Has the Anna team the copy right for fasting?

September 21, 2011 at 10:13 am 24 comments

Has the Anna team the copy right for fasting? This is what strikes one. The team has been criticizing Modi and the Sadbhavana. One would think that the team would have been happy-because every effort by every individual is needed to cleanse the polity. But Anna team is arrogant to think that only it can cleanse the system.
There seems to be a jealousy at the grand success and the sentiments Modi has been able to elucidate by his fast. After all the corruption against which Anna team is supposed to be fighting against is not all that simple and a straight line target to be attacked. If there is no peace and harmony-if communities cannot think of themselves as Indians then what is the use of fighting corruption? By criticizing Modi Anna and his team has exposed themselves of self centeredness and pettiness

Take for example Prashant Bhushan stating that if someone spends government money for political gains then it is corruption. Government has no money of its own but it is people’s money. Anna team also utilized and depended on people’s money. Was it for religious affairs? No, every move of Anna team was and is political. It sounds nonsensical for Anna team to say that we are not political-we do not belong to any political party and we do not support any political party. Then what are they? Why fight shy of being political? Why fight shy of supporting political parties. After all it is governance that the team is talking about. Can governance be outside politics?

Government’s money ultimately belongs to the people so if Modi’s fast required some spending he is not corrupt to have his own financiers and neither has he black money stashed in Italy and Switerland. So as a Chief Minister of a state his actions will call for government spending and how can that be called corruption? If Rahul Gandhi goes on mass contact program and a three layer security is thrown around him-is that not expenditure on the government and will it not fall under corruption. When Mrs Sonia went for her ‘surgery’ and after surgery lived in a service apartment whose money was spent? Will Anna team find out the total cost of the surgery and the service apartment? Lok pal is not the end all and the be all of things that are happening and yet to happen. Every where there is corruption. When the cabinet ministers go abroad for treatment it is personal and yet the people’s monies are spent. Under what do these fall? According to Bhushan it is corruption if one is to use the same yardstick that he has used for Modi.

Nobody denies that Modi is not a political person. All that he does will definitely go towards either building his image or chipping away at it. This cannot be helped because he is a political person first and last-and he is the Chief minister. What is jarring is that Anna team has demeaned itself by exhibiting pettiness and jealousy and an arrogance that it alone will solve India’s one problem namely ‘corruption .In the meantime the black money has vanished-Hasan Ali Khan’s 62 lakh crores tax has doubled with interest and the case is kept dragging along. The CBI –the subservient handmaid of the Congress is not prepared to net in P.Chidambaram the Home minister for his role in 2G spectrum. Who is voicing these concerns? Is it not part of corruption?

The people are heaving and struggling under inflation. The immediately need is to lighten their burden whether the back money comes back or not this again is left out in the Anna team’s perception. Of course it cannot tackle everything-but let it do first things first. The petrol price hike is having a cascading effect on all commodities especially cereals and vegetables and every day items which is not confined to the middle class alone. It hits the poor with greater force because their daily wages will not be able to get them a proper nutritious meal a day. Then we will have dancer Mallika Sarabhai and other activists pointing out at malnutrition and claim that Gujarat’s health record is low.

I would like to know why this Modi antagonism. The Congress has much more on its conscience, be it butchering, massacre of people, misleading the people, supporting Pakistan and abetting terrorism, high inflation it is squeezing the poor and abetting hunger and poverty et al.But it is Modi who is the target. Just one Gujarat riots and the NGOs along with the Congress want to keep it alive and not wish for peace and harmony. Is that not anti-people and ant-India. Any group and party who keeps the people divided is anti-patriotic and this is what makes the Congress a suspect in everything.

‘According to Kejriwal, ‘We don’t need more yatras .Let the parties bring in Jan Lokayukta bills in their States. The Centre may take time for various reasons. The ruling parties can set up Lokayuktas in their States’. Well said, but one cannot feel a bit diffident when he says the Centre may need time for various reasons. The Centre when it wanted to pass the Foreigners bill (for legitimizing Mrs Sonia Gandhi” as an Indian) passed it in just a matter of two weeks. When it wants to hike petrol price then it is simply passed by a Group of empowered ministers, no Parliament, no discussion and no consultation with the allies. So it can find ways and means to pass the Lok Pal in the shortest period instead of allowing it to drag on if the Government wants to. Before the Lok Pal is passed much water would flow under the bridge and the dynamism it created will be gone may be the need also will evaporate. This is exactly what the government is looking for. Every corruption /scam case is the same. What about the scams? Why not put these on fast tracks? Kejriwal seem to accept this slow mode motion. This does not auger well. He also does not want any more yatras-that is not for him to state and he has no authority for that. Yatras are one method of mass contact-let leaders have yatras if they feel like and want to. Why run that down. So are we to believe that one Anna fasting episode is enough to put the nation on the right track and to banish corruption?

