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On “How to wipe out Islamic terror”

On ‘How to wipe out Islamic terror’
A former student of mine brought this article to my notice and wanted my reaction. Subsequently I found a number of email friends forwarding the web link. The following is my reflection and response on Dr Swamy’s analysis on how to wiope out Islamic terror

My immediate reaction is that it was brilliant. That the HM-P Chidambaram must be thankful to him and pick up this blueprint and implement these if he really wants to counter terrorism. Instead of creating a mirage of saffron terror and picking on that as an extension of the appeasement policy the GOI is betraying Indians and India’s security. It has defaulted all these years and we have watched this betrayal with hollow promises-we will fight terrorism’ but allowed the Hindus to be led to the slaughter house with their hands tied behind and with absolutely no defensive action .The GOI-has made the Hindus immobile so to say and a soft target with their minority appeasement policy.

Instead of being thankful to Dr Swamy they are raising all sorts of doubts and accusing him of spreading hatred. Where is the hatred in ‘Analysis: How to wipe out Islamic terror”? That Islamic terror is a fact-a reality cannot be denied because it has cost the nation dearly with lives and blood. The recent Mumbai blast on July 13th 2011 after 31 month this terror attack has shaken us to the reality that we have to live and die with Islamic terror-otherwise some soul searching much be done and strategies to defend ourselves must be envisaged and implemented. It is in this context that one would think that P.Chidambaram and the GOI should be grateful to Dr Swamy. Otherwise it is proof that they really are not keen on countering terror but using it against the Hindus and furthering the vote bank by the appeasement policy. It seems to remind us of the tragic situation Hindus are.

The response/reaction of the GOI is not only hollow but hypocritical. The lame duck excuses from a lame duck government are-human error, systems failure, intelligence failure, intelligence gap and finally no intelligence failure because it never picked up the intelligence. Yet we have five Intelligence agencies and with what audacity does the GOI give such excuses for the loss of lives, loss of limbs, pieces of flesh strewn on the roads, streets bathed in blood, families orphaned and untold misery and pain and suffering? Candle lights and flowers to sedate the bruised psyche and the battered bodies?
So Dr Swamy proposes this brilliant defense strategy. Mind you it is defense and not an offence strategy and yet those in the power echelons are trying to spread canards about him and his strategy. They bring in caste-as usual a strategy by which they have divided and ghettoed the nation. The caste of Dr Swamy is not the issue but the issue is terrorism and countering Islamic terror.

P.Chidambaram,Rahul Gandhi,Digvijaya Singh et al are only bothered of ‘Saffron’ terror while more virulent,more blasting more terrifying,more numerically and more real is the Islamic terror not only in the Indian context but also globally.In the Indian context it is abetted or backed by cross terror from Pakistan.This is a well know fact.Yet these Congressmen want to shadow box the ‘saffron’ terror.What is ridiculous is that while the Mumbai blast of July 13th is being investigated PC is cautioning of ‘saffron’ terror’-which according to him is more dangerous. How has he arrived at such a theory? Facts and figures do not prove his theory.

I have nothing more to add to Dr Swamy’s five goals except that I would shuffle the five goals and prioritize them in the following order

Creating of a Hindu mind set-an essential mental attitude as is put- it is a necessary part of a virat(committed) Hindu.This is what will call for the whole Hindu community becoming one .Nothing strange and new because the Catholic Church has this as a belief. It is called the paschal mystery of Christ. Right from the Pope down to the small lay catholic are all united as one body in Christ. Hence if one part is affected the whole body reacts and is affected. This is exactly why the Kandhamal incident made the Pope sit up-it made the European Union pull up the Prime Minister. This kind of evolving as one is not there in the Hindu community. Each seeks salvation through adhering to Sanatana Dharma. So Dr Swamy is not calling for anything that does not exist in other religions but only inserting it in the Hindu context and giving the call to be united and be sensitize because everyone must feel this Oneness and there must be a collective response to anything that affect one/a few Hindus.I would put this as priority one

The rest can follow if this is acquired. His goal 3 must become second because this can be easily achieved. A common civil code is something that has been demanded by women’s groups and for the empowerment of women. .Wonder why the NAC is silent on this instead of adopting all patronizing programmes and making the women more bonded.

