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From: karthik
Subject: [hindunationalism] Fw: Fwd: Article of Ramjethmalini on P Chidamparam about his Honesty – A MUST READ – plz circulate widely
Date: Monday, 26 September, 2011, 7:45 PM

Dear Media Friends,


This is a wonderful article of Ram Jethmalini about Chidamparam and his frauds, All about his resignation from Narashimaharao govenment, his VDIS 1997, his tapping of current finance ministry…

A must know for every Media person. Plz read, if convinced circulate it to as many people as you can.

Thanks a lot.

Rama. Nambi Narayanan

Friend, father & philosopher of black money is Chidambaram
By Ram Jethmalani, The Sunday Guardian,
August 3, 2011

Palaniappan Chidambaram, whom I shall for the sake of brevity call just Chidambaram, is best seen through black and white. And please don’t get me wrong and accuse me of racism. I refer not to epidermis or mane, but to the economic colour of money. Some of his greatest contributions to the economy of India are his brilliant pioneering initiatives for changing the colour of money from black to white. And this passion has never left him.

Many of us have forgotten the Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme (VDIS) 1997, which he announced when he was Finance Minister with the United Front government, granting income-tax defaulters indefinite immunity from prosecution under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973, Income Tax Act, 1961, Wealth Tax Act, 1957, and Companies Act, 1956, in exchange of self-valuation and disclosure of income and assets.

The scheme was brilliantly conceived. While all schemes in the past valued declared assets at current prices, VDIS 1997 brought in an arbitrary date of 1 April 1987. Gold and silver hoarders, and large property holders got an exceptional bonanza on this valuation system. Further, proof of purchase was not insisted upon, which gave complete freedom to the confessors to fudge any date they wanted to their own financial advantage and further plunder of the country.

So, even if gold was bought after 1987, it could be shown as having been bought before 1987, and it was a win-win game for all stakeholders to rake in the cuts. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India condemned the scheme in his report as abusive and a fraud on the genuine taxpayers of the country. But the issue was forgotten, and the illustrious career of Palaniappan Chidambaram rose to greater heights in the UPA regime.

Those were his innocent days. What a long way he has come since the era when he was cooking up VDISs, so utterly transparent, that the loopholes and avenues to give relief to the looters stared you in the face. The world economy was also then a little simpler than it is today, and his best achievement was getting caught about his investments in Fairgrowth, which was involved in the Securities Scam of 1992.

Chidambaram had to resign for this utterly transparent investment in a company whose scam would have paid rich dividends. Unfortunately, he was not Finance Minister at the time and did not have the machinery to hush things up, and could only remotely control the markets, unlike his present capabilities as former Finance Minister and thereafter.
Being Finance Minister in the UPA government was his finest hour. He could fiddle around with share markets, capital markets, banks, financial instruments, such as, securities, participatory notes, tax treaties, not to speak of spectrum sale, and use his extraordinary innovative powers of black money magic to plunder our country with complete impunity.
He assiduously cultivated the media with his clipped English accent (that led him down, now and then), occasional freebies, and sustained shadows of the Enforcement Directorate that he commanded.

Chidambaram cannot get black money out of his blood. Dr Subramanian Swamy has clearly stated in his website, “I now have further information from my usually reliable sources in the Union Government that the tapping of Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and his close associate in the Ministry, enabled Mr. Robert Vadra the son-in-law of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Karthik, son of Mr. P. Chidambaram, to use the data thereby collected to manipulate and rig the Mumbai stock market. Earlier these data were directly provided by the then Finance Minister Mr. Chidambaram. I demand that the SEBI be asked by PM to initiate ‘Insider Trading’ investigation and prosecution of Mr. Vadra and Mr. Karthik.”

If what is put out by Dr Subramanian Swamy is false why doesn’t Chidambaram sue him?

The dark clouds of the 2G scam and the repeated evidence being given by A. Raja and other accused of his tacit involvement and other acts of omission and commission are menacingly closing in on Chidambaram. He is losing his cool, and more importantly, losing his carefully clipped English accent to its more indigenous roots more often.

And like his colleague Digvijay Singh, his mind seems to be disintegrating to a stage where he has started talking gibberish. Take this, for example: in reply to the BJP demand for his resignation for his involvement in the 2G scam, Chidambaram claims that the BJP is targeting him since he initiated a probe by the NIA into Hindu terror. Can any rational person see the connection between the two?

Take also his comments regarding the recent Mumbai blasts. As Home Minister, instead of taking stock of the situation, and providing leadership, the only intelligent thing he could think of saying was, “No intelligence is not intelligence failure.” Even a college debating society expects better logic. It’s something like saying “illness is not a failure of health” or “impotence is not a failure of potency”.

Chidambaram’s special financial skills have diversified into electoral politics also. He has the distinction of having been declared defeated in the last Lok Sabha election, after which he galvanized his special skills and local machinery, in particular, a data entry operator, and doctored a marginal victory on the recount. That is quite a record for fraud. And can one forget how the Indian Bank was cleaned up and left with only non-performing assets thanks to him and his Tamil Maanila buddies?

Chidambaram’s record as Home Minister has been disastrous. Neither has he made any impact on internal security, with the worst massacres of his own paramilitary forces taking place in his time, nor on terrorism, which carries on in complete complacency because there are neither effective preventive or punitive systems in place, nor political will and national legislation to combat terrorism. It is on record and in the public domain that the Home Ministry gave incorrect names of India’s most wanted list of terrorists allegedly hiding in Pakistan, some of whom were tracked living in India or in custody. Is this a testament to his fabled efficiency and commitment?

