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Has the Anna team the copy right for fasting?

Has the Anna team the copy right for fasting? This is what strikes one. The team has been criticizing Modi and the Sadbhavana. One would think that the team would have been happy-because every effort by every individual is needed to cleanse the polity. But Anna team is arrogant to think that only it can cleanse the system.
There seems to be a jealousy at the grand success and the sentiments Modi has been able to elucidate by his fast. After all the corruption against which Anna team is supposed to be fighting against is not all that simple and a straight line target to be attacked. If there is no peace and harmony-if communities cannot think of themselves as Indians then what is the use of fighting corruption? By criticizing Modi Anna and his team has exposed themselves of self centeredness and pettiness

Take for example Prashant Bhushan stating that if someone spends government money for political gains then it is corruption. Government has no money of its own but it is people’s money. Anna team also utilized and depended on people’s money. Was it for religious affairs? No, every move of Anna team was and is political. It sounds nonsensical for Anna team to say that we are not political-we do not belong to any political party and we do not support any political party. Then what are they? Why fight shy of being political? Why fight shy of supporting political parties. After all it is governance that the team is talking about. Can governance be outside politics?

Government’s money ultimately belongs to the people so if Modi’s fast required some spending he is not corrupt to have his own financiers and neither has he black money stashed in Italy and Switerland. So as a Chief Minister of a state his actions will call for government spending and how can that be called corruption? If Rahul Gandhi goes on mass contact program and a three layer security is thrown around him-is that not expenditure on the government and will it not fall under corruption. When Mrs Sonia went for her ‘surgery’ and after surgery lived in a service apartment whose money was spent? Will Anna team find out the total cost of the surgery and the service apartment? Lok pal is not the end all and the be all of things that are happening and yet to happen. Every where there is corruption. When the cabinet ministers go abroad for treatment it is personal and yet the people’s monies are spent. Under what do these fall? According to Bhushan it is corruption if one is to use the same yardstick that he has used for Modi.

Nobody denies that Modi is not a political person. All that he does will definitely go towards either building his image or chipping away at it. This cannot be helped because he is a political person first and last-and he is the Chief minister. What is jarring is that Anna team has demeaned itself by exhibiting pettiness and jealousy and an arrogance that it alone will solve India’s one problem namely ‘corruption .In the meantime the black money has vanished-Hasan Ali Khan’s 62 lakh crores tax has doubled with interest and the case is kept dragging along. The CBI –the subservient handmaid of the Congress is not prepared to net in P.Chidambaram the Home minister for his role in 2G spectrum. Who is voicing these concerns? Is it not part of corruption?

The people are heaving and struggling under inflation. The immediately need is to lighten their burden whether the back money comes back or not this again is left out in the Anna team’s perception. Of course it cannot tackle everything-but let it do first things first. The petrol price hike is having a cascading effect on all commodities especially cereals and vegetables and every day items which is not confined to the middle class alone. It hits the poor with greater force because their daily wages will not be able to get them a proper nutritious meal a day. Then we will have dancer Mallika Sarabhai and other activists pointing out at malnutrition and claim that Gujarat’s health record is low.

I would like to know why this Modi antagonism. The Congress has much more on its conscience, be it butchering, massacre of people, misleading the people, supporting Pakistan and abetting terrorism, high inflation it is squeezing the poor and abetting hunger and poverty et al.But it is Modi who is the target. Just one Gujarat riots and the NGOs along with the Congress want to keep it alive and not wish for peace and harmony. Is that not anti-people and ant-India. Any group and party who keeps the people divided is anti-patriotic and this is what makes the Congress a suspect in everything.

‘According to Kejriwal, ‘We don’t need more yatras .Let the parties bring in Jan Lokayukta bills in their States. The Centre may take time for various reasons. The ruling parties can set up Lokayuktas in their States’. Well said, but one cannot feel a bit diffident when he says the Centre may need time for various reasons. The Centre when it wanted to pass the Foreigners bill (for legitimizing Mrs Sonia Gandhi” as an Indian) passed it in just a matter of two weeks. When it wants to hike petrol price then it is simply passed by a Group of empowered ministers, no Parliament, no discussion and no consultation with the allies. So it can find ways and means to pass the Lok Pal in the shortest period instead of allowing it to drag on if the Government wants to. Before the Lok Pal is passed much water would flow under the bridge and the dynamism it created will be gone may be the need also will evaporate. This is exactly what the government is looking for. Every corruption /scam case is the same. What about the scams? Why not put these on fast tracks? Kejriwal seem to accept this slow mode motion. This does not auger well. He also does not want any more yatras-that is not for him to state and he has no authority for that. Yatras are one method of mass contact-let leaders have yatras if they feel like and want to. Why run that down. So are we to believe that one Anna fasting episode is enough to put the nation on the right track and to banish corruption?