Goal number 4 becomes three because the migration policy and the Family Planning are changing drastically the demographic pattern of India.Goal number one becomes goal four and Goal 3 becomes five. Except for the changes in priorities I find the proposal of Dr Swamy not only brilliant but enforceable, achievable and relevant and above all Hindus must start changing the mindset and becoming one. Unless politically too there is a vote bank nothing can be achieved. We are seeing this and politicians understand only this-Why not then form a vote bank on the above mentioned premises?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

July 31, 2011 at 3:44 pm 26 comments

Mumbai blasts-13/7

Should the nation not be grateful to P.Chidambaram because Mumbai was safe for 31 months and there were no blasts? Should we not thank him that it was not an intelligence gap but only failure to pick up intelligence? Should we not be amazed at the brain wave of Rahul Gandhi that the UPA government had stopped 99% of attacks and his honesty that one percent cannot be stopped? Why does RG always put his foot in his mouth when ever he opens his mouth.He has become a ridicule. How is the nation to know that 99% of the terror attacks were prevented and only one the UPA government was not able to stop? How did he arrive at this 99% of attacks stopped? The nation has a right to know what sort of terror attacks were stopped and who were the terrorists involved.

It is callous on the government to allow people bleed to death-and victims with limbs missing-families mourning and wailing for their beloved ones and the government goes about with the same kind of hollow promises. Words which mean nothing. One side the Prime Minister assures that he will see that future no such blasts takes place. How are we to believe him? The past is an indication of the future. His whole governance was and is marked by inaction. Why the future what happened to the present and the past and what is the extra expertise that has since come in that we should believe in the PM’s hollow assurances. It is a bad thought but I need to articulate it.

I wish some of the netas are victims to terror acts.Unless they feel the brunt of the blasts-the agony of it-the loss of loved ones they have no feelings.It is a big drama This because they live in security and Rahul Gandhi goes to UP to learn from the farmers with a three layer security. Chidambaram must go to the market without security. The PM and Sonia Gandhi must walk on the streets without security.No they would not dare. They use the tax payers money to protect themselves and reel out pious platitudes and assurances which means nothing. The people are fed up with this lip service. Shameless to say that one percent cannot be prevented-what if that one percent is directed to the netas.Remember when Indira Gandhi was assassinated Rajiv Gandhi had the sinfulness and shamelessness to say that when the big tree falls the small plants around die. This he said to justify the genocide of the Sikhs. This is the kind of netas we have. Lives of people have no value.Does the value of a life depend on the background on the muscle and money power that person possess. It seems so.

Is the Congress really determined in action to arrest terrorism? Surely one does not see in action the determination.Take for example when it is clear that the IM/SIMI and LeT are behind the latest blasts why this hesitation –why was the Congress so quick to term ‘Saffron terror’ in the Malegoan blasts.Now this great reluctance to call it Islamic terror.It is a mask that the Congress is wearing.They do not want to rub the Muslims and hurt them.They do not want to take stringent action against the Muslims perpetrators those involved lest they lose the Muslim votes.This is precisely why Digvijay Singh went to Azamgarh to console and reassure the Muslims that they are innocent.What was his visit aimed at. Now he must be trying his best to dig out some ‘Saffron’ colour and then will be quick to give his theory which he has coached Rahul Gandhi with-that in India it is the Hindu terror which country is threatened with.That this theory makes them both the laughing stock is no bother to the tutor and disciple.

May be Rahul Gandhi’s one percent terror which cannot be prevented must have also been outsourced from Digvijya Singh.So lets wait for that one percent but first we must know the 100 percent terror threats –of which 99 percent was stopped. Is it not ridiculous and to think that RG is waiting at the side line to step in as Prime Minister. Lets hear more about this arithmetical calculation. What were the ‘saffron’ terror percentage and the green terror percentage? After the great enlightenment of the rural urban divide and after the great knowledge padaiyatra in UP now we must have some calculations on percentages.Both Digvijaya Singh and Rahul Gandhi remind one of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.They have become ridicule because they are just not comical but senses and directionless in their utterances and their perception.

Why not bestow on Digvijaya Singh the ‘command responsibility of the National Investigation Agency? By now he would have traced the blasts to the RSS. How and why he suffers from this RSS phobia only he can explain. But what is terrible for the nation is that he is the Congress spokesperson and his utterances not only block proper investigation but also gives a handle to the perpetrators. It is persons like him who have encouraged ‘green’ (Islamic) terror. He must be indicted for his unfounded comments and for airing unfounded views. The Investigation agencies have already found valid leads and the needle of suspicion points at IM. Where is the need for Digvijaya Singh to poke his nose into this area? If he suffers from RSS phobia that has to be treated at a personal level but to betray the dead, the victims and to mislead the investigators is not only dangerous but treason.