According to Kejriwal if Chief Ministers have significant powers in appointing Lokayukta there will be a conflict of interest’ then how will he conduct enquires against the CM’ In this Kejriwal has a valid query. The same pertains to the PM and for that matter also the Parliamentarians. If they have the final say in drafting the LokPal how will they want it to be worded-without loopholes for their escape. How will it encompass the PM and the Parliamentarians how is Lokayukta going to enquire into them? After all it is the political class which must be under the scanner and not the poor clerk who sits at his desk. So we are waiting for the LP which we think is going to enquire into the corruption of the politicians and they are drafting it and will have to pass the bill. Jai Ho

In the meantime it would be judicious for Anna team not to fault Modi or other yatras. Each one can do what is best and available to focuss on the multifarious facets and layers of corruption-even garner votes because without a good honest party and honest upright politicians how can governance be sans corruption? Finally Anna team must remember that it is deep in politics-nothing can be outside politics as far as Indian polity is concerned. What stands out is the Modi phobia which is detrimental both to those who suffer from it and the unity of India. Peace and harmony are not slogans it is embedded in development-it is embedded in growth and in brotherhood. Every patriotic citizen must long for it, work for it and pray for it and encourage every single individual to contribute towards it in his/own way-that’s Sadbhavana mission

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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Modi has shown the right path to the nation through his Sadhbavana P.Chidambaram

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  • 1. sagar pilare  |  September 21, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Respected Ma’am,
    The anna team is behaving as if they have patented fight against corruption. Their comments on the proposed yatra by a national leader of a high stature (advaniji) shows their arrogance. As always, you have been forthright in exposing arrogance of team anna.As you have rightly pointed out, team anna should not pretend that they are apolitical. Politics does not mean only contesting elections. It means taking a stand on the various issues concerning the nation and the people. Even not taking a stand is also taking a stand. It is really surprising why team anna does not accept the truth that their agitation was and is political. Thanks for excellent article.

    • 2. Hilda Raja  |  September 22, 2011 at 10:55 am

      Precisely -the Anna team thinks that it is a one man fight against everything evil in this country.If it had some humility it would have recognized that every effort from everybody is the need of the day.Modi’s sadbhavav is one such effort of a CM’s response to his inner voice to fast for peace and harmony.Why dissect it and attribute all sorts of reasons to it.
      Thank you Pilare for your appreciation and response.

  • 3. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  September 21, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Dear ma’am,
    Team Anna behaves exactly like political parties- ‘secular’ non-Left ones at that, like JD(U), TDP, etc. The problem with Anna and co., is they are as hypocritical as Nitish, Naidu, and the likes. And Anna is the most confused one and may be, pardon me, distinctly lacking in intelligence, perhaps. Do you remember his inviting earlier Sonia and his team calling Rahul for parley? and Kiran Bedi openly admitted Rahul disappointed Team Anna. My god! These people are just naive. Trusting the Gandhis, most possibly, the greatest swindlers of our country. May be Agnivesh who is opposed to BJP is a mole and probably nudged Anna towards Sonia and CO. However, Anna’s fast has its own merits. I, now, sincerely and confidently believe that the ground situation is changing at break-neck speed because of the tamashas of Anna and Ramdev. Team Anna has done quite something: it brought the Sonia-led MMS and MMS-led government to their knees. It was possible because UPA-II is the most corrupt government in the democratic history. And none in the Cong had the moral courage to stand up and defy Hazare team. But take Modi. He withstood the dishonest onslaught of not only his and BJP’s opponents Cong, Left, Mulayam, Lalu, the English media, both print and electronic media AND BJP’s backstabbing allies like Nitish and Naidu (who enjoyed share of power aligning with BJP and also managed to stay ‘secular’ and unblemished despite the alliance).
    But everything is changing. If you watch TV now you would see that the thieves are fighting one another. Knives are out! It is Pranab going for Chidu’s blood now. The truth will, eventually, come out. The ugly bunch of national looters under ‘man of integrity’ MMS who in turn is under the most secretive Sonia are getting more and more exposed day by day.
    India is about to be liberated from the thieves, no matter, what these ‘secular’ people say or do.
    Let’s pray, ma’am. We are not praying for our own benefits but for our nation.
    Trust, please, sincere prayers are not ignored by the god.