According to Kejriwal if Chief Ministers have significant powers in appointing Lokayukta there will be a conflict of interest’ then how will he conduct enquires against the CM’ In this Kejriwal has a valid query. The same pertains to the PM and for that matter also the Parliamentarians. If they have the final say in drafting the LokPal how will they want it to be worded-without loopholes for their escape. How will it encompass the PM and the Parliamentarians how is Lokayukta going to enquire into them? After all it is the political class which must be under the scanner and not the poor clerk who sits at his desk. So we are waiting for the LP which we think is going to enquire into the corruption of the politicians and they are drafting it and will have to pass the bill. Jai Ho

In the meantime it would be judicious for Anna team not to fault Modi or other yatras. Each one can do what is best and available to focuss on the multifarious facets and layers of corruption-even garner votes because without a good honest party and honest upright politicians how can governance be sans corruption? Finally Anna team must remember that it is deep in politics-nothing can be outside politics as far as Indian polity is concerned. What stands out is the Modi phobia which is detrimental both to those who suffer from it and the unity of India. Peace and harmony are not slogans it is embedded in development-it is embedded in growth and in brotherhood. Every patriotic citizen must long for it, work for it and pray for it and encourage every single individual to contribute towards it in his/own way-that’s Sadbhavana mission

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

September 21, 2011 at 10:13 am 24 comments

Modi has shown the right path to the nation through his Sadhbavana

Modi’s fast has raised the hackles of the Opposition for reasons best know to it.A fast is a spiritual exercise-a response to an inner call-an impetus to spiritual growth-a powerful petition to the gods-a source of purification-a call to all to rise above pettiness and to look forward and upwards. ‘Sadbhavana’ of Modi had all this and more because as Chief Minister he needs also to set the tone and tenure in his State of peace and harmony. Gujarat has been praised globally and nationally for its progress. But as CM he knows that peace and harmony is the essence of development and progress and very much the need of the day in this country. So Modi did the right thing in setting the example for the nation.

Modi’s Sadbhavana had all the right ingredients-his motives were transparent and he articulated these at the start of his fast. There was not a word of anger, bitterness or hatred. But there was an underlying note of sadnessness on the falsehoods spread by others.Modi did not fail to showcase Gujarat as a model for development and wanted the State to contribute to national development. Thereby Modi did put an obligation on Gujarat to help the States to march forward. The CM was straight and transparent. He did not mince words on the ability and capability of Gujarat-on the hurdles it had faced but had come out with greater strength. One would think that the fast’s central goal was peace and harmony-that took the centre stage. It was not just in words but in the support showed by other communities especially the Muslims. Modi did state that 2002 was a tragedy .He reminded the nation and the world that the pain of those who suffered is his own. It should be because as a Chief Minister he must be one with all his subjects and one who got the mandate from the people is obliged to wipe every tear of the people in his State. On the whole, the Sadbhavana was well perceived and well planned. Those who came to witness and show their solidarity also presented a picture frame of religious unity. It was estimated that one fourth of the crowd were Muslims. On the whole Modi started his 61’s year with an spiritual input for inner growth which augers well combined with his political acumen. The idea of Sadbhavana was a response to his inner voice and he did well in his positive response to that inner voice.

Take the fast undertaken by the Congress-what was its motive. It looks that Modhawadia, Vaghela and Gohil degraded the fast as a spiritual exercise. Hen it started a counter fast at the Sabarmati Ashram. (The Congress has not moral and political right even to utter Gandhi’s name.)The Gujarat Congress created a forum to bash Modi –to hold on to the divisive culture of the Congress. Was there a word of communal harmony? Why pick at Modi when the Congress wants no harmony and peace but vote banks to be held within communal ghettos? One cannot fault Modi because it must be left to him and his conscience to do what he thought was the best. How can the Congress say that the talk of harmony did not suit Modi? How can it be so petty and talk of five star culture being used as an image building. Modi is in ‘Z’ security and as such needs all the bandobost and all that goes along with it.It seems petty, low and base because Modi does not need any image building. He stands tall among the Chief Ministers of this country and has been looked upon as a model administrator. This is God’s gift to him. The Congress’ fast looked childish, spiteful and full of jealousy. Can there be a fast on such a premise.-with such a mentality that spewed venom? Was this the inner voice of the Congress to go on a counter fast? To start one hour early and end two hours after Modi’s fast after having termed Modi’s fast a gimmick? Does it mean that the Congress wanted a longer gimmick by its own yardstick?
And Mallika Sarabhai’s eyes opened when Modi declared his Sadbhavana-she saw poor hungry children and was motivated to feed them. Thats one good result of Modi’s fast!.