What a laughing stock we must be before the world. It is almost as if India is determined that it shall not combat terrorism, shall not have enabling legislation as enacted by the US, such as the Homeland Security Act 2002, and the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 of UK and similar legislations in European governments. India is determined not to have an effective national agency on the lines of the Homeland Security Department of the US.

The ramshackle National Investigation Agency showed itself as a complete failure during the recent Mumbai attacks. Understandable, because its only mandate appears to be to investigate “Hindu terror”, the last refuge for failed and hopeless Congressmen like Chidambaram. The CCTNS, JIC, ARC, NTRO (presently in another scam), and NCTC remain effete, scattered and unmonitorable, even by the Home Ministry. With such an unequivocal determination by the UPA government not to address terrorism effectively, I can only grieve for my country.


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  • 1. dakul  |  October 2, 2011 at 5:16 am

    Without taking away from the contents, I must say I often wonder if you wake up Mr.Ram Jethmalani and ask him in the middle of the night whose side he is on I don’t know what he might say, regardless of party affiliation.
    It may be recalled he is the counsel for Kanimozhi.

    • 2. P. Venkat  |  October 2, 2011 at 6:19 am

      Whatever it is He may take sides on many issues. But the contents of this article can not be brushed aside

      • 3. Hilda Raja  |  October 3, 2011 at 2:54 am

        Venkat as you have put across no matter for whom he fights this article and its contents is true and must be taken seriously.He often slips-when it comes to taking up clients.The highest bidder gets him.Of course there is no legal morality when it comes to that and he is not a Gandhi to fight only cases which he is convinced is right or true.What a shame to have a rogue as our HM.HAVE A GOOD DAY.

    • 4. Hilda Raja  |  October 3, 2011 at 2:50 am

      You are right Dakul.One cannot make out on which side Ram Jethmalini is.He goes to court against corruption but takes the case of Kanimozhi.But that does not mean that what he has stated in this article is not true.It must be taken seriously.He is one who will fight out cases for the highest
      bidder.He thinks as a lawyer he should offer his services to anyone who can buy them!
      PC and his son must be thrown into jail.Too long they both have been paying foul.
      All the best to you.

  • 5. dakul  |  October 3, 2011 at 4:37 am

    It is not juat Ram Jethmalani.
    Take Harish Salve, who is all round opinion-maker for TV anchors. He is for Tata’s on the wire-tap case. When it was suggested tapes be made public, he was furious . ‘That is lynch-mob mentality.’ No one dared to counter that. I can’t understand why media channels are dependent on such people.
    We may never hear of the rest of the tapes.

    He is also appearing for Delhi police in the Baba Ramdev crackdown case.
    TV discussions are mostly guided by these luminaries’ considered opinion. The arguments centre around not what is ethical, but whether or not there is “any degree of culpability” (Harish Salve’s learned opinion) before a court of law.

    We are a country blighted by clever lawyers.

    • 6. Hilda Raja  |  October 3, 2011 at 12:13 pm

      Lawyers do not seem to have professional ethics.That’s the most charity way of putting across what is deep down within me-actually I am seething within!How can Harish Salve appear for the Delhi police.Shameless is the word.What can we say of such spineless and truthless guys?
      Thank you.Dakul

  • 7. dakul  |  October 3, 2011 at 5:22 am

    Why is the Congress aggressively defending Chidambaram?
    by T.V.R.Shenoy


    • 8. Hilda Raja  |  October 3, 2011 at 12:17 pm

      It is very simple because his son and Robert Vadra have a ‘business’ understanding.If Chidambaram is netted then Robert Vadra will come in the net and the buck will finally stop at Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s No 10 Janpath.So you see the Congress leaders have been told to go all out and defend PC.It simply means defending Mrs SG ultimately.
      I am fortunate in having you as a regular response person.I learn more and feel that I can let off my steam too!Wishes and all the best.

  • 9. dakul  |  October 4, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    from the blog
    Spread Law
    ‘Let there be awareness on law!
    Why FIR against Dr. Subramaniun Swamy is bad in law?’
    Do read.

    • 10. Hilda Raja  |  October 5, 2011 at 2:17 am

      thank you I had read it-some one sent it to me.Now the Congress(read PC0 will be after the blood of Dr Swamy.The FIR is the beginning.the very fact that PC will be followed by Robert Vadra is enough to give the Congress the jitters.
      All the best to you.

  • 11. dakul  |  October 5, 2011 at 4:48 am

    HDR.Swamy on Twitter has asked for inputs to fight the case . I thought you could provide useful insight as also your readers.

  • 12. dakul  |  October 5, 2011 at 4:50 am

    Swamy39 Subramanian Swamy
    Gmail – Articles which may Help – swamy39@gmail.com

    • 13. Hilda Raja  |  October 5, 2011 at 7:05 am

      Thank you.I had met Swamy twice-once in Chennai and lately in Vadodara.I have his cell number also and am in touch with him through the email also.Thank you -you can also contribute because I find you very good in disecting…..Best wishes.HR

  • 14. dakul  |  October 6, 2011 at 4:50 am

    Robbers used to wear suits at the Old Bailey. They still do but now they’re lawyers, says top officer
    By Colin Fernandez


  • 15. sivaraman  |  October 10, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Ever since MK staged a drama in Delhi to draw his pound of flesh by way of IT portfolio,it must have been clear that it was a well thought out plan to milk the Kamadhenu.If one recapitulates ,every time PC visited Chennai -which was not infrequent,- he made it a point to make courtesy ? calls on CM – but no calls at Party Office.It could not have been to thank him for the entry into parliament,as no one gives thanks more than once for the same help.

    As the country’s FM he endorsed the financial viability of MK’s freebies during Assembly elections; he could have avoided touching this subject,even if the so called Coalition Dharma,demanded his participation tin the campaign.This shoes his proximity to the DMK NETA.


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