    • 4. Hilda Raja  |  September 22, 2011 at 11:01 am

      Dear Thirumaran,
      You have rightly put forth your correct views and it sharpens my perception.There seem to be a deep jealousy against Modi and it is obvious that nobody wants a good administrator at the helm of affairs.A lame duck and a foreign woman they easily accept because they can then have their own heyday.Loot,swindle and mislead people.Under Modi it is not possible.Otherwise why this anti-Modism?Of couse the Muslim votes count-but does it count more than the honor of this country?I will not be shocked if they even have a Pakistani to rule this country instead of Modi!Some have come to that gutteral level.
      Thank you-regards.

    • 5. Hilda Raja  |  September 22, 2011 at 11:21 am

      Dear Thirumaran,
      I am really encouraged by your words and your explicit trust -prayers will be heard and that is faith.My faith at times is shaken but then it passes off and like you I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
      Thank you

      • 6. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  September 22, 2011 at 11:58 am

        If, now and then, our faith (in good defeating evil) is shaken, it is not abnormal. After all we are mortal and somewhat ignorant. We are certainly not enlightened so that we can watch the sordid everyday politics in our country in a dispassionate way. The actual problem is we are not thieves or cunning. But this makes us even better, I believe. Despite our weaknesses, real and imaginary, we tend to be as honest as possible. Well, that is, really, something.
        I was worried before the TN election; terrified, to be frank whether money power would whitewash the loot and arrogance of the previous regime. Our common people proved that they are not really common at all.
        You’ll witness the same drubbing for Sonia and co., in the general elections.

  • 7. dakul  |  September 21, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    I don’t really blame Anna Hazare. He is simple
    .And his team consists of decent men and women. With the glare of publicity and defending themselves against all kinds of pressure day in and out they have succumbed to the media stereotyping.

    ‘A shibboleth is a kind of linguistic password: A way of speaking (a pronunciation, or the use of a particular expression) that is used by one set of people to identify another person as a member, or a non-member, of a particular group. The group making the identfication has some kind of social power to set the standards for who belongs to their group: who is “in” and who is “out”.’

    I don’t mean to explain “shibboleth” to you, but that is what criticism of Narendra Modi has come to mean. Lallu Yadav and wife can be photographed bathing in the holy river, he is secular as also Karunanidhi and the comrades; the yardstick for them is to attack Narendra Modi and endlessly remind us that one Masijid was demolished, like it happened yesterday.
    This one is from a blog,
    “The Insider Reports: For Anna or against him? Do I have a choice?”

    • 8. Hilda Raja  |  September 22, 2011 at 11:06 am

      Thank you Dakul for your explanation of what a shibboleth means.To be secular one must not only be anti-Modi one must bash Modi.And it is taken for granted that the Congress -every one of its members are secular.All Christians and Muslims are secular.How strange it seems because Christians and Muslims are fanatical and are very communal and closed.
      Let us hope good sense will prevail and we will stop making this country weak with this fighting between its citizens.Modi was right when he announced that he does not work for majority or minority but for the people of the State.When will politicians see Indians and not not tag us with communal tags?
      All good wishes to you.

      • 9. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  September 22, 2011 at 12:25 pm

        Regarding …”because Christians and Muslims are fanatical and are very communal and closed”:
        No community in our country was fanatical and closed until politicians pampered and spoiled them. When there was Mahatma an overwhelming majority of our poor, illiterate and exploited Indians stood solidly behind the Mahatma(bless him). After him you know what happened. The country should have gone to the hands of Sardar Patel, a pragmatic person with a level head and an Indian to the core like Mahatma. Nehru, weak and un-Indian, allowed many anti-freedom movement ‘leaders’ who would have gone unnoticed after independence. He gave them their second life. Resurrected them. And hence this pathetic condition.
        But, everything is changing and changing for the better.
        India, the greatest and most ancient country in the world, is rising again and will claim its rightful glory soon.
        Fanatics of all hues will disappear with the vote-bank politicians with them.