The five star culture which the Congress talks of belongs to Mrs Sonia and her family. The private jets used, the grandeur in which she and her family wade through at the cost of the tax payers monies are very much the talk of the town. The black money stashed away –a result of the unholy nexus of the Congress and the looters and conmen cannot be wiped off.
The Congress would have done better if it sat on a fast for the victims of Bhopal gas-the conspiracy of the State government and the Centre government in allowing Warren Anderson to flee the country without facing justice. The Congress is guilty of a globally largest industrial disaster which left thousands maimed, crippled, diseased and dead How has it washed this guilt? The Delhi riots immediately after Indira Gandhi’s assassination in which the Congress men lead the massacre team to butcher the Sikhs –to rape the women and to burn down their dwelling is recorded history and not very long ago. How has the Congress washed this guilt? Today the Congress has the cheek to talk of Modi’s guilt when it carried such a huge load of guilt and genocide and massacre. Can any number of fasts as penance wash the guilt? Can the Congress come out of its own guilt? Never, but at least it could be humble and refrain from faulting others. No lessons it will ever learn because of its load of political and social sins

The Congress does not understand anything spiritual. It thinks that the inner voice only Mrs Sonia has one. Hence at the prompting of her inner voice she announced ‘renunciation’. And renunciation to Mrs Sonia and her coterie meant more power. So quietly she schemed and usurped sole proprietorship of power to govern India. Her unconstitutional and unethical method led to scams one after another-skeletons came tumbling down and more will come. So the Congress party can never digest anyone with a positive response to an ‘inner voice’ for peace and harmony. That’s the last the Congress wants. The Congress is digging its own grave and refuses to see the writing on the wall. The Congress lacks moral and political insights because it is warped in vested interest and one such is vote bank politics.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

September 18, 2011 at 4:16 am 14 comments

Modi,media and the Congress’ myopic vision

Modi, Media and the Congress’ myopic vision.

The Supreme Court has not indicted Modi and his government in the Gulbarg Society case-The SC refused to pass any order on Modi’s involvement in the 2002 riots.The SC has referred the case to the trial court saying that it need not monitor the case any longer and has directed the Special Investigation Team to file a final report with the magistrate court concerned, which will henceforth deal with the findings as per law.This has given a chance for Modi bashers-the Congress the Left parties and the NGOs to do what they are accustomed to do.Even though the SC has not indicted Modi and does not find his involvement in the Gulbarg case the Congress ,the Left and Teesta find Modi accused and want him convicted. The media has also lapped up their views because as far as Modi is concerned the media has always been anti-Modi.Hence it puts Modi on trial. If the TOI splashes ‘SC breather, Modi exhales’ Ram Jethmalini demolishes it by stating that ‘Narendra Modi can’t get a breather because he was never suffocated. There was never any evidence against him. It is a vindication of his innocence’. The media also whips up passions and polarizes opinions when it brings in at this juncture the idea of Modi as prospective PM candidate. Even Modi may not have given a thought to it. He is full of Gujarat and its development. May be his admirers had on various occasions articulated such a proposition. Only goes to show the stuff he is made of.It speaks of his caliber as an able administrator, as a dedicated CM, as one who spares no effort and stands out as a non-corrupt and incorruptible person.
The media goes further to analyze who are Modi supporters-who are the fence sitters and who are wary of Modi in the BJP.This kind of uncalled for expose will not be done say in the case of Rahul Gandhi, who is projected as the crown prince. Will the media tell us who his supporters are in the Congress-who are the fence sitters and who are wary of RG? The media has a very crucial role to play in a democracy it must play fair-project the truth and nothing but the truth. It cannot play politics .So what is apparent is that the media is terribly biased against Modi

According to Abhishek Manu Singhvi the SC has not given Modi a clean chit-it has left everything open for the magistrate to look into all aspects. And Salman Kurshid wants us to believe that the BJP is privy to court documents and hence is claiming Modi to be innocent. So one has to believe by these utterances that the SC did not look into the case at all and has simply referred the case to the trial court. The media of course uses this as an opportunity to put Modi on trial. No body thinks that the whole case is sub-judice and hence apart from giving out the SC’s verdict they cannot discuss it thread bare and give their own judgements. The Congress spokespersons in other cases like the CWG scam-the Adharsh scam the 2-G spectrum scam et al excused themselves from commenting because these are sub-judice. But in Modi’s case they are ready to pronounce him guilty as the media runs the trial.The bias is so obvious. What is the reason-just vote bank politics.