This is no laughing matter. People are suffering and are in anguish and we have this percentages thrown at us. We have P.Chidambaram saying that after all 31 months Mumbai was free from terror attacks. So what-what does it mean? That it was time for them to experience a bath of blood? Mr Chidambaram have you ever experience a beloved ripped to pieces-have you seen and cradled in your arms a beloved soaked in blood? Have you touched the body of a loved one limbless? Have you felt the pain of a crushed hand with no fingers? You whom we protect cannot protect the ordinary. It is time for some accountability and it is time to stop this ‘nation on high alert’ siren blown whenever there is a blast. Your articulated words mean nothing and you presence makes a pitable spectacle.

Standing in his spotless white dothi and creaseless shirt he is a contradiction to the victims and a question mark as to the efficacy of his governance. Should he not take the blame for the failure in his ‘command responsibility’? He owes it to the nation as to why there was no intelligence input. Jugglery with words will not help-Intelligence failure-intelligence gap etc-the fact remains that those under his supervision were not able to pick up the leads. This is a grim reminder of how Headely visited India at least a dozen times and the Agencies under him were blissfully ignorant. They go running to the CIA to gather what they have gathered! It is for the Home Minister to undertake a study how the USA and the UK could prevent terror attacks. He must study the methodology and dynamics of the agencies in Israel. This is important and not wax eloquent. It is the security of the citizens of the people-it is the security of the sovereignty of the nation that is at stake and how coolly these netas are about their business

Less one talks about the Prime Minister the better. He cut such a sorry figure. How ridiculous he looked when he promised to prevent such blasts in the future-Words and words which mean nothing. Catch the PM taking action-he is not an action oriented man. We have had enough of this government. If it is not scams then it is blood baths-the citizens of this nation surely deserve a better deal-when and how is the big question.

PS-Kasab and Afzal guru must be celebrating-they must have ordered biriyani and chocolate cake on the 13th July which would have been readily served.

July 16, 2011 at 12:18 pm 17 comments

Authority is not the criterion of Truth

‘Lokpal must work within the frame work of the Constitution’ is the repeated litany we hear starting from the Prime Minister and others others in the corridors of power.

The Constitution is made for the citizens of India and the citizens are not made for the Constitution. The Constitution of India’s frame work can be altered-has been altered more than 90 times to adjust to the needs of the powerful So what is this great hue and cry that the Lokpal must work within the framework of the Constitution.

It must be recalled that Indira Gandh even suspended the Constitution to enforce her dictatorial rule.(No worthwhile Lokpal can come out of the Gandhi family) Be it the Privy purses-the nationalization of banks all these were enforced only by amending the Constitution. How many times was the Constitution amended even to accommodate the greed of the MPs and made their services-non services paid by the hard earned money of the taxpayers?

The Constitution Fathers would not and had not envisaged looters and criminals becoming Members of Parliament. So to now fall back on the Constitution and make the Lokpal subservient to the Constitution is another conspiracy of the corrupt. It is the same Constitution which allowed this unprecedented scams and massive corruption in India. This points at something basically lacking in the Constitution when it comes to arresting and stemming corruption. If the Constitution as it stands was not able to stem the rot then the Constitution needs to be revamped may be rewritten. If the Constitution could breed Husain Ali Khans, Dawood Ibrahims then there is something basically wrong with such a Constitution. If the MPs think that they are above the Constitution then such thinking is radically flawed. If the Ministers think that they alone are constitutionally valid to draft the Lokpal bill then we question such constitutionality.

If the judiciary of this country want to be above the constitution then where is the need of the Constitution. Take the process of justice and the flow of justice where in even the Fundamental right of equality is not adhered. Hence the rich and the powerful are in jails without bails but with the jails’ locks opened. They are given all luxuries according to their money and muscle power. Where is Equality then? If a pickpocket steals a purse with a few rupees he is thrown in jail without any amenities and for years languishes But if the high and the mighty loot the country of lakhs of crores of rupees they are treated  differentially. Is this a justice system where Fundamental Rights are violated? Is this working within the framework of the Constitution? You ill-treat your pets then you can be fined one crore or 5 years of imprisonment. How just and how caring to the pets? But how callous and insensitive to the poor humans. But if a woman is involved in a murder case-abets the crime which means assisting in chopping the human body into pieces-abetting in the destruction of the evidence-she is given just three years of imprisonment-After having enjoyed a good life in jail for three years given police protection and in full glare of the media walks free as though she has enacted a historical event. This is the judiciary which works within the frame work of the Constitution. And no one is upset or sheds tears. The alleged criminal becomes a much sought after star.