  • 10. Hemanth Gokhale  |  September 21, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Namaste Madam,
    I agree with you. We cannot get out of corruption unless political parties have a will to curb it. And this can only come true if such politicians come to power, not merely passing a bill.

    • 11. Hilda Raja  |  September 22, 2011 at 11:12 am

      Dear Hemanth,Thank you for your response.It is good to hear my views being reinforced.It helps to strength my perception.It must be a miracle for political parties to be fight corruption.It is told that Mrs Sonia spent 1850 crores for the past three years on her foreign visits.From where did this money come.After all she said in her affidavit that she had no money had to borrow from her daughter but then her expenditure both within India and outside comes to crores.From where does this come?And she wants us to believe that she is fighting for Food security bill-should we not be grateful to her?Spending lavishly the money of the poor she throws crumbs to them.This is an insult.

  • 12. P. Venkat  |  September 22, 2011 at 9:34 am

    A very good article once again. Team Anna does not own a patent for fasting. People have fasted before for a cause. May be Annaji is a simple man. But his team is not so simple and they have an agenda.

    • 13. Hilda Raja  |  September 22, 2011 at 11:18 am

      Dear Venkat,I will not simply accept that Annaji is a simple man.He is quite deep only his life style is simple.But he is easily taken up by others.Why does he believe in Mrs Sonia?She is the most corrupt person in India today.
      All the best to you

  • 14. sivaraman  |  September 23, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Dear madam
    I fully agree with your view that Anna team is arrogant.Not only that,they think they are the God’s chosen Messengers sent to cleanse the country of corruption.May be the constant media and public adoration they were getting earlier has made them believe
    they are the messiahs.

    Calling Anna a Gandhian is an insult to Gandhiji,if one listens to his language while criticizing his critics.Can any one ever remember Gandhiji getting angry and sneer at others?When you become a public figure ,you have to accept the brickbats.Even when Godse aimed the fatal shot,we were told,Gandhiji did not swear at him.

    Anna’s team don’t believe in politicians.Fortunately or unfortunately
    politicians rule the country,not only in India,but also the entire world
    Did not Anna go back on his praise for Modi?.Was it not politics?Now, he wants all parties other than BJP to join the fight against corruption? Is it not politics? Even when Emperors ruled the ancient countries,History tells us the they relied on politicians only to assist them

    My understanding is the proposed Lokpal will consist of many members,, If so, Kejriwal’s query can be answered,.how does it matter if the Lokayukta is appointed by CM,He can be asked to recuse from the enquiry.
    The most important query I wish to raise is “ARE WE MISSING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES” All the shouting ,corruption,nepotism etc.,Assuming Anna & Co get the Lokpal as per their specification where does it take us.?Can it eliminate corruption?It is like a traffic police standing at a corner and suddenly bounce on a traffic violator,instead of preventing him from doing it?Lokpal my be useful to prosecute and punish.What can it do to wipe out corruption.?
    Why are the so called NGOs and Social service activists not fight against the Govts.not implementing the so many recommendations given by different commissions to eliminate or minimise the opportunitiesfor indulging in corrupt practices?

    • 15. Hilda Raja  |  September 23, 2011 at 2:30 pm

      Dear Sivaraman,I fully agree with you-every word you have written is true.Yes the Anna team it is god’s chosen messengers.As you so well put it we are missing the forest for the trees.Anna is fully immersed in politics and he is not even aware of it.Cannot differentiate between politics/governance and social activism.So where does this take us?
      Thank you for your well scripted response.Contribute your mite to make this motherland of ours a better place.

  • 16. Veeresh Kumbara JK  |  September 23, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Mam,ur article ultimate.
    Continue same mam. .
    I wait fr ur articles:-)

    • 17. Hilda Raja  |  September 24, 2011 at 4:35 am

      Dear Veeesh,
      That you for that compliment.I am trying to keep up writing because I have friends and admirers like you.I do not want to disappoint them and also because I am convinced that I should do my mite for my beloved country.But the political scenario at times hits hard-I take time to come out of that body blow.Look at PC now.The BJP is fighting on whom to project as the PM candidate.Why should it be in a hurry to announce that?It should wait.Look at the Reddy brothers-sleeping on cots made of gold and to compensate their arrogance they gift the gods with crowns studded with diamonds..Mrs Sonia Gandhi spend 1850 crores in the last three years on her foreign trips alone.What about her internal expenditure.And she stated in her affidavit that she has niot money and had to borrow from her daughter,She has no house/but she lived in No 10 Janpath-is it her ancestral house?She does not pay water tax and electricity charges-this because No 10 Janpath comes under the Delhi PWD.She jets abroad in some Arab fellow jets.Who is to question all this?All this is sickening and at times casts a gloom that I am unable to think and to have the energy to write.But I get out of it because of persons like you-I try to see the light at the end of the tunnel….All the best to you.

