent that Mrs Sonia Gandhi has her private agenda of targeting the majority community-May be she is a stooge of the Pope. How can the Hindus take all these insults and injuries heaped on them? When driven to a corner it is but human to fight back. That’s what the majority community is doing and will continue to do. Justice and Equality cannot be denied on the basis of numbers and religion. This is a violation of the Constitution.

It is this which makes Baba Ram Dev the red rag for Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Chidambaram. So what if he is a stooge of the BJP-so what if he is affiliated to the RSS and the VHP?. Are they not Indians? Can they not have an ideology that millions subscribe to? In a democracy there is a room and space for a spectrum of ideologies and these should be nurtured and allowed to flourish if the democracy must be vibrant. If the Congress thinks that it alone has the ‘right’ ideology and it alone is secular then it is like the ostrich which hides its head in the sand. To think that the UPA especially the Congress would fight corruption is to think that the sun will rise in the west. The Congress stinks of corruption right from the top to the bottom. Its government is the most corrupt government we ever had so how will the people believe that it will fight corruption. This is like the hollow words Mrs Sonia Gandhi always utters ‘We are committed to fight terrorism’ And all that we had was exchange of dossiers. 11 crore rupees  spent in feeding and guarding Kasab and a hundred fold more in feeding and guarding Afzal Guru. What is the signal it has sent as far as dealing firmly against terrorists? The same tune is sung for corruption. We will fight corruption. Not a finger moved till Anna and Baba came into the picture.

Now Ram Devji’s trust must be investigated. He is corrupt. He is a mask, he is a stooge he is a thug….this and more. Why then did the UPA not investigate him earlier? Only if one rubs the Congress on the wrong side will investigations be initiated. Misuse of Central agencies towards the vested interest of the dynasty and the Congress is certainly no democracy. There has been quite a lot of literature on the loot of the Gandhis. So why not investigate Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son’s foreign blackmoney. Is it this which prevents the GOI from publishing the names of those who have black money in the Swiss banks? The design of loot started under Quottrrochi and the pattern has only become more intricate and larger. Baba Ram Dev has been the only one pointing out at this loot of the dynasty and hence he is being targeted. Who is afraid of Baba Ram Dev?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

June 10, 2011 at 4:28 am 13 comments


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