So to them who swear by the Constitution let it be clear that what suits them they take. They are the ones who violate the word and the spirit of the Constitution. The Constitution is not infallible and must be flexible and adjust to the growing criminalization of the polity. The political class cannot hide under the pages of the Constitution because the political class which drafted the Constitution belonged entirely to a different class of political species. The safest place for a criminal today is the Parliament. This is well known and yet the Parliamentarians pretend that they are above the law. They are to an extent, and that’s the root cause of corruption. It is not the chaprasi who takes a few rupees to open the door, or the  takhasidhar’s office clerical staff who takes a few hundred rupees to move the files but the high and the mighty-the babus who are receiving lakhs as salaries, the Ministers who like leeches suck the blood of the tax payers-these are the people whom the Lokpal must net in.The A.Rajas,the Kalmadis, the army top brass who cheated the widows in the Adharsh landscam,the politicians who have three and four villas abroad-who holidays in Switzerland and celebrates b’day bash in London-those who shed crocodile tears for the poor of India, these are the people whom the Lokpal must be directed against

The government we are told is committed to bringing in a strong Lokpal. Given the whole gamut of happenings one doubts this because the GOI is mostly corrupt. There are a few non corrupt persons but this does not mean that one swallow makes the summer and one cannot hide behind these few persons. By and large the people’s representatives are most indifferent, insensitive, and corrupt and are a burden to the common people. The judiciary too need to be put under the scanner-Even in cases like Rathoor’s molestation of Ruchika it was the media which forced the judiciary to rethink and revisit the judgment Why is it that the lower judiciary is very irreverent towards justice. Can every victim appeal to the higher judiciary and find recourse in the Supreme Court? Is the media unbiased and can it play the advocacy role in every case? The Judiciary must come under the purview of the Lokpal.

It is crucial also for the Prime Minister to be brought under the Lokpal. After all the Prime minister is a representative of the people-not a representative of anyone party and as such must be accountable to the people. This does not mean that every frivolous case will be taken against the PM’s office. How easily the PM in recent years sought to be absolved under ‘error of judgment’-over sight-etc. In instances where the PM was fully aware of the corruption-at least was posted of the doings of the alleged criminals he did not act-did nothing. A stoic silence is not the answer

To be honest the people have lost faith in this government and in the political class. How absurd it is to say that the Congress led UPA is committed to bring in a strong Lopal. How can the corrupt fight the corrupt and what sense does it make when the people are told that a government which silently watched the corruption seep in and eat into every branch and area of governance is promising the nation a strong Lokpal?. There have been questions raised and the Group of empowered ministers have been also raising the same questions-that is the constitutionality of the civil society. Every citizen of this country is constitutionally valid and qualified to raise his/her voice against corruption. It is by and large the constitutional authorities and institutions that are at fault and are mired in corruption. How did the NAC acquire constitutional status? What is the constitutionality of No 10 Janpath becoming a power centre? How has the constitutional experts silently watched this dual power system in a democracy ? Where does the dynasty acquire its legitimacy that even the PM is ready to quit when Rahul Gandhi expresses his wish to sit in the gaddi?

All this and more is constitutional-only when the civil society stands up for the people then questions are raised on its constitutionality. To put in a nutshell we have lost faith in the constitutional authority and institutions because they/these have led down the people-have betrayed the people’s faith and trust. It must be remembered that AUTHORITY is not the criterion of TRUTH..It is the simple folks-the hardworking class, the starving millions of this country who still believe in national patriotism that have morphed into Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare to demand the right to righteousness, to plead for a clean governance and for accountability to the people. It would be too simplistic for the GOI under the Congress to think that this movement can be crushed. That force can be used under constitutionality as it did in the Ramlila grounds to crush the rights of the people. State terrorism cannot be constitutional-the sovereignty of Parliament flows from the people and if the people are crushed then the sovereignty and the whole parliamentary democracy will come down in a bloody revolution. The writing on the wall is clear-no threats can silence TRUTH  No laws can negate the right to Freedom of speech and Freedom of the Individual. No lathis can break the spine of the constitutionality of the people of India and it is obligatory on the GOI led by the Congress to respect the people’s power and their constitutionality to safeguard the sovereignty of this country-to protect its ethos and to uphold Justice and Truth-to banish and vanquish corruption.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

July 4, 2011 at 6:22 pm 5 comments


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