It was not long ago that P.Chidambaram appealed to the Sikh community to put the massacre of the Sikhs at rest and to move forward.This when 100 times more persons of the minority community were massacred-brutalized, raped and killed. Time to move on was his appeal. But when it comes to the Gujarat riots it has to be fixed at that riot incident-Time and again it has been used against Modi. Come elections the NGOs canvass with the C Ds of the riots-the wailing and the weeping of the victims and their relatives must be kept ever fresh. Why this double standard? Did the Congress leaders not lead the massacre brigade and supervise the killings of the Sikhs? Did not the Delhi government abet it by silently watching the burning and the killings? Did not Rajiv Gandhi justify this? So what moral right has the Congress to fault Modi and his government,. It must be also noted that this is not the first time Gujarat witnessed riots-not only Gujarat but all over India there have been any number of riots. No one person has been maligned as Modi as been

Vote bank politics has marred every single perception and action of the UPA government. There have been 7 attacks since 2010 after P.Chidambaram became the Home Minister. The Sept 7th bomb blast at gate 5 of the Delhi High court is the 8th attack. This left 13 dead and 88 injured. PC has suddenly become color blind. He who was so obsessed with ‘saffron’ terror suddenly finds just these as terror attacks and is quick also in his briefing to Parliament to caution the country of Naxal terror. No lessons learned. The issue before him is Islamic terror and he is afraid even to term it so. It becomes just terror. And our PM joins in the chorus to mouth hollow words that the perpetrators would be punished. In which terror attack has the perpetrators been punished may be know. So why mouth such promises?

Rahul Gandhi goes to visit the victims of the Sept High court bomb blast at the RML hospital. He has forgotten to think because he had earlier stated after his famous draft reading in Parliament that he took so long to react to the LokPal bill because he had to think. Well one does not know if to read a draft one has to put the thinking cap and take such a long period of thinking. When he visited the hospital he did not utter a single word. Either he forgot to put his thinking cap or there were no draft writers by his side. Can this crown prince not spontaneously offer a few words of comfort and listen to the anguish of the grieving victims. And we are promised that this youth icon will bring in much desired change

This brings up corruption. The Congress advises the rest not to politicize corruption. The same song it sings for every issue ‘Don’t politicize terror attacks’-‘don’t politicize corruption is the litany the Congress leaders chorus. But there is politics in corruption. It is the vested interest of the politicians that gave birth to corruption. It is the greed for power that makes the politicians abet corruption and it is the attraction to status and power that makes the politicians to sell his/her conscience and become corruption. In the process corrupt others too. And as long as the Congress is the mother head of corruption one cannot expect the Congress to fight corruption. It is now blatantly stated in the emails which are circulated that “Mrs Sonia Gandhi the most powerful woman is the most corrupt”. It is not just only one person nay the family too. No wonder it is also said that it took 100 years for Tata to become a billionaire, it took 50 years for Ambani to become a billionaire but it has taken only ten years for Robert Vadra to become a billionaire. From where does this money for chartered planes-treatment in the USA-special facility apartment there et al and lavish spending come from? So it is understandable when one is so filthy rich that Mrs Priyanka Vadra can toss her head and order her two storied house in Himachal Pradesh to be razed to the ground. A new site to be bought and new house to be build. A house in which crores and crores would have been spent is just to be demolished because it did not suit the environment and her fancy. All this after she had been supervising and instructing while the construction was on. Did she not know what materials were used for it? This I narrate only as an example of the arrogance of money power. No second thoughts .We see children by the seaside kick the sand castles and built new ones according to their whims. The same kind of attitude and mindset was displayed by Mrs Vadra which is a dangerous streak and exhibits a disdain for loss of money and labor. The mention of this is also meant to prove that Rahul Gandhi’s multi prong strategy to fight corruption is a farce and mere rhetoric. He has to clean up his own household first.

We had Chidambaram the other day stating that communalizing violence is dangerous. We are no fools and we know what made PC make such a statement. This government will not fight terrorism because it will not embarrass the Muslims. This is clear in it bringing up the Communal violence bill which just will not fight communalism but abets communalism. First the National Advisory Council had no business to draft such a bill.The NAC which is an unconstitutional body acts as a super cabinet and a mini Parliament. This was meant to give a cabinet ranking to Mrs Sonia and legitimize her face in all the GOI advertisements. Second it has also all Modi bashers and baiters as members. It has a hidden agenda and is biased .Hence the communal violence bill is pro minority and anti majority. How can it fight communalism when the very premise of it abets communalism?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

September 13, 2011 at 4:56 am 25 comments


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