      • 18. Hilda Raja  |  September 24, 2011 at 4:37 am

        Sorry Veeresh I spelt your name wrong-that was a typing mistake.excuse the error.

  • 19. dakul  |  September 24, 2011 at 11:11 am

    A verse from Annapoornashtakam by Adi Sankara which Kalki cites in one of the climax scenes of “Ponniyin Selvan” with telling effect. ( I discovered there is a corresponding one on Vishnu attributed perhaps to Kautilya)
    “Matha cha Parvati Devi pitha devo Maheswara:
    Bandhava Siva bhakthascha” says the pious Queen.
    “Yes, the verse also says most importantly, “swa deso
    bhuvana thrayam,”‘ says the Minister Anbil aniruddha Bramarayar.

    That should explain your faithful following…


  • 20. Shankar  |  September 29, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Dear M’m,
    Once again a well written piece.
    I would rather put Anna Hazare team as being naive than having a sense of ownership of “fast”.
    Cleverly trapped by the electronic media into believing that to be apolitical one should not support any party, they are apprehensive of supporting/praising good deeds done by Modi .
    They have also fallen prey to the pseudo secularism (read- vote bank /appeasment of minority politics ) being bandied about by the English media
    If they are really against corruption why are they silent on the arrest of the whistle blowers of the BJP while the Delhi Police is not charging the real beneficieries? Because if they support BJP the “untouchability ” ( I have an apt word in Tamil – Theettu) of communalism will stick to them.
    They don’t realise that you can be apolitical at the same time appreciate any political party if it does good governance or takes care of its people properly.
    Modi is one last hope for our country and if the BJP , without any internal squabbles project him as the P.M.candidate in 2014 and the English channels also shed their role of being handmaidens of the UPA, we can see the end of this sordid spectacle of everyday scams, loot, terror etc.
    I appreciate your untiring efforts to put every issue in proper perspective and being bold in voicing your views without any bias .

    Pray to God to give you strength to continue your crusade.

    • 21. Hilda Raja  |  September 30, 2011 at 11:37 am

      Dear Shankar-you are right-even in 2G spectrum why the silence of Anna Team in the context of PC?It is not an internal matter or a rift that we are bothered on-but the role played by PC-for the same role A.Raja is in jail and PC for the same role is in the cabinet.This is a betrayal of the nation.The Congress -nay the govt will not not bring in a strong Lok Pal you can be sure of this-So where does that lead the Anna team and its fasting?
      I sincerely thank you for your prayers for my well being-to carry on the crusade.Till the Almighty allows me the space and the span of life I will carry on-thanks to the prayers of persons like you.After all we do not know personally each other and yet so much of good will has been generated and the common goal of the nation has brought us together.This itself is a great blessing.Thank you most sincerely.

  • 22. dakul  |  September 30, 2011 at 5:33 am

    “To those who liked the Anna interview- thank you. To those who think Anna is using media to communicate msg- wish Govt did the same.”
    That is Rahul Kanwal of “Headlines Today” on Twitter.

    • 23. Hilda Raja  |  September 30, 2011 at 11:41 am

      Rahul Kanwal was good and even now is a shade better than Arnab Goswami.But of late he too is following Arnab.The latter displays his own opinion rather than facilitate the discussion.Both in his words and lengthy queries and answers he takes more time than the panelists.His facial expression also conveys his anger!
      Thank you Dakul-you are one of the faithful who responds and adds new inputs.

  • 24. Indian  |  October 21, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    I came to your blog via media crooks.
    I am happy to follow you.
    You are articulating the views of many like me.
    May God give you the strength, health and happiness to continue.
    Anna team by indulging in Modi/RSS/BJP bashing are destroying themselves.
    Team should remember the fate of JP, Janta party and VP Singh experiment. All of them rose on the shoulder of RSS/ABVP etc. And as soon they fell into trap of communists/socialists and discarded RSS, they were no where.


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